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by Duane K. McCullough

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These political views are not directly related to the subject of Atlantis, but many do relate to the subject of a one world government -- which I believe Atlantis was in ancient times.

The following research work regarding the definitions of certain political buzzwords may seem very abstract at times, but can be understood with a open mind that is aware of the abstract nature of things found in life.

Because much has been said and shown lately on the INTERNET about how a NEW WORLD ORDER has taken full control of certain global institutions using the geopolitical forces of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM to monopolize the power of world governments, I would like to explain and share some views I have found.

The original purpose of this exercise was not to personally insult anybody -- but to call out the many false political concepts that I have seen online that were presented during and after the contentious 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION event.

While viewing the election event using the INTERNET instead of TELEVISION, I have come to realize that a greater event story is unfolding across the world. This story explains how SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM -- which are the political forces behind GLOBALISM, are trying to destroy the sovereignty of capitalistic nations around the world in order to gain more control over people and world resorces.

And because of the recent political actions of the GLOBAL ELITE club members and their DEEP STATE gang enforcers -- particularly since the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020, I feel compelled to share these political views with the public from my SPIRITOFATLANTIS.COM website.

NOTE: Some of the data within this Glossary page is based on filtered Wikipedia information and other online sources, but most of the included commentary is based on my own thoughts and opinions. Memes that were not done by myself were copied from many INTERNET sources and I claim no ownership of them. The accompanying words after each entry are talking points related to the entry.

2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: The 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton revealed much more than just a presidential winner, it exposed how the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- and the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL followers of SOCIALISM that politically control the media, attempted to sway the election in favor of Clinton because she was portrayed as the agent of GLOBALISM -- whereas Trump was portrayed as an agent of NATIONALISM.

However, according to a new understanding of the political contest, because the Zionistic utopian UN AGENDA 21/2030 plan is working toward a total global government control system by 2030, Hillary Clinton was sacrificed in the contest to make way for Donald Trump -- who was acting as a Nationalist.

Because there exist a nefarious aspect in controlling most all electric voting machines across the world, politicians who play a role in a major election contest, are mearly actors in a play that has an appearance of a political contest.

And what or who would want to control the voting contest between national politicians by using chosen actors? Is the DEEP STATE gang -- who are controlled by the GLOBAL ELITE club, involved in deciding who wins major elections?

According to many ALT-RIGHT media websites, the term "DEEP STATE" became a popular concept leading up to the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION -- and that the term represents a gang of certain people who control the political enforcement forces behind SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM -- which work together as the power behind GLOBALISM.

Moreover, because the NEOCON Hillary Clinton is connected to the global ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel that has employed a taxation scheme to profit from global wars for over a century by using its financial links to the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, she was favored to win the election, but did not -- and, as a result, the geopolitical plan of the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang to maintain control of the USA and WESTERN CIVILIZATION was significantly distrupted.

It was reported on some INTERNET forums that Hillary Clinton once said to some helpers backstage after an embarrissingly live interview with a popular NBC reporter the following words: "If Trump wins -- we are all going to hang". Now, why would she say that? What could she and others have done to be punnished by hanging? Treason? Perhaps the day of reckoning for the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang is near at hand...

UPDATE 10/2021: It is now believed by many that the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang -- who have secretly controlled the electronic voting machines in the USA and other countries for years, decided to let Hillary Clinton loose to Donald Trump because she and her husband had accumilated too much "political baggage" over the years -- and that Donald Trump -- a secret member of the Judeo-MASONS, would better help usher in the utopian Judeo-Masonic dream of the "Greater Israel Project" -- where ZIONISM is based.

It is also now believed by many that the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang members have been rigging important voting elections in the USA and other countries for decades with other crafty political tricks -- which are just becoming apparent to the general public via free information services of the INTERNET.

Basically, both the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL supporters of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- which make up the political forces of the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang, postponed a major political battle in their global war to fully convert the USA into a socialist nation as part of a secret Zionistic NEW WORLD ORDER program to control the world under COMMUNISM.


2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: The 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION contest between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden was rigged by the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang who believe in GLOBALISM -- which is actually ZIONISM in disguise.

The GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang -- which includes the oldest fraternity cult in the world known as the MASONS, also includes the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, and their LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY followers. These criminal institutions are the same people who use the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and the HOLLYWOOD syndicate to push godless SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM brainwashing ideology every day into our living rooms by way of TELEVISION set machines. With unlimited monetary links to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel, they want to destroy individualism across the world and replace it with State controlled collectivism as a means to build their version of a monolistic utopian society controlled by a NEW WORLD ORDER government system based on ZIONISM.

One of the main ways the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang rigged the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION contest was by changing the normal voting process earlier in the year. Using the fake global pandemic scam event -- also created by them -- known as "COVID-19", as a cover story so that the public could not safely vote in person, the gang pushed another scam event which allowed for a cheating mail-in election ballot process in certain "swing states". These events -- together with compromised electronic voting machines secretly connected to the INTERNET -- which needed time to process the mail-in election ballot process and change the vote count numbers during the late night of the contest, the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang were able to manipulate the voting count numbers to favor the DEMOCRATIC PARTY candidate -- Joe Biden.

Moreover, the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang has political control of the Judicial system -- including the US Supreme Court, which refused to hear and judge any serious challenges brought up by President Donald Trump defense team. The overwhelming evidence that shows massive voter fraud was also ignored by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- and censored by the corporate Social Media Tech giants. The evidence was so obvious to over 80 million REPUBLICAN PARTY members -- that thousands decided to go to Washington DC on January 6th 2020 and protest before the US Capital Building on 1/6/2021.

However, the January 6th event was a trap set up by the DEEP STATE gang. while protesting at the US Capital Building, the DEEP STATE gang were prepared to use some of their "useful idiots" -- such as ANTIFA and BLM members that arrived in four charted buses, and lured some protesters into challenging the Capital police in certain areas at the site. This activity, led by the "provocateurs" -- who disguised themselves as "Trump supporters", forced their way into the building -- where some outside protesters followed and one protester was apparently shot dead by the Capital police. The event also resulted in some areas within the building to be vandelized by people wanting to create a crime scene for political reasons.

And the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- including current FBI leadership, has portrayed the event as a story of how some "crazy conservative MAGA rioters" attacked the US Capital Building -- which fits the "domestic terriorst" propaganda line of the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang. These people wanted the appearance that President Donald Trump is a leader of a "domestic terrorism" group in the US.

Actually, new evidence suggest that the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang planned the whole January 6th 2020 event as an act to capture leaders of the protest and punish conservative followers of President Donald Trump -- so that the followers would loose hope in helping the USA get rid of the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people who have hijacked our governing institutions over the years.

In any event, Joe Biden -- and his chosen LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL running mate Kamala Harris, were sworn in at the US Capital as President and Vice President on 1/20/2021 -- surrounded by some 30,000 National Guard soldiers -- all wearing face mask that shows obedience to the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang who control them.

The USA has taken a dark turn toward a dystopian future because of the result of the rigged 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION -- however, President Donald Trump did have the appearance of stopping the Hillary Clinton machine from winning in 2016. He was also allowed to expose the obvious massive corruption within the US government -- particularly the FBI, DOJ and the CIA. As a political actor, he was allowed to point a finger at the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and reveal to those who can now see that they are part the evil POLITICS behind GLOBALISM.

Because Donald Trump is an actor, his role in this political plan is to play the "comeback hero" -- so that he will be "chosen" again in the next presidential election contest.

If President Donald Trump could have shaken off the many GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang swamp creature "advisors" that exist in Washington D.C. before the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, perhaps he could have had stopped the criminals who rigged it. One wonders how more successful his administration could have been if he had stopped playing his role as a fake Nationalist -- and actually became real one.

He said all the right things that a real Nationalist would have said -- but as an actor, he played his role well on the world stage.

In any case, if the next voting process is not corrected properly at the state level -- with proper photo ID and verifiable non-machine counting paper ballots only on the day of the election -- and very limited mail-in ballots, the future of all US elections will be in doubt.

UPDATE 3/2022: President Donald Trump has announced that he will run again in 2024 -- however, because some believe his loss to the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang may have been part of a greater Communist/Zionistic plan to destroy the USA -- due to the fact that he pushed the fake Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event as much as any politician could, any re-election attempt by him will be tainted by his executive actions in developing the poisonous "Warp Speed" vaccine project. His plan to push the 5G technology control grid on humans also seems unpopular to many freedom loving patriots.

President Donald Trump is also known to support the political movement of ZIONISM -- which will use him as a magnet to "corral conservitave voters" away from true patriots who could stop the DEMOCRATIC PARTY machine. Unless he "wakes up" and acknowledges the evils of ZIONISM -- and its connection to COMMUNISM and GLOBALISM, he will be handicapped as a future presidential candidate.

There seems to be three basic layers of "awakeness" within members of the REPUBLICAN PARTY. There are the "woke" RINO members -- or "Republican In Name Only" -- which are not really Republicans, but actually "Zionist NEOCON actors" that do not like President Donald Trump for whatever reason. And then there are the vast majority of REPUBLICAN PARTY members who still follow him as a consevative leader in national POLITICS.

However, there is a growing third layer of Republican party members that are awake and looking for another hero beyond Donald Trump -- who will not only challenge the RINO players within the party -- and the MAGA followers of President Donald Trump, but also a national hero that can see and fight all the nefarious aspects of ZIONISM and its role GLOBALISM.

Who this national hero of the REPUBLICAN PARTY will be is unknown at this time -- but if the USA does not wake up soon to how the Zionist -- who have used SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM to take over and control nations of the world for over a hundred years -- including the United Nations, the nation that is the USA will be overwhelmed by the largest Communist nation in the world -- which is Marxist CHINA.

It is not a coincidence that the globalist movement of ZIONISM -- who financially backed the Bolshevik Communist takeover of RUSSIA and created the USSR in 1921 -- and the Communist takeover of the USA by the same Zionist gang in 2021, is exactly 100 years. Think about that concept for a moment -- and realize who really is behind the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and their LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL policies in destroying the USA.

Add to that realization the fact that the Communist party in Marxist CHINA was also created in 1921, and it should become apparent to anyone who understands real POLITICS that the globalist movement of ZIONISM is trying to cripple the greatest and most powerful nation in WESTERN CIVILIZATION -- so that they can "build it back better" -- with more control of the government than they allready had.

If the USA is financially and morally crippled by the spending and divisive policies of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- and even the REPUBLICAN PARTY -- who together, now equal the "Uni-party", the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY cartel of global central banks -- which controls them both and the UN, Marxist CHINA will step in as the world's most powerful nation. And ZIONISM will control their dystopian view of the world from a Jewish State called "Greater Israel".

Basically, the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION was rigged by the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang -- who are planning to take full political control over the world, but have created a major wake up call to those who have been sleeping for years under the spell of ZIONISM -- and did not know it.


9/11: The number term "9/11" refers to the infamous date event on September 11, 2001, wherein the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob would have the public believe Islamic terrorist -- mostly from Saudi Arabia, hijacked four US commercial jetliners with box cutters and crashed them into three major US landmarks as a suicide attack on "the infidels" at the heartland of WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

Some have argued that the attack was a FALSE FLAG event set up by the CIA and DEEP STATE gang to "give the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX some business" -- while others, like the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, perpetuate the event as a case of how some lunatics "got through" the security services of the USA.

In any case, the ironic "emergency 911 number" event set in motion a set of retaliatory actions by the Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces -- to "police the Middle East" again where it is believed by many -- who follow the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob's storyline, the attack came from.

Assuming that the GULF WAR 1 action was not enough effort to stop Islamic terrorism, certain political forces in the USA -- like US NEOCON President George Bush Jr. -- who was photographed with a group of texas MASONS in 2000, convinced some other members of the Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces, to invaded Iraq and Afghanistan starting GULF WAR 2.

Although the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and the CIA has pushed the idea that the terrorist organization who launched the 9/11 attack -- known as "al qaeda", which translates into the term "the base", operated from a base or bases located in Afghanistan, the country of Iraq posed a greater danger to the Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces because it apparently possessed "weapons of mass destruction" -- and needed a "regime change" before any serious police action could be accomplished in Afghanistan.

Therefore, a decision was made by the main Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces -- particuarlly the USA and the UK, to attack Iraq instead of focusing on trying to capture the CIA named terrorist mastermind behind 9/11 -- who was reported to be located in Afghanistan, known as Osama Bin Laden.

However, a recent understanding of the 9/11 event -- which has been revealed in several documentaries since the event and ignored by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA networks, has uncovered serious links between the CIA and certain factions within the Middle East that suggest the whole event was planned by the DEEP STATE gang within the Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces, and paid for by some GLOBAL ELITE club members who lived in Saudi Arabia and other nearby countries in the region.

This recent understanding is also based on information regarding how the aircraft used during the attack could have been hijacked not by persons on board the planes but by an instrument installed on all Boeing airliners of the period known as the "uninterruptible autopilot device" -- which is a quartz chip named QRS11, that secretly allows for the aircraft to be "remotely controlled" as a "military drone" using GPS and radio signals.

According to a retired military pilot named Field McConnell, the QRS11 -- and later versions of this device, are based on the "Point Focal Node Trusted/Track Aggressive Remote Control" protocol -- which was used by the DEEP STATE gang to fly and crash the Boeing aircraft into the targets.

Apparently, the technology exist today -- and even back in 2001, where certain large aircraft can be programmed to crash into targets without onboard hijackers -- in fact, much like how a military "cruse missile" follows GPS signals to a target, certain AI technology exist where any vehicle can be modified and be programmed to follow a path to a target.

On the morning of 9/11, there was a report of a large white aircraft seen circling Washington D.C. as part of a "planned military exercise". Could said aircraft have been controlling the aircraft that crashed into the Pentagon using radio control and GPS signals?

Because no public video exist of an airliner crashing into the Pentagon -- could the actual aircraft that crashed have been a military drone of some kind?

The crash site at the Pentagon just so happened to be at the very place in the building where records were kept that -- according to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced the day before the incident, the US military could not account for roughly $2.3 trillion dollars worth of transactions. What are the odds of such a coincidence?

Speaking of crash sites -- what really happened to the plane that when down in Shanksville Pensylvania? You know, the one were it was heard on a passenger cell phone at 30-something thousand feet in 2001 when they tried to stop the hijackers and said "lets roll"? They never really explored the crash site there and found an aircraft because "there was nothing left to see in the ground".

And what about the passports of the hijackers found at the twin towers site? What three-letter government agency provided the found passports as evidence of a planned crime?

Somebody or some group of bad people is not telling the truth about what actually happened on 9/11 -- and the owners of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob are complicit in the cover up of the event because they are part of the GLOBAL ELITE club's plan to destroy the USA.

UPDATE 9/2019: A new study released in early September 2019 by the Institute of Northern Engineering regarding the Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7 revealed that fire did not cause the collapse of the building on 9/11.

This new study -- which states that a global failure involving every support column in the building was not the result of "office fires" melting steel and concrete columns, but suggest the idea that the building was destroyed by a planned demolition event not related to aircraft crashing into the other two World Trade Center buildings hours earlier.

Furthermore, according to one of the aforesaid documentaries -- a video story that can be found on YOUTUBE called "Loose Change", a viewpoint which supports the idea that all three buildings which fell on 9/11 were rigged for demolition with thermite explosives weeks earlier.

Evidently, during a two-week "security upgrade" program, "steps to secure the towers against aerial attacks" included "installing bullet-proof windows and fireproof doors", may have been a cover story to rig the buildings for a planned demolition event.

Moreover, World Tade Center complex leaseholder Larry Silverstein -- who did not go to work as normal that infamous monday morning because of "personal reasons", can be found on video during an interview claiming he said the term "pull it" to the "fire department" just before the third building collapsed. Because the term "pull it" is a term used by demolition experts that means "pull the cord to start the demolition process", Larry Silverstein was in on the 9/11 scam event.

Larry Silverstein also knew that the Twin Tower buildings he owned were loaded with asbestos -- and it would be very expensive to clean them from the poison. So, in his mind -- and in the minds of other evil people that caused the event, what better way to have the insurance pay for the "removal job" of the poison -- and then blame the whole event on some Juhad terrorist group who hated America. What a diabolical plan 911 was.

And then there exist a story about the "dancing Israeli art students" who were seen in a video with the Twin Towers burning in the background. These "Israeli art students" are also imaged in some earlier pictures within the Twin Towers standing next to stacks of cardboard boxes containing number code wording -- such as "BB18", that translates into the concept of "blasting caps" which are used in major demolition events.

UPDATE 10/2020: According to video evidence from a 2006 interview between Aaron Russo and Alex Jones, 9/11 was a planned event by the DEEP STATE gang. Now deceased, Aaron Russo -- who was once a film producer and political canadate for govenor of the state of Nevada, once met with Nicolas Rockefeller -- from the infamous Rockefeller Buisness and Banking Dynasty -- who told him in October 2000 -- eleven months before 9/11, about "an event" that would take place which would "create an endless war on terror".

Aaron Russo also stated that Nicolas Rockefeller tried to recrut him to join the Socialist controlled Council on Foreign Relations "think tank" organization -- who had NEW WORLD ORDER plans to create wars in Afganistain, Iraq and Venezuela -- because they wanted to control people with endless terror events -- which would eventually lead to controlling everbody on Earth with implanted RFID chips.

Think about it -- if Aaron Russo was telling the truth back in 2006 -- long before Billy Gates and company announced his plan to vaccinate everbody in the world with "ID chips" -- in the name of "public safety", then the DEEP STATE gang is a very real entity -- and needs to be exposed for what they are -- an evil gang of corrupt villans -- linked to the GLOBAL ELITE club, and disguised as non-profit CORPORATIONs working to help humanity.

There also exist an interesting coincidence between the date of 9/11 and that within the 1998 movie entitled "Enemy of the State", the birth date of the main bad character in the movie was born on 9/11. Whoever wrote the script to this fictional movie -- which was a story about how some aspects of the US government can be corrupted by powerful greedy politicians, must have known about the 9/11 event date some four or five years before the real event took place on 9/11/2001.

A Doctor by the name of Bill Deagle has several online videos explaining stories of what really happened on 9/11 not found in any Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob networks -- such as, because the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were built with massive amounts of asbestos that was "too expensive" to remove properly, they were sceduled to be demolished at some point. And what better way to "fix the situation" than to include them in some kind of terror attack -- where the insurance would pay for the demolition -- and the Zionist DEEP STATE gang could use the event as a way to implement more control of US citizens by way of "The Patriot Act" and "Homeland Security" scams.

Moreover, Dr Bill Deagle also give compelling evidence that some kind of "micro-nuclear weapon" was used to help bring down the buildings because much of the metallic structure of the site area was "atomically vaporized" -- as seen when the TV tower dissapeared in a few seconds of when the building began to collapse. Other evidence of some kind of nuclear EMP event at the site was revealed to researchers investigating the event -- such as when metal structures, like engine blocks and mirrors on vehicles "electromagnetically exploded" -- which could have only happened during an atomic blast.

There also exist a 1998 Nov/Dec article in the CFR Foreign Affairs Magazine that states: "If the World Trade Center was destroyed, it would be like Pearl Harbor -- the US would respond with scaling back civil liberties, more surveillance of citizens, detention of subjects... and mentions Osama Bin Ladin's Jihad against the Jews and Christians".

Speaking of the "Jihad against the Jews and Christians" story, a new insight that may help explain why the date of September 11 was chosen by the DEEP STATE gang to take down WESTERN CIVILIZATION. It seems that on September 11, 1922, certain nefarious elements within the British Empire claimed ownership of PALESTINE because of a certain important German Bank that closed on that date -- which led to the collapse of the German / Ottoman Empire who once controlled PALESTINE.

Apparently, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel that kept the Ottoman Empire afloat as a political Islamic buffer zone and army against the CHRISTIAN Russians, decided to kill the German / Ottoman Alliance banking system after they lost WW1 -- so that the Zionist could build -- with help from the MASONS, their new home in PALESTINE.

Thus, the date of 9/11 can be tied to what happened right after WW1 when the Judeo-MASONS -- with help from the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel, took full control of the German/Prussia areas and PALESTINE. Meanwhile, the Zionistic backed Communist Bolshevik Revolution in Russia stole the wealth from the Russian leaders and created the USSR.

Also, there is a story about how the British Empire -- with help from the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel, financed and armed the Saudi Royal Family to control the oil resources in the area. Even today there are stories about how the Zionist in the British government have funded the Muslim Brotherhood as an army to attack the interest of WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

We should remember that these DEEP STATE gang players are really, really crazy into certain number values -- and their love for crazy symbolism will be their downfall.

What these new views suggest is that because the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob keeps ignoring all alternative explanations of what really happened on the morning of 9/11, they are part of a cover up program to protect the DEEP STATE gang which caused the event in the first place.

Because many now believe that the causes of both Gulf Wars can be traced to the nefarious activities of the DEEP STATE gang -- who have political and monetary links to the globalist ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel system -- and to CORPORATIONs tied to the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that would benefit from war activity as they did during other major World Wars, perhaps a serious historical review of what truely happened on 9/11/2001 should be established in our history books so that the public can better understand the real causes behind the event.

Basically, in the aftermath of 9/11, the security intelligence industry within the US government grew with such bureaucratic and socialistic programs like the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security services -- which have created more socialistic policies that have removed many of our personal freedoms as US citizens -- so, who benefited from the tragedy?


AGENDA 21: AGENDA 21 is an action plan of the United Nations -- or UN, that was signed by 179 countries with regard to sustainable global development by either the year 2021 -- or before the middle of the 21st century.

It is a product of the Earth Summit -- which was a UN Conference event on Environment and Development to "save the earth from human activity" that was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.

Many have speculated that this action plan -- or "agenda" was created by the GLOBAL ELITE club to control and reduce human pollution by any means necessary -- including depopulating the planet by nefarious means.

The idea that some people would cause wars -- known as "hard-kill operations", or slowly poison the population -- known as "soft-kill operations", is revolting -- unless perhaps you are a member of the GLOBAL ELITE club who believe the earth is populated by too many humans that are destroying the environment and need to be "reduced in volume" by whatever means necessary.

However, what number would qualify to fit a formula of how many people could the earth accommodate? And who would make such a decision?

Apparently somebody made a guess as to how many humans on earth should exist in harmony with the environment because in 1980 the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES monument was erected almost exactly 666 miles south-west from the UN building complex in New York City -- just east of Atlanta Georgia in the USA, and states at the top of the "guide list" statements that only 500 million humans should be the maximum number -- which suggest the idea that some 90% of all humans living then in 1980 needed to be "eliminated somehow".

Moreover, the last guide statement on the monument says "Be not a cancer on the earth -- Leave room for nature" -- which suggest humans are viewed by some other humans as like a cancer that is destroying nature on this planet -- and needs to be "arrested" by some kind of global government program such as AGENDA 21.

The concept that the earth has way too many humans living on it also ties into the fearful and false GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE arguments by the GLOBAL ELITE club -- because they are pushing the ideologies of GLOBALISM -- which are also ways to take political control of the world by undermining the sovereignty of independent nations using economical methods of forcing people to obey and pay them for "saving the environment".

This concept of depopulating the planet can also be linked to the NEW WORLD ORDER story -- and suggest that the "story" is more like an real agenda being managed -- or at least funded, by the GLOBAL ELITE club in some way.

The political roots of AGENDA 21 go way back in history -- the Rockefeller Foundation, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY, the Club of Rome, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Pilgrims Society are just a few "think tanks" that have pushed Zionistic GLOBALISM for a very long time.

It seems that AGENDA 21 -- and the newer UN scheme called Agenda 2030, are convoluted plans by the GLOBAL ELITE club to reduce the human population on earth by slowly poisoning people with toxic chemicals in their food and environment -- while also making money off them before they die by using the CORPORATION services associated with BIG PHARMA and the Medical Industrial Complex.

And speaking of BIG PHARMA and the Medical Industrial Complex with regards to AGENDA 21, because many now believe that the Rockefeller Foundation has been involved in the political control of "Western Medicine" technology since 1913, the foundation has also been involved in eugenic efforts to "improve humanity" -- which includes reducing human population numbers over time using planned poisonus vaccination events.

Because AGENDA 21 -- and Agenda 2030, uses socialistic political tactics to achieve what appears to be some kind of future utopian NEW WORLD ORDER plan under COMMUNISM, nations of the world should be aware of these nefarious "action plans" of the UN before its too late.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed”. That statement suggest the blame for Earth's environmental problems -- with respect to human activities, should be on greedy people -- not on humans in general.

And that is the problem with the people behind the UN AGENDA 21 program -- they blame all humans -- and not the greed within some humans.

To suggest the idea that all humans are bad people and need to be managed by "thinning out the herd" -- like some cattle or sheep, before the Earth is destroyed by the bad behavior of some people, is not fair to the vast majority of humans. It seems that every time the GLOBAL ELITE club start playing God-like eugenic games -- a lot of people get killed or loose their liberties unnecessarily.

Over the years, the members of the GLOBAL ELITE club have tried the GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE hoaxes to reduce human activity -- but since time is running out for their 2021 deadline, they have now apparently resorted to "new drastic measures" to force the public to comply with their agenda plans.

The people behind the AGENDA 21 plan are apparently trying to make us sick as possible to meet their AGENDA 21 deadline. It's crazy -- the more political power we give to these crazy sick people behind these crazy sick plans, the more they will drive us all sick and crazy.

There was a person named Rosa Kaine who wrote a book called "Behind The Green Mask" -- wherein some details of the AGENDA 21 were revealed. The following concepts are from her book:

>>>AGENDA 21 enables the monitering, metering and restricting our energy & water usage through Smart Meters. It also institutes a Carbon Tax Industry, it destroys our existing road and water Dam systems. It ruins our economy by overspending, burns out our military by involving them in enless wars -- and bleeds our transportation budget systems with trains to nowhere.

AGENDA 21 brainwashes our school systems with "crazy sustainable princibles" -- and it declaires our public lands "off limits" to the common citizen. The Agenda will lead to a global totalitarian state of FASCISM.<<<

New maps have been created by UN Agenda 2030 planners that show plans to remove people from certain areas between big cities and move them to hi-density areas within cities called "Smart Cities" -- so that only "wild nature without humans" will exist. These plans suggest the radical idea that -- for example, the recent major "wildfire events" in California and Australia are somehow being "engineered" by those who favor the motives behind the AGENDA 21 and Agenda 2030 plans.

Furthermore, as part of the AGENDA 21/30 depopulation program, many believe that these "global planners" have managed to put chemical toxins -- such as Graphine, Barium and Aluminum powders, into commercial jet fuel as "lubricants" -- so that "chem-trials" behind the aircraft will fall down to earth and cause health problems in people -- although solid evidence of such a diabolical plan seems elusive for now.

Whatever "they" are adding to Jet fuel -- or however the "chem-trials" are created, if the added material is based on nano-scale particle technology, it can be very unhealthy because elements at the nano-scale size -- unlike elements at the micro-scale size, behave different in the body and can cause harmful side-effects. By the way, "contrials" -- unlike "chem-trials", are simply a condensation cloud path event trailing behind high altitude aircraft flying at colder temperatures in the atmosphere that are made primarily of water particles and some carbon fuel exhause material.

Because there are global CORPORATIONs who have governmental plans to implement "progressive upgrade programs" to their "services" -- such as fifth-generation wireless, or 5G, that can, according to some researchers, significantly harm humans by causing cancerous cell damage, national citizens should be suspicious of such global services.

Some knowledgeable persons familiar with the technology believe that by beaming electromagnetic millimeter energy wave signals up to around 60ghz -- which 5G is designed to use, the electromagnetic energy is capable of "cooking the oxygen molecule within living cells" -- or, as another theory suggest, able to "curdle the iron within human blood" and interfere with proper human organ activity.

It has been argued that 5G technology involves electromagnetic millimeter wave energy that does not penetrate much beyond the skin -- thus making it harmless to humans. However, because the skin is the largest organ of the human body -- and acts like an antenna that can conduct electromagnetic signal energy to other parts inside the body, 5G electromagnetic millimeter wave energy may actually be harmful to humans afterall.

Moreover, when the tech CORPORATIONs that are building the 5G network were asked by public officials if any safety studies have been done to prove the technology is safe, they said no -- which suggest they are only interested in going forward with the next generation without regard to public human safety.

By the way, apparently the only real difference between 5G and 4G technology -- other than newer software programs, is that 5G uses directional beam array antennas -- which can handle higher frequency electromagnetic millimeter pulse signals, so parallel wave energy from the towers can find the mobile target better. Perhaps faster wifi speeds on our communication devices is only part of their plan.

And other global governmental plans like "large-scale vaccination events" -- funded by Bill Gates -- whose father once served as director of Planned Parenthood organization, have other serious health issues. According to some who claim first hand knowledge on the matter, certain vaccination formulas used in these events contain small amounts of toxic mercury -- which can be linked to autism in children -- and have caused many other negative health problems in vaccinated patients.

These vaccination projects -- not properly covered by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, have also been known to include odd ingredients in their formulas -- such as formaldehyde, aluminum and pieces of DNA from aborted human fetal tissue -- mixed with virus-like materials. The aborted human fetal tissue is known to come from the "services" associated with the Planned Parenthood organization.

Incidently, the origin of the Planned Parenthood organization was founded by Margaret Sanger using a popular eugenics movement back in 1916 that wanted to "improve the quality of the human race" by "sterilizing less than perfect people" through "birth control" technology -- which would reduce the human population over time.

Is there nobody in government double checking the conclusions of these official health authorities behind these vaccinations events? Should these vaccinations events be stopped and investigated as to what may be the real motives behind them?

The Bill Gates & Melinda Foundation -- together with the World Economic Forum and the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health also sponsored the "Event 201" conference in 8/2019 that "simulated" or "predicted" -- with "lock-step" precision, on how a coronavirus pandemic could kill "33-million" people in six months -- which suggest there were people that knew about the "Chronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020" just before it happened.

Furthermore, the "Event 201" conference specifically planned to "flood the zone" with their version of "truthful information" using the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and social media platforms -- as an attempt to prevent any other alternative views that could challenge their storyline.

Now, the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- and other "compromised fact checkers" like Snopes, will say fear of these global plans are based on dubious conspiracy theories -- but what if they are not? What if the UN AGENDA 21 plan is trying to kill people on a global scale? These global plans would no doubt help achieve the agenda -- and the GLOBAL ELITE club members could still hide out in certain safe spaces while the rest of humanity is slowly killed over time.

There exist a 2012 video of Dennis Meadows -- one of the founders of The Club of Rome and member of the World Economic Forum, making the following statement: "I hope the depopulation [event] will occur civil and peacefully". People who play God and decide that other people need to die to "save the planet" need to loose their right to life themselves -- for the sake of our planet.

The former US ambassador and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger -- and DEEP STATE gang member of the Council on Foreign Relations "think tank" club -- that specializes in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs, was once quoted as saying: "Depopulation should be the highest priority of foriegn policy toward the third world". Henry Kissinger also has been quoted in an article from the 1960's as saying: "The greatest way to get rid of overpopulation is to inject people with contaminated medication". What a sick mind...

Speaking of former US Secretary of State characters -- DEEP STATE gang member and Council on Foreign Relations agent -- Hillary Clinton, was once quoted as saying "This planet might be able to support perhaps as many as half a billion people... human population must be greatly diminished, and as quilckly as possible".

It is interesting to note that a "half a billion people" equals 500 million people -- and that is exactly the number stated at the top of the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES monument located east of Atlanta Georgia and almost exactly 666 miles from the UN building in New York City. Apparently, 500 million people is the total population goal number for the GLOBAL ELITE club in their quest to create a perfect utopian society on this planet.

What gives anybody the right to say such things. The GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang are sick people -- and they are trying to make us as sick as they are before they kill us all. To understand how their crazy evil ways of thinking works -- check out the words "FRANKFURT SCHOOL" and "Frankism" on the INTERNET.

UPDATE 2/2020: According to the research by Dana Ashlie on her YOUTUBE channel, there is substantial data that suggest a new theory that the recent Coronavirus outbreak event from Communist CHINA is related to the electromagnetic radiation energy of 5G technology -- and may not be directly related to any natural biological virus. She explains that because the electromagnetic radiant wave energy -- associated with 5G technology, can interfere with the proper absorption of oxygen within the blood and lungs of the human body -- it can make victims incapable of breathing properly -- which can lead to "dropping dead on the street" in some cases -- as seen in several videos from Communist CHINA. Perhaps this ongoing scary event was planned by some nefarious man-made agenda project -- like AGENDA 21.

Moreover, because the Coronavirus in question -- also known as SARS-CoV-2 -- from which the clinical illness called Covid-19 is assumed to cause, is believed by many to have originated from Wuhan CHINA -- which is the same city that also was the first "test city" where full live 5G technology was launched in late 2019, this coincidence reveals a serious connection between the two subjects -- and suggest both the recent Coronavirus crisis and 5G electromagnetic signal energy are somehow related -- or have been weaponized in someway.

Also, included within this new theory, is the scary idea that if 5G electromagnetic signal energy can mimic the symptoms of a common illness like the flu, then a global "testing and vaccination project" -- organized by the UN and other "vaccine making medical CORPORATIONs seeking solutions", could contain a toxic substance which could simulate a world-wide pandemic event.

If this theory is true, then the expected deadly 5G radiation weapon event from the evil DEEP STATE gang has launched their first real "radiation salvo" in their war to reduce human pollution by directly reducing human population numbers.

By the way -- the thin skin of the human body acts like an antenna to electromagnetic waves -- and when exposed to directional energy from strong millimeter radio waves at the right frequency, may cause virus-like "dead protein balls" -- known as exosomes, to be released by the body that need to be "flushed out" by coughing or sneezing events.

And if that theory does not seem interesting enough -- there is another theory as to how so many people could have gotten sick and died in Wuhan based on "modern technology". Notwithstanding the toxic atmospheric environment known to have existed in Wuhan that could contribute to ill health, if many of the people in Wuhan were vaccinated earlier with a "unique flu vaccine" -- that could have contained some type of metallic material -- such as aluminum or some carbon base material, then perhaps this could help explain why so many people fell victim to what apparently is believed to be a novel disease.

This theory is based on the idea that the aluminum or carbon base material inside the skin of the body from the vaccination event could "come alive" by "vibrating or resonating with the 5G signal" -- and thus become toxic when "triggered" by nearby broadcast energy -- such as from personal cell phones. If true, then perhaps this may help explain why so many people fell ill -- or died in Wuhan -- particularly if their immune sysyem was compromised by other toxins from their environment.

In other words, there does not have to be a nearby 5G tower beaming dangerious electromagnetic radio energy at a cell phone holder -- because the energy within the cell phone itself can perhaps trigger the material within the vaccinated person holding the phone and make it actively become posionus -- which could make the cell phone holder sick with flu-like COVID-19 symptoms.

Furthermore, the crowded electromagnectic signal environment -- created by numerious wireless devices within hospitals that operate between monitorial safety equipment, may also contribute to health problems within patients.

In any case, the idea that 5G beaming or broadcasting technology -- particularly when combined with a toxic vaccine ingredient, could explain what happened in Wuhan China late in 2019.

Imagine this scenario: According to some researchers, although 5G technology is designed to beam micro-millimeter radiant energy signals up to 64ghz -- which is the frequency associated with oxygen problems in human blood, the 5G technology that launched in Wuhan China in October 2019, was actually a type of "directed" 4G technology that operates at around 32ghz.

However, because a powerful "directed" 4G radiant energy beam at half the 64ghz signal may also be capable of making people sick with respriatory symptoms similar to a common cold or flu -- particularly if the beam is targeted, the health situation in the city could have turned deadly for people who were vaccinated with toxins -- or had compromized health issues, in a short period of time.

So, with many people getting sick and dying in the city -- caused by either 5G beaming energy -- or cell phone broadcasting energy activating toxic material within vaccinated people, the CCP authorities needed answers to the cause of the illnesses and deaths, and decided on a virus infection theory where a unique Coronavirus originated from a "wet market" in the city that sold contaminated "bat soup".

Then stories about the unique virus are "leaked" to the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob services by somebody that the virus could have been a "bio-weaponized bug" that came from a testing laboratory within the city -- and it was capable of causing a global pandemic.

Even a story about a "bio-weaponized bug" was introduced or "planted" by some military NATO war game exercise event that took place a week or so earlier in Wuhan, was floating around the INTERNET and tried to explain the origin of the global pandemic. By the way -- what was NATO doing in China practicing war games for? Who pays for that kind of military exercise and why?

But as it turns out -- the unique virus is just another variant of the common Coronavirus -- however, nobody knows that information yet except the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang who planned to use a FALSE FLAG contagious pathogen story as a psychological tool to scare the public on a global scale -- resulting in the medical martial law event that is currently unfolding.

And this medical martial law event was planned many years ago by the GLOBAL ELITE club and the World Economic Forum cabal, as a way to "martial in a global reset program" of society -- complete with digital currency and bio-marker personal identification certificates, to control people by using medical events disguised as vaccination projects in the name of "public safety".

Think about it -- the DEEP STATE gang needed and excuse to launch a global pandemic event that not only would destroy President Donald Trump's 2020 election chances by causing political and economic chaos across the world -- but also introduce other nefarious events useful to them. So, they made up a scary story about a dangerous invisible contagious pathogen -- which was actually caused at first by 5G technology -- perhaps mixed with tricky vaccine technolgy, that would allow for a great public medical lock down martial law situation -- where SOCIALISM -- and BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs, could benifit from new draconian laws designed to help bring their depopulation dream of the UN AGENDA 21 deadline into reality.

What an evil scam! The GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang are horrible people that need to go away now and forever!

UPDATE 3/2020: Apparently, the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang -- together with the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, have succeeded to date in using fear of a fake Coronavirus outbreak event from Communist CHINA, to disrupt the global stock markets and bring on more socialistic control of our lives to "fix" the problem.

This event is based on the "Hegelian Dialectic" concept -- first, they create a fearful problem -- then there is a reaction to the fearful problem, and then a political solution -- which is worse than the original fearful problem. This political formula is how COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM has destroyed freedom loving nations for over a century.

UPDATE 3/26/2020: According to Amazing Polly's YOUTUBE Channel, the current director of the World Health Organization of the UN -- Tedros Adhanom -- who is not even a doctor -- and is a certified Communist, was involved in multiple unprosecuted potential crimes against humanity when he was Minister of Health in Ethiopia. Moreover, US Corona Task Force Boss and HIV specialist -- Dr. Fauci, admires Tedros Adhanom -- and has worked with Bill Gates in the past. Dr. Fauci -- according to the Gateway Pundent news service, also was quoted in 2017 as saying that the "Trump Administration will...be challenged by...a suprise disease outbreak".

By the way, Dr Fauci is related to a shady 6 Billion dollar a year US government AIDS program called "PEPFAR" -- or the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, that, together with The Global Fund program, vaccinates thousands of people throughout Africa and elsewhere. The details of this shady program can be found in several recent episodes at Amazing Polly's YOUTUBE channel.

Even fellow member of the US Corona Task Force -- Dr. Deborah Birx, seems to be pushing the fear porn angle when she recently said "Americans should avoid grocery shopping amid the pandemic".

Are these characters planning to coordinate the "official" testing and vaccination programs for Covid-19 patients that may actually contain a real deadly toxic material?

Could they be part of a secret global plan by the UN and DEEP STATE gang to take down humanity with a PLANdemic infectious event? Instead of saving lives like they claim -- are they involved in a evil agenda of reducing the world population of humans -- so that the GLOBAL ELITE club will have more room on this planet and not deal so much with humans polluting the environment?

Should the WHO -- or the World Health Organization of the UN -- also known as the "Wrong Health Organization" by some -- which now gets most of their funding from Marxist CHINA and the Bill Gates & Melinda Foundation -- together with the Rockefeller Foundation -- who has controlled BIG PHARMA and "Western Medicine" since 1913 -- and also wants to reduce human pollution by reducing the human population, be trusted with medical advice in this age when the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang still controls the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob?

According to The Western Journal news service, the Centers for Disease Control -- or CDC -- which was once a US government military agency that is now financially linked to the privately owned CDC Foundation that works with other BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs, is telling hospitals to list Covid-19 as the cause of death in patients that tested positive with the Coronavirus -- even if the PCR test suggested the virus was only present in the dead patients. This CDC directive would inflate the truth of real death numbars attributed to the virus -- and would be more scary news for the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to push.

Has the Coronavirus PLANdemic event been weaponized by the DEEP STATE gang to scare the public into forcing national governments around the world -- who rely on global banking services like the IMF and World Bank, to adopt socialistic draconian "lock down laws" in the name of public safety?

Who has the political and monetary power to coordinate the official medical information on such a global PLANdemic event?

UPDATE 4/2020: It seems that part of the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is dependent on a "massive testing program" of people -- which could be both a way of introducing a poison to people being tested -- or collecting DNA and personal identification from people for future use. This "massive testing program" of people is also part of a sneeky plan to slowly increase the Covid-19 "case count" over time to scare the public after the "death count" dies off.

And, according to the "medical rules" made up by the "medical experts" behind the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020, if anyone who tested positive -- or even negative, they could be required to surrender their personal liberties to the "legal authorities" -- including being forcibly removed from their homes in the name of "public safety".

Why is the US White House preparing an 11 Billion dollar government program for the states to start testing people for the Coronavirus? And who is behind this government program? Who stands to benefit from such activity?

In a recent interview on the "Communist News Network" -- or CNN, FaceBook's boss -- Mark Zuckerberg, suggested that people will not be able to legally gather in groups of over fifty for at least a year because of "public safety" reasons. Who would ever make up such a number like fifty for such a cause? Just who are these tyrannical medical experts that could cause a global medical martial law anyway?

They should be found immediately and publicly prosecuted for racketeering and murder before any more of our personal liberties are stepped on.

Months from now, these "medical experts" will claim that the "Lockdown" -- which is a term used by prison officials to keep prisoners in their cells, and the "social distancing" rules about keeping "six-feet" apart from each other -- together with new laws forcing people to wear face mask in public, "saved" WESTERN CIVILIZATION from the "deadly" Covid-19 virus pandemic. Their stupidity and evilness is atrocious...

By the way -- making or shaming people to wear face masks in public is not only unhealthy to wearers because it restricts essential breathing habits and harbors infectious bacteria within the mask, it does very little or nothing to protect the wearer or nearby persons from "catching" or stopping microscopic air-borne virus-like particles.

Moreover, many medical studies and test from over a hundred years ago, scientifically proved that because microscopic "invisible germs" -- now known as non-living virus-like particles in the body, are not living bacteria or fungi spore pathogens, they are not contagious -- particularly when air-borne, and should not be feared as infectious "germs".

These medical test and studies from around 1918 took body fluids from infected patients and injected the fluids directly into healthy subjects that never showed any ill symptoms over the life of the test. Why is modern medicine hiding these medical test that proves no contagious pathogenic danger from non-living virus-like particles?

And as far as new made-up laws trying to keep people at least six-feet apart, perhaps the laws has nothing to do with mitigating any contagion -- and everything to do with training people to keep their separation from each other so that when 5G directional energy beam technology gets perfected, DEEP STATE gang agents can better focus on the targeted person holding their cell phone to "ping" them and "remove the problematic person".

UPDATE 4/26/2020: After seeing most of the relevant data about the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020, it should become evident to any rational thinking person that the people behind the scam are related to the same people behind the causes and cover ups of many other nefarious global event situations -- such as 9/11, which have affected modern society in negative ways over the years.

In fact, the more one looks at all the relevant data and connects all the important dots of just who is responsible for such nefarious political activity across the globe, it seems that the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang -- who believe in SOCIALISM and or COMMUNISM, are the culprits -- and that their Zionistic political movement can be dated to over a hundred years ago.

It has been learned that some "blue state" govenors knowingly placed sick Coronavirus patients into elderly nursing homes -- which apparently resulted in more elderly deaths than if they were not place into the homes. This situation suggest that there was a nefarious plan in the minds of the DEEP STATE gang to "kill off" the elderly -- not only to save on Social Security funds to the "useless eaters", but also to kill the people who have experienced history longer than the young and "know too much" about how COMMUNISM works. In other words, by killing off the elderly -- it would make it easier for the Communist DEEP STATE gang to control the younger "useful idiots" to do their work in overthrowing WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

UPDATE 5/14/2020: US President Donald Trump has just announced a program called "Warp Speed" -- which, according to a DOD report, is a 138 Million dollar contract that enables a program which will supply pre-filled syringes for a future Covid-19 vaccine to be expected by the end of 2020.

This information suggest Donald Trump is either playing along with the DEEP STATE gang's plan to destroy the US over vaccines and civil war -- or perhaps he is just saying what the they want him to say -- to buy more time until he gets reelected for his second term when he can do much more to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

In either case, this latest announcement is bad news to those who are real patriots the world over and want to see the DEEP STATE gang go away. The good news is that because there is not a Covid-19 vaccine yet -- and hopefully never will be -- due to the idea that it is impossible to create a real one, because viruses are not contagious pathogenic "germs" like many believe, this story may only be FAKE NEWS designed to confuse the DEEP STATE gang at a critical time in history.

The problem is that this announcement has also confused many patriots who have followed Trump as well. We need to know if this announcement is true or FAKE NEWS asap. He needs to clarify his position on the matter of how extremely dangerous vaccination events are -- particularly mass vaccinations -- or "traccination", programs like what Bill Gates wants, and if there are real government plans to make them mandatory.

UPDATE 5/18/2020: While discussing recent events to reporters at the White House, US President Donald Trump refered to the "pandemic" as an "artificial event". Was he refering to the recent "Covid-19 pandemic" as a "man-made event"? Did he accidently say the event was a hoax? If the event was a hoax or a FALSE FLAG -- what part of it was man made -- and why? Perhaps we will learn these answers in due time -- but in the meantime, it seems that all we can do is wait.

US President Donald Trump also announced that US funding to the World Health Organization will stop because the UN organization is believed to have mismanaged the pandemic crisis -- however, as it turns out, the funding is just being redirected to a Bill Gates' GAVI project. Something is not right with all this government money -- which is our money we are taxed and pay interest on, being given to "medical prevention" schemes these days.

We should never forget what Herny Kissinger once said long ago: "The greatest way to get rid of overpopulation is to inject people with contaminated medication". And we should also never forget that Bill Gates' father was once director of Planned Parenthood -- which is known for their eugenics activities in controlling people with their "medical health care services and facilities".

It is interesting to note that no video exist outside of CHINA of anybody "dropping dead on the street" from this global pandemic emergency. Something smells really fishy behind this whole "emergency medical event". When the truth is learned of who planned this scam -- and who is benefiting from it, public trust in big government -- particlarly the "unelected medical authorities" who tell elected government officials what to do, will never be the same.

By the way, when did unelected people get to tell elected people what to do? Should unelected "scientist or medical experts" have that much political governing power over the public?

They say that the truth is learned -- never told. Let's hope the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 will end soon. And as Donald Trump recently stated, the US will not be closed down again -- even if a "second wave" of "fake case infections" from an "invisible enemy" is forced upon us.

These LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people are criminals in their sneaky quest to subvert human liberties with their totalitarian plan to build a global commune where a central government authority -- controlled by the unelected GLOBAL ELITE club, will dictate the rules of society. Instead of building a beautiful utopia, they are creating a horrible dystopia -- and the UN AGENDA 21 project -- which is now becoming AGENDA 2030, is only part of their plan.

UPDATE 6/2020: It seems that because the public is not buying the Coronavirus PLANdemic event scam of 2020 much anymore, the DEEP STATE gang has launch yet another phase of scary events to take down the US and President Donald Trump -- such as the "George Floyd" psyops operation.

By the way, there are many INTERNET videos about who really was "George Floyd" -- and how he was "killed"-- or removed from the scene, that conflict with the FAKE NEWS story version pushed by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob. These videos portray a story that basically reveals the whole event was a setup to launch the next phase of the DEEP STATE gang's plan to undermine police control of several large US cities by using the old favorite "race-argument" card of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY between white and black people. And this time, the International Marxist SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR gang "Blackkk Lives Matter" -- with CORPORATION support, will attempt to lead the way to make the Masonic slogan "Order Out of Chaos" a real situation.

But first, before "Order Out of Chaos" can happen, the DEEP STATE gang needs to first create chaos by "canceling the culture" of WESTERN CIVILIZATION -- such as destroying historical iconic statues and erasing important cultural traditions -- so they can rebuild -- or "build back better" their version of world order again.

Apparently, the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob has "pushed aside" the Covid-19 horror show for now and is pushing scenes of street riots and burning buildings to keep public in a fearful mood. And now that US President Donald Trump has designated the George Soros funded gang of Antifa as a "terrorist group" -- perhaps some DEMOCRATIC PARTY members -- which are linked to the group, can now be arrested for supporting terrorism.

US President Donald Trump should also designate the "Blackkk Lives Matter" Marxist organization as a terrorist group because they are clearly a product of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL gang that wants COMMUNISM in the US. Think of all the revenue from both of these terrorist groups and their links to CORPORATIONs that could be sized by the government -- it would add up to Billions of dollars that could help pay off the US debt -- and reduce the threat to society.

Moreover, it seems interesting to note that the Covid-19 horror show has set up the situation were criminals -- who are rioting and destoying private and public places within some of the major inner cities of the USA, can not easily be identified on camera now because they are wearing mask. Was this situation part of the overall DEEP STATE gang's FALSE FLAG operation to destroy the USA?

Activities planned by the FRANKFURT SCHOOL gang are now in full force -- and its time for citizens to wake up to how COMMUNISM is trying to kill the USA so that the UN will "solve the problem" created by other LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people who already control the UN.

UPDATE 6/12/2020: It should be clear to anybody with any brain cells that the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is part of a UN AGENDA 21 political plan to turn our beautiful world into a Communist controlled dystopian nightmare -- complete with face mask and vaccinations for everybody in the name of "public safety".

It is truly sad to see so many brainwashed sheeple wearing face masks in public. The world is made up of leaders and followers -- and it is so easy to spot the followers these days. The WHO of the UN -- and the Center of Disease Control -- together with the NIH, are not elective bodies of medical authorty to tell anybody the truth about "public safety" stories because they have been compromised by the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- which are major players of the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang that is controlling the AGENDA 21 plan.

Citizens across the world need to wakeup to the truth of the Covid-19 scamdemic horror show FALSE FLAG operation -- and take action to stop it immediately before it's too late. Covid is all about control -- and the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang are trying to control people under a fake contagion story in the name of "public safety" activity.

Face mask are visible symbols of surrender to the UN AGENDA 21 and the NEW WORLD ORDER plans -- that are trying to create a "Global Reset" program event -- where the DEEP STATE gang is trying to create a world-wide wealth distribution program based on the political values of COMMUNISM. Face mask are now the uniforms of the cult behind COMMUNISM. Unless you are a doctor or a nurse involved in a medical operation, and may have a dangerous bacterial infection -- do not wear a mask in public -- period.

To wear a mask in public was against the law only a few months ago -- now it is a "fashion statement sign" of a medical condition -- in this case, a psychological mental problem caused by watching too much Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob propaganda on DEEP STATE gang controlled TELEVISION.

Don't let the SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR "Karens" out there succeed in shaming you into believing that you are killing innocent people with your selfishness by not wearing a face mask in public. It's not "just a mask" -- it's a muzzle to mess with your brain and damage your body. And the next stage in their evil plan is to force mandatory vaccinations on us -- followed by "vaccine passports" to identify and control personal travel around the world.

As mentioned recently by a person named "Liberty Forever" in a YOUTUBE video blog about people wearing mask to stop a virus -- "They are using fear to fool people into becoming fools". And speaking of foolish people -- Mark Twain once said that "it is easier to fool someone than to explain to them that they have been fooled". Think about that statement for a moment -- and understand why some people are so stubborn to admit to a foolish mistake -- than to apologize and correct their mistake.

Wake up people! The Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is a world-wide play to take full control over humanity by evil people.

And who exactly are these evil people? Who has the political and monitary power in most every country in the world that could organize such a scam? Who controls the biggest network of lodges and central banks across the globe -- and wants more control of our future? Are the MASONS and the Zionist central bankers involved in this global scam to enslave the public?

UPDATE 7/2020: Because DEMOCRATIC PARTY blue state governors -- and their "medical advisers" -- who control the Covid-19 horror show case numbers, are not finished scaring the public, they are now forcing people to wear face mask in public stores or pay fines. So, now -- anyone who wants to go shopping for groceries or hardware supplies in these states, they need to "diaper up" and wear a face mask to enter the store in the name of "public safety" -- after all, it is "their duty" as fellow human beings, to have medical respect for other people who are worried about the Covid-19 disease that the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob keeps telling them about.

Although the mindset of LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people are hell bent into controlling other people to behave "for the greater good", they will fail in this effort to take away our individual spirit to choose how to live safely. Perhaps if one must wear a mask in public for political reasons -- and "turn the other cheek" -- then write on the mask in large letters "I can't breathe safely". And after no more than two weeks, if the government continues with this charade, then get involved in changing the government as soon as possible.

It has been learned from several INTERNET articles that the big chain stores -- like Walmart, Sam's Club and Kroger, are planning to impliment new "safety rules" where everbody who enters their stores will have to wear a face mask. These new rules are based on the rising "confirmed case numbers" of Covid-19 that the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob keeps pushing and "public safety" concerns. Insurance CORPORATIONs -- and their lawyers -- who control the liability issues in many private and public buildings, are also why people are forced to wear mask inside buildings. The whole ethical legal system within private and government authority services seems corrupted to the core in this FALSE FLAG event.

According to Lisa Haven's YOUTUBE channel, the reason why new cases of Covid-19 are rising on the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob's TV channels -- which do not want you to know that the rigged death count is actually falling, is because the "medical authorities" have changed the definition of what counts as a "confirmed case" of Covid-19. It seems that because the "medical authorities" have gotten away with inflating the real death count with anyone dying with the virus -- and not because of the virus, they are now -- and have been since May 18th, inflating the offical case count with numbers of people who came in contact with a "positive" case person.

In other words, because of "Contact Tracing" efforts, the "medical authorities" can now add at least 15 new "probable new cases" as "confirmed cases" -- based on just one case -- even though the new cases have not been tested or confirmed. No wonder there is a rise in new "confirmed cases" around the country -- and the world. What a load of fraud!

Moreover, since March 24th, Medicare pays more to hospitals for patients listed as Covid-19 -- which gives a monetary incentive to list a "probable case" as a "confirmed case". Even the CDC chief agrees there is a "preverse incentive" for hospitals to inflate virus deaths to scare people.

Incidently, the PCR test that are used by the "medical experts" to "prove" or "confirm" a Covid-19 "case" -- by way of "amplifiying" the RNA data sample, is actually only finding the genetic codes that exist in every human. In other words, the more the RNA sample is amplified -- the more "positive" the case. Even Dr. Fauci -- the man who is part of the Medical Industrial Complex gang that is pushing this fake pandemic event, has been quoted as saying amplifying the RNA sample of a PCR test more than 35 cycles will result in unreliable "false positives" results. As it turns out, somebody in government has been telling testing labs to cycle the RNA sample up to and over 42 cycles.

By the way, the original PCR test was invented by a man named Kary Mullis -- who died just before the pandemic in October 2019, and apparently suggested the test should never be used to identify people infected with a contagion. Is BIG PHARMA cheating in using the PCR test to make money during the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020?

UPDATE 7/15/2020: Because the "confirmed case numbers" of Covid-19 patients have been manipulated by someone at the CDC to reflect a much higher value of real cases for political reasons, the US White House has now directed all hospitals to bypass the CDC and report to them directly. Perhaps this new protocol rule of reporting medical data will expose how the DEEP STATE gang have been lying to the public since the begining of this medical hoax event.

So -- a quick review on how the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL GLOBAL ELITE DEEP STATE gang of Masonic Zionist -- who controls the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob CORPORATIONs, BIG PHARMA, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- and the NEW WORLD ORDER plan, have cheated from day one using the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 to make the 2021 deadline date of the UN AGENDA 21 project.

First, they use their BIG PHARMA Corporate connections of the UN controlled World Health Organization and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to spread the idea that a contagious virus -- they call Covid-19, will cause a global pandemic event and kill tens of millions like the disease of 1918 -- which was actually caused by a combination of nasty vaccines created by BIG PHARMA -- and other new dangerous experimential technologies of that era -- such as powerful unregulated Radio Frequency transmission events.

Second, they start "cooking the death numbers" between the global hospitals and the governmental medical authorities -- like the CDC and the WHO -- using the infamous "death count map" from the John Hopkins University website, by including stories that anybody who dies with Covid-19 -- as if they died because of Covid-19, so the "confirmed" death numbers can scare the public into accepting new life-changing draconian "lock-down" medical laws in the name of "public safety".

Third, using BIG PHARMA Corporate connections again to create certain obscure "testing formula programs" -- that, for example, are based on a false projection PCR test using a RNA code scheme -- or antibody marker test -- of which both were not designed to "verify" or "confirm" a novel virus sample, the gang of "medical experts" have falsely "proved" Covid-19 "cases". And then, they changed the definition of what represents a "confirmed case" early in the name game to include up to fifteen more persons who came in contact with the original Covid-19 "confirmed case" -- so that the case numbers -- of what was essentually a winter flu season event, would rise in the Summer -- just when the already rigged death numbers would drop after the main event in the Spring.

And fourth, the gang of "medical experts" -- using local government authorities -- with financial support from corporate global interest connected to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY -- which is related to the World Bank and the IMF banking cartel groups, are trying to force every citizen to wear a face mask diaper as a visual sign of obedience to the NEW WORLD ORDER project in the name of "public safety". Face diapers are a major psychological step to eventually accept Billy Gates vaccinations and ID implant projects -- which will either enslave or kill us all as a final solution to the UN AGENDA 21 project.

Here's an idea -- the DOJ needs to arrest Billy Gates & company on RICO charges -- linked to attempted murder of milllions -- if not billions of people the world over -- and seize all his valued assets -- which, after trial, could pay out trillions of dollars to those who were physically or financially harmed by his "medical activities". Of course, other GLOBAL ELITE club members would follow his arrest, but justice has to start somewhere.

Think about it -- the US law that enforces the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, should be used to stop a megalomaniac -- and his cohorts, from attempting to poison every human in the world with a vaccine. The Department Of Justice needs to live up to its name -- and take action before the DEEP STATE gang gets any more political control of our world.

And while the DOJ is arresting Billy Gates, they should also investigate Billy Gates partner in crime -- Dr. Anthony Fauci. Not only are they working together with BIG PHARMA to make billions in the Covid-19 scam, but also his role in the totally fraudulent test scam of false positives in dealing with the AIDs scare of the 1980's -- where he pushed the lethal AZT medicine as a treament -- which killed untold victims who believed they were infected with a deadly virus.

In fact, it appears that the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is a global program by the GLOBAL ELITE club to test the "pecking order chain of political authority" that starts at the UN and runs down to even the people who control and enforce the 6ft social distancing rules at our local farmers market. It has given control authority to people that should never have such powers of control. The event has created millions of political tyrants almost overnight across the globe that get to tell other people what to do. It's GLOBALISM -- pure and simple.

In Spain the "idiot lockdown authorities" will charge anybody $700US for leaving home without a "good reason" -- and $2,300US, if "inappropiate attitude" is displayed to the arresting officer issuing the fine. Madness is an understatement of what the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 has caused around the world -- particularly in the big cities of Australia and New Zeland.

Anybody with common sense -- and does not watch the crazy negative Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob's propaganda stories all the time on TELEVISION, should see that there are bad people behind a bad agenda -- which is trying to destroy WESTERN CIVILIZATION. By attempting to cheat and scam the "confirmed" Covid-19 death and case numbers -- so that a "second wave" of the "virus" will hit the public later this year -- just before the US 2020 Presidential Election, the people behind this evil plan are being exposed on social media post every day, and should be removed from positions of authority asap.

Late in August 2020, the CDC quitely updated its website to state the total "confirmed" US death count -- related to the Covid-19 event, was only 6% of the value that it once posted. In other words, the posted 153,504 "confirmed" deaths blamed on Covid-19, was changed down to 9,210 "confirmed" deaths -- when other underlying comorbidity health factors leading to death were removed from the count.

So, the whole Covid-19 crisis event -- that cost many trillions of dollars and about 50 million US jobs to date, was based on the idea where the odds of dying from the "invisible disease" was about 9,000 out of 330 million -- which equals about .000027 chance. To put this figure into perspective, because the chances of being struck by lightinig in one's lifetime in the US is 1 out of 3,000 -- or .000333 chance, the lifetime odds of anyone being struck by lightning is over ten times as much as dying of Covid-19 symptoms.

Moreover, according to even the New York Times, up to about 90% of all "confirmed" Covid-19 test can be seen as "false positives" because the test are flawed in how they are processed -- which means the rising "case numbers" over the Summer -- together with the added "confirmed" cases by Contact Tracers to automatically "confirm" 15 new cases from just one "confirmed" case count, is a scam to scare the public for political reasons.

By the way, it seems that the word "confirmed" -- when referenced by the CDC in this "confirmed" medical emergency crisis, is being used wrongfully on purpose to confuse the public. Remember what George Orwell warned us about in his dystopian 1984 novel regarding the use of "double-speak language" -- where the opposite word is used to confuse the public about the truth of a story? Well, the GLOBAL ELITE club -- who control the Medical Industrial Complex -- and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, are lying to the public on purpose for political reasons. And at this stage in the NEW WORLD ORDER game -- they don't care, because time is running out on them and they have to throw everything they have at us -- including outright lies, to win the 2020 US Presidential Election for the DEEP STATE gang's democratic canidate.

Therefore, when the word "confirmed" is seen in some medical report by the CDC -- or other global medical institution regarding this fake Covid-19 medical crisis, just replace the word with "fake" -- and then understand the real truth behind their statements.

To use the words of a noted financial adviser on the INTERNET -- the Dollar Vigilante, "The politicians who made this event happened should never touch numbers again" -- and be held lawfully and legally accountable asap.

As Mark Twain once said: "there are lies, damned lies, and statistics" -- and in this case, the bad people are cheating the counting system big time by wrongfully calculating the numbers -- so that they can scare the public into accepting more restrictive laws in the name of "public safety".

If viruses are not contagious pathogenic "germs" that causes diseases -- like many holistic medical doctors now believe, then what is the real purpose of vaccines?

The evilness of this Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 can be blamed on LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people -- who have controlled this world far too long. Their slash and burn agendas to "save the world" is killing WESTERN CIVILIZATION. They -- and their NEW WORLD ORDER story of eugenics by using depopulation control events, must be stopped. Hopefully, the next US Presidential Election event will end the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and this evilness that they have spread across the country.

The year of 2020 may be the year that the "greater sleeping public" will wake up from the hypnotic spell of ZIONISM -- to the clear 20/20 vision of seeing a new future with more freedom for mankind -- and to stop the political scams of the bad people who have been pushing an evil agenda for over a century to conquer the world under one powerful central governmental authority -- with one global currency -- designed to control our behavior within their tyrannical dystopian technologies.

As pointed out recently in a meme found on the INTERNET -- the Covid-19 event is NOT a pandemic -- it is an IQ test to see how smart or dumb we are. Let's get smart and wake up to the truth of how our freedoms are being taken away by greedy tyrants in the name of "public safety".

UPDATE 8/29/2020: Good news -- according to indepentent reporters on YOUTUBE, very large crowds of people in Berlin Germany and London England are rising up and demostrating against government over-reach events in the name of "public safety" during the global crisis. Crowd estimates of upwards to one million people in Berlin and forty-thousand in London at the "Unite for Freedom" event in Trafalgar Square, show that the tide is turning in this spiritual battle between the wants of the GLOBAL ELITE club and the needs of humanity. David Icke and Dolores Cahill were heros at the event in London -- however, the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- like the BBC, ignore the event and continue to push FAKE NEWS events -- such as Blackkk Lives Matter protest, elseware in England.

UPDATE 10/4/2020: More Good news -- Under the rules of Civil Tort Law, and as defined on Section 7 of the International Criminal Code, a Class Action Lawsuit is currently underway by the German-American Lawyer -- Reiner Fuellmich, a Class Action Lawsuitwhich charges the leaders of the World Health Organization, the Center of Disease Control and other governmental health authorities, for "Crimes Against Humanity" -- based on their knowledge that the PCR test can not provide any real useful information of infection -- and was never a reliable method in proving a contagious disease. Moreover, knowing that the PCR test would be used by other public health services around the world as a health standard for identifying Covid-19 cases, and that their recommendations would be used for Lockdowns, Social Distancing Rules and Face Mask Laws -- which have cause great harm to the general public, they are guilty of medical malpractice, and should be punished for their actions.

UPDATE 10/15/2020: According to the YOUTUBE Channel "Headlines With a Voice", as of October 14th, the state of New Mexico Department of Health has recieved from the Federal Government $171,000 for each Covid-19 "Case" -- which translates into $5,863,590.000 for 34,290 "Cases". And this is just the state of New Mexico -- imagine the total price tag of the nation -- and all other nations across the world who had to borrow from the global Central Bank gang of thieves.

Knowning these facts, -- it should be clear by now to anybody with half a brain cell that the story behind the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is all about money and the political control over people. It is the biggest wealth transfer scheme ever planned and executed. The GLOBAL ELITE club and the Zionist controlled ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel has created a scheme to force global governments to borrow trillions of dollars from the cartel to pay for the medical cost in dealing with a fake virus and disease -- which has forced global Medical Lockdown law events in the name of "public safety", so that they would not only earn interest on the money over time -- but also gain control of the many failing buisnesses using foreclosure laws caused by the economic crisis that they caused in the first place. What a diabolical plan -- evil knows no boundaries...

To summarize, the DEEP STATE gang are liars. They include many political players that believe in ZIONISM -- which is controlled by the Sabbatean Cult of Frankism. For those who are not aware, Frankism was a Sabbatean Jewish religious movement of the 18th & 19th century that, under the Jewish messia claimant -- Jacob Frank, who died in 1791, rejected all religious norms -- except their own. Jacob Frank said that "followers were obligated to transgress as many moral boundaries as possible". In other words, this gang of lying thieves from back then -- and even now, are still in control of important positions of global authority, want chaos and anarchy to destroy the known world -- so it can rebuild a new one under their satanic RELIGION. Much like the Illuminati -- if not actually directly part of the Illuminati cult, the DEEP STATE gang needs to be unmasked and destroyed asap.

They also have lied about the following subjects for many, many years:

* They lied about Viruses and Vaccines;
* They lied about Natural Medicines that can cure diseases;
* They lied about Tobacco poisoning;
* They lied about Lead poisoning;
* They lied about Mercury poisoning;
* They lied about the dangers of Asbestos;
* They lied about the danger of Fluoride in our drinking water;
* They lied about the danger of Thalidomide;
* They lied about the danger of Aluminum in deodorants;
* They lied about the dangers of Talc Hygine products;
* They lied about the dangers of too much Sugar in our foods;
* They lied about the dangers of Artificial Sweeteners;
* They lied about the problems of too much Soy in our foods;
* They lied about the danger of Opioids;
* They lied about the dangers of Pesticides;
* They lied about the over use of Antibiotics;
* They lied about the benefits of Raw Milk;
* They lied about the dangers of Saturated Fat;
* They lied about the dangers of GMO's;
* They lied about the danger of Glysophate;
* They lied about the dangers of Statins;
* They lied about the dangers of RF Radiation;
* They lied about the dangers of Process Foods;
* They lied about the dangers of Antipsychotics;
* They lied about the danger of Chemotheraphy;
* They lied about the danger of Radiotheraphy;
* They lied about the dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy;
* They lied about the Global Warming and Climate Change events;

These believers in ZIONISM want to create their version of a politically correct global utopian world. They are using the UN AGENDA 21 plan -- and the fake Covid-19 pandemic event -- to impliment a vaccination "culling event" program, to kill millions -- if not billions, of people they blame for polluting the Earth. The UN AGENDA 21 plan is part of a diabolical scheme to bring the Communistic NEW WORLD ORDER project to life -- that will, in their minds, allow their dystopian "global reset" agenda project to meet their 2021 deadline.

UPDATE 3/12/2021: According to an article at the henrymakow(dot)com website, there exist a theoritcal game plan list -- attributed to the World Economic Forum, that states the sequence of diabolical events behind the UN AGENDA 21 and 2030 plans. The following list goes as follows:

Control fully the media and political parties in all 193 UN nations. (Check)
Release a lab produced virus that's slightly more deadly than the flu. (Check)
Bombard the world with 24/7 Covid propaganda. (Check)
Have the whole world wear mask. (Check)
Develop AI algorthms that can identify masked people. (Check)
Roll out the Agenda 2030. (Check)
Conflate Covid with Agenda as an opportunity to RESET WORLD. (Check)
Systematically destroy the economy and as many jobs as possible -- using repeated lockdown strategy. (Check)
Use PCR high amplifications to justify Lockdowns with high "cases". (Check)
Roll out the first placebo vaccine. (WE ARE CURRENTLY HERE!)
>>> Use PCR low amplification to prove that the vaccine worked. <<<
Allow people to feel normality is returning.
Introduce digital currency, vaccination pass and social scores.
Introduce basic living wage for the millions out of work.
Monitor population using 5G for dissent & electronically fine or detain.
Introduce legislation ordering permanent social distancing & mask use.
Roll out mutated new strain of the virus or terror attack related to bio virus.
If needed use PCR high amplifications to justify new lockdowns.
Roll out real vaccines & a sterillization vaccine to an accepting world.
Decide who is worthy of repoducing.
Reduce population to 500 million.
Enjoy the complete control of a "sustainable" ordered humanity.
Agenda 2030 complete.

Now, because the above list is a theoritical plan, it may or may not go as planned -- but it does seem to fit the objectives of the AGENDA 21 and 2030 plans. The only real technical problem is that since non-living viruses are not contagious germs like many believe, the list should replace the term "virus" with a real contagious germ -- such as a bacterial, fungi or protozoan life form -- which could kill many people if used as a bio-weapon. However, because most everybody has beed programmed over their lifetime to believe viruses are invisible and contagious germs -- with deadly consequences, the list still fits the sequence of diabolical events behind the UN AGENDA 21 and 2030 plans.

UPDATE 3/22/2021: According to a talk between Mark Devlin and Michael O'Bernicia regarding a Private Criminal Prosecutional legal case being launched against the people responsible for the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event in the UK and across the world, about everything that has transpired since the last time they talked in November 2020, the case has narrowed down to the names of Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson for pandemic fraud.

Without these characters of public health England -- and Bill Gates' money from the Welcome Trust Foundation that convinced the WHO to declare a global pandemic -- the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event would not have happened.

* Matt Hancock -- UK Secretary of State for Health -- 2 meetings (1st on Jan 2019 & 2nd Jan 2020 with Bill Gates at the World Economic Forum regarding vaccines) -- and just before the scamdemic started.
* Chris Whitty -- Chief Medical Officer for England.
* Patrick Vallance -- Chief Scientific Adviser -- with links to Bill Gates and Glaxo-Smith-Cline vaccine CORPORATION.
* Neil Ferguson -- British epidemiologist and Imperial College London professor and WHO adviser -- place there in 2019 -- and jumped the scamdemic ship in March 2020. His entire career was paid by Big Pharma & Bill Gates/Welcome Trust Foundation -- which is a "Vaccine charity CORPORATION" -- linked to the eugenics organization of Planned Parenthood and Bill Gates father -- who was on record in saying "we need to reduce the human population". Since 2011, Welcome Trust Foundation paid 1.2 Billion Pounds into the Imperial College London "university" for "public research". Also the "university" recieved 7.1 Million Pounds from Bill Gates Foundation.

Using Prima Facie evidence under common law, this Private Criminal prosecutional legal case alleges that these four persons were paying back Bill Gates for his money by "maximizine the vaccination agenda" after the COVID-19 PLANdemic broke out.

The case contains a 12,000 page evidence file based on data in the public domain. If the case is successful in convicting the four " government experts" of fraud, then the conclusion of the consequences were murderous -- and therefore all should immediately be indicted for mass murder.

Furthermore, if relatives were told that their family members died of Covid-19 -- when in fact they died of other reasons, then they were frauded by the government and need proper closuer -- which could include atopies paid for by the government.

Because government officials were negligent for not understanding the new Coronavirus laws they passed -- and relied on the experts as to the real evidence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that they believed causes the symptom of Covid-19, they are also responsible for the scamdemic.

Moreover, because the government can not prove there is a real SARS-CoV-2 virus -- the whole global pandemic event was based on political favors between Billoniares and their puppets -- and not on real scientific medical data.

Michael O'Bernicia -- the case director, believes most all court cases are won in court before the case is put to trial based on known facts -- and that everything behind the PLANdemic is being controlled by the City Of London CORPORATION -- which is linked to the House of Rothschild and the nefarious Tavistock Institute -- that is known for psychological manipulation of information games to control powerful people.

Michael O'Bernicia also believes we need a Nuremberg type trial event to catch and punish the people responsible for the PLANdemic scam event.

By the way, the WHO -- which is primarily financed by the Bill Gates Foundation and his Welcome Trust Foundation, recently had a "whistle blower" that claimed in a leaked safety study that says 39% of vaccinated persons are suffering new chronic ailments and medical issues.

So, if all vaccinations events have been diabolically designed for over a hundred years to give the Medical Industrial Complex business -- and to reduce the human population to "manageable numbers" by influential leaders that believe in eugenics and paying off politicians, then the time has come to stop this "unhealthy business" of poisoning people in the name of "public safety".

UPDATE 3/26/2021: According to a Bitchute video entitled "ALARMING VIDEO ON C19 TESTS & VAX", some -- if not all, Covid-19 test are not only test -- they are mRNA "gene therapy events" -- designed to give the patient a contagious pathogenic nano-germ device at the tip of the probe they stick up the nose. And also, farmers have been "vaccinating" their bovine livestock using nasil swabs for years. Apparently, nefarious nano technology is more advance in delivering poisons into the human body than the public realizes...

It should be known that because the legal definition of a vaccine is to "slightly harm" the patient by way of a medical procedure -- and that these mRNA "gene therapy events" and "shooting events" are actually a process of infecting people with a contagion, they are not legally a vaccine event -- which makes BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs legally liable for any and all medical health problems related to said events.

It should also be known that all these "vaccine events" are only FDA approved for emergency use -- and if there is no real emergency, why are some people wanting them so much? Is the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob programing the public to take them?

The following quote is from a 4/23/2021 twitter post regarding the mRNA vaccine event:

"Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, board certified paediatrician, author, and lecturer, explains how COVID vax installs mRNA genetic instructions from the SARS-Cov2 spike protein which then uses YOUR body to reproduces itself which is creating infertility, blood clotting, and shedding of the Spike Protein to close family members via breath, saliva, sweat, & skin sloughing who in turn are experiencing symptoms of clotting, bruising and INFERTILITY even though they were NOT vaccinated with the Covid Death Jab."

Is the Zionistic DEEP STATE gang using a deadly toxin in the vaccines to create a man-made "Extinction Level Event" on Earth in the name of the fake virus and AGENDA 21? Are the stupid sheeple -- who wear mask and take the jab, the real targets that failed the IQ Test called Covid-19?

The term of ignorance should not be applied to the stupid sheeple who have at their desposal the easy means to discover on the INTERNET the real political truth behind the COVID-19 hoax and the AGENDA 21 plan -- rather the term stubborness explains why the stupid sheeple decide the way they do -- and why they will follow each other over the cliff like lemmings. And like the stupid sheeple who drank the poisoned koolaid at the Jim Jones suicide event in 1978, they will suffer the same fate.

UPDATE 5/22/2021: According to an article by Henry Makow at his website, the following excerpts tell a good story:

>>> Good news! The central bankers have overreached and exposed their sinister network to all and sundry.

Far from resulting in permanent planetary lockdown (Communist Agenda 2030,) this misstep will cost them their monopoly over government credit and result in a rebirth of freedom.

There is no way the human race is going to accept toxic vaccines, masks and social distancing indefinitely. Once the next flu season arrives and people realize this is never going to end, they will rise up against the traitors who have inflicted so much needless damage and death on millions of people.

A virus with a death rate of less than half a per cent is not a pandemic. It is a pathetic excuse for radical undemocratic economic and social change. Blame for any further illness can be placed on the toxic vaccines.

The Masonic Jewish central bankers believe they can overrule the moral and natural laws of the universe. They are about to learn that they cannot -- and we are going to teach them that lesson. <<<

UPDATE 7/20/2021: According to Recardo Delgado Martin of La Qunta Columna in Spain, the mRNA "vaccine", the PCR test -- and all of the face mask made in China contain an etiological agent known as "Graphene Oxide" -- that when introduced into the human body, react with hydrogen in the blood and become magnetic -- which allows wireless remote control of the vital organs -- including the brain, from devices linked to the 5G technology system.

According to the research, at least 90 scientific studies show the toxic effect of GRAPHENE OXIDE in the human body produces the same clinical effects as Covid-19. These symptoms include programmable cell death, blood coagulation, platelet aggregation, clotting, cytokine storms, thromboses, pneumonia (flu-like symptoms), inflammation of the mucous membranes, loss of taste and smell. It blocks detoxification in the body by blocking glutathione, creates a metallic taste in the mouth, destroys the immune system, and magnetizes people, especially at the injection site.

So, are GLOBAL ELITE club members using a bioweapon hidden in the COVID-19 "vaccine" -- the PCR test and face mask, to cull the human race for political reasons?

UPDATE 7/23/2021: Major public protest across the world in places such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Australia, against new COVID-19 medical rules designed to punish the "unvaccinated" with "Vaccine Passports", number in the tens of thousands at each site. It seems that the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club members are moving ahead with their plans to creat new variants of the fake disease -- such as the "Delta variant", to push more fear around the world for political reasons.

The bad people are running out of lies trying to control the public. They first tried to name their new "virus variant" of COVID-19 the "Indian variant" -- because of their fake case count in India showed a big spike in the charts -- but the country of India told them not to blame India for the "new boogyman germ". So, as they makeup more lies to cover their agenda, they are now using the letters of the Greek alphabet to name the next germ phase of their plan. The "Delta variant" -- which, like the originat "virus", has not been truely isolated or identified as a contagion, was chosen by them as the name of the next step phase of their tyranical lockdown show.

However, at some point in this war between the good and bad people, the bad people -- who have controlled the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and the global central banks for over a century, will loose their greedy grip on money and corporate monopolies in bed with global governments, and the world will be a better place for people who love freedom from tyranny.

UPDATE 7/28/2021: According to an article by Ariyana Love, the following statements refer to the sad subject of Democide and AGENDA 21.

>>>These were never “vaccines” against a virus, instead all the time it was a secret nanotech project developed to reach and control the brains of the human population. People have been already magnetized with GRAPHENE which is present in masks, Covid tests, chemtrails, influenza, and Covid “vaccines”.

We now have three comparative studies proving that GRAPHENE OXIDE is the vector for the Covid-19 BIOWEAPONS drug/chemical delivery. These are not “vaccines” but mRNA gene therapies and industrial chemicals without authorized use in humans.

The pharma cartel is finished! People will never trust BIG PHARMA again. These companies are making a killing poisoning us and terraforming our environment. Nanoparticles are programmed either for good and healing or for ill intent. These programmable robots aren’t just randomly used. This technology obviously got into the hands of the wrong people (eugenicists) or it was developed with the intent to Democide.

GRAPHENE OXIDE NANOPARTICLES is the perfect vector to carry the spike protein poisons that were cultivated in moths, enhanced, and weaponized in labs. GRAPHENE OXIDE NANOPARTICLES is the perfect vector for transmission into healthy cells by injection, air inhalation, and medical devices (masks, swabs, needles).

Transmission is not caused by the shedding of viral loads because there is no virus. “Coronavirus” and Covid-19 are the distractions while governments conduct Democide on all the world’s population. This is a biological attack on our DNA. We are being literally saturated with GRAPHENE FAMILY NANOPARTICLES and the only good news is that you can detox it out of your body.

Our best legal teams, World Freedom Alliance and World Doctors Alliance have advised that we are now beyond Genocide and surviving a DEMOCIDE. This is an extinction-level mass culling. Genocide is when a government targets a specific demographic or religious group like Africans, Native Americans, Jews, Muslims or poor people, for example. Democide is far worse than Genocide because governments are targeting the entire population of men, women, and children for worldwide depopulation. <<<

UPDATE 9/3/2021: According to an article by Henry Makow at his website, the following excerpts reveal the idea that the whole COVID-19 event was planned and rehearsed in 2010 by psychopathic people linked to the Rockefeller Foundation.

>>>If you compare it with the "lockstep" scenario that actually appeared in the May 2010 Rockefeller Foundation's "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development" (program), many of the same elements are envisaged: masks, destruction of small business and travel, Digital Id. etc.

This confirms that we are experiencing an "exercise" scripted years ago, a step-by-step program leading to depopulation, dispossession and enslavement.

There is no genuine pandemic. It is just the flu in drag, A pandemic with a death-rate of less than a half of a per cent is not a pandemic. A disease with no symptoms is not a disease. Both are pretexts to introduce a dystopian NWO designed to serve the interests of super rich psychopaths. <<<

UPDATE 9/4/2021: ZeroHedge: The Covidian Cult (Part III), Comment section; hugin-o-munin says:

"The problem is and has been for a long time mass-media. It was weaponized a long time ago and uses sophisticated psychology using fear to program peoples perception. Most people if asked today why Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded will state 9/11. Few will even know about WTC7.

Hardly anyone knows that the entire field of virology stems from the so called 'Germ Theory' that has been proven false by researchers for a long time. The most vocal and loud people are the ignorant ones speaking out of fear and reason cannot get through to them. Tyranny by the frightened idiots is what we are seeing today.

The only way this will be halted is when enough vaccinated people fall dead and lies and fake statistics can no longer keep the agenda from showing itself. When the ignorant realize that not only have they been lied to but that they are being culled, that's when things can change. Until then we will just have to observe the madness play out."

UPDATE 10/2021: It is believed by some medical experts that up to 80% of most all the so called COVID-19 "vaccine events" given to people are basically saline placebo events that may or may not contain some toxic particles. The reason for this view is that if all the "vaccine events" were filled with their fully intended toxic mRNA gene therapy shot treatment formulas -- everybody would be dying too quickly like flies from them -- which would signal the public with the idea of a mass murder event before the public wakes up to what they really are -- a vile bio-weapon project -- designed by maniacal psycopaths to reduce human pollution on Earth by culling the human population.

UPDATE 11/2021: A common vector found in the COVID-19 PLANdemic scam event are nano particles of Graphene Oxide -- which according to some medical researchers, can be found in the vaccines, mask and nasal test items. The theory suggest that when nano particles of Graphine Oxide is placed in an aqueous environment -- including the blood stream, it forms tiny "hairs" that "wiggle" when exposed to certain electromagnetic energy -- such as 5G. Moreover, the material acts like tiny razor blades which cut apart nearby cells and causes blood clots. If true, what a diabolical concept to make people sick or kill them for such a depopulation agenda. The NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBAL ELITE cult needs to be punnished big time!

UPDATE 12/2021: According to a German chemist that claims to be an expert on the subject of harmful nano particles of Graphine Oxide in the body story, when a man-made version of Graphine Hydroxide is created as nano particles in mono-layer sheets measuring 0.1 nm thick and about 50 nm long, and if injected into the body via a vaccine event, they act like microscopic razors in the body -- which slice into nearby cells -- thus causing harmful damage or death to the victim. Because this new artifical and non-biodegradable type of toxic graphine nano-scale razor material is not known by doctors or toxicologist, it has not been detected by conventional scientist -- and needs a good chemist to find it.

UPDATE 2/5/2022: Based on the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion website, evidence is being complied and presented in an open online forum against the people involved in Crimes Against Humanity. Referred to by some as Nuremburg 2.0, this proceeding will reveal to the world most all the crimes commited by people and organizations involved in the COVI-19 PLANdemic scam event currently underway across the world. Current topics include: The general historical and geopolitical backdrop behind the crimes, the PCR test, Injections, Financial Destruction and Eugenics.

UPDATE 2/28/2022: The country of Russia has taken the opportunity to police the country of Ukraine because Ukraine's current leaders -- which were installed by the nefarious political activity of George Soros and his NAZI links to the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang in 2014, were going to invite NATO to install nuclear and biological weapons on their border. Moreover, the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob is currently using propaganda to portray the Russians as the invading aggressor -- while ignoring the fact that the corrupt GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang -- which have ancient links to the Khazarian Mafia of the area, have been "poking the Russian Bear" since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Like some bad play on the world stage, the corrupt GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang's plot to switch from the fearful COVID-19 failing narrative to a fearful nuclear war story narrative, the evil people directing this bad play will fail in the end -- and the end of them will be a new begining for WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

UPDATE 3/8/2022: Thanks to the research work by AwakeWithJP at YOUTUBE, the following information was presented in a recent video. There seems to be growing evidence of a common criminal link between the unelected GLOBAL ELITE club -- and their DEEP STATE gang members, in how they control elected governmental leaders in most every important country in the world. This common criminal link can be found in how a communist character named Klaus Schwab -- and his World Economic Forum "Think Tank" CORPORATION -- located in Davos Switzerland, is coordinating nefarious political activity to undermine DEMOCRACY across the world with concepts based on the NEW WORLD ORDER plan and the UN AGENDA 21 project.

Because many global leaders of Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland are active members of the forum -- they are participants in Klaus Schwab's NEW WORLD ORDER plan of removing people's right to own property -- including the sovereign right to control their own bodies. Klaus Schwab is a verified follower of COMMUNISM and has been pictured with a statue of Lenin on a shelf in his office.

Much of his global plan to take over people's private property rights includes political control over the leaders of two of the largest COROPORATIONs in the world -- BlackRock and Vangard -- who hold some 9 Trillion under financial managment. By politically controlling these two CORPORATIONs alone -- they can financially "leverage the banking system" to force many private home owners to sell or surrender their wealth and property to these banking investment COROPORATIONs. And they do it particularly when certain financial crisis situations occur that they have orchestrated with help from other members of their "political gang". In other words, they can legally foreclose and take over the ownership of said properties using global financial crisis situations that they themselves created.

By the way, BlackRock CEO -- Larry Fink, has been a board member of the World Economic Forum for 40 years. Has Corporatism subverted the democratically elected leaders of nations in our world?

Here is a definition of the word Corporatism: "Corporatism is a collectivist political ideology which advocates the organization of society by corporate groups, such as agricultural, labor, military, business, scientific, or guild associations, on the basis of their common interests".

Fascist leader Benito Mussolini once said "Facism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power".

Klaus Schwab -- who reveals real symptoms of a "god complex", has boasted on video that his unelected World Economic Forum members "have penetrated" the governmental cabinets of certain democratic countries -- such as PM Justin Trideau, and that his policies now controls their leadership. Moreover, he also is on record as saying that the COVID-19 event "is an opportunity" to impliment his plan for a Global Digital ID system -- which is also part of his "Great Reset" program for society to "Build Back Better" -- after it is destroyed by a major global crisis event.

World Economic Forum members have also taken control of many CORPORATIONs that push the "CO2 CLIMATE CHANGE" fear-mongering story -- and are coordinating with other political entities related to tyrannical control of the world under one government -- which is the NEW WORLD ORDER plan.

For example, according to a recent video from the Cobertt Report at the Odysee video platform, the World Economic Forum and their "Sustainable Development Goals" program is linked to the "Environment Social and Corporate Government" program -- also known as the ESG program, which is a "social credit scoring" system designed for CORPORATIONs. Much like the social credit scoring system that Marxist CHINA uses on its citizens, the ESG program rates how companies particpates in the use of fossil fuels -- which if they do, they will get a low score -- and low scores will not recieve funding from certain banks controlled by BlackRock and the World Economic Forum "Global Mafia club".

Some of the World Economic Forum "Young Global Leaders Program" graduates include the following:

Microsoft's CEO Bill Gates -- who joined the WEF in 1992
Germany's PM Angela Merkel -- who also joined in 1992
Canada's PM Justin Trideau
UK's Boris Johnson
Australia's Scott Morrison
New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern
France's Emmanuel Macron
California's Govenor Gavin Newsom
US Secretary of Transportaion Pete Buttigieg
Amazon's Jeff Bezos
FaceBook's Mark Zuckerburg

The World Economic Forum's top strategist and Trans-humanist advisor is a person named Yuval Noah Harari -- who is an atheist that wants to control people from the man-made "Internet Cloud" by using "hacking technology". Apparently, Mr Harari believes the "uncontrollable" Internet needs to be controlled by certain technocrats so that they can implement a new regime of global surveillance -- whereby applying the same kind of digital "hacking technology" used to change computer programs can also be used to change peoples' minds.

Mr Harari also believes the "era of free-will" is over -- and that humans should make their own future -- not some imaginary God above the clouds.

Of the many stories explored by the WEF gang -- one of the most scary is the Digital Identity program invisioned by these maniacs. Linked to face recongnition technology, the people living in their future "smart cities" will be controlled by a Central Bank Digital Currency system tied to their credit score and carbon credit values. And when the citizens misbehave -- according to the AI system of control, they will be punished by the "LED Puke-lights" aimed at them that are mounted on the wifi lamp post on every street corner. What a life these people must live to dream up such horrible thoughts.

The key takeaway from the Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland story is that when a group of unelected people nefariously control elected leaders around the world to do serious things in the name of "public safety" without consulting the will of the people, their actions are criminal in nature. And when these crimes are major -- as in tyrannical lockstep lock-downs of citizens on a massive scale under a fake medical pandemic event, these crimes are crimes against humanity.

UPDATE 1/22/2024: According to the geoengineeringwatch(dot)org website, someone is aiding the AGENDA 21 scam by using the poisonus "Chemtrail Project" to slowly murder people from above -- and depopulate the planet. The following questions need to be answered asap.

#1: Are the numberous Chemtrails we see almost every day in the sky caused by inline modifications to commercial jet engine exhaust areas -- which allow for "jet nossels" to spay toxic materials into the exhaust stream?

#2: Has somebody -- or some group of people, paid somebody off in the aviation industry to secretly install "aerosal delivery systems" that include nossles located near the jet exhaust area, for a diabolical cause in geoengeneering our upper atmosphere?

If yes, then somebody needs to be caught and punished for their crimes against humanity.

So, if WESTERN CIVILIZATION is to see real justice soon and remain free of such evil people, judicial courts across the world should prosecute these criminal "leaders" -- and their acting followers who knowingly or unknowingly, participated in their crimes. Capital punishment is not out of the question.

Regarding what we as citizens can do until justice sees the light of day, if people would choose bravery over obedience when faced with something that does not seem right -- only then will these psychopathic tyrants of the NEW WORLD ORDER -- and their fake utopian world of total control of all life on the planet, loose their battle for our minds. Free sovereign individuals -- with critical thinking skills, will be the real winner in the human race.

By the way, the Utopian Socialism strategy of the Zionistic Pilgrims Society -- which grew overtime into the Council of Foreign Relations "think tank" that pushes COMMUNISM when they can, have used the British Imperial and American governments -- together with international CORPORATIONs tied to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel, as vehicles to build and control the world since the early days of Cecil Rhodes and the East India Trading Company.

Regarding the word "Utopia" and the idea of a "perfect imaginary world" that the people in these "think tanks" want, they should remember that Sir Thomas More's 1516 book "Utpoia" was a fictional story about a place where a complex, self-contained community set on an island, in which people share a common culture and way of life is based on the Greek word "ou-topos" -- meaning 'no place' or 'nowhere'.

In other words, because there is no real perfect place in our world -- and never will be, any attempt to try and build a real perfect place may be a nobel cause, but since people are imperfect, the cause is flawed. Trying to play God in the real world will result in dissapointment for many over time because humans, by nature, make mistakes.

Therefore, the quest to improve the real world should be tempered with the knowledge that whoesoever plays God is inviting trouble from the real God. And if one dosen't believe in the real God, then may God have mercy on their soul.

Basically, AGENDA 21 is part of a Zionistic DEEP STATE gang's plan to take political action -- backed up by the medical or military CORPORATION activity if needed, in depopulating the human race so that some kind of future utopian world would exist where only about 500 million humans would live in harmony with the planet and its resources.


ALT-RIGHT: The term "ALT-RIGHT" was defined by the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL movement during the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION as meaning any rebel or extremist group that the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob can portray as having racist political views -- such as supporting "white supremacy" and rude behavior against SOCIALISM.

Although there exist extremist in any political spectrum that seem to enjoy radical viewpoints of any argument -- and use those radical viewpoints to tease or aggravate their opposition, the vast majority of the RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE movement are not extremist.

The Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob uses the term "ALT-RIGHT" as a quick handle phrase to label people they do not like who challenges their LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL values -- for example, when RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE people display the cartoon PEPE meme with certain expressions that challenges LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL values, the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob calls the frog-face image "hate speech" -- and tries to censor the image whenever it can.

Basically, the "alternative right" -- or ALT-RIGHT may or may not be extremist -- it depends on who is accusing who and why.


AWAN FAMILY IT SCANDAL: The AWAN FAMILY IT SCANDAL is an important political scandal currently unfolding in some online media channels involving three brothers from Pakistan -- known as the Awan brothers, who worked as shared Information Technology staffers for multiple democratic members of Congress.

The Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob is not covering this scandal because it involves Debbie Wasserman Schultz -- the Democratic Congresswoman from Florida and former Chair of the Democratic National Committee -- or DNC, who is a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL darling of SOCIALISM.

The scandal revolves around a convoluted story that for over a decade the Awan brothers -- working as IT professionals, have been gathering personal and confidential information from DNC staffers and then using that information for nefarious reasons.

These "spies" -- and their possible links to domestic and foreign political groups, may explain how confidential information on the DNC servers -- such as certain personal emails of members of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, were hacked and used by the DEEP STATE in a illegal blackmail information service for political reasons.

According to "field reporter" George Webb, the Awans also used "special Blackberry phones" to circumvent NSA surveillance. George Webb also has a YOUTUBE channel where he exposes many "ratline connections" between other DEEP STATE players who are linked to the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and the Intelligence Agencies all around the world.

For a comprehensive overview of the AWAN FAMILY IT SCANDAL story -- check out the YOUTUBE channel DECLASSIFIED and see their August 21st 2018 episode.

Basically, the AWAN FAMILY IT SCANDAL is still developing and should be a major political scandal story in the news -- but the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob will ignore it because it does not fit their NEW WORLD ORDER narrative.


BIG BROTHER: Not to be confused with some silly popular TV program, BIG BROTHER is a fictional character and symbol in George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four -- also known as "1984".

BIG BROTHER is the leader and a symbolic figurehead of Oceania -- a totalitarian state wherein the ruling Party wields total power over the inhabitants. In the society that Orwell describes, most every citizen is under constant surveillance by the authorities, mainly by tele-screens.

The people are constantly reminded of this by the slogan "Big Brother is watching you" -- a maxim which is seen most everywhere on display.

In modern culture the term "Big Brother" has entered the lexicon as a synonym for abuse of government power, particularly in respect to civil liberties, often specifically related to mass surveillance.

Of the many concepts presented in the novel, the idea in which the voice of the government uses a type of language that reverses the meaning of certain words -- known as "doublespeak", as a way to psychologically brainwash and confuse the citizenry into believing in a false understanding of things.

Examples of "doublespeak" are words like when the government says "PEACE" -- they mean "WAR" -- or when they say "FREEDOM" -- they mean "SLAVERY".

By confusing the citizenry with "doublespeak" words -- it allows the voice of the government to control the directional meaning of what is a true or a false statement.

It is interesting to note that in 1949 -- when George Orwell wrote his fictional 1984 novel in the UK, the spectrum of SOCIALISM was gaining influence over the maritime kingdom of the UK -- which suggest the idea that he was warning the public about the political dangers of big government based on SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM.

It is also interesting to note that in George Orwell's other dark fictional work at the time in the late 1940's was a story entitled "Animal Farm" -- where a 1954 cartoon movie version of the story that portrays the politics of the Soviet Union as a "farmstead of animals" which is slowly destroyed by "greedy pigs" who take over the farm.

At the end of the cartoon movie -- which was sponsored with funds by the CIA, there is a "donkey hero" character who "saves the farm from the greedy pigs".

However, in George Orwell's original novel, the farmstead is not saved by any "donkey hero" or any other character because -- like in his other novel 1984, he apparently wanted to show a sad and unhappy ending to a place managed by a government based on SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM -- where "greedy characters" take control over the resources and destroy everything important.

So -- did the CIA ever push the abstract idea that a "donkey hero" will save the "animal farm" one day? Is the mascot of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- which is a donkey character, the donkey at the end of the Animal Farm cartoon movie?

Recently, it was discovered that the Google CORPORATION was planning on creating a "super surveillance search program" for use in Communist CHINA called "Dragonfly" -- however, it is not clear to date if the project is still active or not.

If such a program does move forward, there is little doubt that a dystopian government -- with totalitarian political powers, could make BIG BROTHER a reality someday.

Basically, BIG BROTHER is a warning -- a political reminder of what might happen in the future if we let too much government take over our lives -- such as what can be found in SOCIALISM and in COMMUNISM.


BIG PHARMA: The term "BIG PHARMA" is a belief system that large pharmaceutical CORPORATIONs and their lobbying efforts in government, operate for sinister purposes.

This belief system suggest that if there were real cures for major health problems in people like cancer or diabetes, the drug companies would quickly go out of business, or at least, loose some major business -- and they don't want that situation -- so, they have conspired, with government help, to just keep treating patients and making it almost impossible for alternate medical methods of treating patients that may actually cure them.

Because large pharmaceutical companies help pay for the education of many medical doctors, they almost own them. And because many medical doctors are still basically being trained only in pharmaceutical science -- which is based on Allopathic Medicine, for treating medical issues in patients, they have little knowledge in curing patients using nutritional science and Homeopathic Medicine.

Therefore, if modern nutritional science and Homeopathic Medicine were taught to medical doctors more often instead of pharmaceutical science by the conventional medical drug industry -- who benifit from the copyright drug scheme, perhaps the current healthcare crisis that involves the large pharmaceutical and insurance companies, can be solved -- and patients could be cured of their pain issues by natural plants and minerals instead of just being treated all the time by copyrighted drugs.

And speaking of drugs and better health, new Microbiome research suggest that certain bacterial organisms can be used as drugs to cure certain aliments within the human body -- which also suggest that some diseases could simply be the result of not having certain necessary healthy bacteria in the diet.

Apparently, certain types of bacteria are essential in improving human health -- and can be found in many natural organic foods which have not been processed and packaged by the food industry.

When studying human health issues and medicine, a new theory exist -- based on the idea that there are over twice as many bacterial organisms in our bodies than human cells, we are essentually intelligent bacteria that is living a human experience.

So, are human beings basically intelligent bacteria? If so, then, for better health reasons, nutritional doctors need to locate the "stupid bacteria" in our bodies and replace them with smarter ones.

Moreover, more new theories on better health also suggest that certain resonant frequencies -- created by micro-current machines -- instead of chemical drugs, can be used to help treat and cure painful alments in the body. BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs do not like these new theories because it challenges their monopoly in pain control.

For more information about better alternatives for good health options without drugs from the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs -- check out Dr. Edward Kondrot, Dr. Gundry and Dr. Allison Siebecker on the INTERNET.

UPDATE 3/27/2020: The US Congress just passed the 6.2 Trillion Dollar CARES Act -- or the Coronavirus Aid Relief Economic Security Act, to pay for the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020. Using the impression that the US government "cares" about the health of it's citizens, the CARES Act is actually based on an old trick that the DEEP STATE gang never gets tired of -- they use a fake fear crisis event -- in this case, the COVID-19 event, to scare governmental politicians into borrowing money from the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel system -- so the cartel system maintains political and financial control over the US government.

UPDATE 4/2020: It seems that the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs -- which include players like Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundations, have political links to the DEEP STATE gang -- and have plans to use the recent Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 to make billions -- if not trillions of dollars, servicing people who tested positive to the Covid-19 virus.

Perhaps if simple dietary activities -- such as taking certain vitamins and supplements, could cure people with serious ailments -- even those suffering from pathogenic diseases, the entire conventional health model system -- which is based on the Rockefeller Foundation of drug-based service plan since 1913, could be abandoned.

Because of the political motives behind the recent Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is becoming increasingly clear to understand, many citizens would like to see President Donald Trump "fire" the people related to the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs who are also trying to control the public with such programs as ID 2020 Digital Identity Alliance -- which is another Bill Gates program to tag everybody in the world with "vaccination ID certificates".

Someone recently said the following statement regarding the BIG PHARMA story: "Their wealth from your ill health" -- which does have a ring to it.

Moreover, the statement: " A patient cured is a customer lost", also implies that BIG PHARMA has conspired to keep people from being cured because they have a financial stake in "servicing the sick" -- not "fixing the sick".

UPDATE 5/2020: To better understand the complex story regarding the question of who has or will financially benifit from the recent Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 -- here are some of the major multi-billion dollar players in the corporate world associated with BIG PHARMA:

* The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
* The Rockefeller Foundation;
* The World Economic Forum;
* GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance;
* CEPI -- or Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation;
* The World Bank;
* GPMB -- or Global Preparedness and Monitoring Board;
* The Welcome Foundation;
* John Hopkins Bloomberg Schools of Public Health;
* NAM -- or National Academy of Medicine;
* FNIH -- or Foundation for the National Institutes of Health;
* The CDC Foundation.

And of course the conventional BIG PHARMA companies -- such as GSK / Merick / Johnson & Johnson / Pfizer / Sanofi / Takeda, also stand to benifit.

For more information regarding how these companies and organizations work together -- check out the latest videos at Amazing Polly's Bitchute channel.

All these CORPORATIONs conspiring as a group to service the sick -- it makes one wonder what happened to simple nutritional diets and good excercise to fix health issues in society.

It has been learned that the AMA -- or American Medical Association CORPORATION, told doctors that they could loose their medical license if they prescribed Hydroxychoroquine tablets to Covid-19 patients. Recent test results prove that Hydroxychoroquine therapy -- together with Zinc and Vitamin C & D, have proven very effective in arresting Covid-19 Flu symptoms in patients.

So -- is there a conspiracy between the AMA CORPORATION and BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs to control our health institutions and direct them how to behave for political reasons? And if so -- why is the government not challenging this conpiracy? Is it because they are controlled by forces tied to the DEEP STATE gang?

Does one think that there is a conspiracy between BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs and government when Medicare tells hospitals that they will pay $13 thousand dollars to the hospital if they list a sick patient -- with flu-like symptoms, as Covid-19 -- and $39 thousand dollars if the patient goes on a ventilator?

Do unelective insurance BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs play a role in what is considered "proper medical health treatments" in sick patients? And if so -- how do they control the governmental laws that conspire to control "proper medical health treatments" in sick patients?

How long have the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs conspired with government to control our medical health industry? Did it start in 1913 when the Rockefeller Foundation used the government to make Allopathic Medicine lawful?

There exist an old TELEVISION program back in the 1960's -- where a nurse on the fictional Andy Griffith Show somehow convinced nieghbors near the town to take a Tetanus vaccine shot. The mindset of medical propaganda programing has been around for a long time -- and that view is why the recent Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 has been so successful to date. But the truth is about to set the public free from the BIG PHARMA story real soon.

UPDATE 1/14/2021: According to the David Knight show on Bitchute, when President Donald Trump pulled $440 million US Dollars in funding to the UN last summer for allowing the "China Virus" to escape China because of poor recomendation rules, the president seem to be punishing the UN for bad behavior. However, as it turned out, the president turned around and gave BIG PHARMA -- which includes Bill Gate's GAVI CORPORATION, some $80 Billion US taxpayer Dollars to create a "vaccine poison campaign" -- called "Warp Speed", to kill the COVID-19 virus.

By the way, viruses -- which are NOT living things, are basically dead waste material of the body. They are not "living germs" that causes diseases in humans. Although the "Medical Industrial Complex" have pushed a false theory onto the public for over a hundred years that viruses can kill people because they can somehow "come alive" inside the body, ths "germ theory" concept has never really been scientically proven true. And anybody who challenges BIG PHARMA on this concept will be crushed by those who control the "medical science publication industry" -- which have monetary links to the DEEP STATE gang.

About some five or six decades ago, a theoritical explaination was established that viruses could cause a dangerous pathological infection because they contain some RNA coded material -- which mutates in the host cell and spreads to other nearby cells as a "contagious germ". This theory is not a scientific fact -- no matter what the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs say.

UPDATE 3/22/2021: According to the HighImpactFlix video channel and a Google search regarding the US Government Agency of the National Institute of Health: "Pfizer has been a “habitual offender,” persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results. Since 2002 the company and its subsidiaries have been assessed $3 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards."

UPDATE 4/28/2021: For the record -- the FDA has and will NOT approve -- or authorize, any COVID-19 vaccines because of their experimental makeup. What many are calling vaccines are NOT -- they are experiments in "gene therapy" by private BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs. Yet -- the "sheeple" want the vaccines because the WHO, CDC and the US Department of Health and Human Services -- together with the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, are scaring them with fear into doing so. These people see the COVID-19 event as a medical crisis -- and not as a political event that it is.

So, why is part of the US Government wanting you to put trust in the Medical Industrial Complex in taking their poisonus vaccines -- while another part is tell you about how bad their criminal and illegal behavior activity is not to be trusted?

Apparently, the US Government and BIG PHARMA are working together as the "Covidian Cult gang" -- which is behind the Covid-19 hoax scam event, and wants the public so confused they do not know who to trust for good medical information. The COVID-19 event is a huge global psyops operation -- created by the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang, to undermind the well being of citizens within soverign nations.

Is the GLOBAL ELITE club using BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs to help depopulate the world so that they can better control fewer humans on this planet? If so, then this horrible agenda sceme must come to an end asap. It's all about control -- and not about health & safety.

One wonders how many US Congressional members own stock in BIG PHARMA and medical insurance CORPORATIONs -- because if they voted for the many "safety laws" related to the COVID-19 hoax scam event -- which also allowed them to make more money on their investments, that situation could be considered as criminal behavior.

Basically, many medical BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs have conspired with government to keep people from curing their alments for profit reasons -- and that if people would realize good food is the best medicine -- which may actually cure some of the major medical issues in modern society, the era of when BIG PHARMA -- also known as "PIG Pharma" -- which is part of the "Medical Industrial Complex", should be coming to an end soon.


BILDERBERG GROUP: According to Wikipedia, the BILDERBERG GROUP is an annual private conference of 120 to 150 people of the European and North American political elite who are experts from industry, finance, academia, and the media.

Again, according to Wikipedia -- the following statements explain views regarding the people involved with the BILDERBERG GROUP:

>>> Established in 1954 by Prince Bernhard, the first conference was held at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands. It was initiated by several people, including Polish politician-in-exile Józef Retinger who, concerned about the growth of anti-Americanism in Western Europe, proposed an international conference at which leaders from European countries and the United States would be brought together with the aim of promoting better understanding between the cultures of the United States and Western Europe and to foster cooperation on political, economic, and defense issues.

The group's original goal of promoting Atlanticism, of strengthening U.S./European relations and preventing another world war has grown to include a consensus around free market Western CAPITALISM and its interests around the globe.

In 2001, Denis Healey, a Bilderberg group founder and a steering committee member for 30 years, said:

"To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair. Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn't go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing".

Partly because of its working methods to ensure strict privacy, the Bilderberg Group has been criticized for its lack of transparency and accountability. The undisclosed nature of the proceedings have given rise to several conspiracy theories. This outlook has been popular on both extremes of the political spectrum, even if they disagree about the exact nature of the group's intentions.

Some on the left accuse the BILDERBERG GROUP of conspiring to impose global CAPITALISM -- while some on the right have accused the group of conspiring to impose a new world order of government under SOCIALISM. <<<

In any case, the BILDERBERG GROUP of wealthy influential people that include members of the GLOBAL ELITE club, have attracted the attention of political theorist who want to know more about what and why they do what they do.

It is interesting to note that right after Donald Trump won the presidency, a small group of influential persons met at the BILDERBERG GROUP headquarters in Virgina to discuss what to do about the unexpected loss of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. One wonders what was agreed upon after that meeting...

GLOBAL ELITE club members who attend BILDERBERG GROUP meetings are the same people who attend the Davos events in Switzerland. They must think we -- the public, are the farm animals on their farmstead who need to be tagged and managed -- and like a real farm, they need to make money by buying and selling their livestock.

Speaking of Davos -- where the alarmist Klas Schwab and his World Economic Forum clique is headquartered, they have an elborate plan to create a "Great Reset" for humanity. Looking at their website, here are just some of the subjects they cover and want to control:

* The Fourth Industrial Revolution
* Internet Governance
* The Ocean
* COVID-19
* Climate Change
* Global Risk
* Plastics & Environment
* Future of Economic Progress
* LGBT Inclusion

Klas Schwab's World Economic Forum website is on record as saying the phrase: "In the future -- you will own nothing -- and you will be happy". So, who will be the owners of things in the future? And just who will be the renters to the owners of properties in the future?

As one can imagine, the goals of Klas "Snob" and his World Economic Forum is a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL project designed for an AGENDA 21 / Agenda 2030 world -- complete with hundreds of new rules and laws that people who follow SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM love.

By the way, the World Economic Forum turned 50 in 2020 -- what a coincidence that 50-years ago the forum is now actively trying to use COMMUNISM to take away all private property from people in the same year the COVID-19 PLANdemic scam event appeared in history.

Moreover, there is a video of Klas Schwab boasting how his graduates of his "Young Globalist Leaders Program" are in control of certain national governments -- like Justin Trudeau of Canada. Some of the first two graduates of his program in 1992 were Angela Merkel of Germany and Bill Gates of Microsoft. Other graduates include UK PM Boris Johnson, Gavin Newsom of California, Pete Buttigieg of the United States Secretary of Transportaion, Emmanuel Macron of France, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, FaceBook's Mark Zuckerburg, the PM of New Zeland Jacinda Ardern and the PM of Australia Scott Morrison.

UPDATE 6/2022: Shortly after the World Economic Forum members finished their meetings in Davos Switzerland, the BILDERBERG GROUP is expected to meet in Washington D.C.. These GLOBAL ELITE club members -- which include many oligarchs who want a one world government system controlled by modern technology, are apparently coordinating their tyranical and dystopian theories so that programs like the "Environmental, Social and corporate Governance" system -- known as "ESG", will play out.

By the way, the ESG program is a political weapons program designed to punish CORPORATIONs and national governments who do not follow the UN AGENDA 21 plan. The ESG program is currently being pushed by the world largest financial investment CORPORATIONs known as BlackRock and The Vangard Group. Although Blackrock is a public CORPORATION, it is technically own by the majority of shareholders of The Vangard Group -- which is a private COROPRATION that does not have to answer to public inquieries.

Think about that corporate arrangement for a minute... A private CORPORATION financially controlls the world's largest investment market without any elected government oversight. This political arrangment is FASCISM prue and simple. How does this happen in a fair and just world?

And another thing, almost all the top exectutives at these CORPORATIONs are Jewish by faith -- which is linked to ZIONISM. Is there somekind of economic warfare event taking place by these CORPORATIONs that is part of the "Great Reset" project and UN AGENDA 21 depopulation plan?

Are these CORPORATIONs part of a cooptive project to takeover the world -- or have they already done so? And are we are just watching their Fascist plan to control the world play out without any power to stop them?

Are the people involved in Klas Schwab's World Economic Forum and the BILDERBERG GROUP the same people behind the UN AGENDA 21 depopulation plan? You bet they are.

Remember, they want a smaller world population because they can control us better. Their plan is to "build the world back better" with more control than they already have -- but first, they are trying to cripple it with another war project like they have done so with other world war projects in the past.

Basically, the BILDERBERG GROUP is an annual meeting of influential wealthy persons -- with links to the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang, that try to control GLOBALISM with their Zionistic political theories.


BRETTON WOODS GOLD STANDARD AGREEMENT: The BRETTON WOODS GOLD STANDARD AGREEMENT was a system for monetary and exchange rate management established at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944.

The value of the US dollar in 1944 was 1/35 of an ounce of gold. The BRETTON WOODS GOLD STANDARD AGREEMENT allowed the world to slowly transition from a gold standard backed currency to the US Dollar.

It is believed that approximately 76% of the world's monetary gold supply was owned or stored in the USA after WW2.

J.P. Morgan once said "Gold is money -- everything else is credit". Think about that statement for a moment. If paper currency is only a measure of credit value -- which can be manipulated by speculators, then whoever controls the information about the value of gold, can control the world's credit markets -- and therefore control the world.

To understand who controls information around the world -- look at the CIA -- and other "governmental organizations" linked to ZIONISM that were created at the end of WW2.

Basically, the US Dollar could be exchanged for 1/35 of a ounce of gold most anywhere financial markets existed until president Richard Nixon voided the agreement in 1971.


CANNABIS: CANNABIS has long been used for hemp fibre, for hemp oils, for medicinal purposes, and as a recreational drug.

Industrial hemp products are made from cannabis plants selected to produce an abundance of fiber.

As a recreational and medical drug, CANNABIS is also known as marijuana, weed, herb, pot, grass, reefer, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, hemp, among other names.

The main psychoactive drug within certain CANNABIS plants is TetraHydroCannabinol -- or THC -- which can be acquired by smoking, vaporizing, within food, or as an extract.

The mental and physical effects of the THC activity within the body will result in such events as a "high" or "stoned" feeling -- which is a general change in perception and euphoric mood that may also include an increase in appetite known as "the munchies".

The effects begin within minutes when smoked, and about 30 to 60 minutes when cooked and eaten. These effects can last about two to six hours or more, depending on the amount or quality taken.

Short term side effects may include a decrease in short-term memory, dry mouth, impaired motor skills, red eyes, and feelings of paranoia or anxiety.

When dried, the hemp plant of CANNABIS is a greenish-gray mixture of shredded leaves and flowers buds after removing the stems and any seeds that may appear. Some people smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints while other users use pipes, or water pipes -- sometimes called bongs.

CANNABIS or marijuana can also be used to brew tea and, particularly when it is sold or consumed for medicinal purposes, is frequently mixed into edible foods such as brownies, cookies, or candies.

Stronger forms of marijuana include sinsemilla that is made from specially tended female plants, and concentrated resins containing high doses of marijuana’s active ingredients, including honey-like hash oil, waxy budder, and hard amberlike shatter. These resins are increasingly popular among those who use them both recreationally and medically.

The legal reasons why CANNABIS was made unlawful by the government are not that hard to understand -- primarily because some versions of the plant contain a pain-killing drug that is easily acquired and competes with other controlled drugs.

First the downside of the drug -- because users tend to let their mind wander about other things that can interfere with the "working task at hand" -- such as operating high-speed machinery, the result is the user is physically operating at a slower reaction time -- which is dangerous for the user and the public -- thus easy access to CANNABIS or marijuana is restricted by the government and corporations that want efficient productivity.

Moreover, inhaling any smoking material gasses into the lungs for whatever reasons is not a good thing over time for reasons that should be obvious.

Even eating CANNABIS within a mixture of other "foods" in certain doses, may be unhealthy over time because of the phychological addiction to the drug could interfere with a healthy diet.

The upside is that CANNABIS or marijuana opens up many opportunities -- not only in the psychoactive viewpoints in understanding or seeing natural details around the user that apparently is not appreciated when thinking "strait and normal" -- or the pain relaxing aspects of the drug, but also in the physical use of the plant fiber for many useful products.

There exist a story about how the Dupont corporation in the 1930s made the government rule CANNABIS illegal because the cheap natural fiber from hemp competed with their new artificial textile products of the time.

There are stories about how CANNABIS or marijuana was a tool used by the devil to warp the minds of our youth -- as in the classic scare movie "Reefer Madness" -- and yet, there are stories about how the Rastafari RELIGION movement use CANNABIS in their worshiping events.

There are stories about how some companies made the government create laws against CANNABIS or marijuana to send "pot smoking" Mexican laborers back to Mexico so that local workers would get more jobs.

There are stories about how the prison factories do not want CANNABIS legal because current laws against the weed plant provides them with a source of cheap labor from the many arrest made from the laws.

And then there are stories that the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs do not want a cheap and free pain killing drug available like CANNABIS that can't be copyrighted -- so they keep pressure on the government to maintain the illegal status of the weed plant.

A new extract from CANNABIS is becoming quite popular and is called Cannabidiol -- or CBD. Apparently, CBD does not have the intoxicating effects like those caused by THC, and is known to relieve pain and anxiety in some users.

A government TV commercial about CANNABIS once showed two teenage kids smoking grass and one told the new smoker that "nothing will happen to you if you smoke it". Well, if one smoked CANNABIS all the time every day -- and becomes so content and satisfied, the want to get up and make a real working living for oneself will be surpressed and result in a life with "nothing happening to you" overtime. So, the term "everything in moderation" -- including the use of CANNABIS, is perhaps the best concept to follow for those who want to experiment with the substance.

In Aldous Huxley's 1932 novel "Brave New World", there exist a substance called "soma"-- and in by the context of the novel, soma is a recreational drug that several of the main characters take throughout the story. The government in the Brave New World novel strongly encourages individuals to take soma as a way to increase the happiness and complacency of the population. Is CANNABIS the "soma" that makes everybody content to a degree that the government can better control citizens into "15 minute cities"?

Basically, CANNABIS has many positives -- but we should also always be aware of the primary negative aspect of the plant -- which is it can be a taker as much as a giver of life in our lives.


CAPITALISM: CAPITALISM is an economic and political system in which the trade and industry of a country are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by people who claim they are working for the State. Employes of the State -- whether elected or not, can manipulate CAPITALISM in monopolistic ways that only benifit the owners of CORPORATIONs and not the general public. This kind of CAPITALISM is known as "crony CAPITALISM" -- and will be explored later in this story.

CAPITALISM is also the law enforcement of contracts that deal with private property rights. While some believe that CAPITALISM without SOCIALISM is FASCISM -- and may also believe SOCIALISM without CAPITALISM is COMMUNISM, the political reality of the matter is that because SOCIALISM is designed to morph into COMMUNISM -- with Fascist rulers, CAPITALISM and LIBERTARIANISM are the only real political choices in a national government that values liberty and freedom.

However, during times of all out physical war from foreign or domestic attack, perhaps some NATIONALISM is needed to help organize the nation until the attack event is over.

True CAPITALISM is based on the Free-Market system of government -- which suggest the idea that "may the better enterprise win the contest".

But when State power becomes too big under SOCIALISM and performs as a competitor to private enterprise projects in a Free-Market contest, there is no personal reward or incentive to improve a product or service -- therefore productivity and quality in the contest outcome is compromised.

Some politicians have confused CAPITALISM with a type of economic "family brand model" system called Corporatocracy, because some CORPORATIONs that are own by elite families use the government to give them political power to regulate laws in their favor and create Monopolies -- which kills true competition in the free market place.

A Corporatocracy is also a type of corrupt government that allows for "crony CAPITALISM" to exist -- which favors certain elite families operating within a country or countries. Usually older entrenched politicians -- who know how to manipulate the system of government within a country or countries, these "cronies" are people that give CAPITALISM a bad name in the eyes of people who can see the truth.

In other words, there are two types of Capitalistic systems -- True CAPITALISM -- and Crony CAPITALISM. The latter system is bad for society.

Unregulated, the activity of some -- if not all Corporatocracies, have been known to use the power of the intelligence agencies in government to monitor and control the citizens for political reasons. For example, the popular social programs that use the INTERNET for communication reasons -- such as FaceBook, Google and Twitter, are examples of how even young people are chosen as puppet CEO's to do the drity political work for the Oligarchs within the GLOBAL ELITE club that control much of modern society.

When this kind of political control of the INTERNET happens -- the term "Technocracy" is best applied to the type of government running the country. And if the power of a Technocratic form of government is not challenged by the citizenry from time to time, essential freedoms and personal identities of the citizens within the country will suffer greatly.

So -- let's not let a Technocracy form of government -- run by unelected people, turn our beautiful world into a dystopian nightmare -- no matter how intriguing the electronic technology seems.

It is believed by some who follow CAPITALISM in the US stock market, something doesn't seem fair for most of the players because 90% of the market is owned by only 10% of the players -- and of that 10%, 52% is owned by 1%. These statistics suggest that the rich have rigged the system so much that they never really loose no matter if the market is up or down.

It is also believed by some experts that basically only two investment CORPORATIONs own -- or at least control, most all the other CORPORATIONs in the world. They are the BlackRock and The Vangard Group -- and what is very interesting is that, although BlackRock is a public CORPORATION, it is technically own by the majority of shareholders of The Vangard Group -- which is a private COROPRATION that does not have to answer to public inquieries.

So -- a private CORPORATION financially controlls the world's largest investment market without any elected government oversight. This political arrangment is FASCISM prue and simple. How does this happen in a fair and just world?

However, any attempt to change "the game" to make it "fairer", could make it more complicated -- and therefore, more political in nature -- which will result in more governmental control and less "free market" policies.

By the way, it is interesting to note that the BlackRock investment CORPORATION uses a software program named "Alladin" to "find and choose" the best "ESG investments" in the market for its investors. What is interesting is that Muslim followers of ISLAM currently worships a "black rock" within a square temple site in the Arabian city of Mecca. The significance of this "coincidence" between a name of a powerful Global CORPORATION and a "religious" object in Arabia seems to have some kind of geopolitical aspect to it.

Moreover, "ESG investments" -- or the "Environmental, Social and corporate Governance" program is a political weapons program designed to punish CORPORATIONs and national governments who do not follow the UN AGENDA 21 plan. Invented by the GLOBAL ELITE club to coordinate their tyranical and dystopian theories of their NEW WORLD ORDER plan for our future, the ESG program is a part of their scam to hijack Global CAPITALISM.

In any case, in a real free stock market, the weak should fall -- no matter how big. And perhaps, if governmental SOCIALISM would get out of the way, real growth opportunities could exist in building new businesses out of the bones of old failing CORPORATIONs.

The only real problem with the business of CAPITALISM is that many players look at everything they see -- including other people, with dollar signs in their eyes -- which can blind them from seeing the true value of what is real and important.

Much of the business of CAPITALISM is based on the speculative value of things -- and because FIAT MONEY has skewed the true value of the important things in life, a racing game of greedy behavior can be found in many players -- which has resulted in ethical problems that effect modern society as a whole.

But at some point, true CAPITALISM -- together with true knowledge about how greed can kill good things, should reward modern society with the important things it needs.

The subject of CAPITALISM also includes the subject of usury -- better known today as the gaming concept of "interest rates" between lenders and borrowers of money. People who play in the game of charging a percentage of borrowed money are known as "loan sharks" -- and like real sharks in the Ocean, some are small and some are big. In either case, the person or persons borrowing money can be eaten by the sharks over time if not careful in their actions.

The problem of usury -- which is linked to the international central banking industry owned by the Jewish ROTHSCHILD FAMILY cartel, is that it concentrates monitary wealth into fewer and fewer hands. This situation is why there is such a great divide between the rich and the poor in our modern world.

So, the gaming business of usury should be reformed in such a way so as to legally prohibit any complicated "compound interest rates" scams to take place where "the powerful rich" can not easily take advantage of people who may need "capital funds" to create a viable buisness.

Basically, CAPITALISM is based on the rewarding art of personally creating and controlling new innovative ideas and things -- while using the spirit of free enterprise to achieve greater success.


CHEVRON INSIGNIA: An alert arrow direction symbol -- used in military or police imagery, the CHEVRON INSIGNIA first appeared on battle shields to represent directional movement of military units during confusing battles -- for example, if a soldier with a arrow symbol on a battle shield needed to direct or "alert" fellow soldiers during a confusing battle event, he would just quickly tilt his battle shield "arrow sign" and point the arrow toward the target of attention.

The soldier could also use his arrow-like weapon to signal direction, but the CHEVRON INSIGNIA arrow sign would be seen from a greater distance.

Also, in military parlance, when the icon symbol is pointing upward it means "to advance or attack onward" -- and when pointing downward it means "to stop" or "attention".

It is interesting to note that the Greek capital letter of "L" -- known as Lambda, looks very similar to their first capital letter of "A" -- known as Alpha, and was used on the Spartan battle shields during the battle at Thermopylae -- which was the site where the Persian invasion of Greek lands was stopped.

In map reading, the orientation of the arrow icon represents compass direction -- such as upward meaning 'North" and to the right meaning "east". The CHEVRON INSIGNIA has the numerical value of "ten" or "10" in Egyptian hieroglyphics -- and when inverted as a "V" symbol has a numerical value of "five" or "5" in Roman numbers.

Also, it could be understood that if the CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol is displayed with a pointed top edge, it may suggest an attack concept -- and if displayed with a "blunt" of "cut-off" top edge, it may suggest a defensive concept.

Moreover, the direction of the CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol arrow could have other meanings in early letter designs -- such as, when a two-line arrow symbol is pointing upwards to "heaven" -- or a "good place", the opposite direction pointing downward to "hell" -- or a bad place, could also have conceptual value when displayed in certain ways at certain times.

Some historians have speculated that the CHEVRON INSIGNIA represents two roof rafters of a house or building that means "cover support" to a military cause. When displayed "stacked together" as a group, the meaning represents greater "rank value" -- or greater levels of governmental control.

By the way, in trying to use the CHEVRON INSIGNIA as a simple logo that represents minimal government control, a Chevron symbol -- with the "rafter feet" flat against the ground, may be a better logo image than an image that would allow for or suggest, in an abstract way, many layers of complicated control. In other words, keep the logo simple as a symbol of simple government -- don't "stack" the logo with more "chevron symbols" that represent more complex layers of government.

There also exist the letter "A" symbol inside a circle icon -- which to some, represents the letter symbol meaning "Anarchy" -- or "no government". The "Anarchy" logo symbol may be based on the idea that the negative value of the arrow-like CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol is the same directional symbol -- but with a "strike across" the letter -- which means "NO" -- as in no government control. In other words, the CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol represents "government" -- and when displayed with a "strike across" the symbol represents "no government".

However, there exist a group of people in Europe that have used the CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol inside a circle logo to represent a "fighting force" of people working against the "foreign invasion of new migrants" into the European area from Africa and "Middle Eastern" areas. Much like when the early Spartans who fought long ago against the Persian invasion of Greek lands -- while using their battle shield Lambda logos during the battle at Thermopylae, this European "fighting force" group of people are part of a new type of government that wants to stop GLOBAL ELITE club members from destroying WESTERN CIVILIZATION with their AGENDA 21 plan.

This new type of government is based on a minimal type of government -- one that has limited authority -- but enough authority to stop and arrest bad people who tresspass on other people with insane man-made laws that restrict essential human freedoms.

In the wild-west of things, we still need a sherif to go after the bad people out there that appear in nature -- and some civil governmental servants to help manage the essential workings of a civilized society.

The very word of "government" is a compound word -- which is based on the concept of "mind control" -- as in "to govern" is "to control" -- and "ment" comes from the latin word "mentos" that means "mind".

The problem with many -- if not most, governments of today is that CORPORATIONs have politically taken over governments -- and have created "controlling enterprises" that shape the minds of people into a fearful DEEP STATE way of thinking and false beliefs. They have lied so much in the past about our past -- and continue to lie about our present world, it is hard to for us to see the truth about our future.

The CHEVRON INSIGNIA appeared on many military vehicles of the US led "cohalition force" during the GULF WAR 1 and GULF WAR 2 events. The CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol also appeared on several Israeli tanks during the 1967 "six-day war" -- which suggest the "Chevron logo" was used by the Israelis back then.

The significance of the Israelis using the "Chevron logo" is unclear -- but since the CHEVRON INSIGNIA can also be found on German war planes during WW2, it may just represent, as mentioned earlier, a military symbol of directional activity -- or perhaps, represents a "rank status" symbol in military activity -- whereby a vehicle marked with the symbol has "commanding authority" over other vehicles in the area of combat. And apparently, the more "layers" to the CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol -- the more layers of authority is associated within the image -- much like a sergeant has more authority than a private.

In any case, as mentioned earlier, the standing direction of the CHEVRON INSIGNIA "logo" is pointing up to "heaven" -- where the "good people" live -- as opposed to down where the "bad people" are in "hell".

There even exist an image of a small CHEVRON INSIGNIA that was place within the stripes of the US "Star Spangled Banner" battle Flag of the War of 1812. This small CHEVRON INSIGNIA may be just a patch in the flag -- or it may have been placed there for a symbolic reason.

It is unclear why the CHEVRON INSIGNIA -- when worn on the sleeves of some military uniforms, display a curved version of the arrow design -- perhaps it may be related to the "wave" design of the Egyptian zig-zag hieroglyphic symbol meaning "water" -- which is how a curved water wave is drawn.

Speaking of water and early symbol designs, it is believed that the seafaring Phoenicians invented the Latin Alphabet -- and that the first Latin letter of "A" represents "action power" -- as in the powerful activity from an "Ox" -- which was used in early agriculture to pull a plow. Thus, the stick drawn head of an horned ox animal -- when rendered upsidedown, resembles the upside capital Latin letter of "A".

But the Phoenicians were mostly sailors -- not farmers, and the design of their "power wing" on their boats looked like the capital Latin letter "A" as seen tilted sideways. In other words, the capital Latin letter of "A" may, in fact, be based on the image of a Lateen rigged sailboat of the Phoenicians -- which represents a powerful "arrow wing" design capable of sailing upwind.

So, is the origin of the CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol and the capital Latin letter of "A" symbol related in some way?

According to Plato -- which was one of the most important academic teachers in WESTERN CIVILIZATION, the first seafarers who sailed the Atlantic and Mediterranean areas were the Atlanteans. Were the Atlanteans related to the La Tene Culture of early Iron Age Europe? Was Atlantis a real place in time? Is the CHEVRON INSIGNIA a symbol related to Atlantis?

Basically, although the original CHEVRON INSIGNIA was a directional alert symbol used in battle events to help fight wars -- the original "A" symbol is a sign of action power.


CHINA: Officially the People's Republic of China -- or PRC, Marxist CHINA is a large and powerful country in East Asia and the world's most populous nation, with a population of over 1.38 billion.

Covering approximately 3.7 million square miles -- and governed by the Chinese COMMUNIST PARTY -- or the CCP, Marxist CHINA also claims sovereignty over the island nation of Taiwan.

One of the world's earliest civilizations, the dynasties of CHINA have expanded, fractured, and re-unified numerous times over many generations.

In 1912, the Republic of CHINA -- or ROC, replaced the last dynasty and ruled the Chinese mainland until 1949, when it was defeated by the communist People's Liberation Army in the Chinese Civil War.

The COMMUNIST PARTY established the People's Republic of CHINA -- or PRC, in Beijing in 1949, while the ROC government retreated to the Island of Taiwan with its present capital in Taipei.

Both the ROC and PRC continue to claim to be the legitimate government of all of CHINA, though the PRC has more recognition in the world because it controls more territory and human resources.

Today, modern CHINA is figuratively the big dragon in the room -- it is where the ancient past is colliding with the near future.

As one of the greatest manufacturing centers in the world, Marxist CHINA controls many capital enterprises around the world -- which is ironic because the COMMUNIST PARTY that controls the country was created to fight CAPITALISM after WW2.

When president Richard Nixon visited Marxist CHINA in 1972 -- with help from DEEP STATE actor Henry Kissinger, the visit opened political relations between CAPITALISM and COMMUNISM -- where the USA would provide the capital knowledge and CHINA would provide the slave labor place for creating many products now found in stores around the world.

Some would say that although CAPITALISM has provided the citizens of Marxist CHINA with the opportunity to have things they never had or would have, it has also turned them into working slaves for the state -- which is not a good thing.

Some would also say that many Capitalist CORPORATIONs in "western nations" were only interested in cheap labor cost in Marxist CHINA -- and were glad to see the nasty polluting industrial manufactoring sectors within their countries relocate outside their countries. This view suggest the idea that these CORPORATIONs wanted a cleaner environment in their countries and did not care about the environment within Marxist CHINA.

Recently, Marxist CHINA has suffered a few growing pains -- such as major pollution events as a result of poor management of their environment.

Because the one party monopoly system of government under COMMUNISM does not allow for healthy political counter arguments in addressing events such as environmental pollution and other management problems -- where political discord may appear and challenge the way government runs things, perhaps the time is ripe for Marxist CHINA to entertain the idea of an open party system of government -- and drop the Marxist theories that have kept the place under the oppressive rules of their elite party members.

By employing a proper democratic election system -- instead of just a yes or no party candidate vote choice system under the current political monopoly scheme of COMMUNISM, the country could better govern itself and help avoid wasteful management mistakes.

There exist a modern term that identifies government agents of the COMMUNIST PARTY from within Marxist CHINA -- they are called "Chicoms", and they overtly and secretively engage in influencing other countries into accepting the political values as deemed important by the leaders in CHINA.

In other words, the "Chicoms" will do what ever it takes -- including espionage, to acheive global dominance for the COMMUNIST PARTY in Marxist CHINA.

An interesting coincidence exist in that the skyline of one of most unique cities in Marxist CHINA belongs to the city of Shanghai -- whose very definition means "to force someone to join a ship lacking a full crew by drugging them or using other underhanded means" -- and that what the "Chicoms" are trying to do around the world is attempting to take control over countries by "using underhanded means". So -- are the "Chicoms" trying to "shanghia" the citizens of other countries all over the world?

As of mid 2019, the free citizens of Hong Kong have been demonstrating against a proposed new law that would give police authority to COMMUNIST PARTY officials in mainland Marxist CHINA the right to arrest and extradite accused sovereign citizens living in Hong Kong to the mainland for punishment.

In other words, a second revolution is underway in Marxist CHINA that is challenging the authority of the COMMUNIST PARTY -- which is slowly trying to control the politics in Hong Kong.

This revolution really started years ago in 1989 when many protesters in Tiananmen Square tried to overthrow the Marxist government, but were killed. However, it looks like a revival of the second revolution could spread throughout Marxist CHINA and overthrow the political monopoly system of COMMUNISM that has ruled since the CCP took power in 1949.

It seems that some protesters in Hong Kong have gone beyond peaceful demonstrations and are now rebelling against the Communist forces that are slowly removing the freedoms of Hong Kong citizens -- and rebellion activity may include vandalizing some areas of the city.

Because there already exist a global trade war between the USA and Marxist CHINA over the real value of money and labor, we can only hope that any more future wars do not get hot and destroy many years of relative peace.

There are many good people living in Marxist CHINA -- they just need to wake up and change the political monopoly system of the Communist government that has ruled over them since WW2.

For more information regarding what is currently and politically happening in Marxist CHINA -- check out the YouTube channel "China Uncensored".

UPDATE 2/2020: The Coronavirus outbreak that began in Marxist CHINA is currently affecting many people world wide and is expected to significantly damage the nation's economy for the foreseeable future -- which can also negatively affect the economy of other countries linked to Marxist CHINA.

After further review of the Coronavirus outbreak event, because there is no danger from any non-living viruses -- which are not biological germs, there is no real global pandemic event -- but that there is a FALSE FLAG attempt by the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang to spread a scary story around the world that a nasty germ event originated in CHINA -- and that WESTERN CIVILIZATION needs to "lock down" for "public safety reasons". And these "lock down" events are actually part of a "Global Reset" eugenics project to reshape society so that the GLOBAL ELITE club will have more control of the public.

UPDATE 5/2021: There seems to be substantial evidence that Communist CHINA is politically and financially involved in the stolen 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION event -- of which the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and the DEEP STATE gang does not want the public to know about. Details of the evidence can be found on the INTERNET -- and when the general public discovers the complete story, the collapse of the CCP in CHINA will lead to great new freedoms for the citizens of a country that has been controlled by greedy politicians for over half a century.

Basically, Marxist CHINA is at the crossroads of change -- and if it does not change soon from COMMUNISM to a FEDERAL REPUBLIC with a real constitution which favors human rights over socialistic policies of the state, and allow for true democratic and capitalistic values similar to other countries with open party government systems, the country -- and the world, will have a harder time surviving the future.


CHRISTIAN: A CHRISTIAN is a person who tries to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ -- and as a group they are called Christians that make up the religion of Christianity -- which is an Abrahamic, monotheistic religion based on the life story of Jesus Christ as revealed in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

Jesus Christ was a great spiritial teacher who lived many centuries ago and taught good moral values to people so that they can improve their lives by focusing on the positive things in this world -- such as the GOLDEN RULE principle -- which if followed properly, can promote good spiritial activity in people.

CHRISTIAN followers really enjoy talking about how Jesus Christ would choose the power of love over the power of hate -- and that others can do the same when resolving problems in life. As Nat King Cole once said in the song "Nature Boy" -- "the greatest thing you will ever learn, is just to love -- and be loved in return".

But Jesus Christ also had some limitations in tolerating bad behavior -- such as when he "turned the tables" of the "money changers" story as told in the Holy Bible. Perhaps that story is why some banking people throughout history -- who worship money like a RELIGION, are not CHRISTIANs -- but rather "Judaic Banksters".

There are many aspects related to the subject of being a good CHRISTIAN -- however, before discovering these aspects, the following story regarding the true timeline of when Jesus Christ existed in history is also very important.

The conventional timeline dates of WESTERN CIVILIZATION is based on the Judaic Calendar -- which is based on the assumed birth year date of the first Biblical Patriarch known as Adam, and the assumed birth year date of Jesus Christ.

The year dates counted after Jesus Christ birth date are dated with the affixed Latin letters of A.D. -- as in Anno Domini, while the historical dates before the assumed birth date of Jesus Christ are rendered with the affixed Latin letters of B.C. -- as in Before Christ.

However, for several decades now, there has been a political movement by many within modern academic education -- pushed by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL "teachers" with secular values, that has created a alternative dating system to the B.C. / A.D. timeline dating system known as the "Common Era" -- or C.E. -- and historical year dates before the "Common Era" are lettered as B.C.E..

By removing Christ from the conventional dating system, modern academic "teachers" believe they have removed RELIGION from the Judaic Calendar timeline count that make up WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

But a new historical review and understanding of how and when the recorded dates of the Judaic Calendar that make up WESTERN CIVILIZATION were published some five centuries ago within a major book publication known as the Nuremberg Chronicle, suggest both counting systems are substantially wrong in their respective number dates.

Apparently, a new theoritical way of dating the true birth date of Jesus Christ -- relative to the current annual date, has been discovered -- and when realized by modern historians, should force them to review and "repackage" the conventional recorded dates within WESTERN CIVILIZATION to a new timeline chart of human history.

This new timeline chart of human history -- which dates the true birth date of Jesus Christ, is based on a unique theory that the Judaic Calendar was incorrectly formulated by historical scholars about five centuries ago during the publishing of the Nuremberg Chronicle event. The details of this new timeline chart of human history theory can be found online at the spiritofatlantis.com website.

Therefore, a new historical calendar of WESTERN CIVILIZATION should challenge the true annual value of not only when Jesus Christ lived in human history, but also how many years have truely passed since the birth of the first Biblical Patriarch known as Adam.

Returning to the subject of what makes a good CHRISTIAN, of all the religious principals taught in Christianity, perhaps the concepts of tolerance and forgiveness is what makes being a CHRISTIAN unique.

Other religions do not seem to have the patience of tolerance, such as "turning the other cheek" when challenged during an argument -- or forgiving a mistake, such as the concept of "let's be friends, even though you just attacked me".

It should be known that a good CHRISTIAN should only "turn the other cheek" only after the aggresser repents the rude act of offending someone. If one keeps "turning the other cheek" over and over -- they invite more rudeness from the agressor.

A CHRISTIAN who likes to follow all kinds of religious rules on how to "properly worship" God and Jesus is known as a Catholic -- but apparently, a person does not have to be Catholic to be a good CHRISTIAN. In fact, of the many denominations of Christianity, being a member of the Catholic Church can be one of the most complicated forms of worshipping Jesus Christ and his messages.

The following overview list of some CHRISTIAN denominations reveals certain interesting views regarding the complexity of worshipping rules in CHRISTIAN churches:

BAPTIST members focus on the purity of the individual -- with respect to Christ, God and the Holy Spirit. (Simple)
METHODIST/PENTECOSTAL/LUTHERAN members focus on the greater good gospel stories of the Holy Bible -- with respect to Christ, God and the Holy Spirit. (Complicated)
ANGLILIAN/EPISCOPAL members focus on the community and tradition -- with respect to Christ, God and the Holy Spirit. (Very Complicated)

So, it could be said that the more complicated the worshipping rules in Christianity -- or for that matter, any RELIGION, the greater the influence of the power of POLITICS can corrupt the RELIGION.

Of the many important things Jesus Christ preached in life about life -- is that to never give an oath of allegiance to anybody other than the one almighty God himself. One can give a pledge of allegiance to a country or flag -- but never give your solemn sacred oath to anyone but God. Because if you do you will invite a curse on your soul by those who will use you for political gain. This view should be known by anybody who may be considering joining a secret cult like the MASONS.

Jesus Christ also preached the concept of choosing a narrow path in life -- which means, do not "Do What Thou Wilt" -- or "do what you want", and wonder beyond the path that is true. In othe words, stay focus on a good purpose in life and do not go down a broad path where the devil can distract you into doing evil things.

Another theme with being a CHRISTIAN is that the GOLDEN RULE concept should never be confused with the revengeful "Eye for an Eye" concept. By giving -- instead of taking, our time on Earth will be rewarded with pleasant events that will seem like heaven. And heaven is where we want to be.

Basically, a CHRISTIAN is a person who tries to be nice when they can -- and because they realize they are human and make mistakes sometimes, like all people do, they are more willing to forgive -- but not necessarily forget mistakes by other people -- particularly people who attacked them.


CIA: The Central Intelligence Agency -- or CIA, is a governmental service of the USA, tasked with gathering and processing important security related information from outside the country.

Created as a US government agency just after WW2 by the National Security Act of 1947, the CIA used many members of the OSS -- or Office of Strategic Services. The OSS superceeded an earlier intelligence program created early in WW2 on July 1941 called the COI -- or the Coordinator Of Information program -- which was designed to coordinate military information between US and UK governments.

Moreover, another title name between the OSS and the CIA was a short lived group of people named the Central Intellegent Group -- or CIG.

According to some reports, US President Truman was quoted as saying that he was concerned that the CIA could become "an American Gestapo" because certain enforcement powers by the agency were questionable.

It is interesting to note that the CIA was also created one year before the Zionist State of Israel was created -- and was supposed to operate globally outside the USA. This "political coincidence" event between the creation of the CIA and the State of Isreal suggest the idea that the CIA has political relations and loyalties with other national intelligent agencies which could undermine US sovereignty.

Over the years, rumor has it that, the agency has gone beyond just gathering intelligence from abroad and has meddled in the internal affaires of other countries.

Under the direction of Allen Dulles -- who was a "33 degree member" of the MASONS, the CIA was involved in the "regime change" in IRAN, and Guatemala in the mid 1950s -- and the attempted overthrow of Castro in Cuba. When the Vietnam War ended, CIA "staff" were stationed in Angola to fight Cuban and Soviet Unions forces without US Congressional oversight -- which led to many deaths in a undeclared political war for the control of African resources and territory.

Some believe there is a political CIA connection to the Kennedy assassination -- which if so, could even link to other CIA operatives and directors like George Bush Senior from that era.

The conventional belief that the CIA was created after WW2 as a tool to fight the COLD WAR by gathering information on and countering the subversive activities of the KGB of the USSR and its COMMUNIST PARTY, may only be part of the story.

Even before the fall of COMMUNISM in the USSR in 1991 -- the CIA has apparently directed some of its efforts domestically and evidently has political links to the DEEP STATE gang.

To draw away public attention from their nefarious activities, the CIA creates "controlled opposition" groups -- or "front organizations" -- which can even be certain important politicans, so that they control the full narrative of a political view by the time such views are reported by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob.

In fact, a quote from former CIA director William Casey: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false", is a statement that helps prove the agency is involved in the business of FAKE NEWS to the American public.

Stop and think about that statement for a moment -- if true, it suggest that the CIA is an unelective shadow branch of US government -- which operates outside the controls of the US Executive, Legestlative and Judicial branch with the ability to misdirect the truth from the American public into a false narrative for nefarious reasons.

One of these "front organizations" that was created by the CIA included the "cutout CORPORATION" known as the "Creative Artist Agency" -- or "CAA", which controlled the activites of many actors and movie studios in HOLLYWOOD California. More information about the little known CIA controlled CAA CORPORATION can be found in the HOLLYWOOD entry of this political essay.

In the 1950's, the CIA created a program called "Operation Mocking Bird", where the agency placed agents inside the US media news networks in order to shape and control the "public narrative". But they were caught by a congressional commitee some years later and "promised" not to do it again. However, the CIA is apparently still involved in misleading activities that attempts to control the "public narrative" within the USA -- due to the fact that the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob gets their "taking points" from some "central source" every morning at around 4 AM.

It is also interesting to note that the way the CIA service is set up, the government agency does not report directly to the US President because of the "plausible deniability" concept -- which allows for the service to engage in nefarious activity without implicating the US President if caught. Some have accused the CIA in being involved in using US military aircraft to "run guns and drugs" to make money for certain DEEP STATE gang players in nefarious operations -- for example, there is the famous "drug shipment" events of the late 1980's that link to the Clintons in Arkansas with the Contras in Central America.

Moreover, because the CIA is a kind of "global shadow government" agency that gathers political intelligence outside the borders of the US, the agency could be serving a political global agenda beyond the US government.

Because the CIA and the Center on Foreign Relations -- or CFR, deal and work with political global activity that inevitably includes nefarious DEEP STATE gang activity by the GLOBAL ELITE club, it is no wonder that President John F. Kennedy once said in reference to the CIA just before his assassination in 1963, "I will tear this sacred garment into a thousand pieces and scatter them on the wind". The reason why Kennedy referred to the CIA as a "garment" was, perhaps as President, he was expected to "wear the government agency" as a type of garment that "goes with the job" -- much like certain ceremonial Masonic uniforms leaders are expected to wear during their role as a leader.

And regarding the Kennedy assassination, the very term "conspiracy theory" first appeared in a 1967 CIA document as an attempt to discredit persons who did not trust the conclusions of the Warren Commission Report -- which suggest the idea that the CIA invented the term as a handy naming label to identify people who challenges their version of a storyline.

So, when the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- who gets their "talking points" from the CIA every morning at 4 AM, uses the term "conspiracy theory" to discredit people who believe in ideas not friendly to the CIA, is there no wonder why many people believe in the "theoretical idea" that a "conspiracy" exist between the CIA and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob?

Also, regarding the Kennedy assassination, the following stories are relevant to the people who control the CIA:

>>> On June 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order #11110 -- which essentually returned to the US government the right to issue currency without the private central banks controlling the value of the USD. And -- according to some historians, JFK also wanted to get out of Vietnam and stop Israel from producing nuclear weapons -- which made enemies with Israel's Masonic/Zionistic Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.

Furthermore, Lyndon Baines Johnson -- a MASON that "inherited" the US Presidentcy after the JFK assassination, who, together with the CIA, covered up the Israeli attack of the USS Liberty ship during the 1967 "Six-Day War". LBJ was also responsible for political bureaucratic activity that help changed the USA into more of a socialist country with his "Great Society" welfare program of SOCIALISM. <<<

Some people believe that when agents of the CIA operate illegally within or outside the USA, they sometimes expose themselves to stupid political mistakes like how a clown does goofy actions -- which have earned these agents of the agency the nickname of "Clowns In Action" -- or the "Clowns In America".

Some people also claim that CIA "spies" seem to "glow" or "stand out" in a public crowd because they are poor at acting like "spies" -- such as wearing certain plain clothes or amateur behavior. A few FBI projects are also known to engage in the activity of using "poor actors" as "spies" during certain investigation events.

The CIA was known to run a top-secret mind control program called MKUltra that, among many things, could "plant thoughts and events into people's minds" which never happened in reality to achieve objectives the CIA wanted -- for example, the recent testimony given by Blasey Ford during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings regarding the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, could have been manipulated by MKUltra tactics of the CIA to smear Judge Kavanaugh with false sexual accusations so that the DEEP STATE gang members of the DEMOCRAT PARTY can stop the RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE members from controlling the US Supreme Court.

By the way -- Blasey Ford's father works with security companies related to the CIA and her brother works with a law firm related to Fushon GPS -- which is funded by George Soros.

Speaking of MKUltra and "mind control" theories, there exist a fictional TV movie program -- now apparently scrubbed from the INTERNET, where Charles Bronson once played a detective that uncovered a communist plot to destroy the USA by using "sleeper cells" living in the USA who were brainwashed at some point to respond to the words "afganistan bananastan" by a simple phone call -- where they would be told to destroy something strategically important -- and then kill themselves so that the plot would not be discovered.

Although a fictional TV program, this story plot may help reveal how the Oligarchical GLOBAL ELITE club members that control the CIA can use brainwashing techniques to cause social havoc whenever and wherever they want -- such as mass shootings.

The CIA is also known for a program called "Paper-Clip" -- which was a program to recruit some German prisoners after WW2 -- many of which were former National Socialist Party members with criminal war crimes activity, and employ them in "government projects" useful to CIA causes. Perhaps some of these "CIA recruits" were and still are engaged in criminal activity...

CIA and Masonic activity in Europe, have been linked to the "Gladio Program" -- which was, or still is, a "hidden army" within NATO that many European countries never knew about -- and probably still don't.

Also, the CIA was involved in a plot called "Project Northwoods" -- which included plans to stage a fake airliner hijacking event as an excuse to invade Cuba.

When former CIA Director and "Skull & Bones" member George Bush Senior made a speech as president of the USA endorsing THE NEW WORLD ORDER plan in 1990, was he speaking for the GLOBAL ELITE club and the CIA?

It is an interesting coincidence that an "unredacted governmental report" by the Office of Inspector General that should expose the nefarious workings of the DEEP STATE gang and the CIA, was delayed in late 2018 by the event death of former president George Bush Senior.

Will the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob focus on his NEW WORLD ORDER plan -- or learn about his nefarious activities throughout his life?

By the way, according to information found on the INTERNET, George Bush Senior once said to Sarah McClendon in 1992, "If the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the street and lynch us". One wonders what George Bush Senior could have done to the American people that would warrent a lynching event...

Also regarding conspiracy theories, the fact that the CIA director during OBAMA's administration -- John Brennan, voted for the communist candidate Gus Hall back in 1980 -- and is also a converted Muslim, suggest a political view in which there was a recent socialist takeover of the American government by foreign forces directed by the CIA under the OBAMA Administration.

Many online software monitoring tricks that the CIA used -- and probably still use, to spy on people by gathering information from their computers and mobile phones, were exposed by the "Vault 7 Dump" event by WikiLeaks -- which is perhaps why the "Intelligence Community" -- a.k.a. the DEEP STATE gang, still controls the fate of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in prison as punishment for "leaking ways to spy on people".

UPDATE 11/2019: The CIA is but one of several "alphabetical" US governmental Intelligence Community agencies that is guilty of nefarious behavior lately regarding a "silent coup" against President Donald Trump.

Together with FAKE NEWS help from the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and the complicit online social media giants -- such as Facebook, Twitter, YOUTUBE, and WikiPedia, all have suppressed online usage of the name "Eric Ciaramella" -- who they claim is a CIA analyst and needs "whisleblower protection", but is actually the person believed to be responsible for accusing President Donald Trump for "impeachable behavior" because of a "phone call" to the Ukranian President in late Summer of 2019.

Any user of these online services who even mentions or shares his name are immediately penalized for doing so. Because "Eric CIAramella" has many links to the DEEP STATE gang, many RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE people believe that the CIA -- and other agents of the Intelligence Community with nefarious ties to the former OBAMA Administration, need to be exposed to the public -- and should be arrested for the ongoing coup attempt of President Donald Trump.

Many people think that the CIA collects information -- but what it really collect are people. The agency collects and controls their souls -- and uses them in secret ways that only the powerful unelected leaders of the agency know about. This kind of power over people can lead to nefarious activity if left unchecked.

UPDATE 11/29/2020: According to several YOUTUBE channels and other website sources, the recent US Special Operation Forces raid on the "server farm" in Frankfurt Germany to seize evidence and proof that the 2020 Election contest was manipulated by "foreign actors" to favor the contest winner for Joe Biden, has revealed a much greater plot to overthrow the USA by the DEEP STATE gang. Moreover, it seems that the "sever farm" -- which was connected to the Dominion voting machines in the US via the INTERNET, were operated by the CIA.

Furthermore, reports of the raid say that at least five US Military personal of the US Special Operation Forces were killed in the raid by the "security forces" of the site -- which is controlled by the CIA. These views imply that the management people in the CIA are part of the DEEP STATE gang.

If these stories are true, they would help explain just who are the DEEP STATE gang members behind a shadow US government. Because the CIA has previously admitted to Congress in having agents operating inside the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- and has a record of nefarious political behavior all over the world since it was conceived some seventy-plus years ago, it is time to -- as President John F. Kennedy once said: "Tear this sacred garment into a thousand pieces and scatter them on the wind".

Again, as mentioned earlier -- that "sacret garment" President John F. Kennedy was referring to was probably the Masonic apron garment US presidents were expected to wear and honnor in secret. Morever, there seems to be a new secret Masonic rule in that US presidents since Truman are not to advertise their secret membership as a MASONS -- perhaps because they do not want their secret relationship with the secret cult questioned by any news media organization -- which could expose their secret evil control over the world.

Think about it -- what government agency has kept the President of the USA -- Donald Trump, from releasing classified information regarding the assassination of JFK for four years? If the present and former leaders of the CIA are found guilty of treason -- and the present and former leaders of the FBI are found guilty of sedition -- together with those responsible in the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, are removed from controlling positions and punished, then perhaps a major chunk of the DEEP STATE gang can be made to go away -- and never return.

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controlls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang -- which has a political relationship with the CIA and other evil entities, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

UPDATE 5/2021: The CIA has been known for getting involved in drug and weapon smuggling in the past -- perhaps because there is a growing child-smuggling crisis unfolding near the US and Mexican border, could the clandestine US agency also be involved in this smuggling event? Such a secret operation would need international cooperation with shady smugglers between national borders. Remember, they are a secret agency in the buisness of collecting people -- and information.

UPDATE 5/2023: For a good historical overview of the CIA, check out the "Eyes Wide Open" channel on YOUTUBE.

UPDATE 1/2024: If one Googles the term "CIA director John Brennan briefs CFR on Geoengineering and SAI", they will see a video of John Brennan briefing an audience at the Council of Foreign Relations about the Stratospheric Aerosol Injection project -- knowns as the SAI project, that basically amounts to dumping tons of toxic poisonus dust -- like aluminum, into the Earths atmosphere to "block-out" the heat energy of the Sun. Does this ongoing dangerous project explain the Stratospheric Chemtrails in the sky we see every day? If so, somebody needs to stop it asap.

Basically, if you were some important wealthy US NEOCON bureaucrat with political links to the Zionistic DEEP STATE gang -- who wants a "regime change" in a third-world foreign country -- or even the USA itself, for whatever reason -- who yah gonna call, the Ghost-Busters or the CIA?


CLIMATE CHANGE: The term "CLIMATE CHANGE" has somewhat superceded the term "GLOBAL WARMING" some years ago because it suggest the newer idea in which the climate of Earth is radically changing from milder weather temperatures to record hotter and colder temperatures -- which results in extreme global weather events.

Both terms are based on the "carbon footprint argument" wherein "climate alarmist" argue the theory that "carbon pollution" from human activity is responsible for such radical weather events affecting Earth's atmosphere and that government agencies should take steps to restrict said human carbon pollution activity by taxing carbon-based energy companies.

The 4-parts of this Climate Change scheme argument are:

#1 The weather of earth is radically changing,
#2 Carbon pollution from human activity is the cause,
#3 If carbon pollution from human activity is not restricted soon, the consequences will be catastrophic and the climate of Earth will irreversible change for the worse with many humans dying as a result,
and #4 Government should make carbon-based energy companies pay for their "carbon pollution" by using a taxing scheme based on "carbon-units" to save the world from climate disaster.

However, notwithstanding many other causes that could change Earth's climate -- such as celestial events like solar activity situations and other natural factors like large immeasurable methane leaks in the Arctic area of Earth, it has been discovered in the last decade or so that the climate data has been modified by some climate scientist to fit a global scheme by scaring the public into supporting a taxing system agenda which financially supports mainly those who are managing the scheme.

So, is the CLIMATE CHANGE subject based on a global plan to save the earth from human pollution -- or is it a global scam by the GLOBAL ELITE club to scare and mislead the public with false scientific information in the form of complex data charts to gain political control of governments? You decide.

But if you decide that the scheme is a scam, you will be called a "climate denier" and be shamed by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL "climate activist" as a fool -- and if you are a climate researcher, you will loose any funding by the socialist operatives in government because of your foolish beliefs in not "getting with the program".

Because the oligarchical GLOBAL ELITE club owns most of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA -- and want to push the CLIMATE CHANGE scaremonger story every chance they get, anyone who does not include the subject of carbon-based "human pollution" concepts in their environmental arguments, will be ignored by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob.

Recently, a young climate activist by the name of Greta Thunberg -- whoes parents are professional actors -- and are part of a publicity campaign to scare the public into believing that "the sky is falling" from "carbon pollution", came on the political scene by saying "How dare you" to "climate deniers" who have ruined her future by destroying the earth with "too much carbon" from their fossil fueled machines.

The only future being ruined besides the life of the young girl who is being used by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL activist to push a global political scam to extort money from governments to pay them for their political activity, are the millions of people having to pay government taxes to the managers of the scam.

For more information regarding the real reasons why our climate is constantly changing -- check out these YOUTUBE channels: "SuspiciousObservers", "Tony Heller" and "Adapt 2030".

UPDATE 2/2020: The terms "CLIMATE CHANGE" and "GLOBAL WARMING" are apparently not scary enough terms to keep the public's attention on the subject of giving tax money to LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE governmental organizations who say they are trying to save the planet from human pollution -- so, an even newer term has been recently invented and is being used to keep the fear of worrying about the future alive -- and that term is "Climate Emergency".

Check out The Cobertt Report on YOUTUBE for more information regarding the propaganda projects by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people and how they use fearful stories of the future to politically control the public.

UPDATE 8/2020: The fact that UN AGENDA 21 "Warm Mongers" are seeking to impose a global climate reparation tax on everything from airline flights and International shipping -- to fuel and financial transactions, is a fact now being realized by more and more people every day. And their plan is falling apart because it is now exposed in the ALT-RIGHT media -- whereas the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob is paid not to reveal how the Zionistic UN is involved.

UPDATE 1/2021: Fake US President Joe Biden, has said the USA will rejoin the "Paris Climate Accords" -- which is based on the GLOBAL ELITE club's plan to enforce their new carbon tax laws against nations who follow their CLIMATE CHANGE policy schemes.

The World Economic Forum -- or WEF, is also a NWO entity pushing a system of tyranical and dystopian theories like the "Environmental, Social and corporate Governance" program -- known as "ESG", as a political weapon system to restrict our freedoms. These evil members of the GLOBAL ELITE club need to be clubbed back down to the underworld where they came from.

UPDATE 8/2023: For more up to date information on the CLIMATE CHANGE scam story, check out Tony Nelson and Tony Heller YOUTUBE channels -- real scientist like Patrick Frank and Ralph Ellis are interviewed that reveal true stories regarding the absolute nonsense behind the GLOBAL WARMING narrative.

UPDATE 1/2024: According to the geoengineeringwatch(dot)org website, it seems that somebody has paid somebody off in the aviation industry to secretly install "aerosal delivery systems" on commercial jets to create thousands of toxic "Chemtrials" in the upper atmosphere. Is there an ongoing global geoengeneering program to block out the heat of the Sun -- so that it can "help offset" the heat from carbon base fossel fuel humans are releasing into the atmosphere?

In other words, is there a secrete diabolical geoengeneering program happening in our upper atmosphere -- created by the GLOBAL ELITE club, that is actually changing our climate with toxic poisons like aluminum dust?

If so, then the people involved in this poisonus "Chemtrail Project" are also behind the AGENDA 21 depopulation project -- and both projects are based on the false cause of potecting the earth from human pollution. Therefore, the "sky is falling" alarmist narrative is based on some truth -- and the GLOBAL ELITE club members are causing it!

Basically, the climate is always changing -- and worrying about how much it will change in the future because of carbon pollution activity from humans will not only result in unnecessarily making the public more fearful of the future, but will give more control of our lives to a global Zionistic government system hell-bent on restricting our freedoms.


CLINTON FOUNDATION: The Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and Wikipedia portray the CLINTON FOUNDATION as a "non-profit humanitarian and NGO charity foundation" that started out in 1997 by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

However -- according to some critics, the CLINTON FOUNDATION is a "political machine" that was once the worlds largest scheme to launder dirty DEEP STATE gang money from corrupt government entities with political and financial links to the GLOBAL ELITE club.

By using a nefarious "pay to play" scheme in which "donated money" would buy political influence or favors, the CLINTON FOUNDATION has been under investigation by US governmental officials for some time -- and as of late 2018, evidence of how this "global slush-fund" game is expected to appear during US Senate hearings.

These critics of the CLINTON FOUNDATION give examples of nefarious activity like when the foundation got involved as a NGO in the 2010 Haiti earthquake crisis -- wherein they argue that the Clintons misdirected aid money for the crisis to other parts of their foundation.

Other Internet stories regarding the CLINTON FOUNDATION and the Haiti earthquake crisis suggest it was involved a child trafficking scheme when a member was caught leaving Haiti in a bus with children on the Dominican Republic border.

But the most damning group of stories on the Internet about the CLINTON FOUNDATION are the group's involvement in several "pay for play" schemes -- where if a foreign country wanted a political favor, it would simply "donate" to the CLINTON FOUNDATION, and in return get the political favor from then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

For example, the scheme when, in 2010, the foundation was paid a total of 2.35 million dollars by a Canadian uranium company -- and after Bill Clinton was paid $500K by a Russian investment bank for a speech he gave in Moscow, Hillary Clinton helped approved a "uranium deal" known as "Uranium One" for the Russian investment bank that had links to the Kremlin.

Further examples of buying political favors include "donations" to the foundation by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Morocco and others. One wonders what kind of political favors these governments wanted in return.

There even exist a story about how the Swiss Bank UBS donated millions to the foundation after a US government investigation into some nefarious activity by the bank was dropped regarding Hillary Clinton's involvement.

Is it no wonder why donations to the CLINTON FOUNDATION dropped some 58% after she lost the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION?

The CLINTON FOUNDATION also purchased the Democratic Leadership Council -- or DLC, in 2011 -- which was founded in 1989 by the Progressive Policy Institute "think tank" that turned out policy blueprints for the DLC. The DLC gave strong support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq which was orchestrated by the NEOCONs in both USA political parties.

Because Hillary Clinton is known to be a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL that favors SOCIALISM -- and was once quoted in one of her books "It Takes a Village" as saying "I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train and raise children -- parents have a secondary role", she and her partner in crime -- together with the CLINTON FOUNDATION, should be held financially and legally accountable for their nefarious behavior.

Basically, owning a "non-profit charity foundation machine" based outside the US -- and politically controlling the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, can be very profitable if you have an army of corrupt lawyers and judges working to obscure any investigation activity into "the money trail" behind the foundation.


COLD WAR: The term "COLD WAR" refers to the political relationship that developed primarily between the super powers of USA and USSR after WW2.

The term "cold" is used because there was no large-scale "hot" fighting directly between the two rivals and, although there were major regional wars -- known as proxy wars, supported by the both sides, no direct battles took place. With the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 and the collapse of many communist regimes in other countries around the world -- particularly in eastern Europe, the USA has remained as the world's primary superpower.

However, it now seems that a new COLD WAR between Marxist CHINA and the USA is taking place lately -- where economic trade warfare is currently challenging the world scene for political control.

Basically, a COLD WAR is a political war that is trying to avoid the consequences of a physical "hot" war -- and is fought with strategic GEOPOLITICAL and economic activity rather than with tactical military activity.


COMMUNISM: COMMUNISM is a godless political theory that was derived by a political writer in the late 1800's named Karl Marx -- who was a 31 degree member of the MASONS, which advocated a class war between the "lazy rich and the working poor" -- leading to a utopian society where all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

According to Karl Marx's theory of COMMUNISM, political government would start with Feudalism and evolve into CAPITALISM -- and over time, becomes SOCIALISM, which becomes COMMUNISM in the final stage of a utopian society.

In 1848 Karl Marx wrote his infamous "Communist Manifesto" with the following concepts listed:

* Abolish Private Property
* Heavy Progressive Income Tax system
* Abolish Rights of Inheritance
* Confiscation of Property Rights
* Global Central Bank system
* Government ownership of Industrial Commerce and Transportation systems
* Government ownership of Factories and Agriculture systems
* Governmen control of Labor
* Governmen control of Corporate Farms and Regional Planning systems
* Governmen control of Education and Free Schooling

The "hammer & sickle" logo of COMMUNISM symbolizes the "union cross" of industrial and agricultural labor forces against the aristocratic forces of CAPITALISM -- which, as the theory of COMMUNISM suggest, will fail one day because the "labor union of the state" will take power from the wealthy capitalist -- and only then will a global utopian society exist under the "ruling elite".

However, the main problem with the theoretical political system of COMMUNISM is that, like SOCIALISM, there is no incentive or reward for people to innovate better ways to build things and serve society.

Moreover, because COMMUNISM is a political monopoly of the election system, it is not a true DEMOCRACY. COMMUNISM inevitably leads to a tyrannical dictatorship because it gives absolute governmental power to leaders who become corrupt overtime when they have no real competition to improve things.

Edward Griffin -- author of the book of "The Creature from Jekyll Island", believes there are two types of Marxist players in the world who can see the same utopian future where COMMUNISM exist -- the "do it now" Socialist -- who follow Leninism -- and the "wait over time" Socialist -- who follow Fabianism. The theory behind Leninism is to violently take political power over the Capitalist by what ever means -- including lying, cheating and forceful activity. Once in charge, the Leninist follower can decide how then they can bring about their utopian world.

Whereas the socialist that follow Fabianism is to patiently aquire political power over time -- and wear down the the Capitalist by using whatever means justifiable -- including deceitful actions -- even if it takes many decades to build their utopian world.

In either case, the goal of collectivism over individualism is the Marixst plan behind both Leninism and Fabianism. However, to achive true collectivism -- or the act of creating a perfect utopia for the "greater good" by taking away the rights of the individual, will never work in our imperfect world because people are imperfect -- and will always be.

It doesn't hurt trying to be perfect to a point -- but forcing one's political views and personal rules onto other people's lives, is not only wrong -- its bad for the "Greater Good" of the human spirit. Humans trying to play God has its limitations -- and that is why COMMUNISM is a bad idea. Human history can prove it to those who want to learn why COMMUNISM is bad for the soul.

Perhaps the political philosopher Stefan Molyneux best described what COMMUNISM really is -- If Nazism is National SOCIALISM, then COMMUNISM is International SOCIALISM.

When Leon Trotsky -- a major Masonic/Zionist player in the Bolshevik Revolution and Communist takeover of RUSSIA in 1917, was "booted" from RUSSIA in 1929, he eventually made his way to Mexico and started his group of "Trotskyites" -- which led to the creation of a worldwide Communist revolution called Trotskyism.

Leon Trotsky -- who many believe was murdered with an ice-pick to his head in 1940 by an assassin loyal to Joseph Stalin, was, according to some historical reports, sponsored -- together with Vladimir Lenin, by private capitalist bankers linked to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY, Warburg and Shiff families to the tune of some 20 million USD during and just before the Bolshevik Revolution. Apparently, private capitalist bankers wanted to "capitalize" on a Marxist/Zionist revolution in Russia for profit reasons...

By the way, according to a story on the INTERNET news channel "TruNews", the Marxist controlled goverment of Mexico in the late 1920's tried to outlaw the RELIGION of the CHRISTIANs -- and killed many during raids on churches. Some reports suggest the government wanted to punish the CHRISTIANs who refused to be vaccinated with the latest poison from medical BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs linked to the Rockefeller Medical Industrial Complex.

Anyway -- some of these "Trotskites" who moved to Mexico at that time, also moved to places within the USA -- like New York City and HOLLYWOOD, and worked with the FRANKFURT SCHOOL gang to politically set up the USA as a tool to further their Marxist ideas of COMMUNISM on an international scale.

So, in order to achieve this plan, a political party in the USA was needed -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY was chosen as the means to control world politics with socialistic values.

A little known fact about the ideas behind the theory of COMMUNISM is that the person who first wrote about it in his books "Das Kapital" and "Communist Manifesto" -- Karl Marx, lived in London under the sponsorship of a person named Friedrich Engels -- who inherited his wealth from CAPITALISM.

The theory of COMMUNISM did not begin in RUSSIA where it played out over seventy years and killed millions -- it began in London England. And near the city state of London exist the Pirbright Institute -- which is home to the Pilgrims Society. The UK based Pilgrims Society is related to the evil shenanigans of the imperial corporate globalist named Cecil Rhodes -- who, long ago, wanted to control the world using CORPORATIONs.

For more information about COMMUNISM and Karl Marx -- check out the YOUTUBE video: "Who Is Karl Marx?" at the PragerU channel. Also check out the YOUTUBE channel DECLASSIFIED and their episode "Why Is Communism Evil?" -- it explains that COMMUNISM is the greatest evil ever invented because it is the enemy of personal responsibility.

There even exist today a website called "Why we are Marxist" that attracts many "useful idiots" all over the world to protest against CAPITALISM by causing street chaos wherever and whenever they want to. Apparently, they believe anybody who believes in CAPITALISM should be "removed" at any cost.

It seems that Marxist people who believe in COMMUNISM have not really followed the true political history of how the COMMUNIST PARTY has killed tens of millions and enslaved over a billion people across the world -- its almost as if they are suffering a memory problem in understanding true human history through the ages. Have they forgotten history or were they never taught proper history?

And if they were never taught proper history -- why?

As Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel once said “We learn from history that we do not learn from history”. If teachers of history and civics in our modern schools would learn the real historical and political truth about COMMUNISM before they teach the subject to students, perhaps our future and our freedoms will be better protected from LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people that seem to appear every new generation.

Because bureaucratic authority under COMMUNISM inhibits personal responsibility -- where the "collective mindset" of the "central government" theme overwhelms individualism -- and no leader is personally accountable for their misbehavior -- the liberty and human rights of the individual is surpressed.

The old adage of "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" -- with respect to COMMUNISM, says it all about the evil quest to control the world under one government.

For more information regarding how COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM has infested WESTERN CIVILIZATION for well over a hundred years -- check out the books of Diana West, who gives up to date details of how the specter of COMMUNISM has ruined governments the world over.

Someone once said that "SOCIALISM is the seed, COMMUNISM is the blossom -- and we are the harvest". Do you want your lives to be the food for the unelected GLOBAL ELITE club members?

Do you really want to live in the "smart cities program" like in the science fiction movie "Logan's Run"? -- because that is where this "communitarian movement" of COMMUNISM is headed.

UPDATE 10/2020: It has become clear to the people who are awake and can see that the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is part of a diabolical Communistic UN AGENDA 21 plan to use a fake contagion story to lock down the public with fear and secure control of WESTERN CIVILIZATION. The people that believe in COMMUNISM have been working on this plan for a very long time.

The Communistic and Masonic GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang -- with ties to ZIONISM and certain global CORPORATIONs run by certain Oligarchical families, have placed many political assets in national government positions over the years -- and the plan was supposed to take full control of global governments after the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION -- but could not because Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump -- which has resulted in the gang scrambling to figure out what to do next.

Because many believe that President Donald Trump will win re-election in the 2020 contest, it will be interesting to see how the DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- and their Socialistic links to COMMUNISM and ZIONISM, will survive after the election. It will also be interesting to see if President Donald Trump was ever part of this diabolical plan because the whole nasty idea of mass vaccinations and 5G technology -- pushed by his administration, is currently still part of a global UN AGENDA 21 plan to reduce the population of the world and control the survivors with biochemical identification tags as suggested in many stories found on the INTERNET.

In any case, the political idealogy of COMMUNISM -- and the gang's plans to control the world, needs to be exposed and stopped as soon as possible. The political assets they have placed in government over the years also needs to be exposed asap -- for example, as suggested in an January 11. 2020 article found at the winterwatch dot net website, there is a story that the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's father was really Fidel Castro of Communist Cuba because of a trist affar between his mother and Castro in April 1971. A simple facial comparison between the two leaders -- together with other political data, should help reveal the idea that COMMUNISM is a long term diabolical plot to control the world.

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the GLOBAL ELITE club -- which is sympathetic to the COMMUNIST PARTY and other evil entities who want to control the world, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

If people were perfect in their ability to lead, a utopian society could exist -- but because we all know people are not perfect, the Communist -- who progressively push for a perfect utopian society, are wrong to believe humans can be perfect in their ability to lead other humans.

It has been said that if ZIONISM is Jewish NATIONALISM -- then COMMUNISM is Jewish Internationalism. How so true is that statement!

It also has been said the COMMUNISM is Utopianism -- however, the problem with utopianism is "all the people" never really fully agree -- and therefore, will always be an illusion never to be accomplished in reality.

Basically, COMMUNISM is a monopolistic malevoient plan to politically control society -- so that only a few leaders get to pretend to be gods -- while leaving the rest of us as servants.


COMMUNIST PARTY: The COMMUNIST PARTY is a gang of selected people who believe in the Marxist theory of COMMUNISM and do not want any other political party groups to seriously challenge their progressive attempts to monopolize goverment.

Over the last hundred years, the social and political policies of the COMMUNIST PARTY gang has resulted in the deaths of about 100 million people who either challenged the "political party" at some point -- or were "whacked from behind" before they realized what happened.

Apparently, every new generation needs to be taught these facts because the spell of COMMUNISM -- and its vision of some type of socialistic utopian future, seems to rear its ugly head every decade or so.

Because the Chinese COMMUNIST PARTY gang -- or CCP, still exist, and have plans to politically control other countries over time using fake capitalistic loan programs, any partners who have made deals with the COMMUNIST PARTY gang should be careful not to be entrapped by "the dragon" that is currently Marxist CHINA.

Regarding the COMMUNIST PARTY gang and other countries besides Marxist CHINA -- or even Marxist Cuba -- where it has existed since the late 1950's, there is a story that, according to the news service Epoch Times -- and the YOUTUBE channel DECLASSIFIED, the COMMUNIST PARTY of the USA and the Democratic Socialist of America organizations, are active Marxist groups that work with the CPC -- or Congressional Progressive Caucus, which controlls much of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY within the USA.

Evidently, the old "Trotskites" from the FRANKFURT SCHOOL -- and their agenda to spread COMMUNISM via SOCIALISM around the world, is still quite active and organized.

However, their plan to use seditious and treasonous activity to undermine nations around the world is currently being stopped by political forces in the USA and abroad because these Neo-Marxist players around the globe -- and their funding by the GLOBAL ELITE club, is part of the DRAIN THE SWAMP project.

Rumor has it because agents within the Chinese COMMUNIST PARTY -- known as the "Chicoms", want to "divide and conquer" other nations, so that they can take over said nations, they have invested in "media companies" -- like the movie studios in HOLLYWOOD and other "popular instruments of mind control" -- such as "online streaming services", to spread psychological propaganda stories that will undermine the morals of the nation and make them fail.

If this rumor is true -- and there is reason to believe it is, then national governments around the world need to wake up to this global Marxist threat and take action against it before its too late.

Citizens of WESTERN CIVILIZATION should never forget that the world-wide political goal of the COMMUNIST PARTY gang is to undermine the sovereignty of all national governments of the world by using whatever means -- including controlling all educational and Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob institutions, to spread their false understanding of humanity and their utopian plan -- so that the "One World Government" of the UN -- or some other global entity with total governmental control, will rule everybody some day.

The "top down pecking order" of authority within the COMMUNIST PARTY gang system of government does not allow anyone in the chain of authority to easily challenge the human mistakes created by those above their authority -- which results in great harm to the whole system of government when mistakes are created. Case in point is the recent CCP mishandling of the Coronavirus PLANdemic event of 2020 in Wuhan China -- where, according to some fear porn news services, a man-made deadly germ -- created in a laboratory in Wuhan, could have been caught earlier by authorities, but was not.

Or perhaps that was their plan afterall -- to let the idea that a deadly germ go global and cause havoc across the "western world". Who knows? Does the WHO -- or World Health Organization of the UN, know what really happened in Marxist China regarding the Coronavirus PLANdemic event of 2020?

UPDATE 5/2020: A working theory is underway that the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 started in Wuhan China as a deadly 5G event -- which mimics a respiratory flu-like illness when using "directed" 32ghz signals. Wuhan, by the way, was the first major "test city" in the world where 5G technology was "turned on" in late 2019.

However, the CCP and the WHO -- together with the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, reported the deaths in Wuhan were caused by a unique Coronavirus -- and then the WHO tells global governments to brace for a serious global pandemic event with new medical laws designed to minimize the health threat.

So, if this theory is true, then there is no significant health threat from the Coronavirus PLANdemic event of 2020 -- because the event is no dangerous than the common annual flu event -- however, the health danger from 5G radiation energy is very real because many people in the city of Wuhan were killed by something.

And because anyone on social media trying to state that 5G technology is dangerous -- for whatever reason -- particularly linking 5G to the Coronavirus event, are seriously censored, suggest the idea in which those heavily invested in 5G technology -- such as Marxist CHINA and some social media CORPORATION leaders, may know about this information.

Therefore, as the theory goes, the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is a diabolical hoax created by the DEEP STATE gang to implement more SOCIALISM throughout the world so that more central authority by the GLOBAL ELITE club -- who already control the UN, can control all global governments with new tyrannical laws in the name of "public safety".

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE gang -- which is sympathetic to the COMMUNIST PARTY and other evil entities who want to control the world, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

Basically, the monolithic political party system of the COMMUNIST PARTY gang still exist in Marxist CHINA -- even after the collapse of the USSR, and because the leaders behind the party want to eliminate all other political party systems that could stop them and their political plan to dominate the world some day, governments of WESTERN CIVILIZATION that use a pluralistic political party system -- like what is found in a FEDERAL REPUBLIC, will have to stand guard aganist this monolithic Marxist Zionistic system of political government.


CORONA MASS EJECTION: A CORONA MASS EJECTION -- or CME, is a large explosion of a plasma particle energy held together by a magnetic field that burst off and outward from the Sun's corona.

The frequency of these events varies with the sunspot cycle -- for example, at solar minimum, 1 CME is observed per week while during solar maximum, 2-3 CMEs per day are observed on average.

Unlike Solar Flare events that can appear several times a day when the sun is active, a very large CORONA MASS EJECTION event creates a much more powerful electromagnetic storm field -- and if directed at the Earth, can effect electric fields on the Earth.

In fact, the largest CORONA MASS EJECTION event on record -- known as the Carrington Event, hit the Earth's magnetosphere in September 1859 and overwhelmed many telegraph cables services.

US telegraph operators reported sparks leaping from their equipment -- some bad enough to set fires. Imagine if a similar CME event happened today -- with our reliance on all thing electric, the world's high-tech infrastructure would grind to a halt.

So, for those who want to prepare for a future without government that could be wiped out by a CME, understand this -- be aware of the political aspects of your environment before and after any such event. In other words, know your neighbors and find the ones you can trust if such an event should happen -- because your life and your family may depend on it.

Basically, a very large CME event -- known as "a killshot", not only could -- but would, without a doubt, change modern living standards and leave many unprepared for life in a new stone age.


CORPORATION: A CORPORATION is a company or group of people authorized by law to act as a single entity that is legally a person.

However, when owners of a CORPORATION are not policed properly by government and by the rules of true CAPITALISM to keep the business honest, a CORPORATION can develop into a fascist entity -- including a country, and ruin it over time.

Also, through a "one-way profiteering scheme", owners of a CORPORATION can sometimes legally create the fictional entity with powerful abilities greater than an average person, make that fictional entity rich through bank loans, have it give the owners that created it loads of money for payment schemes, then kill it through bankruptcy -- and end up keeping the money without serious legal punishment -- because of the lame excuse that they were just "employees" of the company.

In recent years, Multi-National CORPORATIONs -- and their GLOBAL ELITE club owners, have infested national governments with bureaucratic laws that favor the wealthy and stifle competition.

One of the nefarious ways the GLOBAL ELITE club owners has compromised the integrity of governments the world over is to create a CORPORATION identified as a "non-profit" Foundation or Trust -- where "managers" of the entity can control politicians -- who control government spending on "charitable global health projects" with "kick-back" or "quid-pro-quo" schemes that financially benifit the political causes of the "managers" -- for example, the shenanigans of the CLINTON FOUNDATION.

To understand how some large CORPORATIONs control all sides of the political spectrum -- check out the "Black Rock" and Vangard Group CORPORATIONs, and study how they seem to have their investors covered no matter who wins or looses in GEOPOLITICS. With many Trillions of Dollars in assets under management, one wonders how they acquired so much money in the last several dacades. Is the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel somehow involved in their business?

Apparently, some "shell" CORPORATIONs fake their existence -- and like the "living dead", are really empty bodies or "corpses", that are pretending to be alive with help from other fake CORPORATIONs and governments.

Yet, without CORPORATIONs in modern society, a vast majority of jobs and innovative communication tools -- like smart phones, jetliners and satellites, would probably not exist today.

Most US citizens do not realize that there exist a CORPORATION known as the "United States of America" that was established in 1871 in order to handle the US federal government as a "business". The privately-owned CORPORATION -- called the "United States of America", is the holding company, and the fifty states are its subsidiaries.

Since the Act of 1871 -- which established the District of Columbia, the "UNITED STATES CORPORATION" that works within the District of Columbia -- and whose "Chief Executive Officer" is the President of the UNITED STATES, is believed by some historians, to be owned by certain international bankers and aristocratic families based in Europe and Britain -- who are related to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel.

If so, then perhaps this is how the GLOBAL ELITE club pays and controls their DEEP STATE gang members who have politically controlled the US with monetary powers for well over a century.

Speaking of countries and CORPORATIONs, there exist a real rabbit hole of understanding in who actually legally controls countries and commonwealth CORPORATIONs around the world when studying the subject of British Admiralty Laws. It seems unbelievable at first thought -- but the idea that the whole British Empire thing was once legally created as a CORPORATION at some point in time -- and that it still legally controls much of the world -- including the political policies of the UN.

By using the complicated language known as "legalese", certain "governmental attorneys" -- and CORPORATION lawyers that follow orders from wealthy oligarchs -- whose families control all the major assets of a particular region, have controlled the fate of many countries for centuries without the citizens knowing how they do it. Apparently, the nefarious activities of the GLOBAL ELITE club can be dated much further back in time than just a few decades ago like some believe.

Incidently, a law -- or a lawful action, is a term that deals with humans -- while something illegal -- or "illegal activity", is a term that deals with CORPORATIONs. And lately, alot of "illegal activity" by CORPORATIONs is going on behind the public view that the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob CORPORATIONs are not reporting -- probably because they are involved.

UPDATE 6/2020: Apparently, CORPORATIONs who want to "virtue signal" support to LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL followers -- particularly to NGO gang members like "Blackkk Lives Matter" -- who could destroy their place of business during riots, have commited millions of dollars to their DEMOCRATIC PARTY online "ActBlue" handlers.

For example, Walmart gave $100 million, Target gave $10 million and Home Depot gave $1 million. Even national sport CORPORATIONs like the NBA, MLB and the NFL donated money to the "Blackkk Lives Movement". The NFL gave $250 million -- and made sure the team players "gave a knee" during the US National Anthem song before playing. What a racket -- using racial fear to make money. It's an extortion scam to those who can see the big picture. These CORPORATIONs are really saying "here some money -- now leave my business alone" -- plus, the "donation" can be used as a tax write-off.

Some of the worst CORPORATIONs are insurance companies. Although they are ment to be helpful during a crisis situation, they have forced governments over time into creating laws that allow them to monopolize a crisis for their benefit. For example, because the business model of an Insurance COROPORATION is always trying to predict a negative future event -- and prepare a financial cost for it, they are almost always thinking of the worst way something can go wrong.

This "worst case scenario way of thinking" buisness model has resulted in scaring governmental institutions over time into creating laws that benefit insurance CORPORATIONs exclusively over other positive options of what might happen in the future -- such as not creating unnecessary laws in the first place.

In other words, if the unnecessary laws -- created by government protecting insurance CORPORATIONs, were removed from the books, imagine the freedom that citizens would have to do things thay can't do now because such laws are based on "bad thinking" -- instead of "good thinking".

Perhaps the main reason why commercial and private business entities require face mask within their work place is because insurance CORPORATIONs pressure them with the fear of medical lawsuits from people who could catch "the deadly COVID-19 virus" from other people who do not wear face mask within their work place. In other words, insurance COPRPORATIONs are using the fear of lawsuits to force their clients to police the public into wearing face diapers -- in the name of "public safety", within their work place.

As mentioned earlier regarding CORPORATIONs and political links to government officials -- check out the Baina Company and it's connections to the Deutsche Bank -- and see where that story leads. The 7/20/2020 story at the "Really Graceful" channel at YOUTUBE explains some suspicious links between the two -- including US senator Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

Regarding how corporate money donations can sway political thinking -- "It's all about the Benjamins baby" -- said Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar for suggesting that Israel’s allies in American politics were motivated by money rather than principle.

Investment CORPORATIONs controlled by the WEF -- or the World Economic Forum, that favor COMMUNISM and a future world where "you will own nothing", have used the social employment concepts like ESG -- or "Environmental Social Governance" and DEI -- known as "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" scams, are now pushing a new scam called "NAC Investements" -- or "Natural Asset Companies" -- where investors will push "private control" of public property like National Parks and other wilderness places. This latest scam will allow the very rich to politically control what can be allowed on lands now owned by private or public property.

In other words, the Marxist Communist that control the Central Banking Institutions, are trying to control ownership of all properties and natural resources on our planet by using Investment CORPORATIONs to meet their AGENDA 21 schedule scheme. Let's not let that happen!

It seems that once our government was of the people, by the people -- and for the people. Now it's no longer -- our government is about the CORPORATIONs, by the CORPORATIONs -- and for the CORPORATIONs.

For a good overview of what is behind the business of global CORPORATION operations -- check out a 5 minute video on YOUTUBE entitled "Ned Beatty's NETWORK speech-by Paddy Chayefsky". It is the international system of currency -- owned by CORPORATIONs, that runs the world. Or so the GLOBAL ELITE club members would have us believe...

Basically, a CORPORATION can be good or bad -- it just takes true CAPITALISM to keep it going in the right direction and some good government regulations to keep it from becoming a monopoly.


DEEP STATE: A term rarely used by journalist before the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION -- the DEEP STATE is a nefarious global Zionistic gang of criminals that represents the "Old Guard" who has controlled GEOPOLITICS for over a century -- and wants to keep that control by any means necessary.

Essentually, the DEEP STATE gang are the government warrors for the GLOBAL ELITE club members -- who believe in ZIONISM.

This DEEP STATE gang of theives have used three "city states" sites to control GEOPOLITICS with the power of stolen money, twisted religious ideaologies -- and military activity, for so long that it has been very hard for modern historians to track their nefarious origins until recently.

As the name applies, they are a state deep within a state -- they have literally embedded themselves within the countries of what is now the UK, Italy and the USA. The City of London, Vatican City and Washington DC are their bases of operations where they nest and do their dirty work. These "city state" entities are separate political realestate territories that answer to nobody but their Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club owners.

One common visual aspect can be found at these DEEP STATE gang "city state" sites is the Masonic Obelisk pillar -- which is a narrow tapering monument and cryptic symbol of "standing power". Because of this concept -- and many other aspects related to the activities of the MASONS who are known to build large places of stone, the MASONS are absolutely involved in building these headquarters for the DEEP STATE gang.

The activities of the DEEP STATE gang seemed to be explained in a 1991 book by William Cooper named "Behold -- A pale Horse" -- wherein he mentions a top secret document named "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars". The document exposed a nefarious NEW WORLD ORDER plan by certain political entities to control the people of the world with "silent weapons" while using a "quite war" of misinformation. For more information on this topic, a simple INTERNET search will reveal some of the astonishing subjects that the DEEP STATE gang is up too.

To quote a line from the doucument: "It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engineering of social automation systems (silent weapons) on a national or worldwide scale without implying extensive objectives of social control and destruction of human life, i.e., slavery and genocide."

The author William Cooper -- who died in 2001, was once a US Naval Intellegence Officer that shared his understanding of many "Top Secret" government subjects after retirement. Included in these secret subjects were stories about secret government entities and their nefarious political activity projects. Also included were conspiracy stories about advance alien technology that could destroy human civilization.

However, in the 1990's, he changed his understanding of much of his earlier research work and came to realize that the alien conspiracy stories he learned about while serving in government were all a hoax -- designed by secret government leaders to create a false adversary so that a NEW WORLD ORDER -- under one united global government authority, could control the world and fight the alien enemy.

Many "Top Secret" subjects that William Cooper wrote and disscussed about in his books and radio programs covers most every subject that can explain who is responsible for how and why national governments all over the world have gone bad.

These secret government entities are the nefarious political forces behind what is now known as the DEEP STATE gang.

A quick list of the usual suspects who are members of the DEEP STATE gang are as follows -- and in no particular order:

The Zionistic Judeo-MASONS -- who politically control "law enforcement agences" and "secret activity at private lodges" around the world.
The Zionistic ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel -- who apparently have unlimited banking funds to pay-off anybody or any family CORPORATION they want to get their way.
The UK based Zionistic Pilgrims Society -- who have apparent political control of the "Inteligence Community" within each nation.
The Zionistic-Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- who have political links to global publishing services that pushes LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL propaganda stories which exploits negative events for monetary gain.
The Zionistic-Marxist DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- who are using their criminal enterprize connections and numerious psychological operational events to build a politically correct dystopian utopia.
The Zionistic MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX -- who have monetary links to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel.
The Zionistic Medical Industrial Complex -- who have monetary links to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel.
The Zionistic HOLLYWOOD Entertainment Syndicate -- who have monetary links to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel.
The Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club -- who have monetary links to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel.

There seems to a Zionistic aspect to the DEEP STATE gang... They say that the love of money is the root of all evil.

In the US federal government, the DEEP STATE gang is many things -- but primarily, it is a little known political bureaucratic army of influential "civil service" officials working for ZIONISM under the name of SES -- or the Senior Executive Service.

According to the American Intelligence Media website, because the SES -- which was created in 1979, has business ties to the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and global security corporations -- like the foreign corporate intelligence service groups of SERCO and QinetiQ -- which are based in the UK, it is involved in the secret foreign manipulation of US government policy.

Put in place like a Trojan Horse in 1979 by socialistic policies of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, the SES was designed to create a "hidden layer of control" of the US government by the GLOBAL ELITE club that tries to shape the political direction of the government -- especially the Executive branch of government, toward SOCIALISM.

It is believed by some recent political investigators that certain SES operatives within the DEEP STATE gang also control parts of the Judicial branch of the US government by way of a group of "leading attorneys" who "fix" important court cases to favor the interest of group members. Even some US government representatives of the House and Senate who owe political kick-back favors to the group, are also controlled by the DEEP STATE gang.

It is also believed by said political investigators that the DEEP STATE gang has political leverage over the owners and managing executives of the legacy Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob with respect to controlling the narrative of FAKE NEWS against conservative values.

Apparently, many members of the DEEP STATE gang have "deep pockets" and are immune from criminal prosecution because they have learned the legal loopholes in covering their nefarious activities.

According to "in the field researcher" -- George Webb, the security monitoring services of the Senate and the House of Representatives -- and even the White House itself, are run by "CIA related corporate organizations" that may have political links to the DEEP STATE gang.

Because these security services -- named the "Red Coats, Inc.", "Datawatch Systems. Inc." and "Admiral Security Systems", monitor the "access and control of many US government agencies", the elite owners may be part of the shadow government that is the DEEP STATE gang.

It seems that the political power behind the DEEP STATE gang is somehow based on blackmail tactics -- in which nobody can or will challenge them because, if they do, they will be politically ruined -- or at least made "silent" by nefarious means.

Moreover, because some members of the SES have engaged in "insider trading deals" -- such as stealing Intellectual Property rights -- known as IP rights, from certain citizens who filed their idea at the US Patent Office -- which has direct links to the "corporate gangs" known as SERCO and QinetiQ in the UK, the time has come to take action and eliminate the SES entirely from within the US government. This action would, in effect, help DRAIN THE SWAMP and limit the nefarious activities of the DEEP STATE gang from "trading stolen ideas" to other SES members for "political favors".

By also cutting the political links with the SERCO and QinetiQ corporate gangs based in the UK -- and setting up a true US Patent Office, these actions would help protect the Intellectual Property rights of US citizens to control their own ideas without foreign influence.

SERCO and QinetiQ, by the way, is also connected to the "Crown Agents" and the G4S syndicate group of the UK government -- which, like certain misbehaving law enforcement leaders of the FBI in the USA have done recently, has also certain serious political issues that have been ignored by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob in the UK -- such as the BBC, regarding nefarious activity in managing military contracts with corporate data management services.

An example of how the DEEP STATE gang has stolen Intellectual Property rights from certain US citizens who filed their idea at the US Patent Office, can be found in a story explained by a news research service called American Intelligence Media -- where a company known as Leader Technologies -- directed by Michael McKibben, created a scalable information gathering and sharing computer program code back in the early 2000s that was "weaponized" as spyware by governmental and corporate SES insiders to "spy" on Internet users.

The story describes that because the popular online program called Facebook was "launched" the very next day after the US military ended an information gathering DARPA computer program called "Lifelog" in 2004, the DEEP STATE gang apparently created the Facebook program as a CORPORATION -- and worked out a deal with "its managment" to "share" personal user information -- while the company sells the same information for advertising profit.

In other words, the CEO of Facebook -- "Mr Zuckface", is just a "cardboard cut-out" person, that was created as a "figure head" of a CORPORATION, so that the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX can spy on and control people who use the application.

So, it seems that Leader Technologies is the true holder of the scalable computer program -- known as Facebook, that was stolen by SES and SERCO corporate officials -- who control the US Patent Office, and then "weaponized" it as a "spy-ware program" for the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX -- therefore, the US and UK governments owes Leader Technologies some monies for stealing their program code.

Apparently, when a US citizen applies to the US Patent Office for any "Intellectual Property" rights to their idea, it gets "reviewed" by certain persons who "share" the idea with their "buddies" in other intelligence agencies to see if the idea can be weaponized before it can be approved.

One wonders how many great ideas have been suppressed or stolen by government and corporate officials because someone in control believes the idea can be used as a weapon against the country.

And as it turns out, the UK -- by way of SERCO and QinetiQ -- and other DEEP STATE global intelligence gang agencies -- like Israel's spy agency known as Mossad, learn about the idea long before any IP rights are approved by the US Patent Office.

This "international arrangement" between "high government officals" in the US Patent Office needs to change if the sovereignty of the USA is to be respected in international law activity.

The history of "corporate gangs" stealing IP rights story goes all the way back to how many of Tesla's IP patents may have been stolen by powerful politicians in the UK -- who set up Marconi and his radio companies, not only to save money from having to pay the patent fees to Tesla, but to gain control of important ideas.

According to a recent article from the American Intelligence Media website -- Marconi’s alleged parallel invention of wireless telegraphy is all FAKE NEWS.

Much like how the DEEP STATE gang helped setup the Facebook application in 2004 as a spy-ware program from stolen IP computer code, the DEEP STATE gang of the UK/British post office created IP deals with Marconi Wireless company -- without the knowledge of Parliament, and many of Tesla's ideas were "assigned" to Marconi.

And those who controlled the publishing industry at the time -- as they still do today, made sure this IP theft event was never learned by the public.

It has been discovered that the OBAMA Administration created an Executive Order on 12-15-2015 to waver security qualifications so that new SES members could join the group without criminal background checks -- which, in effect, turned the SES into a "army of nefarious characters" that number in the thousands and operate under the direction of his socialistic policies.

It is also interesting to note that the SES logo symbolizes the image of a Keystone shape icon surrounded with the colonial 13-star union flag image -- and that the military officer team known as Q-ANON has been telling the public since November 6th of 2017 to "find the Keystone" -- it "holds everything together" -- i.e., find and remove the keystone of the DEEP STATE gang and the evil "secret society" will collapse.

Because the SES is pure socialistic bureaucracy that is part of the DEEP STATE gang in the USA, it should be eliminated as soon as possible. In other words, there is the "state" -- which is government, and then there is the "DEEP STATE" -- which is too much government.

And that is why when government acquires too much power overtime, there comes a time to change government -- by reducing the power of government, in order to maintain harmony and continuity of said government.

It is believed that the DEEP STATE gang uses both political parties to control the narrative of an argument -- in fact, they made sure in 1987 that only two parties could debate each other for the Presidental Election event on the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob networks. Any third political party was classified as "too radical" to qualify -- thus, it would be easier to control only two presidental candidates than three or more.

In May 2018, president Donald Trump posted on social media the term "SpyGate" in reference to how certain bureaucratic members within the FBI and the DOJ under the Democratic Obama Administration misbehaved and illegally spied on him in during his 2016 campaign to seek political information that could be used to undermine his character.

The term "SpyGate" also links into many other DEEP STATE gang subjects regarding how and why certain leaders in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY were -- and still are, connected to treasonous activity against the country that is the United States.

The DEEP STATE gang also created a political situation where if Hillary Clinton lost the election, an "insurance policy" -- now known as "Crossfire Hurricane", was set up by the aforesaid members of the FBI and the DOJ, that would attempt to "over throw" the Trump Administration by establishing a "special council" -- run by former 9/11 FBI Director Bob Mueller, which would try to find -- or if not find, create false information to implicate President Trump in some negative event leading to his impeachment.

The name of "Crossfire Hurricane" may be based on the idea that the "over throw" -- or coup event attempt to replace President Trump with Hillary Clinton will be "stormy" and will encounter "crossfire battles" from people within the intelligence community who work for the DEEP STATE gang and those who would work against it.

For a great summary review of the shenanigans that make up the "SpyGate" story and other nefarious aspects of the DEEP STATE gang -- check out what the cat says at The Truth Factory channel on YouTube and see how they have undermined the truth within government with political trickery.

UPDATE: Because the Bob Mueller 40+ million dollar and 2+ year "witch-hunt" special council "Russia Gate" stunt did not work out to impeach President Trump by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, they have lanched an "Impeachment Inquiery" event in the Democratic controlled House of Representatives based on a flaky story by a CIA "whisleblower" who heard what he thought was a "bully action" event by President Trump with a Ukranian leader during a phone call in late Summer of 2019.

UPDATE: According to "in the field reporter" George Webb at his YOUTUBE Channel, Republican Mitt Romney voted with the DEMOCRATIC PARTY during the Senate vote in their attempt to Impeach President Donald Trump because the DEEP STATE gang forced him to participate in the ongoing coup -- and because their exist several stories where Mr. Romney was involvled in the "Uranium One" scandal.

If the DEMOCRATIC PARTY can remove President Donald Trump from office, they may be able to hide -- with help from the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, all the corrupt activity they have been doing lately -- and the public would never know about it.

It seems that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is the organization behind the DEEP STATE gang because of their nefarious behavior -- case in point, their actions during the US Senate vote regarding Judge Kavanaugh in late 2018 -- when they tried unsuccessfully to stop his nomination to the US Supreme Court by using last minute tactics of "sexual smearing accusations" during the nomination process.

And of course, how can one not include the NEOCON group followers of the CIA, and some aspects of the UN, as part of the DEEP STATE gang -- because all are global entities that want to police people worldwide by using SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM as a way to politically control our future.

In any case, in late 2018, President Donald Trump was expected to declassify and release an "unredacted governmental report" by the Office of Inspector General that should expose the nefarious workings of the DEEP STATE gang -- which should include how the "5-Eyes" of foreign intelligence services may have participated in spying on Donald Trump before and after the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, but for reasons unknown to date, has not.

UPDATE: As of 11/11/2019, the release date of IG report has been changed and delayed so often, many RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE journalist are questioning whether the DEEP STATE gang still controls the DOJ and the FBI -- which, if they do, the delay would benifit the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in the next Presidential Election cycle.

So -- what global entity has the financial capacity to pay for all the nefarious activity of the DEEP STATE gang? Who once said: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws"? Does the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel -- together with the political activities of ZIONISM, have anything to do with funding or fueling the force behind the DEEP STATE gang?

If so, then WESTERN CIVILIZATION needs to wake up to who exactly is the "Old Guard" that has controlled the central banks of many countries for well over a century. We need stop them from creating a global government based on SOCIALISM -- which will lead to a dystopian communistic way of life for us in the future.

The DEEP STATE gang has many layers in today's world -- in particular the power to manipulate and blackmail people to do evil things they would never do on their own.

They shape and mold information by creating "controlled opposition" entities online so that the public's attention gets redirected away from what they are trying to hide.

With help from the CIA, they virtually own most all of the legacy Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob companies -- and also control much of the UN -- whose agencies like the World Health Organization -- together with BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs, have politically altered the governments of WESTERN CIVILIZATION into dangerous territory where safe managment of our future is in jeopardy.

With the apparent recent suicide death of Jeffery Epstien, the following story may also help explain why the DEEP STATE gang has a evil spell on many within government.

According to the INTERNET website "TruNews.com", British Billionair and Media Mogul Robert Maxwell -- whoes original name was Jan Ludvik Biny Hoch, was a Mossad agent of ZIONISM.

He had three daughters -- Isabel Maxwell, Christine Maxwell and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Isabel Maxwell is a venture capitalist in Israel that pioneered the Magellian search engine, while Christine Maxwell is known for marketing a software database program company called "Information On Demand, Inc." that in 2006, featured a program called "Chiliad" -- which was used by about 10,000 agents of the FBI, CIA, DHS, DIA, NSA & DOJ.

Some believe that this program may have had a "backdoor access link" to the Mossad spy agency of Israel -- which could explain how a foreign government like Zionistic Israel can control digital information within the US government.

Some also believe that the Chiliad program was stolen from an earlier program called "PROMIS Software" that was created by Bill Hamilton and his Inslaw company.

The origin of the name "Chiliad" is also interesting -- such as Chiliad = chilia = Kilo = thousand = thousand years = last a thousand years = 1,000 year kingdom = chilasm = time period after the second coming of Christ = a new Golden Age.

As for the third daughter of Robert Maxwell -- Ghislaine Maxwell, she was "the handler" to Jeffery Epstien -- who, without a doubt, was an agent of the DEEP STATE gang.

UPDATE 1/2020: According to the American Intelligence Media website, the FISA court that approved the FBI spying on President Donald Trump is related to the very same people who operate the SES -- in fact, both the SES and the FISA court were created at almost the same time in 1978-79 -- when many NEOCONs of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY "walked across the floor" to the REPUBLICAN PARTY side and became advisors to the Republican presidential administrations of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

UPDATE 2/2020: Based on new research also by the American Intelligence Media website, a global political Zionistic entity known as the Pilgrims Society -- which is based in the UK, is related to a vaccine manufacturing facility at the Pirbright Institute that owns 11 of the Cronavirus patents out of 75 known. The Pirbright Institute is also located next to the Cobbett Hill Earthstation satellite facility -- some 14 miles SW of Heathrow Airport in England, and is capable of directly communicating with certain satellites that work with 5G telecommunication technology on the ground.

The UK based Pilgrims Society -- located at the Pilbright institute near London -- and is related to the evil shenanigans of the imperial corporate globalist Cecil Rhodes, was founded in 1902 by Sir Harry Brittain just five years after Zionism was established by Jewish theologist Theodor Herzl in 1897.

It is interesting to note that the Pilgrims Society at the Pilbright institute may also have underground bunker facilities at the site. The place could also be the headquarters for the SERCO and QinetiQ corporate intelligence service groups in the UK -- but how could that idea be verified without triggering serious problems for any investigator.

Now, imagine if this "Zionistic global society" had governmental control of a global satellite network -- which could instantly connect to thousands of 5G ground transmitter stations anywhere in the world that could beam a dangerous directional millimeter wave signal at a targeted person holding a cell phone.

Furthermore, imagine if the targeted person holding the cell phone was previously vaccinated with a metallic material -- such as aluminum or carbon based substance, to make them sick or die when the 5G signal is directed at them.

And even if the person wasn't previously vaccinated, the 5G directional signal could still make them sick or die if their immunity system was compromised by exposure to other toxins.

Is this what really happened lately in Wuhan CHINA? Were people first made sick and killed by 4G signals using 5G directional antenna technology -- and then the CCP government blames the sickness and death events in the city on a unique Coronavirus?

Because 4G signals -- which can use up to 32ghz signals using 5G directional antenna technology, can theoretically create flu-like symptoms in people, did somebody in government purposely blame the original cause of the deaths in Wuhan CHINA on a biological contagion -- when in fact, man-made electromagnetic radiation energy -- together with other toxic materials, somehow killed the victims?

What corporate government entity in charge of global security -- with access to unlimited money from Zionist bankers, would want world governments to initiate a costly war aganist a "deadly virus" in the name of "public safety"? Who has benefited from all wars in the past 200+ years -- and is financially involved in all DEEP STATE gang activities in every country?

This new research information begs the question regarding the subjects of AGENDA 21 and the GLOBAL ELITE club -- are there really sick people trying to make other people sick on purpose?

Add to this new research the idea that, although the SES is a subject associated with US POLITICS -- there also exist a corporate global entity known as the "Society of European Satellites" network -- or SES, that is pushing the 5G network around the globe. One wonders if there is a political link between the two groups of people...

UPDATE 3/2020: Many independent social media researchers on the INTERNET believe that the Cronavirus "PLANdemic event" is part of a DEEP STATE gang's plan to take down President Donald Trump by destroying the economy.

By using fear of catching a contagious deadly virus with a scary clinical name such as "Covid-19", the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang -- which still controls the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and the World Health Organization of the UN, the whole event is perhaps the last real gasp by those who where planning a Zionistic NEW WORLD ORDER utopian society under COMMUNISM one day.

By the way -- other names of the Cronavirus have been used lately -- such as the Wuhan Virus, the Chinese Virus, the Covid-1984 Virus, the Rona virus, the CCP Virus -- and jokingly, the "Kung Flu" virus. The CCP Virus name is being use by some politicians and news services to blame the virus outbreak on the "China Communist Party" because the government of CHINA did not governed properly to stop it early before it became a pandemic.

However, as we will learn overtime, the whole pandemic is a FALSE FLAG event designed by the Zionist to usher a "Global Reset" -- where the UN AGENDA 21 could give more control to the GLOBAL ELITE club.

In any event, the DEEP STATE gang biggest tool in their toolbox, is the power of fear -- and they are using it to push panic on a global scale so that they can continue to control GEOPOLITICS.

UPDATE 4/2020: It is hoped that by about Easter the Cronavirus "PLANdemic event" will have reached its peak -- and if it does, it seems that the DEEP STATE gang will have lost its last big attempt to really crash the global markets with the fearful "lock-down" events which has crippled the economy.

However, according to Brian at his HighImpactVlogs YOUTUBE channel, because President Donald Trump is still pushing big CORPORATION projects like 5G and group vaccinations -- and has just signed a 6+ Trillion dollar deal with the globalist ROTHSCHILD FAMILY controlled FEDERAL RESERVE, the DEEP STATE gang and ZIONISM is not going away yet in this global war for our minds.

President Donald Trump also recently took away Amazon's Jedi cloud service for US Military data and gave it to Microsoft and its Azur secret cloud service -- which has many technological ties to Israel's Zionistic government run by Benjamin Netanyahu -- who has said that Israel is the "second eye" of the "five eyes" associated with the "Western Allies" group of NEW WORLD ORDER leaders.

Speaking of Benjamin Netanyahu, he is a member of the Zoinist Likud party and has been quoted as saying the following statement in 2005 to a group of Israelis: "Once we squeeze all we can of the United States, it can dry up and blow away".

Perhaps Donald Trump will shake off the clinging political DEEP STATE swamp creatures that keep climing on him -- particularly since he was president.

Because it is believed that Donald Trump owes political favors to certain Zionist bankers -- like Goldman Sachs, for bailing him out on one of his failing gambling casinos some years ago -- and he is known to have in the past, as well as currently perform for certain Zionist causes, one wonders if he is playing games with the enemy -- or he's being played by the enemy as a tool for their causes.

In any case, perhaps the DEEP STATE gang will die soon and WESTERN CIVILIZATION will free itself of the hex placed on it long ago.

UPDATE 5/7/2020: The DOJ has finally dropped the case against General Michael Flynn -- which should help further expose how the DEEP STATE gang tried to overthrow President Donald Trump early in 2017 with the bogus RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE scandal. Further justice in the matter is expected very soon.

General Michael Flynn -- by the way, some believe he was on the verge of discovering all the nefarious DEEP STATE gang activities under OBAMA's control early on in the Trump's Administration -- so it was imperative for the DEEP STATE gang to "take him out" with the "Crossfire Hurricane Operation" as soon as possible -- however it took over three years before the truth exonerated him.

UPDATE 5/6/2020: Posted on May 6, 2020 by State of the Nation website is an article which suggest the idea that members of the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang are plotting to mandate a COVID-19 vaccine as a part of the "FUNVAX Program". This plot exposes a shocking Satanic conspiracy to chemically kill "the God Gene" within humans. The following excerpt from the article explains the program:

>>> In 2005, a highly classified presentation was given to DoD officials and military brass at the Pentagon about the top-secret FunVax Program.


There are at least 3 essential takeaways from that extremely revealing and radioactive presentation made by an experienced bioweapon scientist who appeared to be the point man for the FunVax project. As follows:

(1) The U.S. Military biological weapons program has been creating a vaccine that is specifically formulated to immunize targeted individuals and populations against the expression of the God gene, also known as vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2). The suppression of VMAT2 has been a primary goal of US biological weapon laboratories for decades with the ostensible purpose of neutralizing terrorists who act on their religious fanaticism. However, the real goal is to inoculate people the world over against the inclination toward spiritual pursuits and/or mystical experiences. Some deep insiders have even surmised that the real purpose of the FunVax is to permanently stunt soul development.

(2) The most practical form that a VMAT2 vaccination program can take in light of the necessity for extreme secrecy is a respiratory virus, which could be covertly released throughout any city or nation or region of the world. This would eliminate the problem posed by those societies that are averse to vaccinations administered by injection. Religious cultures, in general, are increasingly fearful of the true intention behind immunization shots. Many folks have not only experienced and/or witnessed adverse vaccine side effects, they are also rightly skeptical of their efficacy.

(3) The proposed FunVax vaccine would be aerosolized in a manner similar to the systematic, wide area and indiscriminate spraying of chemtrails over the unsuspecting population below. Because the U.S. Armed Forces have forever denied the existence of chemtrails, most citizenries have been conditioned to falsely believe they are contrails. In this way, aerosolized vaccines can be furtively administered to the citizenry of any nation that illicitly permits chemical geoengineering operations.

~~~ End of EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ~~~ <<<

If the State of the Nation website article has any aspect of truth to it, it would explain just how diabolical and desparate the Satanic Godless Communist are in destroying WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

UPDATE 6/2020: Trying to put a finger on who exactly is controlling the DEEP STATE gang is not easy -- however, the history of the Pilgrim Society -- and their "communitarian philosophy" reveals a group of people that could explain all kinds of bad behavior by bad people. For example, according to research by the American Intelligence Media website, activities of the Pilgrim Society and the City of London can be traced to the following people and causes:

* Financed the American International CORPORATION support for the Bolshevik Revolution by giving funds to Lenin and Trosky;
* Financed George Peabody and J.P. Morgan that helped the FEDERAL RESERVE become a reality;
* Financed the Zionist State of Israel;

And just who is known globally as bankers of finance? Is the Zionistic ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel involved with the Pilgrims Society? Are both related to the Marxist MASONS?

The Oligarchs that control the Pilgrim Society -- and other nefarious DEEP STATE gang entities, should be worried by now that their worldly Zionistic schemes to control and manipulate everything important throughout history have been exposed -- therefore, they should start repenting or "go away forever" for the sake of humanity.

UPDATE 6/20/2020: It has been learned that the DEEP STATE gang aquired the power to subvert the US CONSTITUTION back in 2001 when they influenced the US Congress to pass the "Emergency Health Powers Act" after the 9/11 event -- which gave "Emergency Powers" to state govenors to implement "medical lock-down laws" in the wake of a short-lived bio-weapon event -- where a government employee used military-grade anthrax material in a "letter-bomb".

We need to repeal this little known "Emergency Health Powers Act" -- together with the Patriot Act, asap -- before they can be used again to destroy our essential liberties and livelihoods by tyrant governmental lawmakers.

The USA also needs to repeal any former deals with the Zionistic UN that undermines our sovereignty. If we don't take these actions now, the day will come when the "blue helmets" will be patrolling our streets one day -- like Henry Kissinger once proposed in solving the riots in Los Angelos long ago.

In fact, if there was ever a Mr. DEEP STATE gang member himself, it would be Henry Kissinger. On April 3, 2020 -- within the WSJ, CFR member Henry Kissinger wrote an article entitled "The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order" -- where he suggest: "We need to vaccinate large populations", "we need to change into a new digital currency", "that the vrus situation be used to implement final stages of the new world order" -- and that the US must embrace the "liberal world order".

So, Henry Kissinger -- like Billy Gates, wants the world vaccinated, and like the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel, he wants a new global digital currency -- and like other GLOBAL ELITE club members, he wants a NEW WORLD ORDER & global government.

We should never forget that Henry Kissinger was once quoted as saying: "Depopulation should be the highest priority of foriegn policy toward the third world". Henry Kissinger also has been quoted in an article from the 1960's as saying: "The greatest way to get rid of overpopulation is to inject people with contaminated medication".

Here are some other quotes by Henry Kissinger that shows how he thinks:

>>> "Who controls the food supply controls the people: Who controls the energy can control whole continents: Who controls money can control the world."
"The elderly are useless eaters"
"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy"
"The issues are too important to be left for the voters"
"What we in America call terrorist are really groups of people that reject the international system"
"It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true" <<<

It is believed by many that if the DEEP STATE gang fails to achieve their goals of the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 -- or is discovered before the event works out, they will release a real deadly contagion -- just to cover their tracks -- or out of spite to kill the "useless eaters" who, in their minds, are destroying the world.

UPDATE 10/15/2020: According to a now sometimes banned YOUTUBE video documentary called "ShadowGate" by journalist Millie Weaver, the DEEP STATE gang players that have -- and still do, in some way, "shadow the US government" -- include many groups and programs within the Global Intelligence community -- such as the following entites:

* Global Strategies Group;
* Shadownet;
* Clearforce:
* CGI -- or Canadian Global Information;
* TAC -- or The Analysis CORPORATION;
* CrowdStrike;
* WIKISTRAT Crowdsource Consulting;
* PSY Group:
* Momentum Inc.:
* Jones Group International:
* McChrystal Group:
* Stanley Inc.;

And of course the "ShadowGate" video mentions the usual suspects in global intelligence services -- like the CIA, FBI, NSA, GCHQ, MI5, MI6, German Intelligence, the "Five Eye's", UN's Interpol -- but, for some reason, NOT Mossad of Israel. In fact, the video never mentions Mossad in any way -- however, it does mention that blackmailing politicans is one of the ways to control them. And it is believed by many that Mossad and Jeffery Epstien were partners in blackmailing people for reasons related to political power.

Anyway -- these global intelligence services use surveilance programs like PRISM and other online ways to spy on people -- particularly with help from the big tech programs of Silicon Valley -- like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Millie Weaver also names some names behind the ShadowGate video -- such as the following people:

* Former CIA director and CEO of the CGI and TAC -- John Brennan;
* Former General -- James Jones -- who was also former chairman of Atlantic Council, NSA under OBAMA, -- and his son Jim Jones:
* CrowdStrike director -- Dmitri Alperovich from the Atlanatic Council -- and former chief of cyber forensics at the FBI -- Shawn Henry;
* Clearforce director -- Michael Hayden -- former NSA director under Clinton and CIA under Bush -- and Jim Jones Jr. -- son James Jones;
* Former chief of special operations DOD -- McChrystal Group -- Stanley McChrystal;

Essentually, the ShadowGate video is a summation a lot of information that is known by many political researchers about how the DEEP STATE gang works in manipulating government services for political gain. It reveals stories about how a swampy group of private contractors -- related to the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, were hired by government officials -- related to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, to frame the Trump Adminstration with crimes that never happened -- such as the Russia Collusion investagation and the Impeachment Hearings.

The video also explains how these private contractors provided witnesses for the Impeachment Hearings and administrative support services to the DOJ during the Muller Investigation -- and still are behind the funding of FAKE NEWS -- used by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob CORPORATIONs to undermind RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE values within the US. Moreover, the video shows how private information from US government collection agencies is diverted to these contractors by special "spying programs" and sold commercialy to the highest bidder -- including governments and CORPORATIONs based outside the US.

Of the many interesting aspects of the video is how the DEEP STATE gang uses IIA -- or Interactive Internet Activities programs to influence people to decide on important choices in life -- such as political choices. For example, the "shadow government" can choose certain jurors for important court cases -- and "stack the deck" in favor of a particular court verdict -- which can manipulate justice in nefarious ways.

For those who want to see the ShadowGate video -- there are many ways to find it on the INTERNET without using Google's YOUTUBE video service -- who have censored it because the video represents "hate speech" to the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL editors of the service.

Speaking of the INTERNET, the DEEP STATE gang is dying -- because the INTERNET is destroying their monopoly of controlling information that they have built and controlled across the world for over a century. And they know it -- so they are throwing every tool in their fear box at us to destroy the world as we know it. It's not that they are trying to take over the world -- they did that over a century ago, the real story is they are loosing control of the world.

However, they have not loss full control yet. The DEEP STATE gang still have assets -- they still have programmed agents in position that can cause great discord in global governments and public places. When a person can be arrested for not wearing a mask in public -- the DEEP STATE gang is behind the event.

UPDATE 10/25/2020: Good news -- according to the American Intelligence Media website, President Donald Trump -- by Executive Order, has modified the SES "shadow government" to include a "Section F" category -- where he can now move SES employes to a position so he can now "fire them" for "misbehaving". This action should help remove the nefarious and treasonous activity created by a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL government program established during the Carter Administration back in the late 1970's -- which has allowed foreign control of the US government using money to "buy officals" sympathetic to SOCALISM.

UPDATE: 11/7/2020: According to several conservative websites -- such as "The American Report", "Zero Hedge" and "Gateway Pundent", the following information is why the Presidential Election of 2020 was allowed to unfold the way it has because it was an opportunity to catch the operatives behind the DEEP STATE gang's cheating scam to steal the election.

Apparently, two computer programs -- known as "Hammer" and "Scorecard" have been used by the DEEP STATE gang to hack the Presidential Election of 2020.

“Hammer” is a counter-intelligence surveillance program that employs a "super-computer system" developed by the military and is used to spy on activities on protected networks -- like voting machines, without detection. While “Scorecard” is a vote-manipulation hacking application program -- developed by a cyber warfare expert named Dennis Montgomery and the the CIA, that changes votes during transfer. It’s the least detectable form of election manipulation because it works during data transfer between voting stations and data storage hubs. Unless both sides are looking for irregularities, it’s impossible to catch. If nefarious forces had people on one side or the other -- or both, during data transfer, it cannot be exposed.

“Scorecard” allows its users to change voting outcomes by hacking into the transfer points between local reporting stations and state or national data centers. According to retired Lt. Gen. McInerney -- who once held a top military position under the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the United States, the "Scorecard" application program uses a small amount of data transfer, under 3%, to keep it from triggering any alarms. The program is apparently capable of "tampering with the computers at the transfer points" within state election systems and outside third party data vaults as votes are being transfered. By using a "prismatic scoring algorithm" that connects with Secritary of State sites -- known as SOS sites, at state capitals to report votes, it judges how many votes need to be added to effect the outcome of the election contest.

Moreover, third party programs linked to "Scorecard" include such programs as the "Dominion Suite" program, "VR Systems" and "Imagecast" -- which can now be associated with the effort by the DEEP STATE gang to steal the 2020 Presidential Election event.

For example, in Michigan it was revealed that the Dominion Suite program -- which is used in almost 30 states -- including every single one of the "swing states" critical to the 2020 Election, flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. The Dominion Suite program is also linked to a 2014 $2.25M joint project with the CLINTON FOUNDATION called the "DELIAN Project" -- which has links to George Soros and his "Open Society Foundation" gang. There are also ownership links of the Dominion Suite program to other major DEMOCRATIC PARTY politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein.

Furthermore, a private company known as "Clarity Elections" -- which processes votes from the "Central Counting" site, from which Dominon, Smartmatic, Diebold and other third party voting data services of the "Election Management System" feeds data to public media sites, apparently has a "live back door" access way of using "the cloud" in the INTERNET, to employ a "vote switching" process between candidates -- that can effect the outcome of who wins the election. By the way, "Clarity Elections" of Tampa Florida, is owned by a CORPORATION known as "SCYTL" -- which is based in Barcelona Spain with servers in Frankfurt Germany.

Why is so much election data used in US Election events controlled by COROPORATIONs based outside the USA? Who set this arrangement up -- and how long has it been going on? And anyone using Twitter that repeats these views are censored for "spreading conspiracy theories".

Also, some believe that the "Hammer and Scorecard" programs were used in the 2012 Presidential Elections by the DEEP STATE gang -- but, for some reason, failed in the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Perhaps it helped Hillary Clinton in the popular vote count but, again, failed to manage the Electoral College results in the contest for reasons unknown at this time.

In any case -- it seems that the Trump Administration was aware of these weaponized cyber warfare computer programs and was expecting the DEEP STATE gang to use them during the 2020 Election -- so that certain incriminating evidence could be collected from election computers and be shown to the Supreme Court during a contested election event. In other words, a theory exist in that the Trump Administration used the 2020 Election event as a set up in a "sting operation" to catch the DEEP STATE gang cheating "big time".

More to the point, further evidence of "Government Malfeasance" -- tied to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, is now being exposed to the public via the INTERNET by way of many conservative websites. From "sharpie markers" given out at Arizona voting stations that don't record votes on ballots -- and "dead people" always voting for Democratic candidates -- to a sneaky 4 AM delivery event of tens of thousands of voting ballots in Michigan that favor only the Democratic candidate -- Joe Biden, the public will learn and see many more "smoking gun" events as evidence of voter fraud by the DEEP STATE gang's involvement in stealing the 2020 Presidential Election.

We should never forget what the tyrannical dictator of the Soviet Union -- Joseph Stalin once said: "I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how, but what is extraordinary important is this -- who will count the votes, and how".

It has come down to the fact that voter fraud is a major factor in the 2020 Presidential Election -- and because of this, using software for elections is a grave error. If we want a honest and reliable count, paper ballots filled in under proper supervision at a polling place after an ID check are relatively secure and can be recounted.

And in the case of the 2020 Presidential Election in the USA, it is US against THEM -- or, in other words, the United States against "THE Media".

The DEEP STATE gang is now using "THE Media" -- also known as the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, to announce to the world that President Donald Trump has lost the election -- but, like the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE, the "Stormy Daniels" fiasco and the Ukraine "quid-pro-quo" Impeachment attempt by Nancy Pelosi, they should lose again.

UPDATE 11/20/2020: According to "field reporter" George Webb, the 2020 US Election has been compromised by state actors located outside the USA. Apparently, the "Dominion Suite" election machines and the "Scorecard" related software -- which uses older "Smartmatic" program code to link to the "Hammer" program -- or "super-computer system", to processes US election votes, is capable of live linking to computer servers located outside the US via "the cloud" and the INTERNET.

Moreover, there seems to be some confusion -- perhaps on purpose, as to where these computer servers that contain US election votes are located. Some sources suggest they are located in Frankfurt Germany -- while other sources suggest they are -- or where, in Venezuela. George Webb believes they may be located in Belgrade Serbia because he looks at the meta data code and sees information that shows the Serbian address.

In any case, there is more and more evidence pouring in every day since the 2020 Election that the DEEP STATE gang -- and their Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob helpers, are gaslighting the public into believing Joe Biden is the President Elect of the United States.

UPDATE 11/22/2020: The following information was taken from the INTERNET regarding some of the latest developments of the 2020 Election:

"The Privy Council's Malloch Brown is the Chairman of the Board of SGO Corporation Limited whose primary asset is Smartmatic, the machines rigged to steal the US election... GCHQ helped spy on the President of the United States in conjunction with other Commonwealth Nation's intelligence apparatus and through "former" spook Christopher Steele created that BS "Russia dossier" to try and overthrow the President of the United States... That ****bird PM Johnson publicly slapped the President of the United States by calling him "the man who used to be President" despite absolutely knowing Brown's connection to Smartmatic and its role in the attempted steal of the US election."

UPDATE 11/25/2020: President Donald Trump has pardon General Michael Flynn from the fake charges placed on him by the FBI. Perhaps he can now help fight the DEEP STATE gang with help from his attorney Sidney Powell -- who, by the way, is launching a major legal case against the activity of the DEEP STATE gang that is attempting to steal the 2020 Presidential Election. Sidney Powell -- and other investigators working the case, believe they have found major election fraud all over the country that suggest President Donald Trump may have actually won by almost 400 Electroial Votes -- which would make an historic US landslide.

UPDATE 11/27/2020: Some reports from the INTERNET suggest that the DEEP STATE gang controls the auditing process of the 2020 Election by using programs called "Voting Works" and "ARLO" -- which were developed by the CDT -- or the "Center for Democracy & Tectnology" CORPORATIONs to analize mail-in ballots. These programs and CORPORATIONs work with the Department of Homeland Security -- or DHS, to accomplish the auditing process.

UPDATE 12/14/2020: New technical evidence has surfaced as to how the DEEP STATE DEMOCRATIC PARTY has cheated in stealing votes from President Donald Trump during the 2020 Presidential Election. Notwithstanding the many conventional ways of cheating -- such as ballot-stuffing, ballot harvesting, early mail-in tricks, dead voters allways voting for DEMOCRATIC PARTY candidates, dual state voting tricks, non-citizen voting, double voting, illegally blocking observers from watching the talley process -- and many other ways that involve voter fraud schemes, the following trick was uncovered during a forensic examination of a Dominion voting machine in a Michigan county -- which is the same kind of voting machine used in hundreds of counties across the USA.

The voting machine in question was designed to fail over 68% of the time in that it could not properly read the vote markings -- so that the ballot would need "adjudication" -- or "manual judgment" by an operator, who then could "change the vote" from one candidate to another. In other words, more than half of the time, anybody's vote could be changed by a staff operator -- or perhaps even a automatic computer code algorithm, which opens up the possibility of voter fraud on a massive scale. And this trick is just one of many softwear swindling techniques that are suspected in the Dominion voting machines. There are perhaps many more softwear or hardwear tricks yet to be discovered by investigators if more examinations of the voting machines were made.

President Donald Trump has made it clear that his 2018 Executive Order regarding anybody interferring with US elections, will be punished severely. It seems that because there are so many DEEP STATE gang cheaters involved in voter fraud -- he may have to resort to the Insurrection Act of 1807 to deploy the U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States to arrest them all. Apparently the FBI and the DOJ have been compromised by the DEEP STATE gang -- they seem helpless in solving the problem of massive voter fraud scam in the 2020 Election.

UPDATE 12/18/2020: An investigative report was due on the 18th by the Director of National Intelligence -- John Ratcliffe, that was to expose several DEEP STATE gang operatives behind the massive voter fraud scam of the 2020 Election, but apparently DEEP STATE gang members within the "Intelligence Community" has not agreed to implicate itself in the investigation with its links to Marxist CHINA -- who are part of the fraud scam.

Moreover, it seems that the DEEP STATE gang -- which includes the CIA and Mossad operatives, is using a "hacking event" of the "Orion Platform" and the "Solar-Winds" cloud based security systems of US government departments to interfere with the investigation. This "hacking event" is designed to "compromise the integrity of major US governmental communications" -- and blame the event on the "Russians" -- when, in fact, Marxist CHINA operatives are the ones who would benefit from such a hack.

UPDATE 12/23/2020: According to retired US Army Officer -- Jeffery Prather, when OBAMA became the US President, he hired over eight thousand Senior Executive Services -- or SES, personel -- so that the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEEP STATE gang could control government policy and act like a "shadow government" within the USA. The SES effectively became a "socialist army" within many governmental departments of the USA. The following list of SES member count can be found in Jeffery Prather's 12/22/2020 YOUTUBE video:

86 Department of Education
115 Department of Housing & Urban Development
182 Department of the Air Force
200 Department of Labor
204 Department of State
231 Department of Transportation
258 Department of Interior
261 Department of Army
326 Department of Navy
357 Department of Veteran Affairs
361 Department of Agriculture
425 Department of Commerce
458 Department of Treasury
468 Department of Health & Human Services
478 Department of Defense
490 Department of Energy
638 Department of Homeland Security
821 Department of Justice
And about 1,796 other SES members can be found within various other US government agencies -- including the FBI.

As one can imagine, this many "civil service" people in government that are apparently controlled by the "CIA based Intelligence Community of Washington D.C." -- and can't legally be fired by the US President, is why the DEEP STATE gang is what it is -- a deep sore in government which needs to be drained and removed for the sake of the Republic.

UPDATE 1/7/2021: During the "Stop The Steal" demostration event on January 6th at the US Capital Building, there exist several videos on the INTERNET that shows four chartered buses -- escorted by two black SUV's and police cars, arriving around 2 PM near the west side of the building just before a breach in the security perimeter -- which allowed unlawful access into the building. Apparently, as part of a diabolical plan to blame President Donald Trump supporters -- which were peacefully demonstrating outside the US Capital building, a group of ANTIFA and BLM rioters -- disguised as "Trump supporters", invaded the building and left a pathway for the demonstrators to follow them. The demonstrators -- also known as "Patriots", were very anxious to demonstrate against how the DEMOCRATIC PARTY stole the 2020 Presidential Election. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY and other Communist sympathizers -- who use gangs like ANTIFA and Blackkk Lives Matter to "do the dirty work" their leaders want, need to be exposed to how evil they are -- but the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob never, never exposes them because their LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL owners are evil themselves.

The whole incident -- which included a deadly shooting of an unarmed protester by a Capitol police officer inside the building, resulted in a different mood during the voting contest that ended later in the evening in "certifying" the Electoral College count as presented by the States -- including the contested States that were "stolen" by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Also, while the FALSE FLAG distraction event was happening at the US Capitol building, a more important story was being told on the INTERNET that gives major ammo to the election fraud case regarding the 2020 US Presidentual Election event.

According to "Nations In Action" organization -- which works with the "Institute For Good Government" group, a sworn affidavit has surfaced from an Italian court case involving a person who worked for the Italian Military that states he participated in a secret operation to change the election votes in the USA by using the "Leonardo Satellite" program service.

Moreover, the story which implicates a Vatican controlled satellite -- with links to NATO government services, is major evidence of foreign interference in the US Elections -- which allows President Donald Trump to implement action against the DEEP STATE gang players -- particularly the CIA -- who was participating in the transfer of voter information from the USA to CIA servers in Frankfurt Germany during the election.

Furthermore, according to the American Intelligence Media website, any satellite service involving NATO -- or any other digital security communication satellite service of that nature, would involve the Zionistic British Pilgrims Society -- who operate out of the Pirbright "Space Port" near London, and who also control the global security services of SERCO and QuintiQ.

Unfortunately, this story is being lost in the FALSE FLAG distraction event that happened at the US Capitol building. And of course, the CIA Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob does not want the public learning about this important piece of the election fraud puzzle story -- they are too busy redirecting the news cycle away from it and showing how bad the "Trump rioters destroyed the US Capital buliding".

The CIA Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- who works in concert with the "sillycon media overlords" in California, is also censoring all consevatives on their communication applications -- knowing that the truth behind the story will destroy their monopoly on information.

So, what happens now? Is the DEEP STATE gang going to get away with their diabolical plan to overthrow Donald Trump? Or will something else happen to save the USA from the evils of COMMUNISM?

Patriots across the world who want to see some serious justice are tired of living on "hopium" -- they want more than hope -- we, the people, want action. Perhaps when many of the big DEEP STATE gang and DEMOCRATIC PARTY leaders arrive at Joe Biden's "virtual inauguration" on the 1/20/2021, we will see if the US military will answer to President Donald Trump -- or to the DEEP STATE gang.

UPDATE 1/13/2021: According to several INTERNET "truther" websites, the Insurrection Act of 1807 is underway and President Donald Trump is apparently under no obligation at this time in making the act known to the public because it could change the dynamics of arresting the seditious DEEP STATE actors involved in the foreign involvement of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Apparently, in order for the US military -- who answer to the Commander-In-Chief -- which is the President of the United States of America, to initiate action in arresting "the bad guys" across the nation and overseas, "the bad guys" have to be caught in possession of the "stolen goods" inside the house. And in this case, the "stolen goods" is based on the solid evidence -- as presented in a Military Court of Law, that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and their Communistic sympathizers -- including the CEO's of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- who have censored many conservative voices on the INTERNET since the election.

President Donald Trump needed to take this action at the last days of his first administration in order to find out who is with him and who are the seditious actors behind the attempted overthrow of the USA.

What the DEEP STATE gang has done to corrupt our world is criminal -- and should be charged in civilian or military court as a criminal enterprise.

Of all the political things that have happened lately -- particularly since the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020, the following simplistic statements can be made to better understand how the DEEP STATE gang has tried to turn WESTERN CIVILIZATION into dystopian nightmare:

* COVID-19 is not killing people -- weak immune systems and bad doctors are;
* The COVID-19 PCR test are rigged;
* The COVID-19 death count is false;
* Face Mask are useless -- and in fact, are unhealthy;
* Vaccines are poison;
* Hand sanitizers are toxic;
* The mainstream news media and government health officials are lying;

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the GLOBAL ELITE club -- which is sympathetic to the COMMUNIST PARTY and other evil entities who want to control the world, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

UPDATE 4/5/2021: The DEEP STATE gang is hard at work creating new worries for the global population. There are videos going around on the INTERNET that show the probe devices of some Covid-19 test swab tips are made of glass-like fibers which could be part of a delivery system of something nefarious into the human body. Moreover, other videos show a major recall of millions of mask that contain dangerous nano-fibers which have made wearers sick. Furthermore, there are similar videos that reveal very tiny black worm-like "fibers" on mask -- perhaps related to dangerious "Moregellon Fibers" or "Graphine Oxide" particles, which react to either nearby electrostatic electricity signals or somekind of frequency activity -- and may contain harmful chemistry at nano scale values.

It is interesting to note that farmers have been vaccinating for years some of their bovine livestock with nasal swabs. Does the DEEP STATE gang consider us as their livestock that they own -- and are "tagging us" with Covid-19 vaccinations for population control?

UPDATE 5/1/2021: Reports are floating around the INTERNET that unvaccinated people are now perhaps getting symptoms of bruising and sores from vaccinated people who are "shedding" their mRNA "spiked protiens" which are made by their bodies after being infected by the "gene therapy shot".

Moreover, many now believe that the recent spike in death counts in the country of India are not the result of a "new mutation of the COVID-19 virus" -- known as the "Delta variant", but because of the result of the vaccinated people succumbing to the poisons within the vaccine. So, perhaps, just as Henery Kissinger once suggested many years ago in his diabolical quest to lower the "global overpopulation problem", a planned pandemic situation of "contaminated medicine" should be used to poison the "useless eaters".

Such a diabolical suggestion is too unbelievable for most to accept -- but here we are...

UPDATE 7/18/2021: Reports are surfacing on the INTERNET about a spyware program -- known since August 2016 called "Pagasus", can be found on both the Apple IOS and Google's Android smart phone operating systems -- which allows hackers to spy on user's activity without detection. Apparently, a Zionistic DEEP STATE gang related company -- based in Israel -- known as the "NSO Group", has been selling software to the "highest bidder" that allows spying entities to read private messages between targeted smart phone users for some time. Both Apple and Google have said the spying problem has been corrected -- but, what information was stolen before they found out?

UPDATE 2/5/2022: Based on the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion website, evidence is being complied and presented in an open online forum against the people involved in Crimes Against Humanity. Referred to by some as Nuremburg 2.0, this proceeding will reveal to the world most all the crimes commited by people and organizations involved in the COVI-19 PLANdemic scam event currently underway across the world. Current topics include: The general historical and geopolitical backdrop behind the crimes, the PCR test, Injections, Financial Destruction and Eugenics.

UPDATE 2/28/2022: The country of Russia has taken the opportunity to police the country of Ukraine because Ukraine's current leaders -- which were installed by the nefarious political activity of George Soros and his NAZI links to the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang in 2013, were going to invite NATO to install nuclear and biological weapons on their border. In addition, the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob is currently using propaganda to portray the Russians as the invading aggressor -- while ignoring the fact that the corrupt GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang -- which have ancient links to the Khazarian Mafia of the area, have been "poking the Russian Bear" since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Moreover, the Khazarian Mafia of the Ukraine area -- who seem to have historical and political links to the lost Jewish kingdom of Khazaria, have apparently been involved in many evil political activities throughout history -- such as the Marxist-Zionistic Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and the Sabbatean Jacob Frank Cult of Frankism of the late seventh century. Furthermore, the nearby former Soviet Union state of Kazakhstan had a capital city named Astana -- now called Nur-Sultan, where many political writers seem to believe the headquarters of the NEW WORLD ORDER Illuminati gang in Asia exist because of the many strange Masonic-like buildings located there.

UPDATE 5/16/2022: The Azov/Nazi gang surrendered to the Russians in Mariupol on the northern shores of the Sea of Azov. Some believe that the Azov/Nazi gang was part of the DEEP STATE gang within NATO and other "western nations" linked to the CIA, the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY of the USA -- which have political and monetary links to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel -- who would financially benefit from a war event between global superpowers of the USA and Russia.

UPDATE 6/2022: A major gas pipeline between RUSSIA and Germany -- known as "NorthStream 2", was destroyed by what some believe were DEEP STATE gang agents related to NATO because the POLITICS of the event suggest it. Based on the idea that both Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden said "If RUSSIA invades Ukraine, the NorthStream 2 Gas Pipeline from RUSSIA would be stopped".

UPDATE 7/2022: Australian journalist Julian Assange -- which was jailed in 2010 by the DEEP STATE gang because they wanted to "send a message" to all journalist that if you reveal their crimes, you will be punished by the government, may be extradited to the US soon.

UPDATE 9/2022: Edward Snowden -- which was helped by Julian Assange in his 2013 escape to Russia from Hong Kong -- has now been given Russian citizenship. Julian Assange is responsible for releasing "Vault 7" -- which was a collection of miltary secrets of the DEEP STATE gang. The following partial list is what the DEEP STATE gang did not want the public to know -- but now knows -- thanks to the truth services of the INTERNET:

* Hillary Clinton's Emails
* The CIA's secret ability to hack moving vehicles -- including aircraft, and crash them.
* The CIA's secret ability to listen to private conversations through their TELEVISION microphone.
* The CIA's secret ability to impersonate online foriegn state actors.
* The CIA's secret ability to bypass encrypted software at the hardware level by tracking keystrokes on the keyboard.

UPDATE 2/2023: According to a 1/6/23 video document entitled "The New Constitution - Living with War Crimes" by Sasha Latypova, Katherine Watt, Julie Collens and others, the US Department of Health and Human Services needs to be abolished as soon as possible because it has been given unlawful and unelective authority over US Citizens. The documentary states that a serious and dangerous conspiracy exist between the FDA, HHS and the DOD to harm US Citizens with the bio-weapon project known as COVID-19. Under the guise of a "prototype vaccine countermeasure testing event" the DEEP STATE gang is guilty of systemic Military Medical Martial Law atrocities.

Using the "Other Transaction Authority" program -- established by the US Congress and the OBAMA Administration in 2015, the OTA program pretended to authorize the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Health & Human Services to contract with pay criminal private CORPORATIONs to illeagally produce illeagal weapons. Based on the 21st Century 2014 Cures Act, the DOD produced a "prototype bio-weapon" batch of "vaccines" that was the toxic "countermeasures" to the planned "COVID-19 virus" from CHINA.

UPDATE 2/2023: According to a famous article from Pulitzer Prize-winning U.S. reporter Seymour Hersh, a NATO military exercise in June 2022 planted explosives in the water that remotely blew up the NorthStream 2 Gas Pipeline from RUSSIA to Germany three months later in September.

Also, in early Feburary of 2023, a train derailment near the Ohio town of Palestine caused the government to "burn off" -- into the air, thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals in order to prevent "a dangerous explosion" that could pollute the upper Ohio river basin. Ironically, a strange comedy program shown on Netflix also told a story about a train derailment accident that caused a toxic event at the same place a year earlier.

So, was the event planned by the DEEP STATE gang to create a situation where the federal government could condemn a major farming area in America's heartland due to the toxins released from the "accident"? Would the DEEP STATE gang within the US government create a fearful event -- whether really dangerous or not, to kill innocent people or their livelihoods?

If the DEEP STATE gang wants to create as much chaos as possible -- so that the global banksters can make money building it all back better again and have more control over people, the trainwreck in Palestine Ohio would be the kind of toxic event they would do.

UPDATE 8/2023: A massive devastating fire event -- fueled by powerful 60 mph winds, burnt down much of the Island town of Lahaina in Maui Hawaii on 8/8/2023. The exact cause of the event is unknown at this time as of late August -- however, the event seems to be the result of one the three following situations.

#1: An accident.
#2: An accident made much worse by incompetent government officials dealing with it.
#3: Not an accident -- but a planned event.

If #3 was the cause of the event, then many conspiracy theories -- based on facts, could explain why the event was so unusually devastating.

Because the DEEP STATE gang has conspired to create so many devilish scams over the years that includes killing innocent people in their way, it seems plausible they are the people who planned the event.

If the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang wanted to turn the town of Lahaina into a "15 minute smart city", they could have planned to use nature's winds to fuel a man made fire upwind from the event and "let it burn" downwind untill the place was destroyed. Then, after the disaster, the place becomes an example of how they plan to "Build it Back Better" as a "15 minute smart city".

The many people that are still missing after the disaster -- particularly many children, is a sign that the event is related to the nefarious activities of the GLOBAL ELITE club and their DEEP STATE gang army.

UPDATE 8/27/2023: According to several YOUTUBE and other INTERNET video channels -- such as ReallyGraceful, HusleBitch, Brush Junkie, and Hawaii Real Estate, the following characters are major players in the Lahaina fire disaster.

#1: Democratic Governor of Hawaii -- Josh Green (His last name gives their plan away), has been seen on video saying the words "Build Back Better" -- and blaming the disaster in Lahaina on CLIMATE CHANGE. His actions suggest he is working with the GLOBAL ELITE club's plan to turn the historic island town into a "15 minute smart city" project.

Moreover, Josh Green was at a recent UN conference explaining how the State of Hawaii plans to team up with Israel to make Hawaii friendly to "sustainable development" projects. He also told the public during a recent press conference not to follow social media sites except his for current information on the disaster -- and that he "is already thinking about how the State can acquire that land".

#2: Lahaina's Chief of Police & Coroner -- John Pelletier, is the same Police Chief Officer from the infamous Las Vegas shooting event of 2017 -- which was the largest mass murder event in US history. What are the odds that the same Chief of Police -- who oversaw the largest mass murder event in US history, is the same Chief of Police overseeing the largest fire disaster in US history?

#3: Lahaina's Mayor just signed into law in June -- two months before the disaster, that gives the ability of the mayor to void any previous legal control over historical land laws in case of a major emergency. This new law now gives him the legal power to manage the ownership and sale of historical property to "land developers" of his choosing -- which would allow for a new "15 minute smart city" on historical land.

#4: Lahaina's Head of Emergency Officer -- Herman Andaya, has already resigned. Many believe he resigned because he failed to sound the city's Alarm Sirens -- which are used during monthly Tsunami warnings test, because he assumed people would hear the sirens and "head uphill toward and into where the fire was burning".

As it turns out, the Alarm Sirens are supposed to be used to warn people of any emergency -- including dangerous wild fire events.

There also exist the idea believed by some that the DEEP STATE gang could have used some sort of new secret "heat-beam device" -- known as a DEW, or "Direct Energy Weapon", to direct very high heat energy at targets from high above -- either to start or "fry" certain objects within the Lahaina area.

Now, it may seem impossible for some to believe that such a powerful weapon device could exist -- and that anybody would ever be so evil to use it, but it is interesting to learn that certain "blue objects" within the burned area somehow survived the fire. This unusual phenomenon is believed to be based on the idea that a DEW device -- placed high above the target area somehow, can't burn the color of blue as easy as other color objects for some reason.

Also interesting is a video of the late Senator from Hawaii -- Daniel Hiouye, once saying that a "shadowy government" exist in the US and was known to have it's own airforce and navy.

So, did the DEEP STATE gang destroy Lahaina so that the GLOBAL ELITE club could "Build it Back Better"? Or was the whole nightmare event just an horrible accident made worse because of government ineptitude?

UPDATE 8/28/2023: More research into the devastating Lahaina Fire event has revealed some interesting information regarding DEW technology and why it could have been used to target certain objects within the burn site area.

Because there exist evidence of very high temperatures melting metal in and on cars located in areas where no significant combination of fuel or oxygen could explain why the melting occured, the idea that some sort of "heat-beam weapon" device -- perhaps based on invisible electromagnetic energy, was "cast from above" the Lahaina site area somehow.

Some have speculated that such a DEW device could have been "space-based" or even an high altitude flying aircraft, but perhaps a more plausible site where such weapon could have been placed is on the nearby mountain side area -- overlooking the entire Lahaina area, near a site known as the "Lahaina L".

Easily seen in the Google Earth program, the "Lahaina L" site is where a large "L" can be found built into the nearby mountainside. It apparently represents the first letter in the name "Lahaina" -- and can be seen clearly from the town of Lahaina at almost two miles distant.

What is interesting is that very near the "Lahaina L" site are places where a portable DEW device could have been stationed to beam out some sort of heat energy across the entire area of Lahaina.

So, as the theory goes, the DEEP STATE gang placed a crew at the site and directed the fire into the town of Lahaina. Once a major fire started it would create it's own wind storm heat event beyond any natural weather event. The DEW device would beam amplified electromagnetic energy down into the fire area and heat the metallic material within the fire area by "vibrating and fusing metallic objects" also located within the fire area -- thus making the whole fire event much hotter than a normal fire event.

In other words, much like a microwave oven can create hot sparks if something metallic is place in the target area, a new military DEW device -- place on a nearby hill overlooking the Lahaina fire area, could have beamed amplified electric microwave energy into the fire area where metallic objects -- like cars and even the hanging metallic power line grid network that contained "transformer bombs", and cause them to "short circit" -- resulting in the man made murderous disaster.

Similar to a stick poking a campfire to give more oxygen to the burning fuel, the DEW device could have "stirred" the fire by beaming amplified electric microwave energy into metallic objects -- which would radiate heat outward and cause nearby non-metallic objects to burn or melt.

It is assumed that understanding the exotic technology behind creating such a serious DEW device is far beyond the average person or even scientist to figure out -- however, according to several INTERNET videos -- such as a video found at EyesIsWatchin Podcast #109, it is not hard to create a simple DEW device from the power componets of a home microwave oven. The video shows how the magnetron from a microwave oven can be modified with a metallic lens -- made out of a simple metal can, and be used to beam invisible electromagnetic energy a few feet to explode and destroy nearby cell phones sitting on a table. The video also shows how the home-made DEW device can be aimed at the video camera and "blur the image" from over ten feet away.

With the billions of taxpayers dollars the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX has to explore and develope portable DEW devices, it is not impossible to believe that military grade DEW devices exist -- and could be in the hands of evil people.

By the way, regarding invisible man-made electric energy waves, it should be known that the main difference between 4G and 5G telecommunication technology is that 4G "broadcast" energy signal waves to a target, whereas 5G "beams" energy signal waves to a target. In other words, by arranging the antenna design in a "phased array" fasion, 5G transmitters can use "beam forming" wireless energy signals to a target much further and more precise than 4G "broadcast" antennas.

Because the anomalous behavior of the Lahaina Fire event also shares similar aspects found in the other recent "suburban home fire events" in California and elseware, there seems to be a growing pattern of evidence which would support the idea that somebody -- or some group of evil people, has the power to melt metal from a considerable distance.

Although it is believed that, if given enough oxygen from strong winds during a fire event, temperatures of certain objects can reach high enough -- like that of a furnace or blowtorch, to melt metal and glass, the anomalous behavior of the Lahaina Fire event can not explain why normal flammable objects adjacent to melted metal objects exist. In other words, because the Lahaina Fire event shows examples of melted metal objects very near to non-melted objects that should have melted -- or at least burned from the heat energy, it seems that evidence of some sort of DEW device exist.

Perhaps the DEEP STATE gang is trying to clear the area out so that the GLOBAL ELITE club can build their new "club house" in the area. Perhaps because their ideas of building their utopias in Israel or Ukraine are failing -- they are now planning to build a new place in Hawaii as a home to retire to. Is their plan being exposed by INTERNET bloggers? Can we stop them in time?

Why would the Zionist GLOBAL ELITE club choose Lahaina to build their utopian "15 minute smart city"? Is it because Lahaina was once the capital of an Imperial British Colony -- created when Cecil Rhodes & company -- based within the City of London, was creating countries around the world as CORPORATIONs?

More to the point, the historical roots of the DEEP STATE gang -- and the GLOBAL ELITE club that hire them to do their dirty work, can be traced to the war-mongering people behind Colonial Imperialism -- particularly British Colonial Imperialism. And the latest version of British Colonial Imperialism is based on ZIONISM -- which, in fact, has also been the same political conquering force behind the military aspirations of the "Manifest Destiny" program of the USA.

Apparently, the political utopian cult of ZIONISM has infected all the former British Crown colonial governments around the "western" world -- including the USA, with the Imperial mindset of conquering and controlling the lives of people in their way. The Imperial idea of using slaves to build utopias around the world is an evil way of governance -- and it needs to stop.

These war-mongering greedy animals, pretending to be humans, have used their political and finacial powers to influence and control CORPORATIONs disguised as countries far to long.

UPDATE 9/2/2023: Security forces in and around Lahaina Hawaii are now enforcing a paremeter wall around the city to keep US citizens from accessing the place without special permission from the government. This situation is because of a new "Emergency Proclamation Law" -- created by people claiming to be government officals, so that the place can safely recover from the disaster.

This new "Emergency Proclamation Law" also makes it illegal for unauthorize US citizens to freely use "flying cameras" over the area to observe the recovery process. Apparently, one can even be arrested for just taking pictures of the burned site area from a distance by "security officers" patrolling the parameter. Is the government trying to hide evidence of a major crime and gaslighting the public into believing their security actions are just for safety reasons?

It seems that the government -- who are in bed with the CORPORATIONs in charge of the "rebuilding process", will proclaim the area "unsafe" untill the Insurance CORPORATIONs have figured out who historically owns the property in the area.

Speaking of CORPORATIONs who are involved in the Lahaina Fire event, it is intersting to note that the owners and directors of CORPORATIONs like BlackRock and Vangard, will. in some way, play a major role in the "rebuilding process". This is why many believe that a major "land grab" is taking place -- which is also part of a major "wealth transfer" event planned by the greedy people of the GLOBAL ELITE club.

Some believe that because the Insurance CORPORATIONs will claim the disaster was an "Act of GOD" -- which could trigger a clause in their contracts that would make them not responsible for payment to the landowners who lost everything. If that situation unfolds, then the government will step in and pay all the cost of the disaster out of taxpayers funds. What a diabolical scam if this is the case.

In the meantime, the government and the security CORPORATIONs get paid for securing the site from "unauthorize people" like curious US citizens who want to know what really happend in Lahaina on Augest 8, 2023. The disaster in Lahaina is the new 9/11 of our times.

The people of the world need to realize that most all security CORPORATIONs -- particularly those that look like the police or military, answer to the DEEP STATE gang -- who, inturn, answer to the powerful and greedy GLOBAL ELITE club.

When unelective private CORPORATIONs control elective governments, the result leads to pure FASCISM. And like British Colonial Imperialism, this way of governance needs to stop.

UPDATE 1/2024: According to the "The Free People's Movement" YOUTUBE channel, the active history of the DEEP STATE gang can be traced to the European Wallenburg and the Warberg families that used certain economic and technological warfare tricks to manipulate governments even before WW2. A series of videos from their YOUTUBE channel explains that because certain Zionist elements of the Wallenberg and Warberg families are linked to secret spy programs used by intelligence agencies working within "neutral countries" -- like Sweden and Switzerland, during WW2 and the COLD WAR, the historical and technological roots of DEEP STATE gang have been exposed on the INTERNET to anyone willing to see.

Very interesting spy stories of "back door" warfare tricks that include the origins of the MI6, CIA, NSA, MOSSAD and their encryption equipment from certain CORPORATIONs -- such as Ericsson, explain how the DEEP STATE has been able to secretly control global governments since before WW2.

Are these stories true -- or are they a distraction from who is really behind the DEEP STATE gang? In any case, they are interesting and worth viewing to students who are curious about GEOPOLITICS and the DEEP STATE gang.

Basically, the Zionistic DEEP STATE gang is a nefarious global network of greedy people that have a political dark state of mind -- and acting as a criminal enterprize, they use unelective governmental security and intelligence agencies around the world as an illegal shadow branch of government to politically control our lives toward SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM.


DEMOCRACY: Not to be confused with the political DEMOCRATIC PARTY, the term DEMOCRACY is a political system of government that is founded on the voting concept of "majority rule" in which the citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives from among themselves to form a governing body that decides all other rules.

The primary rule of this political system of government is that whomsoever wins a voting contest between rival candidates must win by greater than half of the votes -- thus majority vote wins the "rule of the people".

A very important aspect of a true DEMOCRACY is the concept of an open party system and not a monopoly party system of political government.

By having an open party system, a country has greater political choices in improving itself, while a monopoly party system -- like in COMMUNISM, works more like "mob rule" and restricts open political debate in managing the government.

It is believed that Plato first mentioned the concept behind DEMOCRACY when he described that the "Ten Kings of Atlantis" -- known as the "Atlanteans", would meet together at the city of Atlantis during a unique ceremony event every other 4th and 5th year to "pass judgement on each other".

Plato is quoted as saying: "the king should have no power over the life of any of his kinsmen, save with the approval of more than half of the ten".

So -- according to Plato, because DEMOCRACY is based on a voting contest -- when "more than half of the ten" concept wins the contest, the mythical maritime kingdom of Atlantis was the first government to employ the democratic voting contest concept in WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

Basically, in a political voting contest, DEMOCRACY represents the will of the majority in deciding the needs of the people -- as opposed to the wants of the minority of the people.


DEMOCRATIC PARTY: The DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- formally known as the Democratic National Committee or DNC, is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States -- the other is the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Founded in 1828 by Andrew Jackson -- who was identified with the image of a stubborn jackass that was used as a mascot of the party, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY was created to counter the aristocratic forces of the Whig Party who controlled much of the eastern states of the US at the time.

Using Andrew Jackson as a heroic leader from the new western territories where he won "The Battle of New Orleans" against an incompetent British General, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY was a "stubborn force" in the US political scene for over a century -- and, unfortunately, still is.

The DEMOCRATIC PARTY turned to SOCIALISM during WW1 and WW2 -- and has entertained COMMUNISM ever since.

And speaking of COMMUNISM, there is a story how the Communist Trotskyites -- and their Trotskyism values, infiltrated the ranks of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY after WW2 with a plan to implement a socialistic one world government under COMMUNISM through the powers of the UN.

Once supporters of the Ku Klux Klan or KKK, and government segregation policies in the US south, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY carries a lot of bad historical baggage.

Regarding the KKK, there exist a story about how the Masonic Confederate military leader -- Albert Pike, made Democratic President Johnson a 32 Degree MASON after the president pardonded him for political activity during the US Civil War. Moreover, John Wilkes Booth -- the assassin of President Abraham Lincon, was also a Masonic Democrat.

It is interesting to note, that both President Lincon and President Kennedy were assassinated shortly after they issued orders to print government currency -- known as "green backs", that challenged the financial control of the USA by the private ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel.

Today, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and the House Democratic caucus is composed mostly of LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL persons with socialistic values. The party believes that a welfare state will solve many social and economic issues of the poor -- and also wants more government regulation in the economy.

By introducing more social programs, more support for labor unions, more affordable college tuition, and more government FIAT MONEY for universal HEALTH CARE, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY wants more SOCIALISM -- which is actually a stepping stone to a one world government system that is COMMUNISIM.

Perhaps the only one good subject the DEMOCRATIC PARTY was once known for in pursuing was the subject of regional environmental protection from corporate polluters who continue to destroy our atmosphere and watersheds with their toxic waste products.

Although the Republican president Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency -- or EPA, back in 1970, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, with a few exceptions, was known to favor local environmental protection regulations over the years since then.

However, in the last three decades or so, instead of pursuing real regional environmental pollution issues at hand -- such as stopping toxic man-made chemical poisons from entering our downstream aquatic environment from global CORPORATIONs that is affecting our health and wellbeing, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY has chosen to redirect their local efforts and progressively push the false argument of GLOBAL WARMING -- or the newer term of CLIMATE CHANGE. Because the DEMOCRATIC PARTY has chosen to push scary global arguments based on false futuristic models that blame human overpopulation as the main cause of most all global pollution, they have lost the confidence of the local general public in this regard.

Actually, the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club has basically controlled both US political parties since the early 1980's under a name now referred to by many as "The Uniparty" -- because both US political parties seem to be united in many NEW WORLD ORDER goals. And these same LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people are also involved with the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob who control the propaganda stories that comes out of the brainwashing TELEVISION machine in our living rooms.

After loosing the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY tried to stop president Donald Trump from holding office by using the FBI, DOJ and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to undermine his leadership.

The whole RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE -- created by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, was designed to distract the public from the nefarious activity of the party and their ties to the DEEP STATE gang .

Perhaps the real reason why the DEMOCRATIC PARTY dislikes RUSSIA so much is because the Russian citizens have experienced the pitfalls of COMMUNISM and wants nothing to do with that system of government anymore -- thus, the party wants to "punish" all things RUSSIA for rejecting COMMUNISM.

For more information about the nefarious activities of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, check out Dinesh D'Souza's Youtube Channel and his latest movie "Death of a Nation" documentary.

Also check out the 2/1/2019 YOUTUBE channel DECLASSIFIED story regarding how a political party based on SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM called "Our Revolution" is taking control of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- a very scary story it is.

It is an interesting coincidence that the capital letter "D" within a circle on a blue background is the logo of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- and that the origin of the capital Latin letter "D" is based on the concept of "dividing a circle" symbol -- which implies the idea of "division" -- or to "drive apart" -- like a "delta wedge" icon.

And that is what the DEMOCRATIC PARTY has been politically doing every since it was created long ago -- to divide the USA with racial ideology -- so that they can progressively conquer and control our future. The presidental election event of 2020 should expose their absolute contempt and hatred of not only the USA -- but also WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

UPDATE 9/28/2019: The DEMOCRATIC PARTY within the House of Representatives has lanched an formal Impeachment Inquirery on President Donald Trump in an attempt to hide, distract and cover up the corruption of the OBAMA administration's involvement in Ukraine's POLITICS.

The Impeachment effort is based on a recent CIA "whistleblower" interpretation of a phone call between President Donald Trump and the new president of the Ukraine -- wherein Trump asked for help in uncovering the nefarious activities involving how a company called "CrowdStrike" -- which had computer information located in the Ukraine, was involved in the "hacking of the DNC servers back in 2016".

But as it turned out, a video exist which shows the real guilty party in a foreign political manipulation event was former US Vice-President Joe Biden that once bragged about withholding a Billion dollar US loan guarantee to the Ukraine at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting if the Ukraine government did not fire their lead state prosecutor who was investigating his son's dealings with a major energy company -- known as Burisma, in the country.

The video is evidence that Joe Biden unlawfully manipulated a foriegn country for nepotism reasons -- and suggest major political favors can be bought -- much like the CLINTON FOUNDATION has done for over two decades. So, has the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob mentioned this video in their news cycle? No, because it would destroy their bias narative in making old Joe as a good guy that should be president.

Moreover, new stories have appeared recently involving Nancy Pelosi's son who also was apparently getting some kind of "money deal" from the "Ukraine Project" that included US taxpayer's funds. If true, then the US public needs to know how the leaders of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY get rich way beyond their government salaries.

The hypocritical activity within the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is really criminal -- and all voting citizens should never forget that concept when they go to the poles to choose a candidate.

The DEMOCRATIC PARTY's latest attempt to impeach and remove what they consider an "illegitimate president" is yet another lame effort to distract the public with false attention stories and regain control over the government of the USA so they can continue their LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL values that destroy human freedom.

UPDATE 3/22/2020: It has been discovered that Nancy Pelosi and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY tried to sneak into an emergency Covid-19 Relief Bill program hidden language on how the FEDERAL RESERVE -- which is controlled by the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel, would use a "Digital Dollar" concept to pay up to 1.8 Billion US Dollars to "qualified individuals" -- including non US citizens.

Because it is well known that the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel have been trying to make all their central banks they control around the globe -- including the USA, use a digital currency system, perhaps one of the main reasons that the scary Covid-19 PLANdemic scam event was created by the GLOBAL ELITE club was to force the USA to abandon the handling of "dirty money" -- and use a NEW WORLD ORDER Currency digital system of debt payment.

It should be remembered that, although there already exist a digital system of identifying money transactions between people using banks, many LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL socialist want to digitally link all monitary transactions between people to a personal identification databank -- so they can have complete control over our lives.

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE gang -- which is sympathetic to the COMMUNIST PARTY and other evil entities who want to control the world, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

UPDATE 5/17/2022: Dinesh D'Souza's documentary film "2000 Mules" was released in theators that shows evidence that the gang behind the DEMOCRATIC PARTY army cheated in the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION -- but the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob completely ignores the story because it exposes the criminal enterprize behind the stolen election.

UPDATE 3/2023: The DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- and their minons who support them, have been caught manipulating the crypto FTX scam, the Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank scams -- without the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA Mob hardly mentioning the situations. BTW -- it has been reported on several ALT-RIGHT media INTERNET platforms that the Silicon Valley Bank gave $73 Million to Black Lives Matter -- and that Signature Bank also gave $850,000 to BLM.

Moreover, the crypto FTX scam has been partly exposed as a tricky way to "launder support funds" for the "Ukraine problem" back to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY as donations. How many millions FTX gave Black Lives Matter is still not known, but why would any institution give anything to such a racist entity -- unless they want them as an army to destroy properties that belong to RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE groups.

Basically, the Zionistic DEMOCRATIC PARTY is a progressive socialist army of criminals that -- with help from the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, have become "useful idiots" in a psychological war against personal liberty and freedom -- therefore, party members -- who truely value liberty and freedom, should consider the abandonment of "the donkey party" and either join the REPUBLICAN PARTY -- or become independent thinkers to protect the US from the evils of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM.


DRAIN THE SWAMP: DRAIN THE SWAMP is an allegorical term which has been used primarily by US politicians to describe the act of getting rid of the political pollution in government.

The term alludes to the historical draining of swamps to keep mosquito populations low to combat malaria. In this case, the "swamp" is a sewer with all the blood-sucking political creatures and corporate lobby groups of the DEEP STATE gang that have infested the area in and around the Beltway of Washington D.C. since the Democratic Carter Administration.

As it turns out, much of the DEEP STATE gang has recently been discovered by certain investigative reporters as a little known bureaucratic group of influential "civil service" officials working within the US federal government and corporate entities under the name of the SES -- or the Senior Executive Service.

The SES was created in 1979 as a "government within our government" that was supposed to "spread leadership experience" throughout the many intelligence services of the US government -- but has, in fact, created an unaccountable political force within government that is beholden to a gang of about 500 bureaucratic attorneys connected to the Department of Justice.

Because the republican candidate Donald Trump promised to DRAIN THE SWAMP and "Make America Great Again" -- also known as MAGA, he should remove or at least defund the entire SES program -- which would drain the swamp creature politicians that thrive on pure bureaucratic SOCIALISM.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump and his Administration are consistently being attacked by political FAKE NEWS stories created by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- who apparently favor the socialistic policies and seditious activities of the DEEP STATE gang .

More to the point, members of the GLOBAL ELITE club -- who currently own the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, have more than double-down in their efforts to undermine President Trump since the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION because they have been caught cheating in helping the losing socialist candidate Hillary Clinton.

The swamp creatures are also trying to cover up their past misdirected efforts of influencing the public by placing layers of false stories -- like the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE, in the "news que" timeline.

In early 2019, a "government shutdown" event took place because the DEMOCRATIC PARTY would not agree to President Donald Trump's demand for Congressional government funding to build a "security wall" on the southern border of the US.

However, the event seem to help DRAIN THE SWAMP of unnecessary bureaucratic governmental employees -- which were the bulk of "swamp creatures" occupying the Washington D.C swamp -- therefore, the longer the "government shutdown" existed -- the leaner and more effecient the government became.

UPDATE 3/2020: According to several political researchers in the "truth community", it is hoped that the current "Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020" may be a cover story to "clear the battlefield" by restricting human movement so that the military authorities of not just the USA -- and other national governments, can arrest many of the GLOBAL ELITE club members who have been involved in nefarious activities -- such as child sex trafficking.

If true and successful, then perhaps "the swampy sewer of bad people" that has controlled the GEOPOLITICS of WESTERN CIVILIZATION for over a hundred years will be gone from the political scene -- and the world should be a better place.

However, any major activity directed by the DEEP STATE gang -- who still control many aspects of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, should be carefully checked by the "truth community" for reasons related to justice and liberty.

UPDATE 4/2020: Recent investigative research has uncovered information about a book published in 2005 by Harvey F. Barnard entitled "Draining the Swamp" where a story about the National Economical Security And Reformation Act -- or NESARA, was possibly refered to in another book published in 2011 by David E. Robinson entitled "NESARA 1" outlined a law designed to reform national government by removing the FED and IRS.

Much like the original Biblical Jubilee event -- where all land debts were forgiven for past mistakes every seven years, the ongoing NESARA project is based on forgiving debts and correcting past mistakes.

According to the book description in Robinson's work: "Long before NESARA, a project was born to restore the United States of America to its original Constitution of the Republic, and to remove the structure of the Corporate United States -- which was created in 1872. This project began in the early 1950's and involved intelligent and patriotic minds of both civilian and military background".

Apparently, other people have attempted to make the NESARA project into a global project and modifying it to the GESARA -- or Global Economical Security And Reformation Act. Also, some have changed the wording of the term "Security" in the name into the word "Stabilization" -- perhaps to suggest less of a military security aspect of the project -- and more of a "stable approach" in reforming government into a more simplistic institution.

It seems that so much misinformation has been piled onto the NESARA and GESARA projects by DEEP STATE gang players, the public have been distracted by the good values they represent -- however, because of the political war between the globalist and the nationalist currently taking place, great care should be taken in interpreting the geopolitical values between who ultimately controls national governments throughout the world.

The data at one of the NESARA websites states that the act was supposed to have been announced at 10 AM on 9/11/2001 -- but that the events of 9/11 stopped it.

Some of the abjectives of a modified NESARA program not yet voted on are as follows:

* Forgive all public and private debts due to illegal banking and government activities of the past;
* Abolish the Personal Income Tax and replace it with a flat 10% sales tax on new items -- not including food, medicine and used items;
* Abolish the IRS and the FED -- with employees of the IRS being transfered into the US Treasury national sales tax area;
* Return Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters;
* Create new US Treasury currency backed by certain valuable commodities and services -- including measurable Monatomic Gold;
* Intiate a new US Treasury Banking System in alignment with Constitutional Law and financial privacy protection;
* Retrain and certify all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law;
* Double the monthly benefits to senior citizens via Social Security.

The idea of a national, state, county or city government, that is a fraction in size of what they are today is a great idea because it represents less government control of our lives. The idea of a global government -- small or large, is appalling because it will eventually lead to a totalitarian system of government.

Imagine a world with no central banks legally tied to government tax collection agencies.

Imagine a global monetary reset situation that would void all past government loans to and from international banks -- where debts to existing political systems are set to zero values -- and the real value of currency is based on a spectrum of valuable commodites and services -- including perhaps something measurably healthy and nutritious -- such as Momatomic Gold.

Unlike uneatable solid metallic Gold bullion material, Momatomic Gold -- which can be packaged by plants -- such as some cocao or carob plants that give eatable beans that were once traded as durable currency many many years ago, could be used as a value price point in the true value of money.

By the way, Monatomic Gold -- also known as "ormus", is believed to be a type of gold that when digested properly at the right amount, increases the electrical conductivity within the body and helps improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the user. Gold, by the way, is an element known for its durability, conductivity and maleability -- and, in theory, very little is needed for each user over a dietary period of use.

In other words, Monatomic Gold or "nutritional gold" could be used as a base-line elemental material to help give value to a new US currency note system. Whenever the currency note is "cashed in" or redeemed at a "US food bank" facility, the user could recieve a payment of the "nutritional gold" by weight to be used as food. And the really good news is that very little metallic gold from all the gold bullion deposit at US Federal storage sites could be used as "collateral material" to back a new US currency note system.

And although some believe in the conspiracy theory that the gold bullion stored at Ft. Knox Kentucky may not actually exist because no real audit of the place has proven it to exist -- and that the gold was probably stolen some time ago by nefarious actors tied to the DEEP STATE gang, the idea that other storage sites of US gold bullion may still exist hidden elsewhere, could still support the concept of a new US currency note system backed by gold bullion deposits.

Imagine if a National Stabilization And Reformation Act was passed as a bill in all countries around the world that would limit government authority to never achieve overreaching political powers to enslave people with unnecessary laws -- and that control of public information like it is today was abandoned -- the world would be a better place.

If the nasty political human swamp creatures in government around the world could be drained properly, perhaps a beautiful meadow and garden of good honest elected leaders would appear -- and with knowledge regarding the limited governmental control of the people, these new leaders -- with term limits to limit human greedy activities, could help make our future a place where we all would want to live.

UPDATE 10/2020: According to the Crowhouse channel on Bitchute video service, GESARA or the Global Economical Security And Reformation Act, could actually be part of the GLOBAL ELITE club's plan to take control of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel system of FIAT MONEY and usry fees under the guise of creating a "fair ledger system" of global banking based on bock-chain technology.

However, because members of the GLOBAL ELITE club are directly connected to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel system, GESARA would be nothing less than giving more control to the club of wealthy oligarchs -- who want to control all monitary transactions between people electronically. In other words, GESARA is a BS scam story by the GLOBAL ELITE club to aquire more control of the world's economy because they could -- and would, hack the transaction system to control the electronic interface between people.

So, let's not let the GLOBAL ELITE club -- and their "Great Reset" project, hijack the NESARA program using their GESARA program. Each nation will have to implement their own NESARA program -- and not be part of any global NEW WORLD ORDER project to create a "new international monetary system" based on a digital ID credit scoring value system of their choice.

Any new attempt to standardize the value of money across the globe -- like what GESARA suggest, will lead to a political system of controlling people unfairly -- and like the current money system, will fail. Let true CAPITALISM -- and the free markets of trading commodities, decide what is a fair trade system between nations. Let's not give anymore monetary control of our lives to some group of unelected political bureaucrats that are owned by the GLOBAL ELITE club.

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE gang -- which is sympathetic to the COMMUNIST PARTY and other evil entities who want to control the world, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

Basically, the DRAIN THE SWAMP event will, in due time, be seen by political historians as the "Second American Revolution" to rid the US FEDERAL REPUBLIC of foreign and "DEMOCRATIC PARTY" traitors.


EMP: First discovered during a high altitude nuclear explosion test in 1962 named Starfish Prime near Johnson Island in the Pacific, a unexpected phenomenal event appeared wherein a burst of electromagnetic energy -- known as an EMP event or Electro-Magnetic Pulse was created and damaged electronic circuits nearly a thousand miles away in nearby Hawaii.

As a byproduct of a nuclear explosion, an EMP event will pulse through the nearby environment and, depending on the scale of the explosion, can fuse together sensitive electronic devices within and near the explosion area -- resulting in the destruction of unshielded electronic devices.

An EMP is also associated with lighting strikes -- in that sensitive electronic devices within and near the strike zone can fail because of the pulse disrupting the electrical system.

In 2009, a fictional book called "One Second After" by American writer William R. Forstchen, describes an EMP attack on the US and other countries that kills the electric grid across the blast areas.

The story is based on the idea that three rockets with powerful nuclear EMP devices are lanched from offshore container ships and explode high in the atmosphere -- which, in theory, is capable of destroying the modern electric way of life we have come to base our lives on -- and that many people would find themselves living in a new stone age overnight.

Although the book is fictional, it describes how dependent modern society is on electric energy and that countries like Communist CHINA and NORTH KOREA may be capable of destroying WESTERN CIVILIZATION using EMP weapons.

Because our modern age depends on so many electronic devices, a targeted EMP event could cause immeasurable damage to modern society.

In a 1958 US military high altitude nuclear bomb test -- using a baloon, it was learned that the power of an EMP explosion is almost a thousand times stronger than at sea level.

UPDATE 2/5/2023: Many US citizens were concerned about a "high altitude balloon" from CHINA that was shot down by a US Military jet off of the coast of South Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean -- after traveling across the US, could either be a spying machine or some sort of a "test run" of a cheap EMP weapon. In any case, CHINA has been forwarned by the US not to let a similar event happen again.

When anybody who presents a scenario about how "the end is near" -- it's important to balance that information with the view where we should be careful of how their theories may have political aspects in controlling us with fear. In other words, there is nothing wrong with being prepared for the worst event -- but balance that view with time spent enjoying the hear and now.

Basically, a very large EMP event can change life as we know it -- and those not prepared for it will suffer greatly.


EU: As of 2018, the European Union -- or EU, is not a new European country created in the last several decades like many believe -- but is rather a political and economic union of 28 nations now refered to as "member states" that are located primarily in Europe.

The EU has an area of approximately 1.7 million sq mi, and an estimated population of over 510 million. It has developed an internal single market through a standardized system of laws that apply in all member states.

The aim of EU policies is to standardize the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital within the internal market -- and to maintain common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries, and regional development. The Maastricht Treaty established the European Union in 1993 after the end of the COLD WAR and introduced the concept of European citizenship.

A monetary union was established in 1999 and came into full force in 2002, when euro banknotes and coins replaced national currencies in 12 of the member states. Since then, the "eurozone" has increased and the euro currency -- with help from the usury banking system of the Zionistic ROTHSCHILD FAMILY, and the FIAT monetary scheme of SOCIALISM, has become the second largest reserve currency in the world.

The official seat of the European Parliament of the EU is located in the city of Strasbourg, France -- however, a majority of the Parliament's work is now based in Brussels, Belgium. Today, the principal building of the EU Parliament in Strasbourg is the Louise Weiss building -- which was inaugurated in 1999, and the design resembles a mixture of an ancient Roman Coliseum and the infamous "Tower of Babel" as painted in 1563 by the famous Vienna artist Pieter Brueghel the Elder.

The EU maintains permanent diplomatic missions throughout the world and represents itself as a union of nation states at the United Nations. The flag of the EU was actally created in 1955 and has 12 pentagram gold stars in a circle on a blue background. It is unclear as to what exactly what the number 12 represents in the EU flag design -- so perhaps the stars have many meanings.

Since 1993, the leaders of the EU has succeeded in creating a "Super Nation of States" out of many smaller European area nations by using socialistic tactics to undermined the traditional nationalistic identities of said nations -- in other words, most of the countries or nations of what was regional Europe that once had independent national government systems, have been "taken over" by the EU to "standardize" the area under SOCIALISM.

While no member state has left the EU as of 2018, the United Kingdom enacted the "British exit" action -- or "Brexit", which was the result of a membership referendum in June 2016 and is currently negotiating its withdrawal. Apparently, the majority UK voters believe the EU policies regarding immigration policies was undermining the security of the nation -- so, the Brexit vote took place.

UPDATE 1/20: The UK has left the EU and is now again a sovereign nation again.

It remains unclear to date as to whether other "nation states" of the EU will withdraw because of the "no borders" immigration policies of the EU government.

Perhaps because Europe has suffered greatly under FASCISM in the past, some believe that SOCIALISM will prevent that type of government from ever happening again -- however, because SOCIALISM ultimately leads to COMMUNISM over time -- with Fascist rulers like the USSR did, the EU government should reconsider some of their Zionistic political policies regarding members rights to control their borders from unregulated mass immigration events from outside the EU into the EU area.

Its one thing to allow free movement of EU citizens between member states -- but the idea that member states are forced by law to allow immigrants from outside the borders of the EU, is not fair to some member states who want to control their borders from unruly migrants with no apparent intention to assimilate.

It is interesting to note that the last leader of the USSR -- Mikhail Gorbachev, was quoted as saying: "The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to recreate the Soviet Union in Western Europe".

Because the leadership of the EU is not a democratically elected entity -- it seems that the nation states it claims to represent, will never fully support the union as a total governing authority -- therefore, the governing powers of the EU should be limited -- and not the force the POLITICS of SOCIALISM onto its member nation states.

Basically, the EU is an economical union of sovereign nation states -- and should not use Zionistic NEW WORLD ORDER concepts to undermine the freedom of member states who want to democratically choose their unique identity as a nation.


FAKE NEWS: The term "FAKE NEWS" is false or useless news event stories designed to distract the public from real serious news.

Made popular by Donald Trump during the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION regarding the activities of CNN and other Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob services, FAKE NEWS -- such as the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE, is not only not the truth, it is a distraction from other important political news stories that should be investigated.

According to a July 2013 Foreign Policy report, a special amendment under the National Defense Authorization Act -- costing some two billion dollars, allows government funding for FAKE NEWS within the US Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob arena.

The special amendment was approved by the Obama administration after repealing and effectively nullifying a “propaganda ban” created in 1948 -- known as the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids propaganda information aimed at influencing US public opion. Programming -- including propaganda stories, created before 2013 by the Broadcasting Board of Governors and distributed via outlets like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty could only be listened to or watched in foreign countries.

However -- according to VOA News, the funding effort was apparently reintroduced in November 2016 -- just days after POTUS Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton, that introduced by executive order a law provision included in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017 for two years of programming at a cost of $160 million.

So, in effect, taxpayers have been legally paying the US Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob companies for FAKE NEWS stories regarding the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE because some in the CIA deemed President Donald Trump was a working agent for a foreign country. In other words, Obama and other believers in SOCIALISM used thier political powers -- at taxpayers expense, to undermined President Donald Trump and remove him from office with propaganda stories -- otherwise known as FAKE NEWS. Dirty POLITICS seems to have no boundaries...

Basically, FAKE NEWS stories are created by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL groups who control the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to misdirect public attention away from serious news stories that would harm or embarass the political efforts of SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM.


FALSE FLAG: The term "FALSE FLAG" has its historical origins in naval warfare where flying a false flag to deceive the enemy before battle was acceptible practice -- however, flying a false flag during battle with the enemy is treachery.

A FALSE FLAG event in today's world implies a covert operation that is designed to deceive and appear as though the event is being carried out by groups other than those who actually planned and executed the event.

A good example of a FALSE FLAG event can be found in the 1964 story of how NEOCON members in the US created a fake attack on US military ships in the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident" to significantly escalate the war in Vietnam.

And some evidence exist that the 9/11 event was also a FALSE FLAG event created by NEOCON DEEP STATE gang members in the US and other countries to start GULF WAR 2.

Because the 9/11 event was a real FALSE FLAG event, the idea that similar nefarious activity by the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang members -- who planned and paid for it, would also be involved in many other horrible events -- like mass shootings that have appeared in the news over last few decades -- so that gun control laws would be created and give more governmental control to the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people who follow SOCIALISM.

Basically, a FALSE FLAG is a horrific, staged event -- blamed on a political enemy, and used as a pretext to start a war or enact Draconian Laws in the name of National Security.


FASCISM: FASCISM is a radical authoritarian state system of dictatorial government that uses forcible suppression of opposition to politically control industry and commerce.

In other words, FASCISM exist when a political dictator of a country uses governmental state power to enforce unfair laws created by private entities -- such as oligarchial controlled CORPORATIONs, or a corrupt political gang -- such as the COMMUNIST PARTY.

During WW2, the dictorial governments of Germany and Italy were known examples of how FASCISM works within countries ruled by oligarchial controlled CORPORATIONs -- while the dictatorial government of the USSR was how it worked within Communist countries.

More to the point -- FASCISM is when unelected private families that own CORPORATIONs control government officials within a country -- whereas, COMMUNISM is when unelected government officals control private families that own CORPORATIONs within a country.

Because the face of FASCISM relies heavily on a tyrannical dictator image to "charm" followers into submission, the dictator gets to dictate as long as they can without any real voting contest ending their role in government.

Of all the many political problems FASCISM can bring upon a country, perhaps the most notable problem is when the dictator dies or loses political power, the government loses control of how to manage the country -- and political stability is lost -- which results in government failure and chaos.

Countries with a chaotic government are not a good place to live or work in.

There exist today a radical hateful gang of persons called "Antifa" -- which is suppose to mean "anti-fascist", but are in fact, actually involved in promoting violent FASCISM activity themselves.

Based on a violent Communist gang that existed in the 1930's that fought against the National Socialist Party in Germany, the Antifa gang still uses almost the same logo design as the original gang.

UPDATE 11/2020: It has become apparent that because of the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020, FASCISM has become very popular for many new tyranical LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL government leaders across the world who have used the event to impose new draconian medical laws to control citizens in the name of "public safety". These new laws have nothing to do with "public safety" -- but are used to cause fear in the minds of the citizens so that they will obey controlling orders from the "experts" in government.

However, when the public wakes up to the tyranical medical scam that is the Covid-19 event, these new Fascist government leaders will loose their power and their lives will disappear in the uprising. As quoted by the Libertarian Larken Rose -- the following statement speaks the truth:

"When enough people understand reality, tyrants can be literally be ignored out of existance".

So, FASCISM is a form of ultra nationalist authoritarian governance. It is known for the violent suppression of all types of dissidents and it's strict societal control using dictatorial powers. A Fascist can be identified as a power hungary selfish person who dislikes people who can not be easily controlled.

Basically, the worst form of government is SOCIALISM that is working toward COMMUNISM someday and is ruled by a family of fascist dictators who use fear and charisma as a political spell to enslave the people to do unnatural things for the sake of the state.


FBI: The Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI, is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States. It is the principal federal law enforcement agency and operates under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Justice.

The FBI is also a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community and reports to both the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence.

A leading U.S. counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal investigative organization, the FBI has jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal crimes. The Central Intelligence Agency -- or CIA, is supposed to work outside the US while the FBI works inside -- but both agencies can and do work wherever the task takes them.

Late in 2017, records revealed that FBI Agent Peter Strzok advised then FBI Director James Comey in early 2016 to changed the Hillary Clinton Email investigation description from ‘Grossly Negligent’ to ‘Extremely Careless’ -- which suggest the FBI was used as a political tool by the DEEP STATE gang to help Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Moreover, awareness that the political influence of the DEEP STATE gang on US federal intelligence agencies seems greater since the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION because new media options on the Internet is making the public question the motives of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and their LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL leaders.

As of early 2018, the public discovery that some top leaders at the FBI -- and some former agent leaders of other federal law enforcement agencies -- including the Department Of Justice and the CIA, have been recently exposed as illegally politicizing their agencies to favor the Zionistic DEMOCRATIC PARTY political candidate over the REPUBLICAN PARTY candidate.

Also recently discovered -- yet known for over a year by some conservative groups, is the idea that a "covert coup" or "a take over the government" activity event was attempted by certain rogue government agents connected to the Zionistic DEEP STATE gang to overthrow President Trump -- which implies the view there exist nefarious political forces trying to destroy the USA so that GLOBALISM and the NEW WORLD ORDER powers of the UN will take over.

UPDATE 10/2020: In late October 2020, because the current director of the FBI -- Christopher Wray, is suggesting that the latest political scandal information found on a laptop computer regarding former Vice President Joe Biden's son -- Hunter Biden, involvement in illegal activities in the Ukraine and Marxist CHINA, is a "Russian disinformation campaign" -- much like the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE, many RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE politicians believe the leadership of the FBI and the DOJ is still under control of the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL activist and DEEP STATE gang, they need to be policed themselves for working against the will of the current Trump administration.

Moreover, because Hunter Biden's laptop has been in possession of the FBI for almost a year, it seems that the DEEP STATE gang within the DOJ is still controlling the leadership of the FBI.

Furthermore, because the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- together with the big social media tech CORPORATIONs like Twitter and Facebook, are censoring stories about the latest political scandal information found on Hunter Biden's "laptop computer from hell", just before the Presidential Election of 2020, it also seems that LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL activist are actively conspiring to interfere with the election -- which is illegal.

The FBI has always been portrayed on TELEVISION over the years as the "good guys" who fix bad situations -- and it seems that this view has made many to believe they can do no wrong -- however, because some elements of the agency has apparently been taken over by nefarious people recently -- who are politically part of the DEEP STATE gang, big changes in management are needed to correct such bad behavior.

It now seems that the alphabetical letters of the Department of Justice -- or DOJ -- which directs the FBI, means the "Department Of Just-us". In other words, the people at the top of the DOJ and the FBI are only interested in protecting themselves and not true justice for the rest of us as US citizens.

UPDATE 8/6/2022: The FBI was ordered by the DEEP STATE gang to raid former President Donald Trump home in Florida -- known as Mar-a-largo, and find "criminal evidence" related to his "alleged activity of plotting to take over the USA from the DEMOCRATIC PARTY". Some say the FBI raid was to stop President Trump from using "stolen classified nuclear codes" in his possession -- while others say the raid was just another over-reaching political attempt by the DEEP STATE gang to find incriminating evidence to stop President Trump from running for president in 2024.

In any case, the whole FBI raid event could have been designed by the DEEP STATE gang to make President Donald Trump into more of a hero than what he already is in the minds of RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE voters -- which would politically solidify the Zionist leader as the next president of the USA.

Think about it -- if the former Zionist US President Trump wins the 2024 Presidential election, ZIONISM wins -- and we, the people who are not in the "Big Club" will loose. It seems that President Donald Trump can say all the right things to make RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE voters happy and vote for him -- but let us not forget he was a major player in the COVID-19 Plandemic scam event, he still pushes the 5G weapon system of control -- and he is in favor of full global digital identity technology.

Basically, because certain important "bad actors" from within the FBI, CIA and DOJ -- and perhaps other federal agencies, have been caught misbehaving in their duties to protect the USA, these persons need to be removed from government and be brought to justice if the agencies are to be trusted as the law enforcement agencies they once were.


FEDERAL REPUBLIC: A FEDERAL REPUBLIC -- also known as a Constitutional REPUBLIC, such as the USA, is a country where leaders are democratically elected as representatives of the people and must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government's power over citizens.

FEDERAL REPUBLICS codify the limited division of powers between orders of government in a written constitutional document. It is important to note that a FEDERAL REPUBLIC is a type of government that has built-in limitations in its Constitution to restrict politicians from aquiring too much controlling authority over its citizens. Having too much governing authority leads to a tyrannical dictator that will destroy the country -- and its neighbors, over time.

Basically, not all Republics are FEDERAL REPUBLICS with a constitutional document as a guide for good government to follow.


FEDERAL RESERVE: The Federal Reserve System or the FEDERAL RESERVE -- also known as the FED, is the central banking system of the United States -- but is controlled by Zionistic forces outside of the US.

It was created by an act of Congress just before the Christmas recess on December 23, 1913.

The appearance of the FEDERAL RESERVE was to act like a government agency so that the cost of government bureaucracy would not have to pay the high interest rates to the private big banks like JP Morgan -- where the US government borrowed from to help solve the financial crisis of 1907 and other earlier similar crisis.

However, the FEDERAL RESERVE is neither a federal agency of the US government -- or a reserve site for US currency.

As a matter of fact, it is a cartel of private banks -- controlled by the global ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking system -- and its "interest payment usury scheme on loans from borrowers".

According to Edward Griffin -- author of "The Creature from Jekyll Island" -- where the "creature" is the FEDERAL RESERVE -- which was planned and created by sneeky Zionistic global banksters on an private island off the Georgia coast early in 1913, the FEDERAL RESERVE is a monster the USA can live without because it underminds the sovereignty of the country by allowing unelected foreign interest to control the rules in defining the real value of what is a national currency.

The FEDERAL RESERVE does not answer directly to any elected government official -- even the US President, which means it is basically foreign owned and operated by people outside the control of the US government.

Apparently, since 1913, the politics behind the central control of the US banking system is based on a theory that because the private sector is guided by free market forces of CAPITALISM, it should be in the hands of the private sector -- and not in the hands of bureaucratic government officials -- whose spending policies, particularly under SOCIALISM, would far exceed accountability and ruin the economy of the country.

But new stories about how and why the FEDERAL RESERVE was created suggest the idea that the global ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking system used political trickery to force their interest payment scheme of "usury" into US law.

These new stories also reveal the view that because "all global banksters" -- including the JP Morgan Bank, answer to the global ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel system, a political conspiracy exist between global governments with "central banks" and the Zionistic ROTHSCHILD FAMILY to maintain global control of the world's economy -- and any attempt by any government to break free of this global central banking cartel control system, will be met with powerful political forces protecting the system.

Moreover, because the FEDERAL RESERVE uses the IRS -- also created in 1913 as the BRS or the "Bureau of Internal Revenue", to legally enforce their system of controlling the economy of the USA through taxation, many believe both the FEDERAL RESERVE and the IRS need to be removed from the USA government -- and let true CAPITALISM, with limited oversight by elected government officials, decide what is and what is not affordable for the good of the country.

It should be remembered that every time the FEDERAL RESERVE raises interest loan rates -- the reason is not necessarily because they want to restrict money from becoming too available and crash the US economy, but because the private banks actually make more money for themselves in the long run -- particularily if interest loan rates are kept high all the time.

And one way to raise interest rates in the markets -- and keep them high, is to nefariously create a series of "political crisis" events -- which, in turn, makes people fearful of the future -- and therefore, willing to pay higher rates to financially secure their future.

So. because the burden of responsibility to keep the economy from "over heating" should be in the hands of elected members of the US government instead of private CORPORATIONs who currently control the US economy, the FEDERAL RESERVE should be eliminated by an act of Congress as soon as possible.

On August 23, 2019, President Donald Trump made the following statement on Twitter that apparently made the US Stock Market drop significantly: "...My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?".

What could be interpreted from said statement is that the USA has two major enemies fighting to stop its growth -- the Zionist GLOBAL ELITE club of banksters who control the FEDERAL RESERVE -- or the COMMUNIST PARTY which controls Marxist CHINA.

The US FEDERAL RESERVE has become so powerful over time in controlling the value of the US Dollar -- which is the defacto world currency, it basically has become the Central Bank of the world.

If a congressional law was passed that made both the FEDERAL RESERVE and the IRS obsolete, imagine the personal freedom that would follow in not dealing with syndicate strangers demanding your time and money every year so that their accounting and enforcement scheme is synchronized with other central bank players around the world.

Imagine the USA -- or any responsible country, controlling the value of their own money without taxing its citizens for bad loans made by cartel banksters and compromised politicians decades ago. As the saying goes -- "Debt that can’t be paid, won’t be paid" -- and the current national debt of multible trillions of dollars seems impossible that it will ever be paid.

Perhaps some kind of "National Debt Jubilee" is needed to acknowledge the monetary mistakes and corporate deals made years ago by people who gambled away the future resources of countries.

Of course, any nation or country who tries to abandon their debts without the "global central banking system" challenging them, will have a hard time in securing any future loans or lines of credit from these banksters.

But since the whole global game of credit and percentage points is now playing with negative values -- who is deciding the real value of money these days? Money was once primarily based on the value of gold -- then the energy value of oil and the PETRODOLLAR.

Now the banksters are flirting with electronic "cryptocurrencies" -- which have major issues in that the unit values of the system can be hacked or is dependent on INTERNET connections.

If all the countries in the world are in debt to each other -- where did all the money go? Are the GLOBAL ELITE club members hoarding it in some mysterious bank vault somewhere? Or are the global central banksters using their political agents in government to kick the debt can out of sight down the road of life by just adding zeros to their interest bill -- whereby they increasingly control more of the nation's wealth over time?

In any case, numbered currency units -- in the form of paper money and coins, is still available and is also quite convenient. Maybe one day we will be able to exchange our FEDERAL RESERVE notes for real "green-back notes" at some real government office or some truly independent bank station that will have real monetary value because the trust in God and a free FEDERAL REPUBLIC government has value.

And all the GLOBAL ELITE club players -- who rarely handle paper money, may have a hard time "cashing out" to buy anything simple, because they can't handle the volume of cash needed for their accustomed lavish lifestyle.

Recently, President Donald Trump also tweeted the statement "The FED is not political -- it is Geopolitical". What does he mean by that statement?

Apparently, the Zionist banksters -- who have controlled the US FED -- and many other central banks around the globe, for over a hundred years, exercise their political control over large areas of the world, by "shifting" FIAT MONEY between countries who have come to rely on the value of money set by compromised politicians.

In other words, the US FEDERAL RESERVE is a GEOPOLITICAL force that needs to disengage any political links to ZIONISM and GLOBALISM -- which is part of a socialist utopian plan to control the world someday under a one world government, so that true CAPITALISM can freely work between all countries.

For a great overview of the FEDERAL RESERVE story -- check out the YOUTUBE channel called "The Corbett Report" and the story "Century of Enslavement".

UPDATE 7/2020: Because of the economic crisis attributed to the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020, the US government has "borrowed" trillions of dollars from the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY controlled US FEDERAL RESERVE banks to pay for the medical and security cost of the fake crisis. And because many people have lost their business -- due to the "lock-down orders" from the "medical authorities", they had to sell or foreclose on their business investments.

Well, guess who is there to take or buy their business investments during this crisis? The FEDERAL RESERVE banks -- which now control a huge chunk of wealth in the USA that it did not control a few months ago. In other words, the FEDERAL RESERVE is buying people's assets with FIAT money that they -- with help from the US Treasury service, print up out of thin air, to economically and politically control our future.

As if they did not already control much of the country's wealth, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY controlled US FEDERAL RESERVE banks -- and many large CORPORATIONs who have financial ties to said banks, have apparently benefited from the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020. Meanwhile, thousands of small companies are failing because the "tyrannical medical authories" have shut them down due to the COVID-19 hoax -- so, apparently the FEDERAL RESERVE is a major part of the "Great Reset" plan to consolidate the national wealth of countries and give it to large CORPORATIONs -- who control the world financial markets owned by the GLOBAL ELITE club.

By the way, some believe that the "Great Reset" plan was designed by the GLOBAL ELITE club to destroy the US Dollar -- so that the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY controlled "Central Banks" could "restart" as an INTERNET based "block-chain" electronic "cryptocurrency". However, at this time, it is unclear if this plan will succeed because too many people still enjoy the use of paper money without government oversight controlling all financial transactions between citizens. In other words, financial individualism is resisting the planned global program of collectivism -- particularly when citizens are still free to choose their way of trading the market value of national currencies.

It is also unclear as to whether there is truth to a story going around the INTERNET that President Donald Trump succeeded in a plan to remove financial and political power from the US FEDERAL RESERVE and transfer it to the US Treasury so that the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel could not control the value of the US Dollar. Using Larry Fink -- the former CEO of the "BlackRock" investment group as someone to manage this power play seems "fishy" to some observers because of the idea that way too much money is controlled by so few people who always never seem to loose big money deals.

The day that the US Dollar does not sport the words "Federal Reserve Note" printed on it, should be a day of celebration for US citizens.

UPDATE 1/4/2021: According to an article at HenryMakow(dot)com website, the following excerpts are based on the books "The Naked Capitalist" by W.C. Skousen and "Tragety and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time." (1966) by Professer Carroll Quigley.

>>> Quiqley, a Professor of History at the Foreign Service School at Georgetown University was a trusted insider who had access to their private archives. He felt the plot, which he supported, was too important to be kept hidden. However, shortly after publication, his book was taken off the market.

Cleon Skousen was an FBI agent for 16 years and the Police Chief of Salt Lake City for four years. His "The Naked Capitalist" distills the most shocking evidence from Quigley's daunting 1300-page book.

At just 122 pages, "The Naked Capitalist" (1970) is a concise, lucid and absolutely convincing account of the international banker conspiracy. Historians have betrayed the public trust by largely ignoring this material.

Quigley confirms that a network of banking dynasties has, in Skousen's words, "acquired a choke-hold on the affairs of practically the entire human race." According to Quigley, they include "Baring, Lazard, Erlanger, Warburg, Schroder, Selingman, the Speyers, Mirabaud, Malet, and above all Rothschild and Morgan."

Quigley confirms that, starting with the Bank of England in 1694, these dynasties organized themselves in a system of central banks that charge their respective nations billions of dollars in interest for the privilege of using currency backed by the nations' own credit. In other words, they have carried off a swindle of monstrous proportions.

Quigley quotes William Gladstone who as Chancellor of the Exchequer said in 1852: "The government itself was not to be a substantive power in matters of Finance, but was to leave the Money Power supreme and unquestioned."

This power of the Bank of England. . . was admitted by most qualified observers. In January, 1924, Reginald McKenna. . . as chairman of the board of the Midland Bank, told its stockholders: 'I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can, and do, create money. . . . And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people."

Able to create money out of nothing, they naturally grabbed as much of the world's real wealth as they could. Quigley writes about the formation of their American cartels: "The period 1884-1933 was the period of financial capitalism in which investment bankers moving into commercial banking and insurance on the one side, and into railroading and heavy industry on the other were able to mobilize enormous wealth and wield enormous economic, political and social power."

Indeed their representatives, the "Eastern Establishment" i.e. the Morgans and now the Rockefellers run the United States. The principle mechanism is the Council on Foreign Relations.

According to Quigley, the ultimate goal is "nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled ...by the central banks...acting in concert."

Quigley confirms that the bankers have usurped mankind's collective instincts by financing the Socialist and Communist movements. Bankers love big government because the ultimate monopoly is the State. Through it, they take over their competition and control debt, resources, market demand and labor.

Speaking of the Communist takeover of the US government in the 1930's and 1940's, Quigley writes, "it must be understood that the power that these energetic left-wingers exercised was never their own power of Communist power but was ultimately the power of the international financial coterie."

In other words, millions of idealists committed to human brotherhood and equality were (and are) duped into advancing a totalitarian scheme to concentrate the world's wealth and power into the hands of the superrich. More opportunistic Leftists, Communists, Feminists and Globalists prosper while piously pretending to serve humanity.

Quigley writes: "To Morgan all political parties were simply organizations to be used, and the firm always was careful to keep a foot in all camps. Morgan himself, Dwight Morrow and other partners were allied with the Republicans; Russell C. Lewffingwell was allied with the Democrats; Grayson Murphy was allied with the extreme Right; and Thomas W. Lamont was allied with the Left."

The Lamont family was "sponsors and financial angels to almost a score of extreme Left organizations including the Communist Party itself." <<<

The article at HenryMakow(dot)com website concludes with the following statements:

>>> "A small cabal of people who are not even citizens hold the financial purse strings of every nation. This goes a long way to explaining "globalization" and the push to one-world government. It explains the assault on race, religion, nation and family. The bankers want a homogenous deracinated neutered world that offers no basis of resistance."

"It explains why in a time of supposed security danger, the southern border of the US is practically porous. The bankers want to undermine America's European character, which it perceives as a threat."

"It explains the carte blanche Israel receives, the war on Iraq, and the fact that there is no opposition to the war in the mainstream parties or press. This war desecrates a cradle of civilization and assails Islam. It is also an opportunity to create more debt and enrich the bankers and their corporate allies."

"It explains 9-11, the Patriot Repression Act and the phoney "War on Terror" -- It explains the depraved mass media and stupefying education system." <<<

UPDATE 1/6/2021: Recent political events -- such as the fraudulent medical pandemic lockdown event crisis known as "COVID-19" -- and the voter cheating activity of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY during the 2020 US Presidential Election, has resulted in a "great public awakening" of these scam events across the world -- and should result in a "New Alliance of Nations" -- or NEW WESTERN ALLIES, that will overcome the political powers of the GLOBAL ELITE club of theives who control the Bank of International Settlements, the IMF and the World Bank -- which are all tied to the UN and the Zionistic ROTHSCHILD FAMILY Banking Cartel.

Speaking about the UN and the Zionistic ROTHSCHILD FAMILY Banking Cartel -- they are part of the World Economic Forum's goal of a "Global Reset Program" that is trying to destroy the US Dollar as a standard value unit using the "COVID-19" event crisis to force the public to avoid "paper money" and be dependent on their version of a "digital-crypto system of control" to dominate and monopilize the currency of the world.

There exist a new idea that a "New Alliance of Nations"" around the world could theoretically issue a new material value system of "Currency Notes" -- perhaps based on the price point value of a nutritional commodity item like cacao -- and not directly be linked to any "digital-crypto system of control" -- which could be electronically manipulated by the Zionistic ROTHSCHILD FAMILY Banking Cartel, is a new idea worth exploring.

Basically, because the cartel of private bankers -- currently known as the FEDERAL RESERVE, was created under nefarious circumstances by agents related to the Zionistic ROTHSCHILD FAMILY -- whose whole idea of global banking is based on a usury taxing scheme that pushes the burden of interest debt from previous government activity made years ago -- such as wars and bad political events, onto current citizens who hold property, the time has come to eliminate the "FED" if national citizens want to keep whatever civil liberties they still have.


FEMINISM: The term FEMINISM is believed by many to represent a theory based on the political, economic, and social equality rights of the sexes -- and a feminist is a person who supports that theory.

However, because the term implies a female bias toward men, it was likely created and used as a divisive concept by the FRANKFURT SCHOOL to cause division between the sexes in the USA -- and as part of the overall scheme to undermine and divide WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

In other words, FEMINISM is not about equal rights between the sexes -- it is a word invented by Marxist LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people as a weapon to divide and help destroy the gender makeup of WESTERN CIVILIZATION -- so that a Zionistic utopian state of global COMMUNISM will be built afterwards in the future.

SOCIAL JUSTICE WARROR people use the word FEMINISM -- and other politically correct words, as bullets in their battle to push SOCIALISM every chance they get.

The term actually harms the greater struggle of equality between the sexes in that it creates an argument and -- as mentioned, a bias against men in favor of women.

If one wants to argue the inequities between the sexes -- whether its economic or other factors, the word "FEMINISM" is not needed in the argument.

Regarding women who identify themselves as "feminist" and believe "it's their turn" in human history to control the future -- it is interesting to note that these women who have LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL values that progressively push SOCIALISM and more governmental control of our lives, also do not like the government controlling their reproductive abilities relative to the subject of abortion.

And speaking of abortion -- the moral argument regarding the human right to abort a living unborn being inside a woman, should be based on a personal judgement between the people involved who created the unborn being -- and not involve some governmental agency -- such as "Planned Parenthood" -- which is actually more involved in trying to prevent people from being parents, than just a family planning service for parents.

Because the word "FEMINISM" is actually a madeup word that was created by Marxist people who want to divide and conquer a country, it should not be used by citizens who really desire freedom from the Communist and Zionist agenda of controlling the world someday.

Basically, FEMINISM is a bad idea because the term is a distraction from the greater struggle of equality in the human rights movement.


FIAT MONEY: Currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, but it is not backed by a physical commodity is FIAT MONEY. The value of FIAT MONEY is derived from the relationship between supply and demand rather than the value of the material that the money is made of.

FIAT MONEY works something like a pyramid scheme -- in that if big corporate banks can get their hands on real deposited currency, they can "pretend" that 90% more currency exist in the bank relative to the deposit -- and then lend out that money to borrowing customers -- so they can earn interest on it.

For example -- if I deposit $10 in a bank linked to the global banking system, then a government law allows the global banking system to lend out $90 to other people and make interest on that loan. This banking system is called the "Fractional Reserve System" because how the fraction system of "reserving" -- or "creating money out of thin air" works.

It all works fine until some kind of unforeseen calamity event -- or 'planned event", comes along and panics the public and the whole pyramid scheme falls apart like it did in 1929 and in 2008.

And that is just how the big corporate banks skew the value of money which has no real collateral backup. FIAT MONEY is based on the speculation value of the "new money created out of thin air".

In recent years, governments that favor SOCIALISM and deficient spending on social projects, "keep kicking the debt can down the road" by delaying payment of said projects, have created a growing debt scenario by using FIAT MONEY -- which has resulted in big corporate banks owning the polices of the government.

Based on Keynesian economics -- which is the theory that governments can print FIAT MONEY as much as they can get away with in order to keep unemployment numbers from rising too high, the FIAT MONEY scheme has resulted in a financial debt story where nations owe increasing amounts of political control to whoever owns the global banking system.

And who owns the global banking system? Why, of course, the Zionistic ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel does.

Remember -- it was Mayer Amschel Rothschild that was quoted as saying in 1815: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws".

The larger the debt scenario, the more the banks get to set the spending polices of the government -- and, overtime, trust in government gets compromised.

But because the world banks have kept the interest rates very low since the GREAT RECESSION OF 2008, trust in government for most seems stable for the foreseeable future -- unless you are a PREPPER, and believe the whole system of government is about to collapse -- and those with real money like gold or other heavy metal currency units will have a safe advantage over people with paper FIAT MONEY.

UPDATE 5/2021: It has been said that some 20 percent of the printed value of the US Dollar -- as measured in national debt to the central banking institutions, was digitally created in 2020 by politicians -- who used the FALSE FLAG Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 to cover the medical and "public safety" cost of the event. Apparently, somebody or some secret cabalistic global entity -- with lots financial and political power across the world, wants to ruin the value of the US PETRODOLLAR -- so that they can reset their control of the world with a new type of cripto-currency.

Basically, FIAT MONEY is a belief system of trust in government and keeping score of that trust -- however, there are limits of trust that need to be adjusted from time to time -- and lately, a government review of how that trust gets implemented is expected soon.


FRACKING: FRACKING is the process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks by way of boreholes, so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas.

However, there exist an environmental problem in that the chemical formula used in the liquid injecting process are "confidential" to the company using them because, if made public, they could be used by competing companies -- so, these chemicals could be very nasty and dangerous if they get into any water table used by humans or animals.

Part of the problem is the amount of fresh water used to force gas or oil out of the rock layers is enormous and can deplete or at least significantly tax the clean water table in a given area.

Add this problem with the contamination problem just stated, and the FRACKING industry can be a form of serious pollution within the natural environment that would almost be impossible to clean up.

Moreover, the "containment ponds" associated with FRACKING activity contain pollutants where birds and other wildlife are exposed to.

To be fair, the FRACKING industry has given a lot of fossil-fuel energy to the US that would have had to been imported from over seas -- but at what real price is this method of energy collection costing us?

Basically, FRACKING is bad for the environment but good for the fossil-fuel industry which supplies the public with energy.


FRANKFURT SCHOOL: The term "FRANKFURT SCHOOL" is a Marxist-Zionist "think tank" that has pushed global SOCIALISM since the early 1930's.

Starting off as the "Institute for Social Research" in Frankfurt Germany, the Jewish group moved to New York City to escape the National Socialists in Germany and set up shop at Columbia University in 1934 to push and apply their ideas on American culture. They also moved into Berkeley University in San Fransico California and pushed more "social engeneering" theories from the west coast of the USA.

The first of many publications from the FRANKFURT SCHOOL was a theoretical story entitled "Critical Theory" that criticized every pillar of Western Culture -- such as family, Christianity, democracy, common law, freedom of speech, with the hope that these pillars would crumble and be replaced by their progressive ideals of SOCIALISM.

The social movements of the 1960s -- black power, FEMINISM, gay rights, sexual liberation, gave the FRANKFURT SCHOOL a means to release cultural Marxist-Zionist ideas into the mainstream.

Railing against all things “establishment”, the Marxist-Zionist ideals of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL caught on like wildfire across American universities.

The literary work from the FRANKFURT SCHOOL has had a deep impact on American culture -- it has recast the homogenous America of the 1950s into today’s divided, animosity-filled nation with deceptive political concepts based on "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt" -- or "FUD theories".

Marxist theories from the FRANKFURT SCHOOL has contributed to the undeniable breakdown of the family unit, as well as identity politics, FEMINISM, political correctness, and racial polarization in America. In fact, one of the distinct concepts of psychological warfare used by the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL controlled Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to divide America has always been racial arguments.

While Marx preached the overthrow of CAPITALISM by way of taxation -- Lenin taught the idea that by debotching the national currency through overspending what a nation takes in from its citizens, would lead to the downfall of CAPITALISM across the world.

Much like what the Marxist-Zionist Fabian Society -- who uses the image of "a wolf in sheep's clothing" artwork in their logo, has done to warp the minds of scholars and students in the UK, the FRANKFURT SCHOOL -- and its LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL teachers in modern academic education institutions, has created an atmosphere of political tension that is prevalent in the USA today.

One real problem with the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL teachers of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL, is that their "Critical Theory" Ideology does not include enough "Critical Thinking" concepts in their theories. In other words, they do not think through their theories long enough to build a better world -- which results in more destruction than contsruction of a better world.

The concept of "order out of chaos" theory -- used by some LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people -- like the managers of the Judeo-MASONS, to destroy important things -- so that they can rebuild important things back their way, results in the destruction of the knowledge behind the creation of important things that took generations to learn about -- like family, Christianity, democracy, common law and freedom of speech.

Because both OBAMA and Hillary Clinton -- the beacons of progressivism, are disciples of Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayres -- both devoted cultural Marxist and followers of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL, they should be seen as agents from this "school" that has worked out of the city of Chicago in the USA for many decades to politically and morally undermine the nation that is the USA.

A signature tactic used by the Neo-Marxist during political battles is to accuse your opponent of crimes that they themselves are guilty of -- for example, accuse President Trump for "colluding with the Russians" in an attempt to win the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, when in fact, the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- under Hillary Clinton, are the real guilty party in a crime of trying to steal the election.

For more information on the FRANKFURT SCHOOL, please read: The Birth Of Cultural Marxism -- How The "FRANKFURT SCHOOL" Changed America by Tyler Durden at Zer0 Hedge, 08/12/2016 -- and also check out the YOUTUBE 2018 video by DECLASSIFIED entitled: EXPOSED: The Marxist Plot to Destroy Higher Education in America.

UPDATE 9/20/2020: According to information based on views from David Icke, there could be a link between The FRANKFURT SCHOOL and the Sabbatean Frank Cult of Frankism. Not only is there a "frank relationship" between the two entities, but because they both encourage "gross misbehavior in moral norms" in order to overthrow estabished authority and create new layers of political control, the two could be controlled by the same people who are still "working their spell" on the governments of today.

UPDATE 11/20/2020: It has been reported that some Donimion Servers -- if not the main set of servers, which were used in the 2020 Presidential Election to record the original votes of the 2020 Presidential Election outside the USA using the INTERNET, have been seized by a US military mission in Frankfurt Germany. It is interesting to note that the very place that could hold the stolen original votes of the 2020 US Election -- and where the votes were manipulated in favor of Joe Biden, is in the same city where a major Marxist-Zionist "think tank" gang was born and has perhaps operated for over a century.

Basically, the FRANKFURT SCHOOL is why the DEMOCRATIC PARTY has become what it is -- a Marxist-Zionist entity that has progressively divided America so that it will crumble and be replaced with a theoretical "global Zionist utopian society" -- with UN storm troopers, under the rules of SOCIALISM.


GENDER IDENTITY PROBLEM: A person who sexually identifies themself as a human that is the opposite from what they were born as, has a GENDER IDENTITY PROBLEM -- which is also related to situation known as Gender Dysphoria.

This problem of gender identity lies not only with the person afflicted with it but also with some LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL groups within modern society trying to force normal gender people to accept abnormal behavior -- for example, most people will entertain the behavior of someone pretending to be their opposite sex for a while -- but only to a point, because when the act physically exceeds reality of the real sex of the person -- such as physical operations to modify or remove body organs, it becomes truly confusing and problematic for all those involved.

Gender Dysphoria goes beyond sexual identity -- this problem is based on the crazy notion that anybody can identify as anything -- and demand others to play into their madeup identity -- such as any animal or object being.

Modern science may have recently found the reason why some people behave sexually opposite than their birth sex -- and the reason is because our modern municipal water supply systems has been contaminated with artificial toxic chemicals known as Endocrine Disrupters.

Some of these toxic chemicals have apparently always existed in nature on a small scale, but since the modern age they have become artificially created on a mass scale by industry and can be found almost everywhere in our "down-stream environment".

Endocrine Disrupters can alter body hormone chemistry in such a way where the physical gender of a person is modified to appear as the opposite sex -- such as males with larger breast and females with excessive body hair.

One of the most common symptoms of hormone issues for males would be the loss of strength in the wrist and a higher than normal pitch in the voice. Endocrine Disrupters can be found as "softening agents" in commercial hair and body lotion products.

Also known as phthalates and organobromine compounds of PolyBrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) -- or Bisphenola A (PBAs), these "Gender Bender" chemicals can be found in many modern plastic items the public uses every day.

Used as flame retardant chemicals in a wide array of products -- such as building materials, electronics, furnishings, motor vehicles, airplanes, plastic packaging, polyurethane foams, and textiles -- these Endocrine Disrupters can also be linked to the following unhealthy things:

* Plastic-based Car Dashboards heated in the Sun that releases toxic vapors;
* Almost half of all canned foods that are sealed with plastic seams / Dental filling events ;
* Printed receipts are toxic when they come in contact with the skin;
* Micro-plastic particles in some toothpaste products -- and in some table "sea salt" sources that is apparently exposed to solar-degraded floating plastic on the oceans.

And speaking of man-made micro plastic particles entering our food -- and our bodies without us realizing the negative impact on our Endocrine systems, much -- if not most, of northern Europe and the UK get their winter vegetables from a plastic covered farm sites in southern Spain and Italy where the plants are exposed to a concoction of petroleum-based chemicals that is baked under the Sun.

Is there no wonder that some political leaders in Europe and the UK have a confused understanding of what's morally right and wrong? Have the physical and mental abilities of some people been compromised by a continuous stream of small chemical pollution events from corporations who create poisonous materials every day in their quest to make more money?

But perhaps one of the greatest Endocrine Disrupter that may be responsible for "softening our bodies" and "disrupting our hormones" over the years is the hard to detect man-made toxic chemical compound known as Atrazine.

The second most commonly used herbicide in the US, Atrazine is widely used to combat weeds on golf courses, residential lawns and Christmas tree farms. It’s also used on half of all corn and perhaps other food base plants like soy, cottonseed, canola and sugar-based beet crops grown in the US.

And speaking of soy plant crops, soy is a known plant identified with containing phytoestrogens -- which are plant-derived xenoestrogens not generated within the endocrine system but consumed by eating phytoestrogenic plants.

In other words, people who eat process "soft food products" containing soy -- such as most all packaged cookies, bread, mayonniase, baby formula foods and ice cream products are messing with their hormones in such a way that may be physically and mentally unhealthy.

The other major herbicide Endocrine Disrupter used today is Glyphosate -- found in Monsanto's and now Bayer's "weed-killer products", and is undoubtedly also responsible for killing the important bacteria in our microbiome and effecting the well being of many. Glyphosate -- when it gets into our water and food sources, is a known carcinogen -- so, like a slow posion, it can kill you first mentally and then physically over time.

By the way, Bill Gates -- the GLOBAL ELITE guy who openly says he wants to "help reduce the human population on this planet", is heavily invested in the Bayer CORPORATION -- which recently bought out Monsanto's poisonus products. Gates also owns major stock in many BIG PHARMA companies that make money producing all kinds of drugs which never cure any ailments in sick people.

In any case, because modern municipal water systems are not equipped to filter this contaminant, the herbicide chemical may be affecting both the physical and mental aspects of some people in ways not yet fully understood.

Research shows that Atrazine causes hermaphroditism in frogs -- such as turning males into egg-laying females, by inducing an enzyme called aromatase -- which causes overproduction of estrogen.

Because Atrazine is a potent Endocrine Disrupter and the most common water contaminant known in modern times, perhaps the very source of the GENDER IDENTITY PROBLEM as a whole, can be traced to a chemical pollution problem within our modern municipal water supply systems that has caused an imbalance hormone problem in some people.

One interesting conspiracy theory suggest that Endocrine Disrupters have been placed in municipal water supplies across the USA and a few other countries over the years by the GLOBAL ELITE club members who want to "save the planet" and "create homosexuals" that can't or will not procreate -- thus reducing the population of Earth and, consequently, human pollution.

Moreover, another important Endocrine Disrupter which is purposely added to our municipal water supply systems is the element of fluorine, which was and still is a toxic waste byproduct of the aluminum manufacturing industry -- but now the fluorine is coming from toxic man-made sources in China known as hydrofluorsilicic acid because of the cheaper cost when compared to sodium fluoride from aluminum manufacturing waste.

And because fluorinated water, when ingested, is capable of "calcifying" or "blinding" the Pineal Gland overtime -- which is the endocrine gland that produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycle, perhaps somebody in government is trying to hurt a large body of humans by slowly poisoning them.

BTW -- many people believe that the Pineal Gland is where the "internal spirit" exist inside humans -- and that "blinding" it with toxic elements from a contaminated diet is why some people who are affected have lost their connection with the "greater spirit" within our universe. Perhaps this is why some people give that "fluoride stare" back you and don't say anything when you try to explain something important to them.

This view begs the question of who is financially benefiting from the idea of adding a poisonous element like fluorine to our municipal water systems -- and how is the government forcing the public to drink the poison.

And yet, another Endocrine Disrupter story related to polluting municipal water supplies may be found when the government used millions of "plastic shade balls" to cover the surface of the Ivanhoe Reservoir of Los Angeles -- where in 2008 and 2015, they were added on top of the water to "improve the water quality" -- however, under the hot sun, the black plastic within the balls may have released chemicals that were capable of disrupting the endocrine glands of users of the water who drank it. Perhaps events like this may help explain why some Californians act so strange...

So, if it could be scientifically proven that a significant number of citizens have been contaminated by toxic Endocrine Disrupter chemicals from municipal water supply systems since the early 1960s, then the whole modern "gay movement" since the early 1960s, can be scientifically explained as a "pollution problem in some humans" -- and modern psychiatry has a whole lot of explaining to do about why they said it was okay to be gay in 1973.

To be fair, the reason why modern psychiatry decided to change the status of homosexuals from a "mental illness" to "not a mental illness" in 1973 was because medical doctors back then were treating them with electric shock and lobotomies -- which was very cruel to patients and absolutely the wrong treatment.

Moreover, proper hormone therapy treatment may be able to fix persons with a GENDER IDENTITY PROBLEM -- but only if the fixing treatment of the problem restores the right birth gender direction of the patient -- and not the other way around like some LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL groups want.

It should also be stated that when some people express "gayness" -- which once was another word for "happiness", they do it for "entertainment reasons" -- however, when POLITICS enters the subject of sexual choices between people, a GENDER IDENTITY PROBLEM can exist.

Another thing regarding the subject of GENDER IDENTITY PROBLEMs and unrestricted human sexual activity, perhaps the people pushing such activity should read and understand the part in the Holy Bible about the story of Sodom & Gomorrah -- where unrestricted human sexual activity once led to the destruction of a place gone bad because of bad behavior.

UPDATE 7/2022: There exist a new term appearing on many INTERNET sites lately that talk about the hypocracy of LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people -- and may be related to the GENDER IDENTITY PROBLEM that is part of the current political landscape. The term "Cognitive Dissonance" is a theory in social psychology and refers to the mental conflict that occurs when a person's behaviors and beliefs do not align properly. It may also happen when a person holds two beliefs that contradict one another -- such as "I want to eat healthy -- but I will eat junk food".

Another quick example of "Cognitive Dissonance" is that people know that President Trump pushed the COVID-19 Plandemic hoax -- which has posioned millions of people, but they still plan to vote for him in the 2024 Presidential Elections.

This "think one way -- yet, do another way of thinking" suggests a psychological problem that could be related to a chemical inbalance issue in some people. When artifical chemistry enters the body and interferes with natural physical body hormone activity, the result could be conflicting psycological activity -- which matches the "Cognitive Dissonance" theory.

More to the point, people suffering from hypocrisy -- which is similar to the "Cognitive Dissonance" theory, are probably being chemically posioned somehow from within their environment. So, perhaps by identifying the toxic posions within their environment and blocking them, could help solve the GENDER IDENTITY PROBLEM in many people who suffer from the problem.

Speaking of people being chemically posioned from their environment, there exist many types of psychotrophic drugs created by BIG PHARMA that can lead to "Cognitive Dissonance" in persons exposed to such drugs. Either as patients dependent on such drugs or as people living in their downstream environment, the toxins within such drugs can further lead to people being mentally confused as to what is morally right or wrong.

This mental confusion phenomenon -- particularly when many people suffer from it as a group, has resulted in another new term found on the INTERNET known as "Mass Formation Psychosis".

According to a DarkHorse Podcast clip on YOUTUBE with Mattias Desmet, "Mass Formation Psychosis" is when a large part of a society focuses its attention to a leader or leaders -- or a series of events, and their attention focuses on one small point or issue and ignores other relevant aspects of the subject. Followers can be hypnotized and be led anywhere -- regardless of data proving otherwise. Sometimes this phenomenon can lead followers into participating in acts of cruelty to other people.

In other words, hypnotized people -- either chemically or psychologically posioned, will sacrifice their individuality for the sake of the collective. And certain people who control the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob know how to use the "Mass Formation Psychosis" phenomenon for political propaganda reasons.

Basically, substantial GENDER IDENTITY PROBLEMs exist in this day and age because POLITICS and chemical pollution has corrupted the mental and physical barriers between what is truly male and female.


GEORGIA GUIDESTONES: The GEORGIA GUIDESTONES were a granite monument site erected in 1980 that is located about 666 miles South West from the UN building complex in New York City -- and is about some 90 miles east of Atlanta, Georgia, in the USA.

A set of 10 guidelines were inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages, and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.

They read from top to bottom:

#1 Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
#2 Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
#3 Unite humanity with a living new language.
#4 Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
#5 Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
#6 Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
#7 Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
#8 Balance personal rights with social duties.
#9 Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
#10 Be not a cancer on the Earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

The height of the monument once stood at about 19 feet and was designed to last for centuries.

An author on the subject of the GEORGIA GUIDSTONES -- Brad Meltzer, noted that the stones were built at the height of the Cold War, and thus argues that they may have been intended as a message to the possible survivors of a nuclear World War III.

Because there existed an engraved statement at the top of the monument that says to keep humanity's population below 500 million -- some believe the monument was made by people who want to "reduce the human population" somehow -- however, Mr Meltzer believes it could have been made under the assumption that war had already reduced humanity below this number and that the number was just guesswork of what could have happen after WW III as understood back in 1980.

The GEORGIA GUIDESTONES monument was also referenced by some who believe the site is related to the UN AGENDA 21 program that apparently wants to restrict humans from overpopulating the earth and their polluting activities.

It is also interesting to note that because the GEORGIA GUILDESTONES were built just east of Atlanta, Georgia, the idea that Ted Turner -- a known LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL -- and once owner of the global CNN news service based out of Atlanta, may have help build the "guidestones" in 1980. Because, as a member of the GLOBAL ELITE club, Ted Turner and his wife Jane Fonda, have pushed the progressive socialistic agenda of "scaring the public" -- using TELEVISION, into wanting more government control of our lives and less freedom to those who may challenge governmental authority.

Moreover, the MASONS -- who are known to build strong stone monumental structures around the western world -- and leave their symbol logo mark at their work sites, have not left any known Masonic symbol mark at the site. However, a story exist that the stone mason that cut the stone for the project was a member of the MASONS -- but, whoever designed the project is still a secret for some reason.

There is evidence that the Rosicrucians -- or "rosy-cross" sect, may have been involved in the "x-cross-like" design -- as seen from above, because the name Christain Rosenkreuz is found in stone at the site. Christain Rosenkreuz may also be linked to L. Ron Hubbard -- the leader to the Church of Scientology Movement.

The Rosicrucian movement dates to the time of Francis Bacon -- who was known to write stories about a utopian world -- such as New Atlantis, like Plato did long ago. Because the words once inscribed on the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES refer to a future place in time where a utopian world exist, whoever designed the monument was apparently trying to influence others with their views of how humans should live on a perfect earth.

In any case, a serious stone Masonic-like monument located almost exactly 666 miles from the UN Building in New York City that states the Earth should have only 500 million humans existing on it, sure seems related to the idea of population control. BTW -- the measurement of the site from the UN building is a mile and a half shy of 666 miles -- but back in 1980 when the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES site was built, flat maps were not as accurate as modern computer map programs.

UPDATE 7/6/2022: An explosion at the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES in the early morning hours near 4 AM destroyed a support pillar -- making the site unsafe to walk near it, and the next afternoon, government officials knocked all the pillars down with a large bucket machine. For more information about the event -- check out Larken Rose and Mark Dice YOUTUBE channels.

Basically, the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES were stone markers that were created by certain GLOBAL ELITE club members -- who believe the human population on earth should be restricted by goverment leaders because the planet will die from our pollution if not governed properly.


GEOPOLITICS: GEOPOLITICS is international political relations as influenced by geographical factors -- or, in other words, it is POLITICS on a global scale.

For example, one of the political reasons why the USA is a major world leader in GEOPOLITICS, is because of where the country is located -- far away and separated by oceans from other countries who, over time, could not easily invade it and compromise its political leadership with physical military control.

The subject of GEOPOLITICS can also be applied to such political situations as to why the USA is politically and militarily influenced by the small state of Israel.

It is believed by many that because the state of Israel represents a DEMOCRACY within a geographical area surrounded by undemocratic desert kingdoms that generally follow the politics and policies of ISLAM since even before the Ottoman Empire, the geopolitical situation in the area has apparently needed outside help from "western nations" like the USA in securing justice to overcome political rulers who follow the Sharia Law scheme of ISLAM -- which is associated with cruel behavior and poor judgement activity in subjucating the people who live in the area.

However, because many associate the state of Israel with the socialistic concept of ZIONISM -- such as the "Greater Israel Project" that have plans to expand goverment control of the area beyond what exist today -- and have the Judeo-MASONS build a "New Third Temple", care should be used to judge the proper democratic participation of voting events in controlling the state that is Israel with respect to other nearby nations.

In other words, although the socialistic concept of ZIONISM may have been used to create the state of Israel, the current citizens of Israel should be careful not to confuse some religious prophetical concepts with political concepts in governing their country -- least they become like their adversaries over time.

It appears to some that the Zionist movement in Israel is a type of a modern day crusade to police the area -- however, this crusade is geopolitically controlled by Jewish interest more than CHRISTIAN interest.

Because there exist a radical union of believers between the Zionist and some CHRISTAIN followers -- who identify as Judeo-MASONS, and who seem to want to create an "Apocalyptic Battle" -- as prophectically suggested in the Holy Bible, people in both the USA and Israel need to wake up from such evil nonsense and stop any and all the GEOPOLITICAL actions regarding these "Rapture" theories before its too late.

Another hot spot of geopolitical activity of late is the South China Sea -- where Marxist CHINA has destroyed several beautiful coral reef islands to build permanent military bases so that they can project their controlling authority in the area surrounded by other countries.

Marxist CHINA and the USA -- and other nearby countries, seem to be at odds when it come to the idea of navigating freely in the area. At some point in time, the geopolitical question of who ultimately controls the area will be answered. Currently, as of 3/2020, freedom of navigation is winning over state control.

There also exist an interesting aspect of political control related to GEOPOLITICS -- and that is the story which covers the subject of weight and measurments. It seems that, for over a century, the GLOBAL ELITE club has -- and continues, to push the Metric System over the Imperial System.

Apparently, some people who work across the world and use the Metric System for measuring objects, have been trying to "phase-out" the Imperial System of the "inch/foot/pound" format because they consider the system too "complex" to figure out.

However, the Metric System has a major flaw in using the decimal point method of calculating measuments. What the Metric System achives in a simple movement technique of the decimal point value within a numerical calculation project, it exposes the possibility of misplacing the numerical decimal point at the wrong point within the total measurement value -- which can give a wrong value and answer to the numerical calculation project.

In other words, because the Metric System could have a "decimal issue" problem in calculating certain numerical projects, the Imperial System should always be considered as a measurement system for simple numerical calculation projects -- if for no other reason, but to verify the answer values of the "Metric measurement".

Basically, GEOPOLITICS is the political activity to strategically control a geographical area for defensive or offensive reasons.


GLOBAL WARMING: GLOBAL WARMING is a term made popular in Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" where the infamous chart of global temperatures going up like a "hockey-stick" is shown that suggest carbon pollution activity from humans is responsible.

The term has somewhat been replaced by the newer term CLIMATE CHANGE because the warming aspect of the concept wasn't enough to keep scaring the public into supporting a global carbon-tax scheme of collecting monies from energy companies so that the planet could be saved from them.

To be fair, no big or small corporation should get a free pass to pollute the planet, but forcing sovereign nations to pay a tax based on questionable carbon unit data from historic human activity -- with regards to skewed global temperature records to fit a bias forecast conclusion of some projected global catastrophic event story, is just propaganda scare tactics used by the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club to restrict and control CAPITALISM.

By the way, if one wanted to see where Al Gore got some of his GLOBAL WARMING views about how human activity is creating excessive "green-house gas pollution" that is melting the ice caps of Earth -- which in turn, is causing global flooding activity -- check out the 1958 film by Bell Labs called "The Unchained Goddess", where "the earth's polar ice-caps will melt one day" because of human activity and "tourist will be viewing the ground towers of Miami from 150 feet of water onboard glass-bottom boats".

What an absurd concept -- to scare people into believing that the Earth's sealevels will rise in our lifetime and flood a major coastal city in Florida under 150 feet of water where future tourist will view the sunken skyscrapers from glass-bottom boats -- all because we created too much carbon from our fossil fuel engines that melted the Earth's Ice-caps.

As the French writer and historian -- Voltaire, once said: "He who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities".

So -- for the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club members and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to push the absurd environmental concept of GLOBAL WARMING as a reason to scare the public into paying unnecessary taxes is criminally atrocious.

Moreover, according to the World Economic Forum website -- who is pushing for a "Global Reset" event, the recent Coronavirus event is an "opportunity" to also push for restrictions of carbon use by humans -- which implies the idea of the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang are using tyranical government lockdown events to arrest "human pollution" all around the world.

Basically, the GLOBAL WARMING argument is not about saving the planet from human pollution activity before it's too late -- it is, in fact, a socialistic scam to scare the global public into creating a political bureaucratic tax collecting entity that will reduce our freedoms -- and give the GLOBAL ELITE club more control of our lives.


GLOBAL ELITE: There are rich people that travel the globe and are very nice people -- and then there are members of the GLOBAL ELITE club -- which is a Zionistic cult of influential and wealthy persons that want to control GEOPOLITICS through GLOBALISM.

Some GLOBAL ELITE club members are quite arrogant and have little or no empathy for people who are not rich like they are -- they seem to generally view humans as a kind of cancer on the planet that are sucking up the natural resources of Earth and falsely believe if the poor "useless eaters" in society would just "go away" somehow, the earth would be much cleaner from all the pollution caused by humans.

However, because, in general, it is not humans that are polluting the worlds environment -- it is human ignorance that is polluting the worlds environment. Instead of blaming the unfortunate people in this world for global pollution, GLOBAL ELITE club members need to show more compassion for the unfortunate by educating them on how not to pollute the worlds environment.

But for certain GLOBAL ELITE club members who hold a negative attitude in which millions -- if not billions, of people should just "go away" by killing them with posion or other means, is a barbaric and evil concept that needs to "go away".

Some of the GLOBAL ELITE club members also have never worked a real day in their lives because they were born into a family that always gets the "Golden Share" in the corporate world.

The definition of the word "elite" is supposed to mean "those who are chosen or seclected as the best" -- but the term gets twisted when applied to people who control the world with their ill-gotten political schemes in search of material wealth. The GLOBAL ELITE club is actually the "best of the worst" humans on the planet that are chosen to rule by other club members.

Odds are that most all the GLOBAL ELITE club members believe -- or want to believe, in ZIONISM -- which is a utopian dream of controlling the world as a pefect place to live -- and that they are "the chosen ones" to build that dream. But because they are imperfect humans -- and make mistakes like all people do, their mistakes have grave consequences -- due to the vast wealth they possess that amplifies their mistakes.

According to the YOUTUBE channel: American Intelligence Media, the GLOBAL ELITE club includes international characters that operate "rat lines" around the globe -- such as Lord Mark Malloch -- who peddles his influence in global banking, digital voting machines used globally like the Diabold, Dominion and Smartmatic brands -- and the digital software that runs them like the Sequoia and the Optic programs.

Lord Mark Malloch is also involved in political funding programs such as the USAID, OPIC, INTERNATIONAL CRISIS FUND and INVESTECH among other international corporate and political entities that link to SERCO and the Queen's Privy Council through Geoffery Pattie.

Unelective private "think tanks" -- such as the BILDERBERG GROUP, Davos events, World Economic Forum, Club of Rome, Council on Foriegn Relations, Trilateral Commission, Commitee of 300, Project for the New American Century -- and more groups with global connections, are related to the GLOBAL ELITE club.

There exist many more GLOBAL ELITE club members that identify with wanting no governmental borders to interfere with their socialistic global activities such as George Soros and his Open Society Foundation -- who funds many nefarious social NGO programs which undermines the sovereignty of many national governments.

And speaking of George Soros -- who's original name was George Schwartz, this nefarious multi-billionaire person is financially related to many entities and concepts such as: The CLINTON FOUNDATION, The ROTHSCHILD FAMILY, The Atlantic Counsil, "Dude Zuckerberg's Facebook application", Planned Parenthood, Antifa, the Masonic Anti-Defamation League, Blackkk Lives Matter, White Helmets, Media Matters, Tavistock Institute, Southern Poverty Law Center, USAID, Common Core, obstructing free speech, stock market manipulation, mass migration events, human trafficking, organ trafficking, drug trafficking, geo-engineering, and much more.

According to the political research of Amazing Polly's YOUTUBE channel, George Soros controls many of the judges within the European Court of Human Rights -- which are appointed to office by people not even elected to office, by using his billions to buy the judges who follow his LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL agenda.

It is well known by some political researchers that George Soros controls many of the judges and District State Attorneys within the USA as well. How does he control all these personal positions within the legal system? They say that the power of money and blackmail tactics are the oldest tricks in controlling people in POLITICS.

Other GLOBAL ELITE club players include Larry Summers -- who directs global banking projects with apparent unlimited funds from offshore tax haven sources.

If one wanted to see a picture of some of the main GLOBAL ELITE club players of GLOBALISM -- there exist a photograph that can be found on the INTERNET, taken on December 10, 2001 -- some three months after 9/11/2001, wherein the following list of people are grouped together at the First Andrew Carnagie Medals Award Ceremony:

* Ted Turner;
* Bill Gates Senior;
* David Rockefeller;
* George Soros;
* Anthony Fauci;
* Tom Brokaw;
* Judy Woodruff;
* Barbera Walters;
* Bill Moyers;
* David McCullough;
* Brooke Astor;
* Irene Diamond;
* Leonore Annenberg;
* Mamphela Ramphele;
* Richard Parson.

Of course, some on this list may -- or may not be, bad actors in the globalist war on reducing the world's population -- but apparently, the art of philanthropy has been used for many years as a cover story for nefarious activity by the GLOBAL ELITE club.

And that is perhaps the problem with the GLOBAL ELITE club members -- they have way too much money for any human to ever spend rationally. With unlimited funds at their disposal, they waste energy and people on projects that lead to nefarious activity.

They are the people that fund the DEEP STATE gang and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob who push SOCIALISM every chance they get with their view of a utopian society where everybody's wants and needs are directed by a central global government.

Members of the GLOBAL ELITE club are also invovled in the International Monetary Fund -- or IMF, which uses banks in Switzerland to move money around the globe in ways that only the big annual players at Davos understand.

If anyone cares to discover how the GLOBAL ELITE club plays the global banking system -- just do a INTERNET search on the subject of "the Panama Papers", and learn the nefarious ways how they stay in control of governments with immeasurable abounts of money.

One scheme in which the GLOBAL ELITE club members launder their dirty money is through "onshore banks" -- where absolutely crazy values are paid to some artist for stupid looking "Modern Art" images -- why else would anybody pay millions for ugly artwork that isn't art or work?

Another scheme is how the GLOBAL ELITE club fund themselves and other players with lucrative book deals -- for example, OBAMA gave a publishing company named "Pearson Publishing" a government contract worth $350 Million to publish material for his Common Core program -- which when he left office, a subsidiary of Pearson Publishing returned the favor and gave OBAMA roughly $65 Million for his book deal.

And that example is just the "book deal" that OBAMA got. One wonders just who is advancing other "book deal funds" to other players of the DEEP STATE gang as "payment" for their work in pushing SOCIALISM -- which leads to COMMUNISM.

Some GLOBAL ELITE club players are the Technocratic Oligarchs that currently own all the legacy Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob services -- and many of the popular social media services. These "media services" are always trying to control the minds of the public with news and information sources that push a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL narrative.

However, because they underestimate the human spirit to be free of unnecessary government and corporate control, they will loose their fortune one day to the forces of real justice.

Two of some of the greatest GLOBAL ELITE club members that have appereared lately in the news are Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. Bill Gates -- whose father once ran the eugenic CORPORATION of Planned Parenthood, has suggested everbody on Earth needs to be vaccinated for the "greater good" -- and Klaus Schwab, from the World Economic Forum -- and who is behind the "Global Reset" program to change the world economy, says "You will own nothing -- and you will be happy about it".

These two GLOBAL ELITE club members are perhaps the most crazy influential and dangerous persons in modern history. Any person that has virtually unlimited access to money at the scale these guys do, are not good guys, because the real history of how they aquired their money has shady origins. These dangerous megalomaniacs should be stopped before its too late. They are some of "The Baddies" on earth that need to leave the planet asap.

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the GLOBAL ELITE gang -- which is sympathetic to the COMMUNIST PARTY and other evil entities who want to control the world, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

UPDATE 5/2021: Bill Gate's wife has filed for divorce because of an alleged sexual affair -- and other reasons related to his nefarious activities with Jeffrey Epstien. Perhaps justice will short-circit Bill's plan to vaccinate every person in the world with poison in the name of "public safety". Is the GLOBAL ELITE club begining to loose their political control over the world because of their misbehaving activities?

Also, there seems to be more and more substantial evidence appearing every day on the INTERNET that proves the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION was stolen by people related to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and other political enities connected to certain GLOBAL ELITE club players. At some point in time -- and for the sake of the general public, the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- who are controlled by the GLOBAL ELITE club, will be exposed to the world as "bad actors" in a bad play that needs to end as soon as possible.

There exist a meme on the INTERNET that states the following statement which explains how the GLOBAL ELITE club controls the world:

1% Control the world,
4% Are their puppets,
90% Are sheep,
5% Know and try to wake the 90%,
The 1% use the 4% to prevent the 5% from waking up the 90%.

Basically, although there exist good people that are wealthy who try to share their fortune when they can -- there is also a cabal of the GLOBAL ELITE club members -- which is really a global cult of sick people, who got very rich either by inheriting their wealth at the expense of the poor -- or they outright stole it through some nefarious means -- so, what can be done about those who waste their wealth on socialistic schemes that are attacking sovereign nations around the globe?


GLOBALISM: GLOBALISM is a group of political Marxist ideologies that advocate central control of all global governmental systems.

According to the NEW WORLD ORDER story, in order for GLOBALISM to succeed, the political power within existing nations must be made -- by force if necessary, to answer to a new Marxist global government system.

Using such policies and concepts as open borders between nations so that unregulated mass immigration events will "crash the national government" -- which will require a "global police force" to solve the problem, GLOBALISM is a bad idea for national citizens who do not want SOCIALISM -- which will lead to COMMUNISM over time.

An example of GLOBALISM at work is when the GLOBAL ELITE club use class warfare to divide a nation into disrespecting the national flag -- such as the recent US National Football League situation where some players kneel during the national anthem.

Perhaps these players should listen to the words in Frank Sinatra's song "My Way" where he sings "To say the things he truly feels -- And not the words of one who kneels" and be more respectful of those who gave their lives for their nation. The act of standing and giving respect to something or someone is better than kneeling -- the days of kneeling belong to the Dark Ages.

In order to succeed, GLOBALISM needs some kind of "global intelligence agency" to coordinate the political activities within national governments to "make things happen" for the benifit of a global government.

So, what established global intelligence agency or agencies -- with unlimited financial support, could be capable of coordinating such activity? The CIA of the USA? UK's Mi6? The ex-KGB of RUSSIA? The "chicoms" of Marxist CHINA?

Or could Israel's Mossad be involved in the political subversive activities within GLOBALISM?

The national leaders and citizens of the world need to answer these questions if there is to be a more truthful and comprehensive understanding of the subject of GLOBALISM. Perhaps some players within these global intelligence agencies are spies -- and are not working for the best interest of the country that they represent.

Citizenship to one country or nation implies allegiance to that country or nation. Government officials who claim dual-citizenship are essentially globalist -- and are not to be trusted with GEOPOLITICAL power because of allegiance issues.

UPDATE 11/2020: Apparently, members of the GLOBAL ELITE club -- who are pushing GLOBALISM and the Marxist "Great Reset" program, want to get rid of paper currency for over two decades. They also want digital identification of every citizen across the world and the elemination of private property -- and they are using the fake Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020, as "an opportunity" to push the AGENDA 21 and 2030 plans of "Building Back Better" humanity to their design.

However, their Marxist communitarian plan for our future will fail because they have grossly underestimated the freewill of humans and the spirit of indivisualism.

UPDATE 11/7/2023: According to some great research at Michelle Gibson's YOUTUBE channel, the legacy political sites behind GLOBALISM can be traced to three states within modern countries that have controlled the world for many generations. They are the City of London, Vatican City -- and Washington DC.

These three sites do not answer to the leadership within the country they are located in -- it's as if they have been created to hide in plain sight to the citizens within their respective country. It seems that the political power of these entities to control the world has been beyond the average person to understand -- but is not beyond the public's ability to wake up to their nefarious activities and end their control of our world as soon as possible.

Basically, GLOBALISM is attempting to create a Marxist one world political party government system -- known as the NEW WORLD ORDER -- with one currency and one RELIGION, by subverting NATIONALISM.


GMO: A GMO -- or Genetically Modified Organism, is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal.

The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans.

Because this involves the transfer of genes, GMOs are also known as “transgenic” organisms.

This process may be called either Genetic Engineering -- or Genetic Modification -- in any case, they are one and the same.

Once upon a time, humans took natural plants to create new types of plants by cross breeding different plant species -- much like they have done in animal species over the years.

However, in recent decades, large CORPORATIONs have spliced and diced the DNA from many other forms of life to create new and "superior" forms of life that they can copyright and "own" without waiting for the timely results of their test to see if there are any serious consequences of their experiments.

These large "plant" CORPORATIONs have convinced the government to legally challenge anybody involved in growing plants for a living -- such as farmers, whose crops have been exposed to their GMO products with or without their knowledge.

In other words, large CORPORATIONs -- such as Monsanto -- which is now owned by Bayer and Bill Gates, have used the government to enforce a legal scheme to "own certain plant designs" where they can force farmers -- whose crops were accidently exposed to said GMO plants from nearby fields, to pay them.

These large CORPORATIONs also legally control much of the seed supply that many farmers rely on -- and other fertilizer compounds to supplement the soil of depleted nutrients.

They have replaced natural fertilizer compounds with synthetic substitutes that appear to be more profitable -- at least in the short run.

Many people today do not realize that because much of the soil used for farming today does not have the same mineral content it used to have decades ago -- which translates into the idea that people are not getting enough nutritional minerals in their diets like they once did.

Notwithstanding the legal issues of GMOs, the long term effects of eating a GMO plant that has certain DNA from other non-plant organisms are not a welcome option for some people who do not want to be part of some corporate food experiment project so that the corporation can make more money.

Basically, GMO products can be good or bad -- but there should be copyright limits to owning certain plant designs that can monopolize whole plant genotypes.


GOLDEN RULE: The biblical rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the GOLDEN RULE. This rule -- or principle, could be the most powerful concept in POLITICS if followed -- but, unfortunately, is not, perhaps because humans are fallible by nature.

Many have confused the GOLDEN RULE principle with the other biblical term "eye for an eye" -- which is based on a revenge concept and not on the "pay it forward" concept like the GOLDEN RULE.

Much like the LAW OF ATTRACTION principle -- whereby focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person can bring, sometimes without realizing it, positive or negative experiences into their life -- however, the GOLDEN RULE is a rule that works only on the positive forces of nature.

Basically, in order for good things to happen in your life, you have to make good things happen in your life.


GRBs: Gamma-Ray Bursts -- or GRBs, are extremely energetic explosions that have been observed in distant galaxies.

They are the brightest electromagnetic events known to occur in the universe and can last from ten milliseconds to several hours or more.

After an initial flash of gamma rays, a longer-lived "afterglow" is usually emitted at longer wavelengths such as in X-ray, ultraviolet, optical, infrared, microwave and radio.

The intense radiation of most observed GRBs is believed to be released during a supernova or hypernova as a rapidly rotating, high-mass star collapses to form a neutron star, quark star, or black hole.

The sources of most GRBs are billions of light years away from Earth outside of the Milky Way -- although a related class of phenomena known as "soft gamma repeater flares", are associated with magnetars within the Milky Way.

It has been hypothesized that a Gamma-Ray Burst in the Milky Way, pointing directly towards the Earth, could cause a mass extinction event -- which is also known by historians as an "Extinction Level Event" -- or a "ELE".

Many astronomers and historians believe that a Gamma-Ray Burst from the Crab Nebula took place almost a thousand years ago because early historical evidence suggest a star-like event in the sky was recorded in ancient calendar books and even cave drawings.

Moreover, recent ice core samples suggested that a significant layer of nitrogen was found to correlate to the GRB event from the Crab Nebula -- which relates to the idea that something in the earth's atmosphere happened during the event.

Apparently, GRBs have in the recorded past and can in the present day cause very serious effects on Earth's atmosphere and geological makeup. In fact, the recent tsunami events of 2004 and 2011 are believed to be related to GRB events because some GRB events apparently have a "gravity wave" aspect that proceeds the flare event -- in other words, a "bow-shock" wave can create earthquake and tsunami events before the event becomes visible in the sky.

For example, on December 27, 2004 -- just two days after the tsunami event caused great damage across the Indian Ocean area, astronomers witnessed the brightest event known outside our solar system that released more energy in 1/10th of a second than our Sun does in 100,000 years.

This Starquake event from the SGR-1806-20 magnetar -- which has a magnetic field 1 to 2 quadrillion times stronger than earth, evidently beamed a GRB at earth, where on December 25, 2004 the arrival of the gravity shock wave affected our ionosphere and caused the tsunami event.

The other example is the fact that on April 12, 2011 -- just a month after the Japan tsunami event of March 11, 2011, a GRB event from the Crab Nebula was visible by astronomers that was measured at around 100 million electron volts.

The average visible light has energies between 2 and 3 electron volts. By the way, the Crab Nebula is located about 6,500 light years from Earth and is believed to have been created just less than a thousand years ago by reverse mapping the speed of the expanding explosion.

Although GRBs can result in a "Extinction Level Event" on Earth -- according to Ben Davidson at his Suspicious Obsevers YouTube channel, GRBs are only one of five types of natural global events that could end civilization as we know it.

The other four events include Magnetic Reversal, Grand Solar Minimum, Solar Storms and Volcanic Winter situations -- all of which could be connected to geo-celestial activity not related to human activity.

When anybody who presents a scenario about how "the end is near" -- and keeps pushing it for what ever reason, it's important to balance that information with the view where we should be careful of how their theories may have political aspects in controlling us with fear. In other words, there is nothing wrong with being prepared for the worst event -- but balance that view with time spent enjoying the hear and now.

So -- basically, although it is possible that interstellar events from far outside our solar system could cause havoc here on earth and that we live in a vulnerable time bubble that could burst any moment without warning, we should still plan for the future because the next major GRB event -- or any of the aforementioned destructive global events, could also not happen in our lifetimes.


GREAT RECESSION OF 2008: The GREAT RECESSION OF 2008 officially lasted from December 2007 to June 2009 and began with the bursting of an 8 trillion dollar housing bubble.

Whatever the reasons that cause the GREAT RECESSION OF 2008, the primary one was undoubtedly related to greed.

Some blame the greed behind "greedy banksters" and other followers of CAPITALISM -- while some blame the greed behind SOCIALISM and its financial deregulation policies in allowing central banks to give loans to unqualified poor people to own homes -- which, when they failed to pay back, eventually collapsed the US stock market system, and needed the US government to "bail out the banks" loaded down with "toxic loans".

The ROTHSCHILD FAMILY controlled central banks of other countries around the world also had to "bail out the banks" by printing more money FIAT MONEY to arrest the financial panic that threaten modern society -- and to protect the usury scheme of interest banking the banks depend on.

In any event, fear and the lack of trust in the world financial markets was "contained" by having the national governments and the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel create an old debt scheme used in the past. By printing up more FIAT MONEY -- and pretending that it is a "can to be kicked down the road of time" -- while trying not to worrying about tripping on that can someday, the crisis was "suspended in time".

Much was learned from the many mistakes that were created then -- however, looking to place blame on the "greedy banksters" and other followers of CAPITALISM, the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL believers in SOCIALISM and their Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob puppets, put in place during the 2008 US Presidential Election Barrack OBAMA -- a person that really changed the political landscape for eight years.

But it seems that those days are gone and the political pendulum has swung back to the right again with the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION of Donald Trump.

UPDATE 4/2020: Because of the Coronavirus PLANdemic scare event of 2020 -- and other DEEP STATE gang activites, global markets are once again in "bull territory" -- so, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banking cartel -- which controls the FEDERAL RESERVE -- with congressional support, has pumped major money into the US banking system to keep the economy from tanking.

This time, over two trillion US dollars on top of months of major "Quanitive Easing" funds -- amounting to something like six trillion US Dollars, were added to the growing US debt.

One wonders who is going to pay back all this money -- and to whom, for the cost of the Cornavirus PLANdemic scare event of 2020?

One also wonders if the Coronavirus PLANdemic scare event of 2020 was part of a global plan to introduce the socialistic Universal Basic Income -- or UBI, concept -- where the government just gives out FIAT money as income to its citizens based on their "needs". The socialistic UBI concept is part of the Marxist NEW WORLD ORDER story -- and is designed to assign a digital identity and credit score to every global citizen -- which is a tyrannical concept in the making.

Moreover, the concept of UBI is to get people hooked on "free" government money, so that the socialistic government of the NEW WORLD ORDER can better financially control the behavior of their lives.

UPDATE 2/2023: It has become apparent to many that all financial recessions -- like all global wars, are part of a business plan by the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY controlled central banks cartel to create a social-economic crisis event where the middle class public is scared into selling their investemts to whoever bill buy them. And who could afford to buy their investment? Why, of course the rich class members of the GLOBAL ELITE club -- who created the crisis in the first place.

In other words, all resessions -- great or small, and even depressions like the Great Depression of the 1930's, are the result of a wealth transfer crisis event program that are created on occasion to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The big global private central banks -- with their ability to create money "out of thin air', and with the legal license to make the treasuries of national governments print FIAT MONEY, will foreclose on the investments of the middle-class during these crisis.

So, until laws are passed that seriously separates unelected private CORPORATIONs from elected governments -- which equals the definition of FASCISM, we can expect further financial crisis from these players in the future.

Basically, the GREAT RECESSION OF 2008 was the result of powerful greedy persons that were allowed to control the financial global markets without proper oversight by national governments.


GULF WAR 1: GULF WAR 1 was a physical and psycological battle event launched by the DEEP STATE gang and George Bush Senior using a "coalition" of Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces in 1991 -- near the Persian/Arabian Gulf to remove Iraq from Kuwait.

1991 was also the year that the USSR collapsed and George Bush Senior announced to the UN his NEW WORLD ORDER plan to police the Middle East.

GULF WAR 1 was also where the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang created a GEOPOLITICAL situation designed to benefit the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and ZIONISM.

There are many other reasons behind the causes of the GULF WARS -- least of which, human greed for political power and the love of money.


GULF WAR 2: GULF WAR 2 was a physical and psycological battle event launched by the DEEP STATE gang and George Bush 2 using a "coalition" of Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces in 2002 -- near the Persian/Arabian Gulf to remove and replace the regime in Iraq.

GULF WAR 2 was also an apparent revenge response to the activity of the 9/11 event -- where, again -- like in GULF WAR 1, the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang created a GEOPOLITICAL situation designed to benefit the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and ZIONISM.

There are many other reasons behind the causes of the GULF WARS -- particularly, human greed for political power and the love of money.


HACKERS AND LEAKERS: Essentially, HACKERS AND LEAKERS are takers and givers.

The "hackers", in this case, are persons or groups that take or steal confidential information from computers sources for various reasons -- and the "leakers" are persons or groups that give or "leak" confidential information from computer sources they have access to and make it publically available using various means and for various reasons.

For example, when the Democratic National Committee -- or DNC, claims that their computer servers were "hacked" by "the Russians" to steal confidential emails, the truth may be that their computer servers were actually hacked by somebody from within the DNC.

Perhaps DNC staffer Seth Rich -- who was a fan of Bernie Sanders, could have discovered how the nefarious activity of the DNC and the Hillary campaign were cheating against Bernie Sanders, may have found out access to John Potesta's notorious Gmail emails on the DNC servers by simply using his "password code" -- which was the simple code word "password", and wanted the public to know about it.

Perhaps with a motive to embarrass Hillary and her Election Campaign manager -- John Podesta, Seth Rich could have leaked the confidential emails to the popular online "leaking service" known as Wikileaks using a portable "thumb-drive" event, who made the emails public.

Many investigators into the story believe certain "players within the DNC" had Seth Rich "neutralized" for "leaking" the emails as retribution. And looking to blame someone for the "hacked emails" -- the DNC concocted the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE story to the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to deflect the truth about the nefarious activity of the DNC.

There also exist the possibility that the AWAN FAMILY IT SCANDAL is somehow related to how the DNC server was hacked because the Awan brothers may have had access to the data within the server.

Basically, it may have been Seth Rich who was the "hacker" that "leaked" the emails to Julian Assange's Wikileaks website -- and not some mysterious "Russian hacker" that the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, keeps suggesting.


HEALTH CARE: HEALTH CARE is the act of taking preventative or necessary medical procedures to improve a person's well-being.

This may be done with surgery, the administering of medicine, or other alterations in a person's lifestyle.

These services are typically offered through a health care system made up of hospitals and physicians.

Major questions that are currently being debated in HEALTH CARE are as follows:

#1 -- How much responsibility does the government have in getting involved with the HEALTH CARE of an injured citizen?
#2 -- What are the medical cost to the government and the injured citizen if the government gets involved?
And #3 -- Who ultimately is responsible for the medical cost for treating the injured citizen?

Regarding question #1, if the government only covers the medical cost of personal "catastrophic events" -- such as a life-saving situation caused by a very serious accident, questions #2 and #3 can more easily be answered.

If however, the government gets involved in treating citizens with non-life threatening issues using ambiguous materials and services that includes drugs and therapy, then the medical cost of things will be very high and hard to calculate -- much like the current HEALTH CARE crisis is now.

Make no mistake, there are medical industry groups that exist around the Beltway in Washington D.C. that are lobbying the government every day to pay them for the cost of socialized HEALTH CARE.

Just like the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that President Eisenhower warned us back in the early 1960's, there exist a bureaucratic "medical industrial complex" within government that will take every opportunity to bleed the public for tax dollars using the excuse to improve the HEALTH CARE of people.

For those people who believe that socialized HEALTH CARE is free in certain "Western" countries, they are mistaken -- because of the built in taxes the citizens pay within these countries to cover the cost for it.

A socialist politician will always promise free medical coverage to get votes -- after all, its not their money that will pay the medical corporations for treatment -- its your government taxes that cover the cost.

Modern medicine is pretty good at repairing bodies that have been damaged in an accident -- but having taxpayers pay for the endlessly medical treatment cost of people who are ill informed about proper nutrition and exercise is a waste of government resources.

If more people would take it upon themselves to exercise properly -- and stop eating processed food containing added sugar or any extra sweeteners, perhaps the government would not have to get involved in covering the total HEALTH CARE of its citizens.

By the way, it is a fact that because cancer tumor cells feed directly off sugary sources, processed food and drinks that contain added sugars are bad things in life -- so, read you food labels and learn why perhaps so many people have HEALTH CARE issues.

In many cases, it is almost impossible for a "foodie" -- which is a person very aware of all the posions in process foods, to walk down the isles at most any grocery store and not see hundreds of food-like items that are basically posion to the human body. What is sad is that people have been brainwashed over time by advertising CORPORATIONs to pay good money for such bad processed food -- and many never associate their ill health issues with the bad diet they have.

Speaking of process foods and toxic ingredients, it is known by real "foodies" that ingesting food processed at high temperatures using "seed oils" during the cooking process can be bad for one's health because the molecular structure of the nutrient within the food gets destroyed. It seems that many food CORPORATIONs are more interested in not being sued by consumers who may be exposed to under cooked food than to sell real nutrition to their customers.

Also, because many "seed oils" have been exposed to natsy herbicides like "Roundup" in their growing field, the general health of many people that eat such process foods have been damaged without the public ever really knowing it.

As the Greek physician Hippocrates once said: "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food" -- which implies the idea -- eat well to stay well.

And because of "the idiot factor" that exist within any group of people -- where there are just plain stupid idiots doing stupid dangerous things and get seriously hurt, the taxpayers should not have to pay for their stupidity.

Of all the chronic diseases that contribute to people dying these days -- it seems that stupidity is our greatest comorbidity.

UPDATE 5/2020: Because of the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020, there is a growing movement of scientist that is questioning the conventional understanding of modern HEALTH CARE techniques of treating diseases in humans -- for example, some scientist have long believed -- and new medical evidence based on old studies, seems to support, the theoretical idea that there are really are no contagious viruses as we think they may be.

These scientist believe what some have called viruses -- which is based on the Latin word "poison" -- as in a poisonus "snakes' venom", are actually "exosomes".

According to this new medical research theory, exosomes -- which are believed to be very tiny little packets of "dead protein balls" -- or "cell poop" that contain pieces of DNA or RNA material from used body cells, move in and out of cells and are "shedded" or "expelled" from the body as a waist product. Known since the early 1980's, exosomes have basically the same behavior as viruses -- but are not apparently dangerous.

These new research studies explain that when body cells are destroyed by exposure to toxic substances or environments, they die and the debris left behind form "exosomes balls" -- which are eaten or absorbed by living bacteria -- which, in turn, can be become fungi when they die. So, exosomes -- also known as viruses, are simply the non-living debris of dead cells that are not contagious or dangerous.

According to a doctor named Dr. Andrew Kaufman, the difference between exosomes and viruses, is that exosomes are real and viruses are not. And the reason why is that because exosomes are incapable of replicating -- and pose no real pathological danger to the body, they are not "germs". In other words, germ-like viruses are simply the invention of BIG PHARMA to make profit and control people with vaccines.

What is dangerous to the body are toxins found in our environment that get inside the body and interfere with normal cell growth.

Therefore, the modern "germ theory" of deadly pathogenic viruses -- and how they spread, is incorrect -- because they are not living dangerous germ-like things like some bacteria, fungi or parasitic protozoa life forms that can infect living organisms. And so, because exosomes are not living contagious "germs", the whole modern medical theory of viruses -- and the antidote of vaccines, is wrong.

More to the point, the recent Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is a deceptive medical hoax event -- based on a false scientific data, that is designed to scare the public for political and propaganda reasons. The event was created to weaponize the annual cold and flu season by those who control -- and who have controlled, modern allopathic medicine since 1913.

It is interesting to note that the Rockefeller Foundation -- which was built on petroleum monopoly profits, has controlled most aspects of modern medicine since 1913 -- and was instrumental is creating vaccines for the 1918 "Spanish Flu" pandemic -- where, by some accounts, some 50 million people died.

By the way, the reason why the 1918 pandemic event was called the "Spanish Flu" by "western news services" was because the free press -- locaded in Spain, was the first to publish a report that a pandemic event was taking place during the war. The Western Allies kept the pandemic a military secret until after the war because news of the event could help the Germans believe that "the Allied Armies" were suffering greatly and may give up the war effort.

Moreover, new revelations about what may have cause or contributed to the 1918 pandemic suggest that because thousands of US soldiers from WW1 were vaccinated up to 25 times by the "medical military industry" of the times, the "germ bug" that killed so many was not some nasty contagion from the battlefield trenches -- but was the toxic poison within the many vaccines they were given.

In fact, many now believe that the 1918 pandemic began at an Kansas army camp named Ft. Riley -- where the vaccinations took place -- and then made its way to the battlefield in Europe.

Incidently -- and Ironically, the last name of the doctor at the army camp was named "Gates". Although no known relation to Bill Gates -- the mastermind behind the COVID-19 "vaccine" event, Dr Fredrick Gates was the man who directed the "vaccine trials" at the camp and was Board President of the Rockefeller Institute & Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Also, forcing people to wear cloth mask under penalty of law back 1918 -- and rebreathe their own bacteria, could have significantly caused serious health issues that were blamed on "the flu" causing pandemic story.

Some scientist also believe that the 1918 pandemic may have been caused by the new powerful unregulated Radio Frequency transmission events of that time in history -- which could have caused influenza-like symtoms in people working near broadcasting towers or unshielded electrical power lines.

In any case, the Mayo Clinic created some 500,000 vaccines to "help fix" the 1918 pandemic. Lord knows what kind of infectious bacteria and other poisons were use in creating these experimentail "trial and error" vaccines. And because many vaccines were left over after the pandemic -- BIG PHARMA needed to find other diseases that "needed fixing" to help pay their cost in making them.

The whole modern medical "viruses are germs theory" -- which is based on the misunderstood concept of spreading infectious poisons, was actually proven wrong about a hundred years ago when doctors experimented many times with the idea that "viruses" are contagious -- but found out they were not.

In one human experimental test project during the 1918-19 pandemic event that involved about 100 people, the Public Heath Service and US Navy on Gallops and Angel Islands in the Boston Harbor area, conducted experiments -- based on the theory in which a common bacteria -- known as "Pfeiffer's bacillus", was used as a "contagion" sample source to cause the influenza disease, they took mucous and blood samples from sick patients and injected them directly into healthy "test subjects" -- without anyone ever getting sick.

It should be remebered that in 1918, invisible "viruses" were assumed to be "contagious germs" -- similar to living microscopic bacteria, that nobody could see until decades later when the electron microscope was invented. In fact, even today, it is interesting to note that no known real "photograph" exist of the "novel Covid-19" virus that has caused so much chaos around the world.

All the images of the "novel Covid-19" virus seen online are either modified pictures of the Coronavius family of "horny protein balls" -- with "crowns of weird tipped horns" -- or computer simulated model images. One would think that with all the powerful imaging technology of our modern era, there would at least exist a real photograph of the unique enemy -- but no, the "medical experts" have to use obscure ways to prove that these "little cooties" exist -- such as "antibody marker test" -- or "exaggerated RNA marker count test" -- which were not designed to prove the existence of a novel virus.

Much like trying to catch acne sores from a nutrient deficient teenager, people can not "catch" a disease from "viruses" or "exosomes" -- because they are simply dead waste debris particles from dead or dying cells, within the body that can not grow and replicate on their own like bacteria can.

Although foreign viruses -- or exosomes, apparently can contain some DNA and or RNA coded chemical data -- that when moved into a new host cell, could theoretically alter the cell in a negative way, the scientific medical theory of how the complicated process works is actually only theory -- and not a real provable fact. Therefore, there is no real scientific proof in any medical literature -- not owned by the allopathic medical industry gang and BIG PHARMA, that very small "dead protein waste packets" -- known as viruses, are contagious pathogenic "germs".

This infamous "viruses are germs theory" is based on the imagined idea that the DNA or RNA chemical code formula within non-living "virus packets" somehow mingles with the micronucleus of a host cell -- which also contains DNA or RNA codes, and then "comes alive" by creating and replicating "mutant copies" of the host cell -- resulting in "unnatural cell growth events", that eventually damages or kills the host being by way of oxygen deprivation to the cells like cancer does.

However, as just stated, this theory is not a fact -- but the guesswork of people trying to explain how "invisible diseases" work in the body.

If cold and flu "viruses" spread so easily between people and make them sick, why is it that some family members -- particularly spouse partners -- which are exposed to the "contagion" daily, do not always "catch the virus" and get sick?

Is it really about better immune systems in people surviving exposure to foreign viruses -- or are "viruses" just simply dead waste "poop particles" from the cells of the body that sometimes act like solvents and appear to happen at the same time when other people shed theirs -- who were also exposed to the same toxic environment or seasonal temperatures?

In other words, perhaps some wide spread cold and flu sickness in people could just be a collective timing or cycle issue when their bodies decide to get rid of toxins that have built up over time -- and that the scary stories of "contagious viruses" which infect people where made up by the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs long ago to make money by selling vaccines.

Think about it -- if viruses -- or exosomes, are not dangerous "germs" which infect people, then the whole theoretical idea that any virus is a dangerous contagion is wrong -- and should void -- not only the COVID-19 horror story, but also all vaccination events designed to "fix" medical problems that don't really exist.

By the way, some have speculated that the real meaning of COVID actually is an acronym for "Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification" -- which is the Billy Gates plan to vaccinate eveybody on earth with a micro-dot ID code tag. Moreover, because the COVID-19 horror story is also part of the UN AGENDA 21 plan, the public should wake up and see the "big political picture of things" in how and why the DEEP STATE gang -- and the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs -- with help from the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, is using a fearful FAKE NEWS virus story -- in the name of "public safety", to control WESTERN CIVILIZATION with tyrannical medical lockdowns events.

Because the subject of Virology -- which includes many theories of how microscopic poisonus things work in the body, can get very complex to persons not familiar with the topic, some older established theories within the subject may need some updating to better understand the overall truth of the matter so that the general public can realize any real dangers involved in pandemics.

For example, how some foreign microscopic virus-like particle items get into a body should not always be confused with all poisonous pathological microbes just because they have a pathway into the body. In other words, foreign microscopic virus-like particle items that get into the body are not always dangerous -- unless they are mixed with real toxic materials and injected into the body by way of a hypodermic needle like what can be found in vaccination events.

Also, it is interesting to note that farmers have been vaccinating their livestock in recent years just by giving them "intranasal swabs" of the vaccine. This view implies the idea that giving people "nasal swab" test, could actually be giving people a poisonus vaccine up the nose. Think about that for a moment -- are the COVID-19 "nasal swab" test actually vaccine events themselves? Are the people behind the BIG PHARMA gang giving people a toxic contagious material in the very test that is suppost to see if people are infected with a contagion called COVID-19? Perhaps the COVID-19 "test" needs to be tested by people not owned by the BIG PHARMA gang.

Incidentally, vaccine makers mix stem-cells from aborted baby parts in their formulas so that the DNA or RNA particles within the vaccine, can better replicate with the host cell and infect the rest of the host body.

And by the way, non-living airborne viruses riding on "sneeze-droplets", are way, way smaller than the smallest living bacteria -- and are capable of getting through most any face mask design worn by the public. They are so small -- an electronic microscope is needed to image them.

Because they are so small -- the possibility that enough of them could get through the body's natural defenses and infect or kill a person, is absolutely minuscule -- if not impossible.

Viruses are not -- like some would have us believe, "germinating seeds" that causes diseases.

Again, diseases are caused by exposure to toxins -- such as some bacteria, fungi or parasitic protozoa life forms -- including chemical materials -- but not by viruses -- which are simply dead cell debris!

The idea that non-living virus-like particles are not contagious disease causing pathogenic germs, is a concept not apparently realized or understood properly by the general public. And because of this public misunderstanding regarding the real medical science involving contagious diseases, BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs are taking advantage of this confusion for political and profitable reasons -- and have been doing so for over a hundred years.

BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs are in the business of treating infections in patients with medicines -- they really do not want to cure patients of diseases -- because it would kill their business model. And because of this situation, their answer to "fix" an assumed virus infection in people is a vaccination event.

However, vaccination events -- that use vaccines to theoretically stop viruses, are not medical events based on medicines -- even though the "Medical Industrial Complex" and DEEP STATE gang controlled government, say they are. They are, in fact, injections of foreign toxic matter into the body designed as a "rehearsal event" to a possible future infection -- and to develope anti-bodies that are markers of contamination.

Vaccines do not prevent infections -- but do cause diseases that can last a lifetime. Because they can be used nefariously as a biological weapon by the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs -- with little or no liability, they should never ever be mandatory -- or even necessary -- given the new knowledge of how they have been used as schemes to make money and to control human population.

Most all the medical literature of the last century have been controlled by the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs -- who want to keep servicing patients. They cite examples of vaccination success stories -- like fixing Smallpox symtoms with Cowpox "germs" -- also called vaccinia, in the early 1800's -- and Polio symptoms with a man-made vaccine in the 1950's.

But reading around the published medical propaganda, one can find some new ways to scientifically explain what really caused these diseases -- and that vaccinations to gain immunity against them, is a made up story.

For example, could consuming the toxic metals once used in sealing tin-canned food made popular after WW2, have been one of the real causes of the Polio epidemic? Did the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs makeup the "poliovirus" story to justify the many vaccinations events of the 1950's? Did the Polio vaccination events actually give people the disease like the vaccination events did during the influenza pandemic of 1918?

It is interesting to note the fact that Polio cases increased over 700% in states which had compulsory vaccinations. Think about that fact for a moment -- and see what could have really caused the Polio epidemic in the 1950's.

If the Polio epidemic was actually caused by toxic exposure to metallic poisons -- and not by some unique virus found in the spinal column of sick patients, do you think BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs -- and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- who make money from their corporate advertisements, would tell the public a story that the desease is caused by man-made toxic posions?

By the way, just because some Poliovirus "germs" -- which independently measure at about 3% the size of a Staphylococcus bacteria microbe, were apparently imaged by an electron microscope from some "Polio patients" in the 1950's, does not mean it was a contagion that infected other cells and caused the crippling disease -- it may just have been a waste product item left behind in the body after exposure to something toxic.

Other people with medical knowlege suspect that the now banned toxic posion DDT -- once commonly used in agriculture to control pest, after WW2, may have also contributed to Polio victims. Or perhaps the common use of the toxic building material of that era known as abestos -- made of a fibrous silicate mineral, made its way into victims back then and posioned them with paralyzing symptoms.

And could the harmful power of electromagnetic radiation-waves used in radar during and after WW2 have caused toxic paralyzing symtoms similar to Polio?

In 1955 through 1963, some 100 million children were given contanimated Polio vaccine shots that contained monkey-kidney toxins which caused untold cancer events in vaccinated victims over time. Such medical mistakes by Big Pharma CORPORATIONs where easily swept under the publicity rug back then because the CIA controlled Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob could get away with it.

There exist a little known novel theory that the Polio paralysis event of the 1950's was never "fixed" by the Polio vaccine -- but was merely renamed by the AMA -- or the American Medical Association CORPORATION, other medical names related to paralysis in the human body -- such as Cerebal Palsy, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, Aseptic Meningitis and Multiple Sclerosis.

The story goes that Polio was actually caused by toxic industrial poisons in the environment -- and that a virus theory was purposely fabricated by the chemical industry and the US government to deflect away from litigation by people made sick by the negligence of these entities.

So, the AMA CORPORATION -- who control the medical license of doctors, instructed all doctors to name any medical paralysis of the body anything but the diagnostic labeling of Polio. By doing this coordinated action between the BIG PHARMA vaxccine makers and the AMA -- which are part of the Medical Industrial Complex -- and clearly shows the 666 image in their logo, made it appear to the public that the posionus Polio vaccine ended the Poliovirus epidemic.

In other words, the Polio event of the 1950's was a swindle that was orchistrated purposely to make the public believe Polio was eradicated by the Polio vaccine -- but the Polio vaccine contained toxic ingredents directly linked to paralysis that actually caused or contributed to the disease. And the whole world -- with help from the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and other powerful propaganda experts, bought the Polio story -- and still does to this day.

And what about other diseases like Rabies -- believed to be caused by a virus, and bacteria based Typhoid, Diphtheria or Tuberculosis -- can these diseases can be explained without resorting to "fixing them" with posionus vaccines?

Incidentally, if the disease known as Rabies is caused by a virus -- why is the established medical treatment of using a vaccine event -- which is suppost to be given before an infection -- and not after the intial infection, a real medical protocol? In other words, something does not add up with the idea of treating a possible infection from a rabid animal with a vaccination event after the original infection. Why infect a patient with a poisonus vaccination event after a supposed poisonus event?

Could the real "zombie-like" symptoms of what is known as the disease called "Rabies" actually be traced to a toxin found in wild plants called "Hyoscyamine"?. Some wild plants -- like Jimson Weed, Deadly Nightshade and Henbane, contain a poisonus toxic chemical called "Hyoscyamine" -- which can cause very simular Rabid-like symptoms to animals when eaten by accident.

Moreover, if the disease of "Rabies" is actually caused by an over exposure to a unique toxin found within wild plants, and not some kind of contagious "virus", imagine the huge profit loss to the "vaccine industry" -- which is a major aspect of how the BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs make their money.

Are vaccines really about trying to build up immunity to bad "germs" by giving healthy people small doses of poisons -- or are they really about something nefarious created by the modern day Medical Industrial Complex and BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs -- run by the Rockefeller Foundation -- who are known to be involved in "population control' programs?

If one wants to learn about how evil the Medical Industrial Complex and BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs can be in their greedy quest to make money from vaccines -- check out the online video documentaries of "VAXXED" -- and "VAXXED 2". These videos are full of many testimonies from parents whoes children were crippled with autism and other lifetime ailments from vaccine programs sanctioned by the government. It truely is a sad story -- particularly the blind trust people put in the health authorities who really do not know how poisonous the vaccines are.

It is also sad that many in the health profession do know how poisonous the vaccines are, yet still participate in the scam because they do not want to "rock the boat" that may sink their medical carreer.

Because viruses -- also now known as exosomes by some microbiologist, are so small and were not even seen until the invention of the electron microscope, they could never pass the "Koch's Postulate Test" -- which is a verification process to isolate the cause of a disease and scientifically replicate the cause.

And because scientist were using vaccination events to try and fix bacterial diseases in people for decades -- and also because they could never isolate any viruses -- due to the fact that they are too small to pass the "Koch's Postulate Test", scientist just assumed that all microscopic "contagious germs" -- smaller than living bacteria, needed to be treated the same way.

However, this assumption is based on the false idea that all diseases are caused by external living pathogens -- which, according to the "germ theory" story, find a pathway into the body and infect it from the outside. The "germ theory" story excludes the idea that all diseases are the result of external toxic materials first entering the body and killing normal cells -- which in turn, creates dead cell debris -- known as viruses or exosomes, and feeds living opportunistic bacteria and fungi within the "body terrain".

If the "body terrain" is healthy because of proper nutrient intake -- and no exposure to toxic materials from the environment -- including contaminated foods, then there should be no contagious diseases.

It was onced believed by most scientist about a hundred years ago that dirt caused malaria. Scientist can be wrong sometimes.

And that is the crux of the problem in modern allopathic medicine -- medical doctors -- indoctrinated by Rockefeller Foundation theories of how to treat the sick with pills, do not have an holistic approach or overview as to what causes many diseases. They are not trained in the science of healthy nutrition - or the exposure to the many toxic materials in our modern environment that causes diseases -- and curing formulas to fix them. They -- instead, seem preoccupied with the "love of money" -- and in many cases, to keep the business of servicing the sick going.

Modern medical doctors are very good at physically reparing body injuries -- but, in many cases, lack the knowledge of healing patients with holistic care formulas that include nutritional and bioresonance therapy.

So why is modern medicine pushing the idea that "viruses" are dangerous and contagious -- and need to be "fixed" with vaccinations?

Follow the money of how, who, when and why modern medicine is what it is -- the answer is about greedy profits and population control -- and the Rockefeller Foundation, together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, are the entities that explains it all.

Based on a popular meme, the following list is a partial record of where and how much money is spent by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for "donation reasons":

* 3.4 Billion to the World Heath Organization (WHO);
* 3 Billion to the GAVI Health Alliance;
* 870 Million for the John Hopskins University;
* 280 Million for the Imperial College;
* 243 Million for the University of Oxford;
* 155 Million for the Center of Disease Control (CDC);
* 53 Million to the BBC Media Action;
* 40 Million to England's Chief Medical Officer;
* 18 Million to the National Institute of Medicine (NIM);

With this kind of money being given out to influential organizations that are "in bed" with government, one wonders what the "givers" expect in return.

And there are many many other "health organizations" around the world that stand to profit from any pandemic. There is a good reason that the BIG PHARMA story is called a conspiracy.

Incidently, the flu vaccine has been around for over 78 years -- and not one season has it ever been effective. Think about that for a moment. Some powerful players in the Medical Industrial Complex, are not telling the truth -- and are running an elaborate scam to milk the public for money. Much of that money comes directly from government funds -- paid by taxpayers, by way of BIG PHARMA political lobbying efforts in Washington D.C..

The government welfare system known as the US Department of Health and Human Services -- which was established by Nelson Rockerfeller and his Foundation in 1953, should stop pushing the free annual flu vaccine shots program. Anytime someone -- particularly the government, is promising something "free" -- you know something is wrong, because nothing is free. Someone is making lots of money on that service at taxpayer expense for sure -- and we all know it.

In fact, the WHO and the CDC -- together with the US Department of Health and Human Services, all need to stop their work regarding the Covid-19 event immediately because they have acted in bad faith during the event. History will not record their actions as heros -- but as participants in a global scam to harm the health of the general public. These governmental "experts" claim that they are acting in the name of "science" -- and for the "greater good", but in fact, they are political pawns being used by the GLOBAL ELITE club to destroy our God given liberties and our HEALTH CARE systems with their NEW WORLD ORDER plan.

As an important step in becoming a doctor, medical students must take the "Hippocratic Oath" -- and one of the promises within that oath is “first, do no harm” -- or “primum non nocere” -- which is the Latin translation from the original Greek statement. Well -- what are vaccinations? The theory behind all vaccinations are supposed to cause "a little harm" -- so that the "body will take action and build up immunity factors to fight a potentionally bigger harm which may happen later in time".

However -- the theory behind all vaccinations -- for what ever reason, violates the Hippocratic Oath -- in that the vaccination event is causing harm using posions. Think about that concept for a moment -- and realize that injecting posion into anyone -- for whatever reason, is causing harm -- period!

Therefore, armed with this new knowledge that virus-like objects are not actually contagious "germ-cooties" like many believe they are, perhaps the global public can get back to behaving normal again without Billy Gates and company "coming to our rescue" with nasty vaccines.

The take-away from all this new knowledge about "germ theory" and contagious diseases -- with respect to human health and the recent COVID-19 scam event, are the following views:

#1 -- Physical injury can harm the human body.
#2 -- Insufficient nutrion can harm the human body.
#3 -- Toxic poisons can harm the human body.
#4 -- Psychological operations created by psychopathic people with nefarious intent, can harm the human body.

When the greater public awakes from the spell of propaganda -- brought on by Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, and realizes that the real contagion spreading across the world falsely called COVID-19, is actually part of global WW3 Psychological Operation event -- which was planned by a gang of secret societies connected to the UN and other entites that support COMMUNISM and ZIONISM, only then will this operation end.

Perhaps the good news in the recent Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is that the public will eventually wake up to the truth of how profit-based allopathic medicine schemes have worked to tax and control citizens for over a hundred years.

The DEEP STATE gang have over-exposed one of their many tools to control people -- which is fear -- and, together with also loosing their political publishing power tool of controlling the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob services because of new social media technologies, will lose the current battle in shaping our future.

Again, if it were not for the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob networks -- together with the WHO, the CDC and local health departments, flooding the news cycles with fearful FAKE NEWS stories about a fictional nasty germ event called COVID-19 -- which has turned people into "scared sheeple" wearing mask all the time, the public could wake up and see the COVID-19 situation is actually a planned political event -- and not a medical pandemic event.

UPDATE 10/4/2020: Good news -- Under the rules of Civil Tort Law, and as defined on Section 7 of the International Criminal Code, a Class Action Lawsuit is currently underway which charges the leaders of the World Health Organization, the Center of Disease Control and other governmental health authorities, for "Crimes Against Humanity" -- based on their knowledge that the PCR test can not provide any real useful information of infection -- and was never a reliable method in proving a contagious disease. Moreover, knowing that the PCR test would be used by other public health services around the world as a health standard for identifying Covid-19 cases, and that their recommendations would be used for Lockdowns, Social Distancing Rules and Face Mask Laws -- which have cause great harm to the general public, they are guilty of medical malpractice, and should be punished for their actions.

UPDATE 10/12/2020: Both the WHO and the CDC have just announced that government Lockdowns of the general public across the globe to control the Covid-19 pandemic is wrong and should not be used to stop or slow the spread of the virus. Are they just saying this because they now have compassion for the millions who have been damaged by their crazy tyranical recommendations -- or are they now worried by the just announced Civil Tort Lawsuit against them that will charge the leaders of these organizations with "Crimes Against Humanity"?

UPDATE 2/23/2021: According to the following comment following an article at the henrymakow(dot)com website named "Vaccines are Killing the Elderly", the COVID-19 event is part of a global scam to kill off the elderly:

>>> February 22, 2021 -- comment by "R"

Dr. Thomas Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman both have stated that that SARS CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 has not been isolated and has never met Koch Postulates, thus the virus has never been proven to exist or be the cause of any sickness. Never mind be the basis to which an experimental vaccine was built on.

Both doctors pointed out that under terrain theory, which goes against the medically accepted concept of germ theory, viruses are actually exosomes and are produced internally by the body to assist white blood cells to help rid the body of toxins. They are the good guys. You take care of your body or terrain and your body and immune system take care of you. Flu and cold are actually the body purging itself during times of stress, external toxicity or winter months. Perhaps this is why Vitamin D is critical in preventing COVID-19 symptoms?

It would then make sense that after receiving the vaccine that people tested positive as their bodies are producing exosomes to rid the toxins. In previous mRNA testing the vaccine was given as a single dose but was found to be too toxic, thus two smaller doses were found to be more effective.

As for workers who refused the shot but were found to be positive with no symptoms, it is highly likely they are false positive due to a high cycling threshold using the flawed PCR test. Studies has shown that cycling thresholds past 35 will produce 97% false positive results. Many labs are using 35-45 cycles. Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR method was against the PCR method being used as a diagnostic tool. <<<

UPDATE 5/22/2021: According to an article by Tyler Durden at the Zero Hedge website -- the following excerpts from the story reveals how the CDC is again cheating the COVI-19 numbers to scare the public for political reasons that favor the GLOBAL ELITE club's plans.

>>> Caught Red-Handed: CDC Changes Test Thresholds To Virtually Eliminate New COVID Cases Among Vaxx'd.

New policies will artificially deflate “breakthrough infections” in the vaccinated, while the old rules continue to inflate case numbers in the unvaccinated.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) is altering its practices of data logging and testing for “Covid19” in order to make it seem the experimental gene-therapy “vaccines” are effective at preventing the alleged disease.

They made no secret of this, announcing the policy changes on their website in late April/early May, (though naturally without admitting the fairly obvious motivation behind the change).

The trick is in their reporting of what they call “breakthrough infections” – that is people who are fully “vaccinated” against Sars-Cov-2 infection, but get infected anyway.

Essentially, Covid19 has long been shown – to those willing to pay attention – to be an entirely created pandemic narrative built on two key factors:

False-positive tests. The unreliable PCR test can be manipulated into reporting a high number of false-positives by altering the cycle threshold (CT value) Inflated Case-count. The incredibly broad definition of “Covid case”, used all over the world, lists anyone who receives a positive test as a “Covid19 case”, even if they never experienced any symptoms.

Without these two policies, there would never have been an appreciable pandemic at all, and now the CDC has enacted two policy changes which means they no longer apply to vaccinated people.

Firstly, they are lowering their CT value when testing samples from suspected “breakthrough infections”.

From the CDC’s instructions for state health authorities on handling “possible breakthrough infections” (uploaded to their website in late April):

For cases with a known RT-PCR cycle threshold (Ct) value, submit only specimens with Ct value =28 to CDC for sequencing. (Sequencing is not feasible with higher Ct values.)

Throughout the pandemic, CT values in excess of 35 have been the norm, with labs around the world going into the 40s.

Essentially labs were running as many cycles as necessary to achieve a positive result, despite experts warning that this was pointless (even Fauci himself said anything over 35 cycles is meaningless).

But NOW, and only for fully vaccinated people, the CDC will only accept samples achieved from 28 cycles or fewer. That can only be a deliberate decision in order to decrease the number of “breakthrough infections” being officially recorded.

Secondly, asymptomatic or mild infections will no longer be recorded as “covid cases”.

That’s right. Even if a sample collected at the low CT value of 28 can be sequenced into the virus alleged to cause Covid19, the CDC will no longer be keeping records of breakthrough infections that don’t result in hospitalisation or death...

...The CDC is demonstrating the beauty of having a “disease” that can appear or disappear depending on how you measure it.

To be clear: If these new policies had been the global approach to “Covid” since December 2019, there would never have been a pandemic at all.

If you apply them only to the vaccinated, but keep the old rules for the unvaccinated, the only possible result can be that the official records show “Covid” is much more prevalent among the latter than the former.

This is a policy designed to continuously inflate one number, and systematically minimise the other.

What is that if not an obvious and deliberate act of deception? <<<

UPDATE 5/6/2021: According to Brendon O'Connell's Odysee website, the following views -- regarding 5G technology and the SARS CoV-2 virus stories, challenges some recent controversal subjects:

First, he believes that 5G technology is not harmful to the human body because of the "very tiny millimeter wave energy power" which 5G works at.

And second, he also believes that the COVID-19 event from the SARS CoV-2 virus was created as a bio-weapon in a CCP military lab located within Wuhan China -- which implies that virus "germs" can cause harmful contagious diseases because they have been isolated many times by "several medical laboratories" as proof they exist. Moreover, because billions of research dollars have been spent in the past studying how to manipulate viruses as harmful contagious pathogens, the whole COVID-19 virus story should be regarded as a real dangerous contagious event.

However, his theories on these subjects do not add up with real facts because of certain overwhelming scientific evidence -- previously mentioned earlier, that suggest viruses are not dangerous -- and 5G technology is dangerous.

It seems strange that Brandon O'Connell's other theories about how the Zionist in Israel have caused many nefarious political problems around the globe are correct -- yet he downplays the harmful consequences of 5G technology -- and that viruses can lead to contagious diseases.

Moreover, it also seems strange that many conservative news websites are focusing on the same idea that the SARS CoV-2 virus was created as a bio-weapon in a CCP military lab located within Wuhan China -- when, in fact -- as mentioned earlier, viruses -- also known as exosomes, are harmless waste pariticles of the body, that do not result in diseases like some people want us to believe.

More to the point, there seems to be deliberate acts of deception by certain political players in the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020. Are these acts of deception ment to distract and confuse the public into believing what is true -- and what is not true, for political reasons?

One does not need to argue where a virus known as COVID-19 came from if viruses are not dangerous contagious pathogens. In fact, by arguing the origin story of where the "global deadly germ" came from keeps the scam story alive -- and helps the GLOBAL ELITE club with their fear mongering spell over the public.

Blaming the CCP for the origin of the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 will not fix the problem of global HEALTH CARE issues. The CCP should fall for many other incompetent reasons -- least of which a fake story about a fake virus.

The true origin of the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 lies in the minds of some psychopathic group of people who are anti-human to the core with their depopulation theories. Their political vision of a NEW WORLD ORDER government will fail big time because they have grossely underestimated the will of the public to be free of big time government -- and the truth about that view should be revealed soon.

UPDATE 6/8/2021: According to Dr Jane Ruby and a Stew Peters interview on Bitchute video, she Warns the Covid-19 Jab Includes Diabolical 'Magnetofection' Technology.

The following report reveals a story that challenges offical information from the CDC website -- which claims there is no magnetic effects from the COVID-19 vaccine jab.

>>> Dr Jane Ruby confirms the magnetic effects that Covid vaxxed people have experienced. She says it is a deliberately made substance added to the vaccines. This shows criminal intent. It was added because it is an aggressive delivery system to get it into EVERY cell of your body. The process is called 'Magnetofection' and is available in scientific literature such as Pubmed. It concentrates the mRNA into people's cells and forces your body to make these synthetic mRNA instructions even in places where they shouldn't be located within the body.

It is a 'forced delivery system' and is called by the acronym of "SPIONS" -- SuPramagnetic Iron Oxide NanoparticleS. These particles use a lipid nanoparticle envelope to gain entry into the cells. It is done this way to protect mRNA because mRNA is easily degraded and this is also why the Pfizer vaccines are refrigerated at -70 degrees Fahrenheit as another form of protection.

There is a German company on the internet called 'Chemicell' which sells different chemicals which can make these magnetic fields around your molecules. You can buy 200 microgram vials of their product called, 'Polymag'. These are developed and sold for research purposes only and are not to be used for human diagnostic or as a component of any drug intended for humans. <<<

It should be known that the CDC is a US government agency -- but is directly connected to a private CORPORATION known as the CDC Foundation -- which actually owns several virus patents for monetary reasons. Would the CDC lie about medical information for nefarious reasons? And if so -- who would be liable for medical malpractice if caught lying -- the government agency or the private CORPORATION?

By the way, some have called the "CDC" acronym as meaning "Covid Death Cult" because they are pushing vaccines as a part of the NEW WORLD ORDER plan and "Domicide Program". New CDC vaccine rules now states that if a person dies within 14 days of a COVID vaccine, they are to be listed as unvaccinated. How diabolical is that!

UPDATE 10/2021: It is believed by some medical experts that up to 80% of most all the so called COVID-19 "vaccines" -- which are not real "vaccines" -- but toxic mRNA gene therapy shot treatments, are actually saltwater placebos events. The reason for this view is that if all the "vaccines" were filled with their intended toxic formulas -- everybody would be dying too quickly like flies from them -- which would signal the public with the idea of a mass murder event before the public wakes up to what they really are -- a vile bio-weapon project -- designed by maniacal psycopaths to reduce human pollution on Earth by culling the human population.

UPDATE 11/2021: A common vector found in the COVID-19 PLANdemic scam event are nano particles of Graphene Oxide -- which according to some medical researchers, can be found in the vaccines, mask and nasal test items. The theory suggest that when nano particles of Graphine Oxide is placed in an aqueous environment -- including the blood stream, it forms tiny "hairs" that "wiggle" when exposed to certain electromagnetic energy -- such as 5G. Moreover, the material acts like tiny razor blades which cut apart nearby cells and causes blood clots. If true, what a diabolical concept to make people sick or kill them for such a depopulation agenda. The NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBAL ELITE cult needs to be punnished big time!

UPDATE 12/2021: According to a German chemist -- named Andreas Noack, who claims to be an expert on the subject of harmful nano particles of Graphine Oxide in the body story, when a man-made version of Graphine Hydroxide is created as nano particles in mono-layer sheets measuring 0.1 nm thick and about 50 nm long, and if injected into the body via a vaccine event, they act like microscopic razors in the body -- which slice into nearby cells -- thus causing harmful damage or death to the victim. Because this new artifical and non-biodegradable type of toxic graphine nano-scale razor material is not known by doctors or toxicologist, it has not been detected by conventional scientist -- and needs a good chemist to find it.

By the way, it is believed by some that Andreas Noack was murdered by the DEEP STATE gang using a "heart attack" event shortly after he went public with his "secret formula" of how the globalist could depopulate the world of "useless eaters" to "save the planet".

UPDATE 9/2022: According to an August 28, 2022 article entitled "DEATH VIA GRAPHENE OXIDE NANOPARTICLES" by DR. DOUGLAS GABRIEL at AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA -- the following statements are very important regarding the use of nano-scale Graphine Oxide particles in the human body:

"When Graphene Oxide is injected into the body and interacts with biological blood or tissue, the GO picks up hydrogen and becomes graphene hydroxide. The OH (hydroxy) groups can then split off a proton which leaves a negative charge affecting the whole graphene sheet and making it highly acidic and damaging to red blood cells. It also is incredibly sharp and acts like razor blades cutting blood vessels, tissue, and organs. Self-organizing GO tubes and sheets can block capillaries and arteries, with devastating effects when this occurs in the heart and lungs.

Graphene Oxide inside the body causes thrombogenicity, blood clotting, post inflammatory syndrome or systemic or multi-organ inflammations, causes alteration of the immune system, collapse of the immune system, cytokine storms, neurodegeneration, and mutagenic effects changing the DNA of the host. Inhaled Graphene Oxide spreads evenly throughout the alveolar tract and causes bilateral pneumonias, inflammation of the mucous membranes, and loss of taste and smell. Graphene Oxide toxicity in the human body behaves like SARS-CoV-2, generating the same symptomatology.

Graphene, Graphene Oxide (GO), carbon nano-tubes, and the entire graphene-family nano-materials (GFN) are toxic in almost all their forms, causing mutagenesis (cancer, chromosomal alteration), cell death, apoptosis, necrosis, and the release of free radicals. It creates immunosuppression, damage to the central nervous system, circulatory, endocrine, reproductive, and urinary systems, which can cause anaphylactic death, and multi-organ dysfunction. It increases toxicity rapidly in the lungs, creating cytokine storms leading to bilateral pneumonia, genotoxicity, and DNA damage.

...Man-made toxic graphene does not belong in the human body. After reading these studies, I believe you will agree with the author that all Graphene Oxide use must end immediately and parties guilty of these heinous crimes against humanity must be brought to justice."

For more research regarding how dangerous nanotech scale Graphine Oxide can be in the human body, an INTERNET search of a Spanish Health Institution known as "La Quinta Columna" has many videos explaining the subject.

As of late-summer of 2022, it has been reported by several news services that the most common cause of deaths in Canada and other nations is being listed as "Unknown cause". Many of these deaths are also listed as "SADS" -- as in Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome. One wonders what could be causing so many people of dying from "unknown causes" lately? Could it be caused by the poison the government has pushed into people via the mandated vaccines? If so -- then alot of people should be made to answer for the crimes they have committed.

UPDATE 2/25/2023: According to an article at ZeroHedge entitled "What Did They Get Right? by Tyler Duren, the following is a list of things the global governments got wrong regarding the Covid-19 hoax event:

Transmission of the disease - wrong
Asymptomatic spread - wrong
PCR testing - wrong
Fatality rate - wrong
Lockdowns - wrong
Community triggers - wrong
Business closures - wrong
School closures - wrong
Quarantining healthy people - wrong
Impact on youth - wrong
Hospital overload - wrong
Plexiglass barriers - wrong
Social distancing - wrong
Outdoor spread - wrong
Masks - wrong
Variant impact - wrong
Natural immunity - wrong
Vaccine efficacy - wrong
Vaccine injury - wrong

UPDATE 2/2024: According to the latest event at the World Economic Form in Davos Switzerland, there will be a "Disease X" event that could be some 20 times worse than COVID-19 appearing in the near future. Perhaps, the only disease that is currently affecting the USA is the "Donkey Pox" variety -- also known as the "DEMOCRATIC PARTY" bug.

A Persian physician, astronomer and philosopher named Ibn Sina once said: "The power of thought can cause you either illness or recovery". Caring for one's health properly can be as much a mental thing as well as a physical event.

Basically, the best personal HEALTH CARE plan is to be careful in your actions, listen to good medical advice when you can, be your own responsible doctor -- and stop looking to government and insurance company schemes to solve your own problems.


HOLLYWOOD: A suburb of Los Angeles in California, HOLLYWOOD is the notable home of the US film industry that has had a profound visual effect on cinema entertainment across the world since the early 20th century.

The major film studios of HOLLYWOOD are the primary source of the most commercially successful movies in the world.

Even today, American film studios based in HOLLYWOOD and across the nation collectively generate several hundred movies every year -- making the United States one of the most prolific producers of films in the world.

Although HOLLYWOOD is where the art of great cinema entertainment was born, in recent decades -- and with a few exceptions, the management of the industry has generally gambled on stories that relies heavily on special visual effects and computer generated imagery -- or CGI, to push action events for entertainment reasons rather than complex inspiring tales of human behavior situations.

Sometimes the gamble works and a classic movie is made -- however, some of the real HOLLYWOOD classical movies made with great music themes -- like the ones made over half a century ago, during the Golden Age of cinema seems elusive in our modern age.

Maybe if the movie actors didn't cuss and fight so much -- or if horror events weren't so glorified in modern HOLLYWOOD movies, there could be some more classical movies made again.

Speaking of movie actors, when actors pretend to tell stories in front of cameras -- they are faking situations for monetary gain.

Think about it -- much of what is produced in Hollywood -- either for movie or TV stories, is based on fake stories made up by writers and actors for profitable entertainment reasons.

Now, there is nothing basically wrong with fictional entertainment stories -- in fact, sometimes it helps viewers escape their personal problems in their real lives long enough to understand what is really important.

However -- and there are many exceptions, many HOLLYWOOD actors are good at faking untrue stories because that is what they have done in front of the camera much of their lives.

Also, because many HOLLYWOOD actors also follow scripted stories based on fake information, their political views may also be based on a false understanding of what is real and what is not -- particularly if their directors and producers are members of the GLOBAL ELITE club.

And when too many fictional stories are produced year after year by HOLLYWOOD producers, the fake illusionary environment they create feed a false view of reality to the point that can mislead the viewing public about what is really real and important in life.

HOLLYWOOD is also a place where many LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL groups live -- perhaps because the place has to accommodate strange social behavior activities and acting situations needed in the wide variety of scripts being produced for entertainment reasons -- for example, some TV HOLLYWOOD studios stage sets are occupied by people wearing costumes and makeup that act differently than "normies" -- or people that behave normal and boring.

In any case, LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL groups have pretty much taken over the HOLLYWOOD scene these days, and because of that, recent film scripts also reflect a political trend toward SOCIALISM.

In the last few decades, there seems that many stories from HOLLYWOOD were written by writers who were trained at the Marxist FRANKFURT SCHOOL -- for example, there exist many fictional movies and TV programs with a "beauty and beast" theme -- where writers present a beautiful background place -- and then poison the scene with beastly horrible destructive events.

TV programs like Hawaii-Five-O and Miami Vice are such examples of how HOLLYWOOD writers use beautiful background places to tell fictional stories where socialistic forces like government cops always succeed in stopping violent criminal activity.

Perhaps fake stories of how government SOCIALISM works is what they really want to entertain us with -- and train us into believing more government is needed to stop the "bad guys in this world".

Also, in the last few decades -- particularly in the last few years, many HOLLYWOOD movies and TV programs have gone beyond entertainment or escapism stories -- the subjects of certain movies and programs are really political propaganda projects that are designed to brainwash the public into accepting lower moral values based on SOCIALISM and FEMINISM -- where physical hero actors are anybody but white males like they were once.

And speaking of political propaganda projects disguised as entertainment -- viewers of streaming network services like Netflix should be careful that some of the programs provided are exactly that -- political propaganda projects, which are produced by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL writers, to slowly brainwash the public into accepting the political concepts behind SOCIALISM.

For example, Netflix -- which has people working with them like Susan Rice and the OBAMAs to create "new political content", recently released a "documentary program" called "The Great Hack" that suggest the idea in which the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and the Brexit campaign events were won by "hacking digital personal data" from information gathering sources like Cambridge Analytica, Google and FaceBook.

This very slick "documentary program" is a typical Marxist propaganda tactic used by the DEEP STATE gang to use fear -- in this case, the fear that the social media companies are hacking your personal data, to get you to believe RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE forces are out to manipulate political elections.

So, by blaming RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE forces for "hacking" the political elections in both AMERICA and in the UK, Netflix is part of the DEEP STATE gang's effort in using political propaganda to coerce people into following LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL ideas.

The only "great hack" in this Netflix program is hacking into your brain to take your understanding of the truth and twist it for nefarious reasons.

By the way -- according to the YouTube website channel "Really Graceful", one of the first co-founders of Netflix was a man by the name of Marc Bernays Randolph -- which is family related to Edward Bernays, who was a major "propaganda expert" for corporate and governmental officials some decades ago.

Because a primary tactic used in any brainwashing propaganda project is to create a tool that distracts public attention away from nefarious activity on the political battlefield, maybe Netfix -- and other streaming services on the INTERNET, are part of the NEW WORLD ORDER story plan to control our future.

By electronically streaming sometimes horrible and conflicting imagery -- particularly horrible and conflicting fake imagery, directly into the subconscious brain using the INTERNET version of TELEVISION, these brainwashing machines in our living rooms -- and the services by which the imagery is provided, are part of the DEEP STATE gang's effort to brainwash the public into thinking horrible and conflicting thoughts.

And if the public is constantly thinking horrible and conflicting thoughts -- like what is politically appearing in the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob's stories lately -- who benifits from that? Who would benifit if the country fails because of conflict and horrible activity?

So, would the DEEP STATE gang ever pass up the opportunity to use entertainment propaganda venues like Netflix to politically brainwash us? Or are these INTERNET streaming services simply entertainment CORPORATIONs out to make money with no political agenda?

The "politically correct" subjects pushed by these producers and writers of HOLLYWOOD and other related Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob groups, are the result of decades of being brainwashed themselves at LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL schools and universities.

At times, it seems that the higher some people climb the ladder of social education, the lower their understanding of what is true and what is not. Perhaps thinking "critcal theories" all the time damages the brain.

There exist a term known as "the HOLLYWOOD ending" -- wherein however bad or scary a fictional movie story may get, writers would write a happy ending to the story for moral reasons.

But many of the moral stories portrayed these days in HOLLYWOOD entertainment do not have "happy endings" because the writers -- who apparently are not happy themselves, want to project the sometimes "sad endings" that happen in real stories.

An example of an "unhappy ending" film story can be found in a recent animated computer-generated film -- published in 2017, called "Garden Party" -- where at first, what seems like a curious love affair story between a toad and a frog in a garden pond, turns out to be a nasty murder story of a rich-man character that looks like the US President Donald Trump who dies in his backyard swiming pool by some kind of mob shooting event.

Although not produced in HOLLYWOOD, the story was apparently created by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people related to Bob Weinstein -- which is the brother to Harvey Weinstein.

A bad actor behind the movie camera, Harvey Weinstein's influence in HOLLYWOOD is a sad story that is full of horrible situations of how he manipulated many people in the film business for political reasons.

In any case, the art of writing happy endings to fictional HOLLYWOOD stories seems to have been lost in recent years because LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL writers are not naturally happy people in that they constantly worry about politically correct perspectives that challenge their moral values.

UPDATE 8/15/2020: According to a now sometimes banned YOUTUBE video documentary called "ShadowGate" by journalist Millie Weaver, the CAA -- or Creative Artist Agency, which represents many actors in HOLLYWOOD, is a organization linked to the CCP -- or the Chinese Communist Party -- which is trying to undermind the US government with subversive activity for political reasons.

UPDATE 9/15/2020: Netflix really crossed the moral boundary line for many RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE people when the INTERNET steaming service featured a program call "Cuties" -- where 11-year old girls were acting like prostitutes -- which is basically pornography, to anybody who knows what porn is. The Marxist producers in HOLLYWOOD are part of a evil global syndicate of nasty people that are on a mission to bring down the USA. This evil syndicate is slowly trying to program us to accept porn activity as a normal thing in life -- but will fail. Netflix will pay a big price for this decision.

UPDATE 10/12/2020: According to Mark Dice's YOUTUBE channel, the propaganda expert -- Edward Bernays, wrote a passage in his 1928 book "Propaganda" the following words:

"Our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of...in almost every act of our lives whether in the sphere of politics or business in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number or persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world".

Regarding the recent global lockdown and Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020, there are many recent HOLLYWOOD movies that exist where the GLOBAL ELITE club have tested their "theoritical germ pandemic" stories on the public -- for example, the movie "V for Vendetta" and "Contagion" are just two, but many other similar horror films can be found serching the INTERNET.

UPDATE 2/2023: According to a 2 hour documentary on YOUTUBE entitled: "Enjoy the Show | Director's Cut" by "ToRE Says", the CIA has controlled the activites of many actors and movie studios in HOLLYWOOD for decades using a "cutout CORPORATION" named the "Creative Artist Agency" -- or the CAA. The documentary suggest that the CIA -- and their CAA CORPORATION, have controlled the "Factory of America's Imagination" in HOLLYWOOD with the intent to slowly shape the USA into a Communist country.

Apparently, the CAA -- like the CIA that controls it, is in the business of collecting talented people and using them to push a political narrative. It also seems that the Illuminati -- or "IllumiNAZI", and their fellow cult members, the MASONS, also promise fame and fortune to actors and jestors, if they follow orders from their "agents" -- who, in turn, take orders from an evil cult of people.

What is interesting about the "Enjoy the Show | Director's Cut" documentary is that it was very well created -- but it does not mention anything about ZIONISM, which is the geopolitical force behind COMMUNISM. The documentary also suggest the idea that perhaps either former Republican President Donald Trump or Democratic politician Tulsi Gabbard could be the next president of the USA. However, because both politicians are Zionist AIPAC members, one wonders if the Zionist movement helped in the creation of the documentary.

Basically, HOLLYWOOD is not only entertainment -- it is, and has always been used as a propaganda tool by the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club to shape our minds in nefarious ways that we would have never imagined -- and lately, some actors within the HOLLYWOOD syndicate, are entertaining LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL views that makes some film fans dislike them because they have chosen to say political things that are not true.


IMMIGRATION PROBLEM: The action of moving people from one country to live permanently in another country is identified with the term of "immigration" -- however, when this action is not regulated properly by the governments of either country, it becomes an IMMIGRATION PROBLEM.

If the government accommodation services of the receiving country gets overwhelmed with too many immigrants, the problem may lead to a greater problem that can collapse all government services -- and lead to a political situation where a global authority has to intervene to "fix the problem".

For example, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals -- known as DACA, was a USA immigration policy that allowed some individuals who entered the country as minors, and had either entered or remained in the country illegally, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit.

As of 2017, approximately 800,000 individuals -- referred to as Dreamers after the DREAM Act bill, were enrolled in the program created by DACA. The policy was established by the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL OBAMA Administration in June 2012 and rescinded by the Trump Administration in September 2017.

However, DACA is really nothing more than a way for immigrants to get into the USA illegally so that they can vote for DEMOCRATIC PARTY candidates and support more SOCIALISM in the USA.

Greedy RINO Republicans also want more immigrants into the US because the cheap labor they provide allows for some business owners to save cost.

In any case, if the USA collapses because of too much SOCIALISM, the GLOBAL ELITE club could use the UN -- or some other global DEEP STATE gang "police force" to take over and govern the country and "fix the problem".

Even the country where the people are permanently leaving from can have social problems if too many leave and the lack of human resources causes a talent void needed to properly manage the government.

In late 2018 -- just before Christmas, some services within the US government were shut down over a funding dispute between the Executive and Legislative branch regarding the subject of border security.

Because president Donald Trump wants Congressional funding for a "wall project" to help stop illegal IMMIGRATION PROBLEMs along the Mexican border -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is blocking that funding project, a major power play appears to be taking place between the forces of NATIONALISM and SOCIALISM is taking place.

UPDATE 2/2023: Millions of immigrants have flooded across national borders illegally in the last two years because the GLOBAL ELITE club and their NGO's have made it possible. It is believed by many that people like George Soros -- and his Open Society Foundation, are part of a greater plan by the GLOBAL ELITE club to overwhelm national governments with a chaotic invasion of peoples -- thus causing a serious IMMIGRATION PROBLEM to be "solved" by the Socialistic policies of the UN. Moreover, their invasion plan also gives the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banks cartel within each nation "new blood" to their debt scheme of taxing the public.

Actually, the IMMIGRATION PROBLEM of today -- particularly in Europe, is an old problem that can be traced back to a Jewish character named Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. In 1925, he was quoted as stating the following words from his "Praktischer Idealismus" book: "We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews".

Apparently, the GLOBAL ELITE have been planning to impliment the "Kalergi Plan" for a long time -- and not only for Europe, but for most of North America as well.

UPDATE 1/2024: Over 300K illegal aliens have crossed the southern border last December alone -- which when added to other counts from the last two years, equals about 5.8 million undocumented and unvetted persons. Many of these illegal aliens are of military age with no accompanied families. Some believe this "immigration event" is actually an invasion of foreigners that are ment to replace much of the working class in the country. It has been reported that these "new workers" where each given a $5K credit card and a new cell phone -- and free travel cost to "sanctuary cities" from the border at taxpayers' expense. Who is behind this "immigration event"?

Also, because the Federal government -- under the control of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY administration, recently tore down some border wire at a site on the Texas border, whereby the State of Texas rebuilt the site, there seems to be a growing battle between State and Federal governments as to who is responsible in controlling the "immigrant invasion" crisis from Latin America.

Moreover, 25 State govenors have pledge to send state guardsmen to help Texas protect its borders from the ongoing illegal migrant crisis -- while not asking the federal government to do so. This activity shows that the current leadership of the US government in Washington D.C. does not represent the true government of the USA.

Basically, the important thing to remember in the IMMIGRATION PROBLEM subject, is who decides the immigration policies of a government -- the democratically elected officials of the government, or some unelected political NGO group pushing a global social agenda program who believes in SOCIALISM and GLOBALISM.


INTERNET: The INTERNET is the global network computer system that links to other smaller computer network systems using a protocol computer language that may link to many other smart electronic devices worldwide.

It consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global links by way of a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies.

The INTERNET carries an extensive range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web -- or WWW, electronic mail, telephony, and file sharing.

What makes the INTERNET so strong is that it has no centralized governance in either technological implementation or policies for access and usage because each independent network sets its own policies -- which means if any part of the INTERNET fails, other parts will, like a damaged spider web, take up the slack load of data pathways, and the system still holds together.

Only the INTERNET Protocol address -- or IP address space, and the Domain Name System -- or DNS, are directed and controlled by a maintainer organization named the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers -- or ICANN.

Technical details aside, the INTERNET has changed everything in what we thought was a modern society some three decades ago. It is the super highway of digital information that runs through our houses and places of business, it provides us with entertainment, education, shopping and the opportunity to share ourselves in ways that, just a few decades ago, would be improbable -- if not impossible.

Because the INTERNET operates at almost the speed of light, our electric minds are attracted to it like a magnet, and unlike TELEVISION, the energy flows both ways at almost the same time.

And speaking of TELEVISION, a new situation has developed where old time viewers of the legacy Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob channels on cable based TELEVISON services, are now choosing their news and entertainment directly from INTERNET based social media channels like YOUTUBE -- where most anybody with a laptop and some talent in communicating good information, can give a better experience.

This situation does not make the DEEP STATE gang happy because for decades they have controlled the information used by the legacy Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob channels -- and now they are loosing that control -- so, now they are trying to control freedom of speech on the INTERNET by making popular social media programs restrict access to certain channels that challenges their socialist views.

UPDATE 10/2020: A recent popular application that uses the INTERNET to communicate and to allow a Communist CORPORATION to "keep an eye" on people, is a program called "Zoom" -- which, like a similar program called "Facebook", allows for a "cardboard cut-out" CEO owner of the program -- and his controllers based in Marxist CHINA, to spy on users. One wonders if a room full of Communist spies in Marxist CHINA are watching everbody's activities during these "Zoom" events -- particularly during the recent "educational sessions" used by "western academic facilities" since the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020.

Many security experts also believe that some popular products -- such as Google's "Nest" security cameras and "DJI quad-copter drones" -- which uses the INTERNET to automatically send "information" to Communist controlled CORPORATIONs in Marxist CHINA, are not a good idea. In fact, the US Military does not allow any "DJI quad-copter drones" to be used in any military applications on their bases for said reasons.

Basically, the INTERNET is like an encyclopedia of options for the human brain to explore -- it is the physical matrix of our imagination that allows us to virtually visit the universe.


IRAN: Once known as the area of ancient Persia, IRAN is a Western Asian country that is located between the Arabian Peninsula and the rest of Asia. Tehran is the country's capital and largest city, as well as its leading economic and cultural center.

Before the Persian area was conquered long ago by Alexander the Great -- followed by the Arab Muslims who spread ISLAM, there existed an ancient monolithic RELIGION of Zoroastrianism -- which is based on worshipping the power of fire and the belief in a "cosmic war" between good and evil.

The conventional Judaic Calendar -- of which the B.C. / A.D. calendar dates of WESTERN CIVILIZATION is based on, suggest that Alexander the Great lived some three and a half centuries before Jesus Christ -- however, the conquest event dates of his adventures are in question because of a radical new historical discovery that has found major "dating mistakes" in the B.C. / A.D. timeline that were published by influential Judaic scholars some five centuries ago in a book known as the Nuremberg Chronicle.

The discovery of these "dating mistakes" suggests a new historical timeline of ancient human history that is much smaller in annual date values between historical events than the recorded conventional B.C. / A.D. timeline states.

In other words, new historical evidence has been recently discovered that reveals the novel historical view in which the Islamic conquest of the Persian area -- as well as other areas of "the Middle East", began about the same time the Islamic Ottoman Empire began.

Therefore, the conventional timespand of almost a thousand years between Muhammad and the peak of the Ottoman Empire is only about a hundred years instead.

In any case, the rise of the Safavids some five centuries ago to battle the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, led to the reestablishment of a unified Iranian state and national identity, which followed the country's conversion to Shia ISLAM, marking a turning point in Iranian and Muslim history.

In 1906, a constitutional monarchy was established with the country's first legislature.

However, when the Soviet Union began to push the politics of COMMUNISM into the country, the CIA of the USA -- with help from the United Kingdom, instigated a coup in 1952 and IRAN gradually became closely aligned with the powers of WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

But growing dissent against foreign influence and political repression associated with autocratic leadership, led to the 1979 Revolution, which was followed by the establishment of an Islamic republic.

IRAN essentially replaced a political system of autocratic rule with elements of a parliamentary democracy vetted and supervised by a theocracy governed by an autocratic "Supreme Leader".

The Iranian revolution of 1979 also launched a radical Shia Islamist agenda that was perceived as a challenge to conservative Sunni regimes, particularly in the Gulf area.

During the 1980s, the country was engaged in a war with Iraq, which lasted for almost nine years and resulted in a high number of casualties and financial loss for both sides.

Tehran's policy of supporting Shia militias and parties beyond its borders was matched by Sunni-ruled Gulf states, which strengthened their links to Sunni governments and movements elsewhere.

According to international observers, the current Iranian government is oppressive, with human rights abuses commonplace.

Since the 2000s, IRAN's controversial nuclear program has raised concerns, which is part of the basis of the international sanctions against the country.

The Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA reported that some progress was made in 2015 regarding the sanctions and nuclear program inspections -- but new revelations about their "progress" story suggest that the USA would have to spend billions to keep IRAN from developing a nuclear program -- and that is not what the new Trump Administration wants -- so, what happens to the politics within the country in the near future is unknown at this time as of 2018.

As of mid-July 2019, political tensions in the Middle East are on high alert again -- like they were before the GULF WAR 1 and GULF WAR 2, because IRAN and the Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces are at odds regarding who really controls the GEOPOLITICS of the area.

UPDATE 1/2020: A 1 AM missile strike by the US military near the Bagdad airport in Iraq killed the top military Iranian leader and some other Islamic militants who were operating in the area. The US is still in Iraq for known reasons -- however, what was the top Iranian military leader doing in Iraq at that hour?

Just a day before the incident, militant Islamic demonstrators attacked the US Embassy -- apparently trying to push the US out of Iraq. So, when "push comes to shove" -- who will suffer the most?

UPDATE2 1/2020: IRAN admitted to accidently shooting down a civilian airliner -- killing all 176 passengers, that just took off from Tehran's airport on the night IRAN launched over a dozen missiles at some bases in Iraq in retaliation for the US killing their top military leader days earlier.

This incident -- together with another report about 50 "mourners" were crushed to death during a fanatical funeral stampede of their top military leader, are examples of how the POLITICS of ISLAM can destroy a country over time.

There have been demonstrations for freedom of unecessary authority before in IRAN -- but this time, it seems different. It's time for the Mullahs to step down and let the people -- not some theocracy, rule the destiny of the country that is IRAN.

Basically, only time will tell whether the Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces will allow IRAN to freely participate in "western commerce" while still under the spell of ISLAM.


IRS: The Internal Revenue Service or IRS, is the revenue service of the US federal government.

The government agency is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury, and is under the immediate direction of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, who is appointed for a five year term by the President of the United States.

The IRS is responsible for collecting taxes and administering the Internal Revenue Code, the federal statutory tax law of the US.

The IRS originated with the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, a federal office created in 1862 to assess the nation's first income tax, which was to raise funds for the American Civil War.

The temporary measure provided over a fifth of the Union's war expenses and was allowed to expire a decade later. In 1913 -- the same year the FEDERAL RESERVE was established, the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified authorizing Congress to impose a tax on income, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue -- or BRS, was established.

The BRS was needed to enforce the wants of the FEDERAL RESERVE because without it, the government could not make the whole scheme work.

While the BRS was instrumental in catching criminals like Al Capone in 1931 when no other legal means to stop his bootlegging activities seemed to work, by the 1950s, the agency was renamed the Internal Revenue Service -- or IRS, and significantly reorganized.

In recent years, some would say that if a country like the US can print up money as much as it wants -- or believes it needs, why would an agency like the IRS need to exist to collect tax revenue from its citizens?

Perhaps the service needs to be replaced with some other kind of method of monetary accountability service where tax revenue -- or "service fees", are collected at the time of sale or service -- and get the government out of the act of taking or giving money to its citizens on an annual bases.

If other countries did the same with their "internal revenue services", SOCIALISM would be replaced with true CAPITALISM -- and the real value of money should level out and make a greater middle class of citizens in nations with fair economic policies.

Moreover, new revelations about how and why the IRS -- or (BRS) and the FEDERAL RESERVE, came into being in 1913 suggest that because political trickery was used to create both entities, these institutions should be removed and not allowed to be recreated again as tools to restrict true CAPITALISM in favor of SOCIALISM.

For more information about the true history of the FED and the IRS -- check out Edward Griffin's story on YOUTUBE entitled "The Creature from Jekyll Island" -- where he details how the global ROTHSCHILD FAMILY cartel banksters met on an island in Georgia and conspired to swindle the citizens of the US into letting them control the US economy with usury fees and taxes.

As Barry Goldwater once said: "The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government".

Although many believe the IRS is a federal government revenue service that tries to catch criminals who are somehow cheating by not paying their fair share cost of living in the USA, the truth of the matter is that the IRS was nefariously created as a bureaucratic enforcement agency of the federal government so that the global ROTHSCHILD FAMILY of banksters -- who control the FEDERAL RESERVE, could annually challenge citizens they believe are somehow cheating their usury scheme of taxing personal property.

The people behind the IRS socialist project believe that the tax monies they collect from us is "theIRS", but in reality, it is ours -- and we need to take back our freedom and exercise how, where and to whom we give money to for services or products needed. The IRS and the FEDERAL RESERVE are useless governmental agencies that interfere with -- and restrict, true CAPITALISM and basic human liberties.

UPDATE 8/2022: It has been learned that the IRS -- with help from the socialist within the "Uniparty of the USA" -- which is made up of both DEMOCRATIC PARTY and REPUBLICAN PARTY "rino" members, want to hire 87,000 new IRS agents with "deadly police force" training or experience. Such a desperate political move by members of the US Congress to weaponise IRS tax collection officers is absolutely a tyrannical act by the DEEP STATE gang to take down and control the liberties of US citizens. Hopefully, this action will be seen by the public as a horrible idea that it is before it's too late.

Basically, the IRS is a unnecessary bureaucratic entity of SOCIALISM that -- together with the FEDERAL RESERVE, needs to be removed from government by an Act of Congress.


ISIL/ISIS: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant -- or ISIL, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria -- or ISIS, is an Arabic Salafi jihadist militant group and unrecognized proto-state that follows a fundamentalist Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni ISLAM.

Some believe that the term "ISIS" actually stands for the "Israeli Secret Intelligent Service" -- which could explain why the group never really directly attacks the state of Israel.

In any case, ISIL gained global prominence in early 2014 when it drove Iraqi government forces out of key cities in its Western Iraq offensive, followed by its capture of Mosul and the Sinjar massacre.

This group has been designated a terrorist organization by the United Nations and many individual countries. ISIL is widely known for its videos of beheadings of both soldiers and civilians, including journalists and aid workers, and its destruction of cultural heritage sites.

The Zionist controlled United Nations holds ISIL responsible for human rights abuses and war crimes, and Amnesty International has charged the group with ethnic cleansing on a "historic scale" in northern Iraq.

The group proclaimed itself a worldwide caliphate and began referring to itself as Islamic State or "IS" in June 2014. As a caliphate, it claims religious, political, and military authority over all Muslims worldwide.

Its adoption of the name Islamic State and its idea of a caliphate have been widely criticized, with the Zionist controlled United Nations, various governments, and mainstream Muslim groups rejecting its statehood.

In Syria, Iranian troops, Hezbollah fighters and Iranian-backed Shia militiamen have been helping the Shia-led government battle the Sunni-dominated opposition. Sunni jihadist groups, including Islamic State -- also known as ISIL/ISIS, have meanwhile been targeting Shia and their places of worship in Syria and neighboring Iraq.

In 2017, it seems that extensive victorious battles by the Iraq Army and others have succeeded in "arresting the terrorist group" and hopefully this violent and evil gang is a dying force in the region. The real questions about this dangerous sect of ISLAM are who funded them, how did they aquire their weapons -- and most important of all -- why?

Well, as of late 2017, it has been revealed by several stories on the INTERNET that the CIA -- with funding from certain Sunni supported Wahhabi factions in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States, created ISIS to not only fight Shia supported factions from IRAN in the area, but also to take out Syria so that an oil pipeline could be built to the Mediterranean Sea area from Saudi Arabia.

There even exist a video of OBAMA stating US support for ISIS during his term that you will not find on DEEP STATE gang's controlled Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob news channels because it reveals just who supplied the Sunni fighters with leftover US military weapons from the GULF WAR 2.

If these stories are true, then the CIA and other Zionist controlled groups involved should be investigated.

Speaking of other groups involved in coordinating subversion activity in the region, some people believe the term "ISIS" is code for the "Israeli Secret Intelligent Service" because of the "Greater Israel Project" agenda -- which is part of the Zionist plan to reshape and control the region.

In late 2018, President Donald Trump decided to pull out all remaining US troops out of Syria because of the idea that the US is not needed in the area anymore for police action against what is left of the ISIS force -- which made some NEOCON members in the Zionist controlled US government unhappy because they seem to want ongoing military activity in the area to help support the business of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

UPDATE 11/2019: The ISIS leader by the short name of "Baghdadi" was reported killed by suicide during a night raid by Zionist controlled US forces.

Basically, ISLAM tried to form a major military army base in the Middle East and failed.


ISLAM: ISLAM is comprised primarily of two sects of Muslim worshippers -- the Sunnis and the Shia, and both are followers of the ancient warlord named Muhammad.

The Shia sect claims a bloodline relationship to Muhammad whereas the Sunni sect believes the Shia does not have a bloodline relationship to Muhammad.

This sectarian argument has been going on for over five centuries -- and still continues today. ISLAM has many religious values based on historical events during Muhammads' life, as recorded in their holy book -- the Quran.

However, at its core, ISLAM is a male dominated cabal -- much like Judaism, with an offensive scheme to control global politics -- if only they can control themselves.

The cabal uses a global network of fort-like mosques to recruit people of faith to their controlling Sharia Law scheme -- and some followers of the cabal become suicidal kamikaze lunatics because their holy book -- the Quran, apparently says it's okay to kill yourself during a "jihad" event if you can kill other "infidels" at the same time.

Perhaps the only rule that makes sense in ISLAM is the rule that followers should not waist time worshipping idol objects -- particularly inanimate dolls and statues that some religious groups seem to think are real living things.

However, the idea of using the pointed horn-looking crescent moon idol to push the lunatic cult cause seems to be an acceptible practice.

And other such cult rules like having to wake people up every morning at 5 AM to the moaning sounds of someone crying a sad story from loudspeakers mounted on high towers -- or having to cover up women's heads or bodies in some sort of costume dress, are totally unnecessary for a peaceful RELIGION.

Moreover, the idea of having to get on your knees and face an ancient town along the Red Sea five times a day to pray to a black cube object is a rule that is also totally unnecessary for people who just want to pray and give thanks to God on occasion.

Just who made up all the rules in ISLAM anyway? And why so many rules? All RELIGIONs have rules -- but having too many is a sign of a cult that uses POLITICS to control followers into submission.

Instead of giving respect to the almighty and earning back that respect through redemption -- ISLAM takes your respect and gives it to political lunatics of this world who -- like Muhammad did in his time, try to conquer the world in our time.

ISLAM was born in the Dark Ages and tries to force people to submit their lives there as well.

Basically, ISLAM is a political cult scheme run by a cabal that is disguised as a RELIGION -- and Muslim followers should wake up to the reality that there are better ways to worship almighty God than being used as pawns in helping spread the spell of SOCIALISM.


LAW OF ATTRACTION: A belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

Basically, think positive to help make positive events happen.


LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL: A person who wants progressively expanding governmental authority over our daily lives at taxpayers expense is a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL.

They believe in SOCIALISM -- if not COMMUNISM, and have not learned the important lessons from history regarding failed social state experiments in the past like the USSR.

And if they do remember some aspects of what happened to the USSR in the past, they stubbornly believe that they will "get it right" the next time the opportunity to control the government presents itself.

There are left-wing liberal persons and then, there are LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist who have an agenda of pushing more and more government regulations -- and are happy to see taxpayers -- particularly wealthy taxpayers, pay for it all.

The word "liberal" suggest the act of liberating of freeing something from something, but "progressive liberals" are just the opposite -- instead of tolerant and broadminded persons they claim to be, they want to politically restrict or enslave people with more government regulations under SOCIALISM and the NEW WORLD ORDER story plan.

LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL persons -- and their Marxist political progressive movement under the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, have hijacked the word "liberal" from freedom minded persons who were once labeled left-wing liberals by right-wing conservatives some fifty years ago.

Even the word "progressive" has been hijacked by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY as a term implying "progress" toward a better future for humanity -- however, if the political direction of humanity is progressively going the wrong direction toward SOCIALISM, then anything but political progress will be the result.

There exist a scene in the 1947 made movie "Miracle on 34th Street" -- where a young Natalie Wood brags to Santa Clause about her "progressive shool" as if it was a special type of education -- so, apparently, "progressive indoctrination" has been used to teach children in US schools for over seventy years -- and now we are seeing the consequences of just how progressive this special type of education has shaped the minds of some SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people living today.

According to a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL -- who also identify as a SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR, a RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE is an "old stick in the mud" and needs to be moved out of the way of progress by any means necessary.

Most -- if not all LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people have been infected by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob since the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION contest with a type of psychological disorder disease known as the "Trump Derangement Syndrome" -- or TDS. And like a real physical disease, TDS can be deadly if not cured in time.

Parents with TDS can infect their children with the disease when they tell them that President Donald Trump -- who has orange-looking hair at times, is "orange man bad" -- as if he was a convict in a orange jump-suit.

Two major symptoms of TDS are ignoring the political truth of what is happening in reality -- and doubling down in their wrong ideas instead of acknowledging their mistaken beliefs in political concepts.

As the phrase states -- "it is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled" -- and so, convincing a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL person that they have been fooled by Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob propaganda, is not easy -- but not impossible -- if armed with the political facts.

Quick examples of some LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL views can be found by clicking on most any Twitter post by President Donald Trump and what constantly pops up right after his post are mean and hateful -- and also very stupid, replies by brainwashed followers of SOCIALISM -- who believe they are heros in a war of hate against Donald Trump -- but in fact, are only hateful people who are the enemy of the people.

One wonders if these LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL brainwashed followers of SOCIALISM that hate President Trump on Twitter are being paid a salary by some Marxist group linked to George Soros -- or other GLOBAL ELITE club members, because of the substantial time and negative energy spent in their post that spread such vile and hateful tweets.

As of late 2018, some online conservative media sites suggest the idea that LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL persons can also be identified as NPC's -- as in Non-Playable Characters, because they act and react like programmed characters in some video games where there is no real online player controlling the character. In other words, NPC's are just like robots with limited thoughts and are programmed by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to say and act in a predictable way that only LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL persons do.

More to the point, because LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL persons constantly repeat the "libberish" stories that come directly from the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob's brain-washing machine in our living rooms called TELEVISION, they are not real thinking humans.

UPDATE 5/26/2020: US President Donald Trump "tweeted" out a statement on the Twitter social application service about how the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is trying to rig the 2020 Presidential Election by using a mail-in ballot voting scheme -- where upon Twitter "flagged" his statement with a "fact-checking service" as not being a true statement -- citing CNN and the Washington Post as sources of the real truth on the matter.

This action by Twitter to "fact-check" the US President has resulted in new online laws for social media CORPORATIONs that hopefully will stop them from censoring views from RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE people in favor of LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL persons.

Some LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL persons are also known as a "cry bullies" because they cry when they can't take the same bullying tactics they place on others that are placed on them -- due to their hypocritical nature.

LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL persons generally believe in the following false concepts -- in alphabetical order, they are:

* the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION was stolen by Donald Trump and his deplorable followers -- with help from the Russian hackers;
* 9/11 was done by fanatical religious Muslims who believe they were taking a short-cut to paradise;
* AGENDA 21 will save the world from the nasty people who are trying to destroy it;
* ALT-RIGHT persons or groups are bad for society because they are not LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL persons or groups;
* the AWAN FAMILY IT SCANDAL is not a scandal and was only about how the DEMOCRATIC PARTY allowed some guys from Pakastan to fix their phones and computers;
* BIG BROTHER is just a fictional scary story about the possible future written long ago -- and has nothing to do with the POLITICS of the present;
* the BIG PHARMA conspiracy story is not true -- because large medical CORPORATIONs are just trying to cover their cost treating sick people and saving lives;
* the BILDERBERG GROUP is just a group of rich people that meet on occasion somewhere elaborate and discuss how to solve GEOPOLITICAL problems;
* controlling CANNABIS laws are a way to control people;
* CAPITALISM is bad for society because the concept represents greedy activity by not spreading the wealth of rich people fairly;
* Marxist CHINA -- together with the EU and the UN, will rule the world one day -- if only the USA would get out of the way;
* the CIA is only just a US intelligence agency with no real political power to change or influence the leadership of the US government -- or any other government;
* CLIMATE CHANGE -- like GLOBAL WARMING, is based on undisputable scientific facts that man-made carbon pollution is causing catastrophic world-wide weather events -- and we have only a few years to "save the earth" from greedy stupid people with more new laws created by more global government authority;
* the CLINTON FOUNDATION is -- or was, just a global charity foundation run by honest people trying to help others in need;
* COMMUNISM will win in the end -- so lets make it happen asap;
* the COMMUNIST PARTY will create a utopian future where everybody is equal and nobody will do harm to anybody;
* CORPORATIONs use CAPITALISM to cheat workers out of fair wages;
* the DEEP STATE does not exist because the MAINSTREAM MEDIA would have told us about it a long time ago;
* the USA is a DEMOCRACY -- not a REPUBLIC form of government;
* the DEMOCRATIC PARTY will pave the way to a utopian future -- if only the REPUBLICAN PARTY will get out of the way;
* the EU is a union of governments within and near Europe -- and like the USA, has many states -- which were once countries, that now make up the "greater nation" of Europe;
* FAKE NEWS is bad -- unless it is used by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL networks;
* FASCISM is bad -- unless it is used by anti-fascist groups -- like Antifa, who need it to fight CAPITALISM;
* the FBI have always been the good guys in movies -- and they are not bias toward any political group;
* the FEDERAL RESERVE is the federal government owned banking system -- backed up with gold reserves in Ft Knox;
* FEMINISM is totally good because men have been bad for so long throughout history, it's women's turn to lead and rule the world;
* FIAT MONEY is fine because it's almost free money created by SOCIALISM;
* FRACKING is when big oil CORPORATIONs pump stuff into the ground to force more oil and gas out of the ground -- and then collect it for energy reasons;
* GENDER IDENTITY PROBLEMs only exist in the public these days because RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE people don't like it when anybody can be any sex they want with the modern help of hormones and surgery;
* the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES was a monument in Georgia with rules for a future utopian society that we want now;
* GEOPOLITICS is the science of Earth politics;
* the GLOBAL ELITE are just a club of rich people with no real political influence -- particularly in technology and the MAINSTREAM MEDIA CORPORATIONs;
* GLOBALISM will eventually conquer NATIONALISM one day -- and then we will live happly together ever after;
* GMO foods are apparently okay -- because, if they were bad, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA would tell us;
* the GREAT RECESSION OF 2008 happened because greedy CAPITALISM caused it;
* GULF WAR 1 and 2 were necessary at the time to stop the dictator Sadam Hussain from challenging the NEW WORLD ORDER of the US government;
* HEALTH CARE is a human right and should be totally free without any social cost -- except mandatory monthly payments to the insurance companies;
* HOLLYWOOD has always made great movies and entertainment programs with very few mistakes;
* IMMIGRATION PROBLEMs only exist because the government does not allow unrestricted travel between country borders;
* the IRS is a necessary bureaucratic agency to keep the tax pressure on rich people so that they to pay their fair share of the cost in helping poorer people survive;
* ISLAM is newer than Christianity and has always been historically peaceful because it has certain rules that will give believers a short-cut into paradise if followed correctly;
* the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is cool because they most always tell the truth -- without any bias, in keeping the public up to date on important news events;
* the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is a bad thing -- unless the country can team up with other global military forces for police action events to show tyrant dictators around the world who the real bosses of the planet are;
* NANNY STATE laws are good because they save the lives of stupid people and help train the public to follow governmental laws and authority;
* NATIONALISM is bad because it interferes with GLOBALISM and mass immigration events that support human diversity;
* NEOCONs are good because the bad dictators in this world need to be taught a military lesson as to who really runs the planet;
* the NEW WORLD ORDER is only a theory and that there is no conspiracy between any political or religious group to rule the world;
* the NSA is a great tool for finding bad guys out there in the world;
* OBAMA was a great president who lived an honorable simple life and only wanted to do good things as the US president;
* PALESTINE is a country in the Middle East that Israel seems to be slowly invading overtime -- which is ironically true;
* PIZZAGATE was only a FAKE NEWS story about a small pizza restaurant in Washington DC that some ALT-RIGHT conspirators claimed the place was involved in child-sex activity;
* POLITICS is a way to get governmental control of most anything important;
* POLITICAL PHOBIAS are a good way to label people who do not follow LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL values;
* RELIGION is merely a psychological crutch for simple-minded people -- while their imaginary ghost leader in the sky tells them what to do in life;
* REPUBLICAN PARTY people are the bad guys trying to stop the good guys of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY from succeeding;
* RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE people are wrong because LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people say so;
* the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY is just another rich family in the world that owns a lot of stuff -- and has little influence in banking or POLITICS;
* the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY helped the public understand how Trump got elected in 2016;
* SOCIALISM is good -- particularly "Democratic SOCIALISM", because it encourages more governmental programs -- which will lead to COMMUNISM one day;
* SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people are needed to fight a war against unfair policies of the NAZI-like RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE people;
* THORIUM POWER is bad for human use because it is radioactive;
* the government of the UK is a good example of SOCIALISM;
* the UN is the greatest thing humans have ever invented -- and will save the world by turning it into an everlasting utopia;
* the U.S. CONSTITUTION is old and outdated -- and like the Canadian Constitution, needs a major update to "get with the times";
* VEGAN people generally believe that because the meat making industry is killing the planet -- people should only eat plant food to save the planet;
* WESTERN CIVILIZATION values need to "move over" and make way for the utopian NEW WORLD ORDER of social communities under COMMUNISM;
* YOUTUBE needs to censor more RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE channels to stop all that "hate speech" out there on the INTERNET -- and not allow them to interfere with the planned utopian NEW WORLD ORDER project of COMMUNISM;
* ZIONISM is based on a small group of religious people living in Israel with no real plans to politically influence or control any major country around the world;

Again, it should be remembered that, although the word "liberal" within the term "LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL" suggest the idea in which the "progressive people" -- who identify as having "a free and open mind" -- such as accepting a free sexual lifestyle, are, in fact, little more than just "useful idiots" in a psychological war to take down WESTERN CIVILIZATION by the utopian Zionist.

Basically, a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL is a taker and not a giver.


LIBERTARIANISM: Not to be confused with the philosophy of a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL, LIBERTARIANISM is an extreme laissez-faire political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens.

A political candidate -- running as a Libertarian in an election, seems like a good choice until it is revealed that what happens sometimes is the voting energy of the Libertarian candidate "splits" or "short-circits" the RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN PARTY voting power within the two-party system of the USA -- and ends up giving the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY the advantage in the voting contest -- like what happened in the 1992 presidential voting contest.

UPDATE 4/2020: Because of the Corona-19 virus PLANdemic scare event of 2020 -- and other DEEP STATE gang activites, global governments -- together with the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, have over-reached their authority and have created an atmosphere of fear and concern about the future. Any follower of LIBERTARIANISM is appalled at how global governments have made "lock-down" laws for citizens in the name of "public safety".

Are global governments being lied to by the socialist controlled World Health Oganization of the UN and other "trusted" health agencies? Is there some kind of foul play event going on about the truth of the real danger of this PLANdemic event?

The timing of the PLANdemic event seems very suspicious -- right before a very important US election, that could decide whether the country -- and the world as a whole, will have a dystopian future of more DEEP STATE gang activity -- or a future of freedom from unnecessary government authority.

The Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob keeps pushing fear porn where everbody needs to wear face mask and practice "social distancing" for safety reasons -- however, it seems that these views are just dark theories and are part of a propaganda event to scare the public into giving up personal freedoms for "safety reasons".

So -- by sacrificing a little liberty for a few days or weeks to "flatten the curve" and "slow the spread" of a "nasty germ" seemed reasonable -- considering the unpresidented circumstance of the event -- but any restrictions beyond these timely rules do not feel right to anybody who truly values their liberty.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

When this Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event is over -- and it will be -- dispite what ever Billy Gates and company says, national governments across the world should remove the political laws in place that allow such authoritive over-reach of our liberties. Let's not give any politician the tools ever again to create a medical tyranny situation for any political reasons.

As the Libertarian Ron Paul recently suggested -- the separation of elected governmential authority and unelected medical authority should be adopted in Congress as soon as possible to prevent such an event from ever happening again. In "Ron Paul's Farewell Speech To Congress" on November 14, 2012 -- available on YOUTUBE, he sums up what is wrong with many aspects of the US government -- particularly about halfway and in the end of his forty-eight minute speech. He is a man of truth and honor -- the USA -- and the world, needs more leaders like him in public office.

Basically, LIBERTARIANISM is much closer to a RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE than a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL because they want less government activity in our daily lives.


LIBTARD: A LIBTARD is a low IQ LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL person. The name is short for a "liberal retard" person.

Basically, LIBTARDS -- like SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS, are always taking the opportunity to virtue signal their Marxist political views based on what they have heard in their social "eco-chambers" and have not properly done their homework regarding the arguments they believe in.


LOLITA EXPRESS: Owned and operated by reclusive billionaire and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstien, the LOLITA EXPRESS was a jet aircraft based out of New York City that was used by famous people -- such as the Clintons, Bill Gates and Prince Andrew, to fly to a private Caribbean island, known by some visitors to the place as “Orgy Island”.

Flight logs from the plane show that from 2001 to 2003, Bill Clinton flew 26 times -- and after Epstien's arrest in 2006, records show that he donated to the CLINTON FOUNDATION $25K. A photo of what appeares to be US Justice John Roberts in the water with Bill Clinton near a tropical beach exist on the INTERNET -- and infers the idea that he visited "Orgy Island" at some time -- which suggest the DEEP STATE gang could have something sexual on him as blackmail to make him "vote" a certain way on the US Surpreme Court.

As of July 2019, Jeffrey Epstien was re-arrested by the police after new alligations from victims involved in his previous "nefarious activities" came forward.

Together with a new understanding of the evidence against him revealed how his first arrest and "punishment deal" was "painted over" with a "sweetheart deal" by powerful political players within the US Judical system who wanted to protect certain people from his nefarious activities, Jeffery Epstien may be sent to a real prison for some time -- that is, of course, if he doesn't reveal to the police about his real role with the GLOBAL ELITE club and the DEEP STATE gang -- or "mysteriously dies" in prison.

UPDATE: On August 10, 2019, Jeffrey Epstien was apparently found dead in his suicide proof jail cell by suicide.

It has been also been reported that just two days before his apparent suicide he was sane enough to created a "will" -- which "gave" the value of his estate to a mysterious "trust fund". The mystery deepens...

Apparently, the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang have lost control over the Epstien story within the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- and are now trying to link his nefarious activities with President Donald Trump -- who knew him some two decades ago, as a way to politically attack Trump just before the 2020 presidential election cycle.

However, this political smear tactic by the DEEP STATE gang to use the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob will backfire -- like the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE story did, and further expose the nasty ways of the GLOBAL ELITE club -- who have manipulated WESTERN CIVILIZATION for over a century.

Some investigators into the new arrest story of Jeffrey Epstien theorize that -- although he was technically caught providing under age girls on his plane and island to "certain clients", his criminal activity includes recording said activity for blackmailing reasons -- which could help explain where he got his money over the years.

If this theory is true -- and if real justice is achieved in a new trial, then perhaps many important powerful political players will also be caught in their nefarious activities. Only time will tell if the real truth unfolds in this ongoing case.

UPDATE: Because of his apparent death in prison, a US Federal Judge has declared the criminal case against Jeffrey Epstien closed.

Considering the political power that Jeffrey Epstien once had -- or may still have if one believes he is not dead and was somehow "removed from jail" after a "fake suicide" event, some believe that the DEEP STATE gang -- which still controlls many aspects of government and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, is "fixing" the case as much as they can.

And because the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob has suppressed the "conspiracy story" that "Jeffery Epstien did not kill himself", many who are aware of his murder story have been posting on social media services the aforesaid statement -- so that the general public might actually see it and question who is Jeffery Epstien and discover his nefarious links to the DEEP STATE gang.

Also, because there are "loose threads" in this criminal case, questions still exist regarding other people involved in Epstien's "business projects" -- such as the real role of Epstien's "handler" -- Ghislaine Maxwell, and his Billionaire "client" -- Les Wexner.

Many researchers into Epstien's story believe both suspects have nefarious connections to a Israeli's "spy agency" Mossad -- which is related to ZIONISM.

According to "field reporter" George Webb, Jeffrey Epstien was part of a "compromising operation" by certain government officials who used his "entertainment services" -- which include youg girls -- known as "honey pots", and his secret recording of sexual encounters, to "compromise the integrity" of important people -- so that they could be blackmailed for controlling reasons.

For more information regarding "honey pots" and how the DEEP STATE gang uses "women slaves" to blackmail political opponets, do an INTERNET search into the subject of "NXIUM" -- a true nightmare story that needs reporting in how bad people use other people in this world.

Also -- according to new speculations from the YOUTUBE channell "TruNews" -- and other media sorces like the New York Times, Jeffrey Epstien may be involved in a "theft-ring operation to steal DNA" from certain GLOBAL ELITE players, at his "Orgy Island" site in the Caribbean -- and his "Zoro Ranch" site in New Mexico, for some kind of "trans-human eugenics project".

US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts' name has also been recorded on the flight log list of Jeffery Epstien's LOLITA EXPRESS. From what we now know about how the DEEP STATE gang uses under-age "Honey-pot" girls for Black-mailing operations, this fact on the flight log list implies the idea that the DEEP STATE gang may have some control over him in making him decide certain ways on important court cases -- which would help the goals of the GLOBAL ELITE club.

UPDATE 7/2/2020: The FBI has just arrested Ghislaine Maxwell in New Hamshire. It will be interesting to see if she makes it alive to trial -- or if she will be "Arkancided" in prison. This event will also test the trustworthiness of the FBI and the DOJ -- hopefully, they can see the right direction of where the true wind is blowing in this matter.

In the meantime -- perhaps its time for another "George Floyd" type Marxist psyops event to take place -- so that the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob can distract the public from learning about the nasty activities of the DEEP STATE gang.

Ghislaine Maxwell probably knows everything about Jeffery Epstien's nefarious activities. She was at Chelsea Clinton's wedding -- which was paid for with CLINTON FOUNDATION funds -- and held at George Soross' daughter's house. Most all these major LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL GLOBAL ELITE club members know each other.

There exists a photo taken at the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in 2001 that shows George Soros, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates Sr, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller -- and other big Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob players in GEOPOLITICS. There even exist a photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and John Roberts sitting in the same white chair. The DEEP STATE gang runs deep...

Will Ghislaine Maxwell reveal to the authorities how stories of Blackmail, Honey-pots, bribes and murder events were used by her nefarious Zionist gang of theives to compromise the integrity of important politicians in government? Or will her court case in 2021 shove these stories down the memory hole of time by the corrupt people who currently control government enforcement agencies like the FBI and the DOJ?

UPDATE 1/2023: The Attorney General of the U.S. Virgin Islands was fired by the Govenor because she tried to implicate a JP Morgan Bank COROPORATION executive for financially helping Jeffrey Epstien get away with the criminal activity he was doing on St. James island -- also known as “Orgy Island”.

The investigation into Jeffrey Epstien's activity on the island included email evidence from a JP Morgan executive to Epstien regarding what is now known as "Disney Code" -- when the words "snowwhite" referred to a young girl the executive was expected to meet on the island during a visit. Apparently, really big money can buy political favors to stop investigations into criminal activity.

Basically, although it is believed that the LOLITA EXPRESS was named after a book by Vladimir Nabokov called "Lolita" -- where the subject of sex with a under age girl, is explored -- perhaps the name of the plane is also related to a sexy song from the 1958 movie "Damn Yankees" that suggest "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" -- in that a private express jet service to a place where the rich and famous could escape to with little or no moral supervision and, like in the movie, "make a deal with the devil".


MAGA: The term "Make America Great Again" -- or MAGA, was Donald Trump's campaign slogan during the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Many believe the REPUBLICAN PARTY chose the term because, according to them, the greatness of America -- or the USA, has been run down by too many unnecessary governmental programs under the socialistic managment of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- and that the REPUBLICAN PARTY under the capitalistic management will restore the greatness America once had.

However, some LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people believe the term is associated with the fictional 2013 dystopian horror movie "The Purge" -- wherein an annual legal evening event of mayhem and murder across the country will clean-up the weak and wicked in America -- and "Make it Great Again".

In any case, how America gets great again from the socialist policies of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY depends on good leadership by responsible representatives in government -- and not by political tyrants who use government over-reach situations to solve problems they created in the first place.

Basically, the MAGA slogan is/was a shout of NATIONALISM that is trying to improve the USA -- but since the term is associated with Donald Trump's campaign slogan, and because Trump is now understood as a Zionist actor who wants to keep control of the USA by the Judeo-MASONS, MAGA has been exposed as one of many "Psychological Operations" to divide the USA -- and to rally the conservative REPUBLICANs behind a false leader who would help cause chaos within the USA.


MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- or MSM, is a term used in political discussions to refer collectively to the various legacy mass media news services -- mostly TELEVISION, that have influenced the general public with half truths for many decades.

By the way, the reason why the political word "Marxist" exist prior to the term "MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob" -- is because Marxism is all about the central control of information and converting it into propaganda for the "greater good" as defined by the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL managers and owners of the media CORPORATIONs who believe in SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM.

And the reason why the word "mob" exist after the term "MAINSTREAM MEDIA" is because that is what they are -- a crowd of common criminals that have mobbed the public with propaganda stories for so long, they believe they can decide what is real and what is false with impunity. However, they will soon discover that there is a price to pay for their nefarious behavior.

The TELEVISION aspect of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC and others -- including radio stations like NPR and even FOX News, have all become criminal instruments of the Marxist propaganda machine that are owned by the GLOBAL ELITE club who follow SOCIALISM and want to control our daily lives with their slanted stories.

These legacy mass media news services "spoon-feed" their daily propaganda stories to "the sheeple" -- who are too lazy to read or do not have the time to find the full truth on the INTERNET about any important political subject.

They say that the majority of people don't read stories anymore -- they watch stories on their TV and cell phone screens. How true is that!

And speaking about the full truth of a political subject, one of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob's greatest crimes is not telling the full truth of a political subject. They never seem to tell the true half of a political story -- they mix some truth with their bias views, and ignore important truthful aspects of the full story. It really is criminal in how they report the news sometimes -- and whoever is paying them to behave the way they do, are criminals as well.

Newer media sources like those found on the INTERNET -- such as independent reporters on YOUTUBE, Bitchute and other social media channels, are growing competition to conventional Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob companies because of much smaller overhead cost and less editorial overview of "controlling the full truth".

The Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob is sponsored by its advertisers who use it as a tool to shape the wants and needs of society -- for example, big pharmaceutical companies -- known as BIG PHARMA, are constantly reminding viewers in TV commercials to "ask your doctor" -- or "tell your doctor", about the latest pain relieving drug -- when what they really want you to do is "support your doctor" by participating in the medical industry and drug factory service.

Think about it -- the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob makes their viewers depressed with depressing news -- and then shows a BIG PHARMA commercial for antidepressants! What a scam...

Almost all of the 24/7 News channels of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob are bias in their political views but claim not to be bias -- which is wrong, yet they don't seem to care if its wrong because their paying advertisers want it that way.

Because the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob thrives on controversial subjects or some sort of bad news event, a typical morning of watching their programs my leave viewers upset and wanting the government to "make good the bad event" so that social justice can prevail -- for example, "Police this morning found a bad thing that happened last night and are searching for the bad person or persons who did it".

Years of watching or hearing this kind of bad news makes some people want more government to stop bad people -- therefore, over time, the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob is promoting SOCIALISM without the public realizing it.

Even Internet based news media companies -- such as Buzzfeed, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Reuters, Politico, Vox, Mother Jones, Slate, Bloomberg -- and many others, are owned by the GLOBAL ELITE club with LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL policies related to Marxism -- they are little more than corporate lap-dogs of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob that spew toxic socialist propaganda whenever and wherever they can.

Regarding the printed word aspect of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- like the New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, AP, Time, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, The Atlantic, The Hill -- and many others, have also become tools for the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL forces in society that push SOCIALISM every chance they get.

If the legacy Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob told the "full truth" on political stories instead of biased "half truths", perhaps the public could better decide what is the real truth. They try to gaslight the public into not believing any political story that challenges their political views. They use the word "debunked" every time they want the public not to believe in a storyline -- such as the PIZZAGATE story has been "debunked" -- so, look away and "don't waste your time" studying the details.

Speaking of media resources that tell only part of the truth -- the INTERNET "encyclopedia" service -- known as Wikipedia, is also known by some political researchers as "wicked-media" because, apparently, there exist a shady group of LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL political editors -- who follow Marxist values, that "correct misinformation" uploaded by participants which does not conform to "programmed academic thinking". So -- other than political information, Wikipedia can a great source of information to online researchers.

One can only hope that the raging anti-Trump "dumpster fire" event -- which is being pushed 24/7 by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, will burn itself out soon. When the public finally realizes the political truth behind who really owns these "media services" -- and why they create FAKE NEWS to distract and hide the important stories people should know about, the world will be a better place.

As of 2017, only six LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL CORPORATIONs control about 90% of the media in the US -- which explains who is feeding the raging anti-Trump "dumpster fire" event. When reporters within all the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob networks say the same words -- like it's the "Beginning of the end" and another "Bombshell" report -- regarding how President Donald Trump is loosing control, one can see that these "News CORPORATIONs" are controlled by some political agency such as the CIA.

Because there is evidence that the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- together with the legacy publishing industry, is politically controlled by people related to ZIONISM -- and because some kind of political relationship has existed between SOCIALISM and ZIONISM for over a century, the public needs to better understand the real political causes behind the major world wars of WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

Zionist "fact checking" organizations -- such as the Bnal Birth's Anti Defimation League -- or ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center -- and many other politically paid organizations that censor free speech online, should be closed down for their "hateful programs" -- which claim to "stop hate speech".

UPDATE 5/2020: Thanks to the brainwashing efforts of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, the following words and phrases have entered our brains since the begining of the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020:

* Covid-19;
* The New Normal;
* Stay home, Stay safe;
* Social Distancing;
* Shop smart -- Stay six feet apart;
* Flatten the curve;
* Slow the spread;
* Wear your mask;
* Wash your hands;
* Contact Tracing;
* Lockdown;
* Essential workers;
* We're all in this together;
* Second wave.

So, who's not tired of hearing these words and terms yet? They are all based on planting a sense of fear into our heads from "an invisible enemy" that has killed no more people than the annual flu.

But the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob will now lie to the public and tell a false theory that -- because of these words and terms used by them to scare the public into "behaving safely", they have helped saved lives from a more damaging pandemic event -- where the dangerous Covid-19 virus could have spread easier and killed more people exposed to it.

Perhaps the term "Social Distancing" acutally means "Socialist Distancing" because SOCIALISM -- and the people who want us divided -- so they can conquer us from the inside, is behind the whole the Coronavirus PLANdemic event scam of 2020.

UPDATE 11/28/2020: When anybody visits YOUTUBE for political videos regarding the 2020 Presidential Election, they see a notification saying that "The AP has called the Presidential race for Joe Biden. See more on Google." Considering that the AP -- or the Associated Press, is partnered with Reuters -- that has financial and political links to the globalist ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel gang, it is easy to see why these "news services" favor the Socialist candidate Joe Biden.

Moreover, it should be remembered that both the AP and Reuters CORPORATIONs are based in the Netherlands/Belgium area -- home of the unelected EU government system in Brussels -- headquarters of European SOCIALISM and GLOBALISM -- who want the "Great Reset" event of the AGENDA 21 scheme by the GLOBAL ELITE club to succeed.

Therefore, citizens around the world -- who truly want freedom in finding real news and information, should avoid these LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL news CORPORATIONs and seek newer alternative news sites on the INTERNET like One Ameican News and Gab.

Some have reason to believe that NewsMax and Parler are "controlled opposition" because NewsMax never talks about how the the US FEDERAL RESERVE is controlled by the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel gang -- and that Parler wants your personal contact information like other social media CORPORATIONs want -- so they can "sell your indentity" to other CORPORATIONs and government tracing programs.

UPDATE 10/2/2021: The Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob was caught red-handed live on TELEVISION in twisting the truth when an NBC reporter was interviewing a NASCAR driver after his win. The driver -- whose last name was "Brandon", was in front of the viewing stands -- where the crowd was chanting a popular anti-Joe Biden call that plainly said "F**K Joe Biden" -- when the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob reporter tried to make the viewing TELEVISION audience believe the crowd was saying "Let's go Brandon". So, RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE media people have used the famous event and phrase "Let's go Brandon" as a safe way to say or post "F**K Joe Biden" in social media services without being censored.

Basically, because the legacy Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob is currently controlled by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL enthusiast of the DEEP STATE gang that has a political agenda of "gaslighting" their viewers toward SOCIALISM every chance they get, they are part of the Zionistic NEW WORLD ORDER and AGENDA 21 plan.


MASONS: The MASONS are members of perhaps the oldest secret fraternity cult in the world. It is believed by many that the secret fraternity cult originated from the guilds of stonemasons who built the castles and cathedrals of ancient Europe.

The idea that the MASONS are a secret fraternity cult -- and not just an "innocent society" of bricklayers that engineer and build stone buildings throughout the world, may seem new to some -- but serious evidence exist and should reveal more of that viewpoint later in this story.

The MASONS are reputed to have been influenced by the Knights Templar -- which are related to many Royal Families in Europe. In 1717, the MASONS created a formal international organization in England -- known as Masonry, when the first Masonic Grand Lodge was formed within the City of London state. The year 1717 was also when the MASONS began using the term "lodges" instead of "temples" for their "base sites" because it sounds less religious and more like an innocent "club-house" where members stay while doing their "political business".

A Grand Lodge is the administrative body in charge of Masonry in some geographical area -- and hundreds can be found all around the world -- with many in former British colonies. In the United States, for example, there is a Grand Lodge in each state. There are lodges -- all built facing east toward "the rising eastern star", in most towns, and large cities usually have several. There are about 13,200 lodges in the United States. In Canada, there is a Grand Lodge in each province. Local organizations of MASONS are called lodges -- and there are about 32,000 across the world.

By some estaments, there exist roughly 6 million MASONS throughout the wotld -- with approximately 2.5 million in the USA. Like many religious buildings around the world that recruit followers into their RELIGION, Masonic lodges invite new members into their secret cult -- but unlike other religions, members must take secret oaths to the cult of Masonry -- and under penalty of death, never reveal the secrets they were taught.

Today, many of these lodges are found in towns that also include other similar "charity based" social organizations perhaps linked to the MASONS -- like the Rotory Club -- which use the rotory gear symbols on their signs, and the Shirners -- which wear little red "upsidedown" cup-like caps with tassels that display a saber or scimitar sword under an Islamic crecent moon logo symbol. Other social clubs -- like the Lions Club, Kiwanis, Rosicrucians, Moose Lodge, Job's Daughters, the Boys Scouts -- and even Charles Taze Russell's Jehovah's Witnesses of 1879, may also be part of the secret International Masonic fraternity cult system connected to other global and political societies.

Some also believe that the Society of Jesuits -- and the Mormons of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young fame, are related to the MASONS fraternity cult system.

By the way, some people believe that the square-shaped caps with tassels -- used in graduation ceremonies, are symbolically related to the "square mud boards" -- used by the MASONS in their masonry brickwork, as a level of initiation event.

Anyway, some of the Founding Fathers of the US -- such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, Joseph Warren, and John Hancock were MASONS.

The following list of US presidents were also MASONS:

George Washington was once a low-level MASON,
James Monroe,
Andrew Jackson,
James Polk,
James Buchanan,
Andrew Johnson,
James Garfield,
William McKinley,
Theodore Roosevelt,
Howard Taft,
Warren Harding,
Franklin Roosevelt,
Harry Truman,
Lyndon Johnson and Gerald Ford.

G.H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are also believed to be MASONS -- but proving it is hard to do because the secret society does not allow that information to be public knowledge for reasons that are kept secret.

Regarding whether President Donald Trump is a MASON -- that viewpoint will be explored later in this story.

Some have reason to believe other important political characters in history were MASONS -- such as:

Winston Churchill, PM England,
Edward VII, King of England,
Frederick the Great, King of Prussia,
Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor,
George VI, King of England during W.W. II,
Marquis de Lafayette, French Supporter of American Revolution,
Alexandre Millerand, President of France,
Peter the Great, Emperor of Russia,
Captain William Morgan -- who was murdered by the MASONS for revealing "Masonic secrets" and renouncing Masonry,
Albert Pike, Confederate military and KKK leader,
Karl Marx, author of the Communist Manifesto -- was a 31 degree Mason,
Vladimir Lenin, major leader of the Bolshevik Revolution -- was photographed several times signaling the Masonic "Hidden Hand" gesture and stayed in Masonic Lodges,
Charles Darwin, Theory of Evolution scientist,
Napoleon Bonaparte, French Emperor -- was painted signaling the Masonic "Hidden Hand" gesture
Thomas Edison, Inventor and creator of General Electric CORPORATION,
Henry Ford, American Industrialist,
Cecil B, Demille, famous HOLLYWOOD movie director,
John Wayne, Roy Rodgers, Roy Clark, Red Skelton, Mel Blanc, Bill Cody and Douglas Fairbanks Sr, famous HOLLYWOOD movie actors and entertainers.

According to Wikipedia, Masonic activity played an important part in the Revolutionary War, the Constitutional Convention, and the political debates surrounding the ratification of the Bill of Rights.

Many of those political debates were held in Masonic lodges. Masonic teachings refer to God as "the Great Architect of the Universe" -- but discussing the subject of RELIGION is apparently discouraged at Masonic meetings -- perhaps because RELIGION has its own set of political rules that conflict with the political rules of the MASONS.

The secret fraternity cult of the MASONS seem to be obsessed with numbers and graphical symbols that signal their influence on a range of subjects. For example, Masonic symbolism is also found in the geometrical street layout of the city of Washington D.C. -- such as the upside-down pentacle star symbol -- which, like the upside-down CHRISTIAN cross symbol, represents an evil symbol in pagan worship activity.

More about the evil symbolism used by the MASONS in a moment -- but it is known that within many governmental building projects throughout the world where MASONS have built things, use of such symbols have "secret meanings" among the higher member levels of Masonry.

The logo of the MASONS includes the compass measuring instrument symbol overlapped with the square ruler symbol as tools of their building trade -- and the capital letter of "G" in the center stands for "geometry".

Speaking of geometry -- Plato was convinced that geometry was the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe and once wrote: "The knowledge of which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal" -- which suggest "geometry is the language of the universe".

Moreover, certain geometrical logos used by geometricians long ago -- like the pentacle star symbol, represents a visual concept of the "divine proportion" or "golden section" measurement found in nature -- which is an important concept in designing and building strong useful objects. In other words, the five pointed star symbol is an ancient logo design that represents a natural concept of using a finite proportional value measurement of approximately 5 units to 8 units -- or 61.8%, of the full 100% cord length -- where the lines cross while drawing the pentacle star symbol, to represent the powerful value of infinite strength.

Once this "divine proportion" concept of measurement -- which is found in nature and is understood properly by students studying geometry, they can build things stronger. For example, the height of the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt is approximately 5/8 the length of the base.

By the way, the "Latin Cross" symbol is also a logo that represents the "divine proportion" measurement found in nature -- and is sometimes confused with the "Crucifix Cross" symbol -- which represents the cross pole with a higher cross line mark where Jesus Christ was nailed to and crucified.

However, whenever either the cross or the pentacle symbol is displayed upside down -- something is wrong that suggest somekind of evil intent is being staged. Much like when a US flag is displayed upsidedown -- it means something is not right at the site where the flag is displayed.

So, perhaps the MASONS -- who originally followed the science of geometery like a RELIGION, became an early competitor to the CHRISTIAN church as a gathering place of learning -- and over time, some higher level members apparently exceeded their leadership duties by getting involved in political activity that went far beyond the science of geometery.

In recent years, some have suggested that the MASONS -- together with the Bavarian Illuminati, are part of a global conspiracy project to control the world under one government. Such a viewpoint may be based on the idea that because the Illuminati probably used the Masonic lodges for their ceremonial activities -- which undoubtedly included some Masonic members, they could have corrupted the original fraternity with political activity.

It is interesting to note the coincidence of dates between the American Revolution of 1776 -- and the recorded dated origin of the Bavarian Illuminati cabal in 1776, are similar. The significance of this coincidence is unclear -- but has led to much speculation that the two are connected in some way.

The Bavarian Illuminati was created by a Jesuit theologen named Adam Weishaupt on May 1st 1776 -- and is a subject that many have linked to the activities of the MASONS.

Adam Weishaupt has been quoted as saying the following statements regarding his "secret society" -- known as the Bavarian Illuminati:

"The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation."

"None is fitter than ... Freemasonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it and therefore takes little notice of it."

""We must win the common people in every corner. This will be obtained chiefly by means of the schools, and by open hearty behaviour, ... condescension, popularity, and toleration of their prejudices which we shall at leisure root out and dispel."

"If a writer publishes anything that attracts notice ... but does not accord with our plans, we must endeavor to win him over, or decry him."

"There is no means of influencing men so powerfully as by means of women. [Women] should therefore be our chief study, we should insinuate ourselves into their good opinion, give them hints of emancipation."

Thus, it truely appears that Adam Weishaupt -- and his "secret society" Illuminati gang -- originally from Barvaria, are related to the MASONS -- and have been using their lodges around the world to spread their NEW WORLD ORDER theories for over two centuries.

The region of Barvaria is next door to the country of Switzerland -- which many believe is some how linked to secret global banking activity associated with the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel gang -- which also includes the Bank for International Settlements group based in Switzerland.

Moreover, why are "Swiss Gards" serving as the de facto military of Vatican City? Are the MASONS -- who follow the Knights Templar "army" story, somehow involved in that arrangment -- and if so, why?

Some people believe that the MASONS were involved in the French Revolution of 1789-1799 -- and the Jacobin Club, who destroyed the French aristocracy then. According to Wikipedia, "The Jacobin Club was one of several organizations that grew out of the French Revolution and it was distinguished for its left-wing, revolutionary politics. Another tenet of Jacobinism is a secularism that includes the elimination of existing religions in favor of one run by the state."

It is known that the inventor of the be-heading machine from the French Revolution called the Guillotine -- Joseph Gullotin, was a Mason. It is also believed that the Jacobinism movement was related to the evil Satanic Sabbatean Frank Cult of Frankism -- and that because the Judeo-MASONS wanted to overthrow kingdoms not friendly to the Jews, they helped the Jacobin Club during the revolution.

The Satanic "one-eye" religious worshiping and secret Illuminati cabal -- who, again, are apparently related to the Jewish religious movement of Frankism, may have used the MASONS to build a political network of people and places around the world that have many symbolic concepts which involve evil subjects -- such as human sacrifice and the "all seeing eye of BIG BROTHER".

The secret Illuminati cabal are obsessed with the evil activity of Satan -- also known as the Devil -- and, whether one believes in the Satanic Devil or not, they do -- which makes them a very negative force in the world.

The Illuminati cabal and the Knights Templar worship symbols like the Baphomet -- which looks like a man-goat beast in front of an upsidedown pentacle star image. The Baphoment was a ancient monster god that worshippers secrificed childern to appease their Satanic rulers in Biblical times.

A symbol used in Masonry to represent the Baphomet is a three layer cross image -- known as the Salem Cross or the Cross of Jerusalem -- which also looks like the ancient Ogamic alphabetical mark of the Phoenician sea god known as Baal -- who was a son of Nimrod -- the Tower of Babel builder as told in the Holy Bible.

The Ogamic alphabetical letters of "B" and "L" are seen as three marks along a path line that equal the sound of "Bal" -- thus the phoenical link to the word Baphoment and the image of a man-goat beast image.

Anyway, returning to the subject of the "all seeing eye" story, a new theory behind the actual symbolism of the "shining eye" -- or "God's Eye", at the top of what looks like an Egyptian pyramid on the back of the US Dollar, may actually be based on a lost time measuring technique of using starlight to measure annual time.

In other words, the top area of some ancient pyramids -- or even obelisks, may have been once coated with a reflective material or crystal base paint where the time period of sunlight or distant starlight was measured against a annual calendar -- and marked a moment in time long ago when "God's Eye" could be seen as an "Annuit Conception" -- or a time measuring concept of an "Annual Begining" and brought about a "Novis Ordo Seclorum" -- or a "Selected New Order" in timekeeping.

More to the point -- the "eye on top of a pyramid" image on the back of the US Dollar may represent a model of an ancient "starlight chronometer" device -- which was once used long ago to measure annual time so that the agricultural society of WESTERN CIVILIZATION could know when better to plant and harvest crops on time.

Has the image of God's "shining eye" on top of a pyramid been corrupted by ignorant people over time as meaning something evil to be worshipped? The builders who built the Egyptian pyramids -- and the builders of the Tower of Babel, were all lost in the Biblical Flood event long ago -- along with the true knowledge of how and why they were built.

Speaking of ancient timekeeping mesurement events, the MASONS -- who identify with the Illuminati, have their own dating system of counting annual time sparate from the Anno Domini time count system used by WESTERN CIVILIZATION. They apparently believe in a number count system -- based on four thousand years before the birth of Christ, wherein they add the number 4,000 to whatever the A.D. count is. For example, sometimes they place the year count and the letter symbols of "A.L." near the base of buildings they build -- such as 5872 A.L. next to 1872 A.D..

The letters "A.L." are believed to be a short statement meaning "Anno Lucis" or “In the Year of Light”. However, many believe it stands for "Anno Lucifer" -- as in the fallen angel Lucifer -- who was related to the Devil in Biblical days.

The idea of that some 4,000 years before the birth of Christ was a date in human history is a strange concept to be remembered when building anything. Why would the Illuminati MASONS invent such a strange concept of timekeeping?

In the meantime, people like the MASONS use some of the symbolism from that age in time to politically control people who follow their cult.

Perhaps because the MASONS are known to use secret rules of operations -- wherein there can be nefarious activity by certain leaders that control things higher up the ladder of authority -- and who apparently are involve with political control of kingdoms or countries, is why many believe the MASONS are conspiring to control the world of today.

And in recent years, some important people invovled in major POLITICS have apparently kept it a secret that they are members of the MASONS -- so as not to trigger any "conspiracy theories" about how much political influence they actually had or have. For example, both US Presidents -- Bush senior and junior, were believed by many to have had Masonic connections -- but will not say -- because "it's a secret".

The MASONS apparently have 33 levels of "understanding the secrets" of how the society works to build things -- and members are not suppose to reveal them. Sometimes these secrets are designed to be "in plain sight" -- but don't seem visible to those who don't know the secret. The MASONS refer to these people who do not see the symbolism in their graphic work as the "vial multitude".

Whenever the MASONS want to announce their secret influential activities to other members who use the CIA and DEEP STATE gang's controlled Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob services, they seem to most always use the number "33" as a code number in the news report. In other words, when a Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA news report uses the number "33" in a value of something important in the report, the MASONS are "signaling" their influence in the story.

Even the "33" Masonic number concept can be found within certain logos of some major US CORPORATIONs -- for example, the Bank of America logo is made up of three sets of "11's" -- where, if one adds up the numbers that make up the image, the value of "33" is found. The name of the world's largest soft drink CORPORATION -- Coca-Cola, begins with the letters of "C and C" -- which, if "C" is valued as the third letter of the alphabet -- can been seen as "three" stated twice together -- or "33".

Now, before one shrugs off these numerical "logos" equating the value of "33" as simple coincidences, there are many more numerical examples of how the MASONS "advertise" their influece in CORPORATIONs and other aspects of life as we know it.

There are 33 sections within the UN world logo. Even the hexagram-like 6-mark logo of Walmart -- if read as a number count from left to right, can reveal 3 number marks on top and 3 number marks on the bottom -- or "3 & 3", which may not add up to the value of "33', but, nevertheless, project the numbers of 3 and 3 as a logo.

Other examples of the number 33 Masonic number concept includes NASA's runway number at Florida's Cape Canaveral that shows the direction of 330 degrees at 33. Were the MASONS involved in building the Kennedy Space Center? And did Jesus Christ actually live to the age of 33? Are the MASONS really behind the unique number value of 33 -- or are these examples just a coincidence?

Within the original 1901 manuscript introduction section of the infamous work known as the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" exist a statement that tells the readers the protocols "were signed by the Zionist representatives of the 33rd highest degree of initiation" -- and that a pamplet discribed the story as "plans for the conquest of the universe by the Judeo-MASONS". Well now, isn't that interesting...

As with any society -- secret or not, the lower level members of the society are not privy to the higher members plans -- and the higher the "pecking order" up the chain of authority, the more POLITICS seem to corrupt the members. This phenomenon is not limited to the MASONS -- many RELIGIONs, CORPORATIONs and governments are just as guilty. The more rules to a system of control -- the worse the system.

Since the very term of "masonry" also means "the art of working with stone", maybe some of these "mysterious secrets" are unique "trade secrets" of how to simply work with stone -- such as how to cut, move and build objects and buildings with stone. However, certain other secrets of the "union" are not to be shared with the lower members because if they were, they would expose how the whole political system of control is based on using people for nefarious reasons.

It is interesting to note that the original third US political party active on the national scene in the 1820's was named the "Anti-Masonic Party" because of some apparent nefarious activity by certain MASONS. The "Anti-Masonic Party" -- of whom many members were former MASONS themselves, politically argued against the Masonic Society for having too much control of government.

Speaking of the "Anti-Masonic Party", a famous leader at that time was named Captain William Morgan -- who was once a Mason himself and who revealed certain "Masonic secrets" of the secret fraternity, renounced Masonry. For this action, he was apparently murdered by members loyal to the MASONS.

Even President John Quincy Adams in the late 1820's thought that Masonry ought to be abolished forever. He once said that "It is wrong, essentually wrong -- a seed of evil, which can never produce any good, the existence of such an order is a foul blot upon the morals of a community".

Popular opinion in the US then, as well as today, generally oppose secret organizations, but Masonry -- also known as "Freemasonry", largely escaped this scrutiny because so many prominent citizens were members.

In any case, the Anti-Masonic Party only existed for about a decade because the party had a limited goal and there were many more political reasons to argue about.

According to Wikipedia -- Freemasonry "is a piculiar system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols". Why would an honest international organization -- like the MASONS claim, need a secret system of control to hide who they are and what they really do in this day and age? Are the MASONS an international gang of "builders" who have accumilated so much political power in today's world that they control the lives of millions beyond all national boundaries? Is Masonry a political and religious cult made up of "goyim members" that are following orders from unelected leaders who believe in COMMUNISM and ZIONISM?

These questions need truthful answers -- and soon. If the MASONS are involved in the current political crisis of the COVID-19 medical lockdown events and other FALSE FLAG agenda operations around the world that is killing human freedoms, we need to know before they completely destroy WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

By the way, according to some sources, there is no differece between the MASONS and Freemasons -- however, perhaps the term "free" -- when tied to MASON -- as in "Freemason", was designed as a psychological concept to imply the idea that all members are free to choose their building projects -- but as turns out, all members have to take orders from the higher members of the fraternity -- and are not really free to choose building projects. In other words, the Freemasons are not free to choose their building projects -- but like a worker to a CORPORATION, have to answer to the upper management of the MASONS for any job projects.

Moreover, because COMMUNISM is known to use "doublespeak" words to confuse and control people -- which is a BIG BROTHER term that means the opposite of what the word really means -- as in "freedom" really means "slavery", perhaps the Marxist -- who have apparently taken over the secret fraternity, have added the word "free" onto the word MASONS -- as in "Free-masons", to give the false illusion that the fraternity is somehow related to "freedom".

So -- apparenlty, the word "free" or "freedom", has nothing to do with the secret cult of the MASONS -- unless, followers have been programmed to feel free to break moral values and become evil actors in some bad play on the world stage. As a matter fact, the word "free" should be dropped from the term "Freemason" -- and the secret fraternity cult should be referred to as just the word "MASONS".

Some Masonic followers believe that the Assyrian King Nimrod -- who built the "Tower of Babel", was the founding father of the MASONS, but proof of that theory seems unlikely because finding evidence would be next to impossible.

The impressive stonework of Masonic activity today is notable -- however, there exist a lost method of working with stone without mortar to build very large and remarkable structures at ancient temple sites that can be found throughout the world in places like Egypt, Lebanon and Peru that supercedes any modern Masonic building project.

This fact apparently suggest the MASONS do not know all the secrets of working with stone that our ancient ancestors once had.

Another mysterious fact is that very few "Polygonal Masonry" projects can be found in ancient Egypt. "Polygonal Masonry" projects -- wherein unique stone work within walls with more than four front sides per stone without mortar holding the work together, can be found at many ancient sites all over the world -- but very few exist in ancient Egypt -- thereby suggesting Masonic construction technology is somehow based on "square block stacking" design concepts that may have originated in ancient Egypt.

The Washington Monument is the world's largest example of "square block stacking" -- and is a truly impressive building project done by the MASONS.

However, because the foot and inch measurement of the "phallus symbol" monument equals the numerical value of the Biblical "666 Number of the Beast" -- such as the total in ground height from bottom to top at 666 feet -- and total width of 666 inches, suggests that the MASONS were telling the public about the "666 Number of the Beast" in their largest monument work.

Another building situation exist that involves the Biblical "666 Number of the Beast" is where the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES site in Georgia was built relative to the UN building complex in New York City. Using the Google Earth program, the measurement in statue miles between the two sites is almost exactly 666 miles! Actually, the measurement is a mile and a half shy of 666 miles -- but back in 1980 when the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES site was built, flat maps were not as accurate as modern computer map programs.

Regarding the origin of the Biblical numerical value of 666, it is believed that -- with the exception of the Roman letter "M" -- which means a "thousand" and was never used by the Romans in annual timekeeping records, if one adds together the sequence letter value of the Roman number symbols -- such as I,V,X,L,C and D, the total numerical value of 666 may have represented to non-Roman people in the Holy Land of the "Middle East", the number count system used by the "Beastly Romans" in Biblical times.

In other words, the Romans -- who conquered the Holy Land, used a letter number count system based on the total value of 666 -- and so, they were the "Beast" that brought over-reaching government control to the area and -- with help from local political authorities, crucified Jesus Christ.

And another thing about the "666 Number of the Beast" subject -- some people believe Walt Disney was a level 33 Mason -- who was responsible for certain hidden evil messages within the many "cartoon films" made by the Disney CORPORATION -- where even the very Disney logo has the number 666 hidden within the letters.

And according to some stories found on the INTERNET, there also exist the "33 Club" at Disneyland that some say is involved in some nefarious activity.

The Adobe CORPORATION triangular PDF file logo also displays the number 666 if viewed a certain way. Google's Chrome logo contains a set of three sixes in a spriral form -- as does the logo for the European Organization for Nuclear Research known as CERN. Regarding the Google CORPORATION, ever notice that the G-mail logo resembles the shape of the Masonic apron? Yes, it also looks like a mail envelop design -- but that is how the MASONS use double meanings in their symbolic signaling logo designs.

Symbolism within the Zionist "Jewish Star" has 6 different points, hexigonal sides and triangles that add up to the "6-6-6" count.

Even the "controlled opposition" network CORPORATION "FOX" News -- which is now owned by the gay friendly Disney CORPORATION, is "broadcasting" the 666 number in the word "FOX" when one adds and "sees" the numerical value of each letter -- as in F=6, O=15 -- or 1+5=6, and X=24 -- or 2+4=6.

The World Economic Forum logo -- directed by the evil character villian Klaus Schwab and his diabolical "Great Reset" agenda, dislays three "6's" if one sees that the circular world cuts across the "O" letters in the logo name.

The AMA CORPORATION -- who controls the medical license of US doctors -- and is part of the Medical Industrial Complex, clearly shows the 666 image in their logo.

Are these CORPORATIONs and entities signaling their relationship to the number of the beast -- or is it all just a coincidence? Once one sees these "messages" -- they can not be unseen or forgotton.

There are those who see or believe that the "OK" hand signal -- which looks like an "O" with three fingers as a "K" image, equals the number "666" because the "O" part is connected to three fingers and looks like a number "6" symbol -- three times. Other people -- like the Zionist controlled ADL, call the "OK" hand gesture a symbol of "racist hate speech" in that it represents a "white power" concept image because the fingers can look like the letters of "W" and "P".

Speaking of occult hand signaling gestures, the Illuminati MASONS have used many hand symbol gestures throughout history in their attempt to signal their influence over others. There exist hundreds of photographs of people who follow the secret cult of Masonry and use hand gestures to signal a story. Many are politicians and entertainers -- in fact, there is a catagory in the Masonic hierarchy known as "Jesters" -- who joke at members and nonmembers with hand signaling.

They cover one eye to signal the "all seeing eye" of their leader -- which according to some followers, is a satanic god of light known as Lucifer. In fact, it seems that the higher leaders in the cult of Masonry believe the fallen Biblical angel Lucifer is some kind of hero.

Other Masonic occult hand gestures include the finger over the mouth -- which means to "shhh" or "be quite about the secrets of Masonry". When both hands form a "pyramid shape" it suggest the MASONS know the secret power of the Egyptian pyramids -- which they do not because they are not truly related to the original builders -- but they believe they are.

There is the Masonic "hidden hand" gesture where the person hides one of their hands inside their jacket or other cover over their chest -- and like other hand gestures, are used to signal their membership and oath to the secret cult of the MASONS.

And lets not forget the infamos "Masonic handshake" gesture -- where many famous people have been photographed shaking hands that look more like a wimpy clustered shake of the fingers than a real hand to hand handshake -- where palms actually touch. Are the MASONS fearful of catching germs from real hand to hand handshakes?

One of the greatest gestures the MASONS are known for is the act of kneeling in front of a Masonic master overlord or cause that a Masonic overlord wants -- such as a servant kneeling before a royal Masonic king or queen to be "knighted". Much like a salute gesture, when Masonic politicians -- or even "jester" sport players, kneel before a national event, they are not showing respect to the national event, they are really showing a Masonic religious act of "saluting" to what their Masonic master overlords want. And what their master Masonic overlords want is to demean any oath or respectful action to any controlling national leadership other than that of their Masonic leadership.

And speaking of Masonic leardership, most any logo that displays a royal crown near the top -- particularly a royal "puffed-up" queen crown, is related to the MASONS. Moreover, any logo or heritage symbol with a "double-headed eagle" image is also related to the Masonry cult because the secret fraternity symbolises a split "two-face" leadership structure. One face represents the active public side -- while the other face is the secret side that engages in nefarious activities.

In fact, above many Masonic logos that displays the two-headed eagle are the words "order out of chaos " -- which suggest the "creative distruction" concept behind Masonic ideology.

On the 1871 book cover of Albert Pike's book "Morals and Dogma" -- who was a level 33 degree Mason, exist a double-headed eagle image. Albert Pike's Masonic Grand Lodge in Washinton D.C. is located at the top of an upsidedown pentangle star design as seen on street maps within the capital city of the USA.

Albert Pike was also once both the head of the American Masonic Lodge and the world leader of the all MASONS at one time. It is interesting to note that the same year the United States was "incorporated" in 1871 -- was the same year that Albert Pike's book came out.

Moreover, Albert Pike is quoted as saying the following statement: "Whenever the people need a hero -- we shall supply him". Is Donald Trump the latest Masonic hero? Look around Washinton D.C. -- the place was built by the MASONS. Are they going to just give up supplying Masonic heroes for the USA without a fight? More about President Donald Trump later...

Some MASONS believe in the power of Gematria -- which, according to Wikipedia, is an Hebrew alphanumeric code or cipher system of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters. A single word can yield multiple values depending on the cipher used. The alphanumeric concepts behind Germatria can be very abstract to a point that anybody trying to teach it could use it for political gain -- much like astrologist can use followers to believe in absurd concepts.

One other ancient symbol that should be mentioned regarding evil images used in secret operations by secret cults -- and that is the symbol that links Satan with the Zodiac symbol of Saturn. What looks like a wierd lower case letter of "h" that is crossed at the top can be seen as a "hammer" image connected to a curved "sickle" blade image as the other half of the letter symbol. In other words, the Zodiac symbol of Saturn can be interpreted as an image that represents the "hammer & sickle" Satanic cult logo of COMMUNISM.

Think about that concept for a moment. It fits the evil idea of Satanism with the evil idea of COMMUNISM as a logo in plain sight. That's how these evil people use evil symbolism to control their followers on a subconscious level. And because one of the mythical sky kings of ancient times was called Saturn -- also known as Coronus, that had a glowing ring of light around his head -- much like the glowing light associated with the fallen angel called Lucifer, perhaps that is why Satan and Lucifer -- the "light barrier" are the same person in antediluvian times.

As the ancient wise oriental philosopher named Confucius once said: "Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws." Because this statement rings true, the public needs to wake up to the diabolical symbolism behind the Illuminati MASONS before they destroy our world.

According to the High Impact Flix channel at the Bitchute website -- and the comment section area, the term "Build Back Better" has been used by the GLOBAL ELITE club in 2020 as a sign of their global "Great Resent" program that is trying to destroy our world -- so they can rebuild it again with more control of the public than they already have.

What is interesting is the idea that the abbreviation of the term "Build Back Better" -- in lower case letters, equals "bbb" -- which also looks like "666" -- or "the number of the beast". The people behind this term and evil eugenics project are the incarnation of evil. Here is a partial list of those who have publically used the term in 2020:

Klaus Schwab;
Prince Charles;
Prince Harry;
Tony Blair;
Hillary & Bill Clinton;
Nancy Pelosi;
Justin Trudeau;
Boris Johnson;
Sadiq Khan;
Barack Obama;
Joe Biden;
Kamala Harris;
Bill Gates;
Caroline Lucas;
Andrew Cuomo;
Mark Cuomo;
Layla Moran;
CBSN's Tanya Rivero;
Kristalina Georgieva;
Jacinda Ardern;
António Guterres;
Pope Francis:
John Kerry;
Elizabeth Warren;
and Greta Thunberg.

Again, think about it -- these people want to rebuild our society back better together -- AFTER they participate in first destroying our society with the COVID-19 lock-down FALSE FLAG scam event.

Regarding who are the people that would destroy WESTERN CIVILIZATION because they want to control it better -- there exist a YOUTUBE video posted on Dec 19, 2020 entitled: "Build Back Better" Compilation - "The Great Reset" montage -- wherein a person named "Ghostbearuk" wrote in the comment section the following statements:

>>>This has literally been the plan for over 100 years in the making. I'm not even exaggerating. It's long past resisting early, this has been the gradual wearing away of our laws, our customs, our heritage, the encouragement of feminism, homosexuality, divorce, the de-emphasis on family, marriage. The diversity push, the invasion of foreign lands to destabilize them and encourage the movement of their populations into Europe. There is no national identity, diversity promotes disagreement and distrust. The complete control of all mainstream media, political parties, judges and education. This is how globalists operate. Nationalism was the only thing to stop this and all of the above steps have been taken to erode that possibility. This was the fight that took place in WW2 and guess what, Bolshevism won. Open warfare ended in 1945 but their battle to take Europe began immediately, the information and manipulation war and they have successfully waged it ever since then. The people perpetuating this are shielded by events of the 2nd world war and claims of antisemitism, used to stifle any legitimate criticism of what they are doing.

We literally watched 3 buildings remote detonated before our eyes and accepted the story it was aeroplanes that caused it, molten metal still present in the ruins 100 days later... We invaded Iraq on the premise of "weapons of mass destruction" that never appeared nor was there ever any credible threat they would. We sat and did nothing during any of these events and now here we are, ready to accept whatever bullshit we're told.<<<

Now, what historical global fraternity -- known for its bulding secrets and lodging facilities around the world which houses members that control governments, is believed by some to be capable of rebuilding a destroyed world?

Why does the Masonic compass symbol with a square ruler logo exist on dozens of police arm patches across the US? And why does the upside-down pentagram star logo -- with a British royal crown image on top, exist on the police arm patches in Victoria Australia?

As mentioned earlier, it seems that every government logo topped off with a British royal crown image is linked to -- or controlled by, the Masonic Queen's Privy Council of the United Kingdom. Also, remember that the first Masonic Grand Lodge was formed within the City of London state in 1717 -- which implies the idea that the MASONS have been involved in controlling ancient kingdoms and national governments for a very long time.

Another Masonic symbol -- or symbolism, is found in the black and white checker-board pattern found on floors and surfaces of their lodges. Why this is a case is unknown -- but is a known fact that they use the pattern to signal their influence in graphic images within buildings and on other things -- such as the "checkered stripes" found on British police uniform clothing. Even the Police in Victoria Australia use the "checkered stripes" on their uniforms.

Because the MASONS are involved in police and intelligence operations around the world, it would seem that there are political links to the three letter government agencies of the USA and UK. If so, is there a link between the CIA and the MASONS?

It is no secret to many that the CIA had JFK killed in Dallas Texas near Dealey Plaza in 1963 for political reasons. But how many know that his murder took place less than 100 feet from a oblisk pillar built by the MASONS? Was it also a coincidence that the future CIA director and US President George Bush was in Dallas Texas that day JFK was murdered?

The theoritical origin of the word "MASONS" brings up the ideas that the "fraternity" -- or male "Sons", are followers of "Ma" -- or the "Mother" -- which in this case, represents a "royal matriarch". In other words, the MASONS are male followers of "the Queen" -- and just who was the greatest monarch that had the financial power to control GEOPOLITICS on an almost unimaginal scale? Why, of course, the Queen of England.

The people who controlled the finances of the Queen of England -- and now control King Charles of England, have virtually unlimited access to political control of CORPORATIONs around the world. The Royal Monarch leader always gets the "Golden Share" of the Monarchs' CORPORATIONs -- and, by law, nobody can question their finances. Imagine what kind of nefarious political activities would happen over time if such massive financial power was allowed to happen to any individual.

However powerful the Queen or King of England is in this world -- it's strange that they need permission to enter the City of London -- which is a place where the largest Central Banking center of the world exist. Why is that?

Also, while studying the subjects of geneology and "royal matriarch" families in Europe and "the Holy land", it is interesting to note that the followers of Judaism trace their heritage from their mothers side of the family, while the CHRISTIANs -- like the early Hebrews, trace their heritage from the fathers side. What this heritage situation suggest is that, at some point in time, the patriarchal geneology of the Hedrews -- as listed in the Holy Bible, do not match up with the matriarchal aspect of the followers of Judaism.

So, as the theory goes, when the Jewish Illuminati gang hijacked the "Sons of Ma' temples sites -- or the home buildings of the MASONS, with political help from the Jesuit order in Rome, that is when Masonry turned evil.

And another interesting aspect about the MASONS -- because the letters "M.A." means "Master of the Arts", perhaps the original fraternity was simply a "union of stone builders" before it was hijacked long ago by bad people with nefarious political reasons -- and turned it into a "Big Club" that influences governments around the world. One wonders just who, when -- and how much of the Masonic fraternity cult has been taken over by "bad people".

In 1885 the American Rabbi Isaac Mayer Weise is quoted as saying the following statement regarding the MASONS: "Masonry is a Jewish institution, whose history, degrees, assignments, signs and explainations are of Jewish nature from begining to end."

And in 1897, the father of ZIONISM -- Theodor Hertzl, is on record as stating the following while living in Switzerland: "Masonic lodges are established all over the world to help us achieve our independence...Those pigs, the non-Jewish Masons will never understand the final objects of Masonry."

Well now, apparently there exist "non-Jewish MASONS" in the minds of some Jewish Zionist. Are the "non-Jewish MASONS" the same people who represent the human slaves to some Jews and refer to them as the "CHRISTIAN goyim"?

There exist a New York Times article from the early 1920's that suggest the MASONS were planning to build a third temple for the political movement of ZIONISM -- but that because the Ottoman Empire still controlled PALESTINE -- where the original two temples were once built, the construction site was proposed to be built somewhere in England -- maybe near London. Perhaps the Zionist convinced the British Empire to attack the Ottoman Empire so that the third temple could be built in the area of PALESTINE -- who knows? In any case, the Zionist now want to build a third temple in Israel with help from the MASONS -- who have built many government buildings in Israel -- like the Supreme Court in Jerusalem.

UPDATE 9/5/2020: Ever since the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 began to look like a planned event by someone or some nefarious group of "badies", many researchers on the INTERNET have tried to find the people responsible for causing so much grief and sorrow. The DEEP STATE gang's controlled Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob would have us believe that a new nasty germ got loose across the world and we need to take "medical action" to midigate infection from it by wearing mask and staying six-feet apart from each other -- however, the truth is becoming more and more apparent that some large group of people -- with major political power and unlimited funding, created the medical lockdown event for reasons related to the UN AGENDA 21 project.

Since the MASONS apparently have significant influence over many law enforcement agencies across the world, perhaps they could be a major player in enforcing the medical lockdown that is taking place. For example, recent videos on the INTERNET from the protest in the city of Melbourine/Victoria Australia show an army of police attacking a crowd chanting slogans of freedom from lockdown -- and forcing some captured protesters to wear mask against their will, in the name of "public safety". The "authorities" -- who control the police, claim that the protesters are selfish in their protest actions -- but who are the real selfish ones? The citizens who want their freedom back from a global medical scam event -- or the DEEP STATE gang members who took their freedoms and are surpressing the truth of the scam event.

What is very interesting in these videos is that the Victorian police in Melbourine are wearing Masonic symbols on their uniforms -- such as the upside-down pentagram star logo and checkered stripes. All this police activity took place in front of a government building apparently built by the MASONS.

UPDATE 9/8/2020: Further research has discovered that the building in the Victorian city of Melbourine is named the "Shrine of Rememberance" and was in fact built by the MASONS. Located near the Albert Park site -- and resembling the Masonic building in Washinton D.C. in honor to Albert Pike, the building represents one of many Masonic government buildings where the MASONS control the government more than the citizens control the government.

By the way, as mentioned earlier, Albert Pike -- a senior officer in the Confederate States Army, was a 33 degree MASON -- who many believe was responsible for the creation of the white supremacist gang called the Ku Klux Klan that plagued the USA since the end of the US civil war.

So, are the MASONS somehow involved in the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020? It would seem that certain members in the upper levers of control -- who would want to influence government, may be involve -- but how could anybody prove it?

It would also seem that the MASONS and the Marxist -- together with the Zionist and the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel -- who control the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY, have all conspired together to form an evil gang with NEW WORLD ORDER plans to take over the world.

Now we know why the "Anti-Masonic Party" was the original third US political party active on the national scene in the 1820's. Private control of public government is not good government.

Masonic imagery is found in some national logos of the world -- for example, the official flag of Afghanistan includes a temple image with masonic checkered floors enclosed by two pillars. One wonders that if the MASONS can influence the national imagery within the flag of Afghanistan, what other political influence can they accomplish in other nations...

Apparently, the greatest threat to International Masonry, is NATIONALISM -- because it is anti-GLOBALISM.

UPDATE 9/15/2020: According to the CHRISTAIN news service "TruNews.com", the MASONS may build a temple site with three buildings facing a garden area to help celebrate the recent "Abraham Accords" or "Peace Agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirates. Also, a new coin that commemorates the event -- which by the way, there was never was a war between the two countries, reveals some interesting artwork. The theme of a scene displayed on one side of the coin is "turning a saber or scimitar sword -- with a tassel, into a exploding set of objects that include the following subjects:

* Hypo-needle syringe;
* Vaccine ampuil container;
* Satellite in space broadcasting digital signals next to a 5G tower that looks like palm tree;
* a dove amoung the stars approaching the planet Saturn at the top of coin;
* Loose Rotory Gears not meshing together -- looks like coronavirus symbols;
* a rocket ship with wings;
* a circit board;
* and the IP signiture of Donald Trump.

So, what do these symbolic objects mean? Perhaps the MASONS -- who are part of this project, know what they mean.

UPDATE 10/2/2020: 33 days before the Presidental Election of 2020, President Donald Trump is diagnosed with Covid-19 symptoms. This situation makes one wonder if Trump is part of a Masonic plan to use a vaccination project called "Warp Speed" to reduce the US population -- or is he playing along with the Covid-19 hoax for political reasons. Because he apparently has Zionist connections with DEEP STATE club members like Henry Kissinger and Billy Gates & company, we can only hope that he knows who they really are -- and stop the plan in time.

Is President Donald Trump a honorary member of the MASONS? A YOUTUBE video shows that Trump Tower in New York city displays 21 trees within a triangular shape on its side -- which has 6 trees on each side -- or three sets of 6's -- which suggest a "beastly number" associated with 666. Other clues in the video suggest he may be related to the MASONS.

How could anybody who develops property and builds buildings in New York City for a living not be related to the MASONS? Perhaps he was chosen to be a US president like many past presidents because the Zionst GLOBAL ELITE club thought he had Masonic attributes. If he is -- or was, it may explain how and why he became president of the US. He does seem to be friends to the Zionist state of Israel -- which is home to the Zionist political movement. Who knows?

Why is President Donald Trump still pushing the poisonus COVID-19 vaccines -- when anybody with brains knows that the whole COVID-19 Plandemic event was -- and still is, a hoax designed to depopulate the planet? It seems that the Masonic leadership is about to expire soon because they have built themselves into a corner and can't get out without confessing their deal with the devil and the Zionist who have controlled our world far too long.

Basically, the MASONS have been known by many over the years as a professional building service -- that tries to design and build long-lasting things -- usually out of stone, using their ancient skills and knowledge -- however, it seems that the leaders of the fraternity have changed the secret organization into a religious cult -- which has political goals to control governmental activities around the world related to the NEW WORLD ORDER plan.


MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: President Dwight D. Eisenhower used the term "MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX" in his Farewell Address to the Nation on January 17, 1961 to warn the American people to keep a careful eye on what he believed was a powerful government security industry that developed after WW2 that could cause wars for monetary profit and ruin society.

In this day and age, if one wanted to study how the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX works within government, check out some of these corporate entities: Lockheed Martin, Carlyle Group, Halliburton, DynCorp, Raytheon, RAND CORPORATION, and Overseas Private Investment CORPORATION or OPIC.

There are many more of these entities that legally work with the Senior Executive Services or SES in the US and SERCO in the UK, that basically control the "no-bid government contracts" because they are subsidized by a selective system based on "reputation" and "cronyism".

It is interesting to note that Mr DEEP STATE gang member himself -- Henry Kissinger, the guy who help build the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX -- and made GEOPOLITICAL deals with the Communist in Southeast Asia, once said the following: "Military men are dumb, stupid animals, meant to be used as pawns for foriegn policy". How crule is that statement -- what a sick person...

Ultimately, the end product of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is to secure and to protect the countries they work within from foreign attack -- but apparently, the bureaucratic cost of accomplishing that product or service has spiraled way beyond what it should be.

The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX also includes the security entity known as NATO. In 1948, Lord Ismay -- First Secretary General of the NATO service, once said "NATO was set up as "keeping the Americans in -- the Russians out -- and the Germans down".

They say that "All Wars are Bankers Wars" -- how true is that! Who stands to make money every time a war breaks out? The leaders within of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel have a nefarious monetary motive to start wars.

Before WW2 there was a person named Smedley D. Butler -- who said the following statement:

“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

Smedley D. Butler is known for the term "War is a Racket". The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is just that -- a racket managed by powerful greedy people within government.

Because the uncontrolled INTERNET has allowed the truth behind the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX system to come out for all to see, the "Banksters" -- with links to the NEOCONs of this world, have been exposed -- and now is the time to "removed" them from political power.

UPDATE 2/2022: It seems that NATO -- which should have been "decommission" after the fall of the USSR, is getting more involved in the geopolitical situation regarding the "the Ukraine war" -- where Russia has taken police action against NATO's military support for Ukraine in expanding eastward toward Russia. As of 6/2022, it appears that the Russians have taken control of some former Ukraine areas because the Zionistic leadership of Ukraine -- and "western powers", have miscalculated their 8-year war against Russian peoples living in southeastern Ukraine.

UPDATE 9/26/2022: By all accounts of the free INTERNET media services, NATO -- and the NEOCONs that control the weapon systems behind that organization, blew up a major energy gas pipline from Russia to Germany called Northstream 2 within the Baltic Sea area, because Germany was considering removing economic sanctions against Russia -- which was part of the economic blockaid campaign to punish Russia for its "invasion" of Ukraine, and wanted to remove that energy option.

Perhaps one of the best comments within an INTERNET blog site Zero-Hedge regarding this situation was stated in the following statement:

"i suggest looking toward the state founded by 3 terrorist groups that had a hand in the king david hotel, the lavon affair, the uss liberty, the assassination of the kennedys, 911 and a host of other wetwork we’ve never even heard of?
they have subs and divers, and hold much hate for both the german and russian people, both Christian majority countries mind you.
they want their israel 2, and many of those cowards leaving russia to dodge conscription aren’t christians, but many of the roughly 150,000 left that are now headed to places like israel.
when they leave or are expelled from a country they can no longer control, they will spitefully try to destroy it.
ergo, I think this bombing of 3 pipelines was israel.
they’ve been too quiet while their second homeland, and the chance to treat 5,000,000 christians like palestinians, has vanished before their eyes, along with the fossil fuel fortunes of kolomosky’s BURISIMA."

UPDATE 3/9/2023: According to a ZeroHedge article at their website, the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX also includes an emerging "CENSORSHIP INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX" program -- which is being revealed during House Hearings in Washington DC. While investigating how Federal government agencies have "partnered" with private social-media CORPORATIONs -- like Twitter, in a complex censorship campaign to violate the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, new stories have revealed a "hidden governmental bureacracy" -- willing to sacrifice factual truth to control people to obey a political narrative.

Moreover, the article suggest that this "CENSORSHIP INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX" program actually is the opposite of what a Free Press does for society -- and those responsible for its activity should be arrested.

Basically, even in times of peace, the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX will do what ever it takes to secure itself from going out of business.


NANNY STATE: The term "NANNY STATE" is a conservative phrase of British origin that conveys a view that a government or its policies are overprotective or interfering unduly with personal choice.

The phrase "NANNY STATE" likens government to the role that a nanny has in child rearing.

Overprotective bureaucrats in government who favor SOCIALISM are slowly sucking the life out of our economy and removing our freedoms with NANNY STATE laws.

The political system of SOCIALISM seems to attract control freaks who truly believe that they know better than the rest of us.

Although some government regulations are necessary for serious safety reasons, too many NANNY STATE laws are systematically moving toward taking total control of our lives and the rights of citizens are slowly being removed over time because of SOCIALISM.

We are being told that we need a “permit” or a “license” for almost everything -- and many younger citizens have been living under this kind of growing government control for so long that they don’t even remember what real liberty and freedom are.

A simple quick example of a NANNY STATE law is how the government forced the auto industry to install those annoying alarm sounds to remind you to buckle-up before driving your car.

Sure, there may have been some idiot's lives saved because they were stupid enough not to remember to buckle-up before driving, but for the 99% of us that do remember, we have to hear that annoying sound from the NANNY STATE every day.

LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL followers actually believe that governments should regulate nearly every detail of our lives and that life is better when there are millions of rules to follow -- and actually believe that too much liberty and freedom is a bad thing.

NANNY STATE laws can also include government rules where taxpayers pay for "courtesy translation services" for immigrants who sometimes never bother to learn the native English language of the US.

If private companies want to have these services -- such as "Dial two for espanol" and have the price of that service built into the cost, that's fine, that's their business -- but federal and state government services that are taxpayer supported should be in English with very few exceptions.

Basically, the road toward totalitarianism and BIG BROTHER is paved with NANNY STATE laws -- and most of the public are not aware of them and their creeping intrusion into our daily lives.


NATIONALISM: NATIONALISM is the collective spirit of a nation as revealed in the desire for national advancement or political independence from other nations or global entities.

Basically, political power should have layers -- as in federal and state levels of governments -- so, a national layer of federal control -- or NATIONALISM, should exist as a protection layer of sovereign governmental independence from the political Zionistic forces of GLOBALISM that want to control all governmental laws.


NAZI: The word "NAZI" was a political slang term first used by a Marxist Jewish journalist from Frankfurt Germany named Konrad Heiden in the 1920's that represented a member of the National Socialist Party of Germany -- which was the political force behind Adolf Hitler who took over Germany prior to WW2.

Konrad Heiden -- a member of the Social Democratic Party, used the NAZI term to accuse and vilify the National Socialist Party as a racist ideological and political concept.

However, because the German people during WW2 apparently never really used the NAZI term to describe themselves, it seems interesting that writers of history since and before WW2 have used the NAZI term to associate it with racism and bigotry -- and also link it to a group of people believed to be one of the main Axis enemies defeated by the Western Allies in 1945.

For more information regarding the National Socialistic Party of Germany during and before WW2, check out the 10-part documentary "Europa" on YOUTUBE -- it is sometimes available -- and, although it has propaganda overtones that favor the viewpoint of Adolf Hitler's political party, it reveals some interesting political perspectives of what truly happened to Europe last century -- which challenges the conventional historical understanding of ZIONISM and WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

Perhaps because the word "Nazi" rymes with the word "nasty" -- as in "those nasty Nazis", it is an easy word to use and accuse anyone who may or may not be racist. The word "Nazi" is definitely a weaponized term that has been used for almost a hundred years.

Apparently, the Social Democratic Party -- who first used the NAZI term for political reasons, is still quite active in global politics.

In the 1930's, the Marxist Social Democratic Party in Germany -- who had political and economic links to ZIONISM in the Communist Soviet Union, also helped create a violent and militant anti-fascist group movement called Antifa, that, even to this day, is actively pushing LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL theories of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM into the minds of citizens around the world they want to control.

It is interesting to note that the term "Ashkenazi Jews" -- which many believe are the "original Jews", contains the word NAZI in its makeup. Moreover, it is also believed by many historians that the "Ashkenazi Jews" once originated within the Khazarian Kingdom of lower western Russia -- and that this war-like kingdom -- which is now part of a former Soviet Union state area known as Ukraine, became "Jewish" long after Jesus Christ or Muhammad ever existed.

In other words, are the "Ashkenazi Jews" the "NAZI Jews" that have become the Neoconic Zionist of today? Because the political causes of WW1 and WW2, can be linked to ZIONISM, and because WW3 seems to be linked to the "NAZI Jews" from their "homeland" in Ukraine, the world needs to wake up to this view and stop this global gang of mad people from destroying our world. These "NAZI Jews" -- or "Zio-NAZIs", are the original racist group of peoples that blame other groups of people for their own sins.

Incidently, there exist the largest "Jewish Community Center" in the world in the eastern Ukrainian town of Dnipro -- where on a unique map entitled "Map of Heavenly Jerusalem", the town represents the "Capital of a New Jewish State" in southeastern Europe. Moreover, there also exist videos on the INTERNET that show the southern State of Ukraine as a new country -- complete with 5G surveillance and digital identity tied to digital money. Are the NAZI Zionist planning a new Jerusalem in Ukraine these days? Are we going to let them get away with taking land again so they can build a "bigger Jewish state"?

As of 4/7/2022, the acting president of Ukraine -- Zelensky -- who is a NEOCON and Zionist NEW WORLD ORDER Jew puppet, is promoting the idea that Ukraine will become a "bigger Israel" with help from his NAZI/AZOV army and "Western" support -- if only Russia will give up and leave the country. When Zelensky was asked about the NAZI/AZOV army within Ukraine's army -- which are racist followers of a famous NAZI hero in WW2 named Bandera, his answer was "It is what it is". Zelensky is a mad man that needs to "go" if enduring peace is ever to take place in the area.

By the way, WESTERN CIVILIZATION should remember the story of the "Holodomore" event in the Ukraine area a century ago -- where Stalin's Communistic government stole the food supply in the area and gave it to his many Soviet followers who destroyed the economy of RUSSIA during the Bolshevik Revolution. Millions of people in the Ukraine area were starved to death because of the "Holodmore" government mismanagement event.

Are Zionist GLOBAL ELITE club members trying again to recreate their utopia in the Ukraine area? Are the NEOCON NAZI Zionist Jews using "Western" CAPITALISM and their MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Corporate buddies -- together with their Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- who are backed by the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel, trying to build a WW3 situation for greedy reasons? Yes they are.

All NEOCONs are NAZIs. Once identified, they need to be thrown out of political office because their crazy racist and bigotry beliefs have destroyed -- and continue to destroy, our world over time.

Because WESTERN CIVILIZATION has been hijacked by these Zionist NEW WORLD ORDER NAZI thugs some years ago -- and have turned "Western Society" into the "Empire of Lies", the time has come to wake up to their evil behavior -- and stop them. Let's learn from our historical mistakes and not repeat them again.

According to an INTERNET website named "Biblicism Institute" -- the following statements reveal views that explain how the "Jews" are "The Destroyers Of The World" -- and has used World Wars to create their role in history:

"Bolshevik Revolution: The Jewish Bolsheviks, who took over the Russian government in the 1910s, killed 66 million Christians, including 200,000 members of the Christian clergy, and destroyed 40,000 churches.
World War 1: Britain was losing the war against Germany. The Zionists stepped in and manipulated President Wilson to get the US into the war to help them. In return, the Jews asked the British Empire to deed them Palestine to create Israel. Their wish was granted in the form of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which cost the world 18 million dead.
World War 2: The Zionists fomented that war (just like they’re doing today with Iran and other countries in the Middle East), so that European Jews could feel threatened. The deception worked as European Jews fled in droves to Palestine and took over the homes of Palestinians, who were evicted at gunpoint and then either massacred or driven out of their land into neighboring Arab countries. With enough Jews on the ground, Israel was created in 1948 at a cost of 80 million dead.
World War On Terror: Jewish neocons, in cahoots with their bought-and-paid-for politicians in the US government, perpetrated their act of terrorism on 9/11. Then they conveniently blamed it on Muslims so as to obtain a green light to destroy the Middle East using the armies of the US and NATO and the terrorist groups they finance, with the ultimate view to creating Greater Israel. So far, the death toll is 27 million, including Christians.
World War 3: With Russia protecting Syria and Iran from Israel’s Machiavellian design, will the Zionists succeed in bringing the world once again to the brink of disaster to create Greater Israel? If they do, will it instead bring about their downfall?"

In reveiw, the term "NAZI" is synonymous with the concept of racism and bigotry associated with members of Hitler's National Socialist Party -- and it is used as a political reference term of a shameful period in human history.

Basically, the term "NAZI" was originally founded on the union of the two words -- NATIONALISM and SOCIALISM -- but actually means NATIONAL ZIONISM because ZIONISM is based on a racist cult of the "chosen tribe" associated with the Judeo-Masons.


NEOCON: A Neoconservative -- also known as a NEOCON, is a follower of a political socialist movement appearing in the United States during the 1960s.

The opposite of a libertarian, many NEOCONs tout militarism as their single issue in solving global politics. They are in fact not conservative at all -- they are in reality an opportunistic elite gang educated at top colleges who became White House advisors and political con-artist in the Washington D.C. area since the 1970s.

The NEOCON movement formed the militant Socialist Party of America -- or the SP, and its successor, the Social Democrats, USA -- or SDUSA, that oppose an immediate withdrawal from the Vietnam War, and challenged George McGovern in the 1972 Democratic primary race.

After losing the primary, they chose to cease their own party-building and concentrated on working within the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, eventually influencing it through the non-profit CORPORATION known as the Democratic Leadership Council -- or DLC.

Thus, the Socialist Party in the USA ceased to be in 1972 and emerged as most of the left-wing of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

However, after loosing to Ronald Reagan in 1979, many NEOCONs of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY simply "walked across the floor" to the REPUBLICAN PARTY side and became RINOs -- or "Republican In Name Only", advisors to the Republican presidential administrations of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

NEOCONs peaked in influence during the administration of George W. Bush, when they played a major role in promoting and planning the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Typical NEOCONs of that period in time were names like Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perl, George and Jeb Bush, John Bolton and Donald Rumsfield.

The DLC CORPORATION -- which was founded in 1989 by the Progressive Policy Institute "think tank" that turned out policy blueprints for the CORPORATION, gave strong support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The DLC CORPORATION was purchased in 2011 by the CLINTON FOUNDATION which embodies the current NEOCON movement. Examples of NEOCON activities can be found by studying how they use the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to help create FALSE FLAG events such as the infamous "Weapons of Mass Destruction" sites in Iraq -- and the "Sarin Gas Attacks" in Syria to get the USA military involved in policing the areas in question.

To be fair, the NEOCONs were not the only reason behind the real causes of the Gulf Wars, there were other factors -- such as the belligerent dictator Saddam Hussein, that also created the bad environment which led to war. Actually, the NEOCONS set up Saddam Hussein with the military power in a war against IRAN -- which was, and still is, an apparent threat to the Zionist in Israel.

The roots of the neoconservative movement can be traced back to Jewish intellectuals in New York City during the 1930s who strongly opposed Stalinism -- and as followers of Leon Trotsky, who was assassinated with an ice-pick to his head in 1940 in Mexico, wanted international SOCIALISM -- which is really ZIONISM under the guise of COMMUNISM, on a global scale.

During the Cold War they continued to oppose Stalinism and the great majority of them became "liberal" Democrats.

When the political opportunity came in 1972 to take over the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in the USA, the NEOCONs took it -- but their militant attitude of socialistic schemes in politically influencing the government of the USA can be found in both American political parties.

Basically, NEOCONs are the new political con-artist creatures of the Zionistic DEEP STATE gang in Washington D.C. -- and should go away when the DRAIN THE SWAMP project is completed.


NEW WESTERN ALLIES: The term "NEW WESTERN ALLIES" is -- as yet, a unitied militia force of patriotic citizens from several nations -- whose purpose is to arrest the political forces of ZIONISM -- which also includes the political forces of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM, wherever they exist.

The original term "Allies" began in the mid 1850's as a Masonic controlled political force of British, French and Ottoman military powers that fought against Russia during the Crimean War -- when Russia's Black Sea navy attacked a seaport on the north coast of Asia Minor -- which challenged the British Empire's control of the seas.

Later, the term "Western Allies" was identified as a group of nations during WW1 as partners to defeat Germany -- and during WW2, as partners to defeat the Facist Axist Powers of Germany, Italy and Japan.

After WW2, the partnership split into two basic political and military forces -- wherein the "western" half of the alliance of nations became part of a series of political capitalistic forces known as NATO, ANZUS and SEATO. This group of nations were called the "Western Bloc" -- because they were mostly located in western Europe and involved in containing or "blocking" communist countries in eastern Europe and Asia -- such as the USSR and China, from expanding westward into WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

Whereas, the "eastern" half of the former partnership of nations became identified as the political communist forces of the "Eastern Bloc" -- or "Warsaw Pact", because they were part of the Soviet Union group of nations located in eastern Europe and Asia.

Meanwhile, the Zionist -- who politically manipulated the causes of both WW1 and WW2 -- using the forces of COMMUNISM and CAPITALISM, created the United Nations -- or UN, as a one world system of government to control people across the globe into building their NEW WORLD ORDER for their chosen tribe and social political movement.

After the fall of COMMUNISM in the Soviet Union in 1991, the capitalistic "Western Bloc" of NATO member nations invited many of the old "Eastern Bloc / Warsaw Pact" nations once tied to the former Soviet Union -- which also once fought the Axis Powers, to join them and many accepted. There were some politicians who once believed that even Russia may also join NATO one day -- but since Russia has suffered several military invasions from "the west" in the past, the country apparently seems to be in no hurry to join the NATO group of nations anytime soon.

By the way, the NATO group of nations -- which should have disbanded after the fall of the USSR in 1991 -- because the need to exist had expired, was taken over and incorporated into the Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER plan. Actually, several years before the fall of the USSR, the Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER plan to take over the world was well underway -- its just the Zionist controlled Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob never told us about the plan for political reasons.

Some will argue that because COMMUNISM still exist in countries like Marxist CHINA and Cuba, a new version of the old original Allies -- not related to the Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces like NATO or the UN, is needed to represent the real militia force of WESTERN CIVILIZATION. This new alliance system of former "western nations" -- could be called collectively the "NEW WESTERN ALLIES", and be used to fight the evils of global ZIONISM, SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM wherever they exist.

Because of the stated goal of COMMUNISM is to politically and militarily control the globe under one government entity using social and economic programs based on SOCIALISM, this new world wide alliance of old allied nations -- not tied to ZIONISM, needs to happen if the people of the world truly want personal freedom and the free enterprize system of CAPITALISM to work properly.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, then US President George Bush senior -- and his Zionistic NEW WORLD ORDER plan -- with help from the DEEP STATE gang, highjacked the military units of many "western nations" and used them as a "cohalition army" to "police the Middle East" in the name of "DEMOCRACY".

The Zionistic agendas of the UN have entertained SOCIALISM -- which ultimately morphs into COMMUNISM overtime, far too long. The world needs a real group of trustworthy nations that can military stop their agendas which are controlled by the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang.

The time has come to establish the collective actions of a new militia force to stop the evil forces of GLOBALISM in this world. If there is any doubt that evil forces do not exist in this world -- just look at the gigantic COVID-19 hoax event spreading around the world -- which is using "medical tyranny" to destroy the freedoms and livelyhoods of billions of people.

If the NEW WESTERN ALLIES are to be -- they need to be very careful in their decisive activities -- or else they will become like the tyranical evil enemy they are ment to remove.

Perhaps the CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol could be used as a logo for the NEW WESTERN ALLIES. Because the original symbol of the CHEVRON INSIGNIA represents two roof rafters supporting each other -- which creates protection from the sky elements and provides protection to people under shelter -- similar to the role of what government should do in helping protect people from harm, the simple CHEVRON INSIGNIA would be a great logo for such a worldly cause in identifing the NEW WESTERN ALLIES of WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

And because the growing beaucracy within government tends to create more unnecessary layers of control overtime -- with more and more political and economic corruption monopolizing and destroying the system, the global government systems of the UN and NATO should be "decommissioned" -- and all related political power be removed. Let locally elected responsible people -- dedicated to real personal freedoms and liberty, decide their own fate without controlling ties to some foreign entity outside their nation.

In mid 2018, it was learned that "certain players" within the "5-Eyes" intelligence service of the Zionist controlled NEW WORLD ORDER military forces that includes the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, have been spying on each other as a way to circumvent internal state laws preventing such spying activity -- and that during the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION these players are part of the DEEP STATE gang who were trying to undermine Donald Trump before and after the election.

Apparently, the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang operatives that favor SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM, have gain serious control of WESTERN CIVILIZATION. Some would say that the current "allies" are little more than "All Lies".

We need to learn from our past mistakes that have allowed our defense forces to become corrupted by bad people who follow SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM and ZIONISM.

UPDATE 11/13/2023: It should be known that the latest "reprisal event" by the Zionist in Israel to attack the PALESTINE territories have use military vehicles with the CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol displayed on them. It seems that the Zionist -- who have hijacked many other symbols from WESTERN CIVILIZATION, are using the CHEVRON INSIGNIA symbol to hide behind in their latest police action. One wonders why the Israeli military does not use their hexigram "Star of David" symbol associated with ZIONISM painted on said vehicles instead? Are they pretending to be related to the Western Allies who won WW2? Is Israel a state with an army -- or is Israel an army using a State to conquer the world?

Basically, the everlasting job of a new patriotic militia force -- known as the NEW WESTERN ALLIES, is to remove and prevent the tyranny of COMMUNISM -- and its Zionistic NEW WORLD ORDER plan, from taking away our personal freedoms given to us by God.


NEW WORLD ORDER: The NEW WORLD ORDER is an emerging clandestine totalitarian world government concept and Marxist-Zionistic plan wherein a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world by way of authoritarian control which will replace sovereign nation-states.

It is interesting to note that when H.G. Wells wrote his non-fiction book "New World Order" in 1940 near the begining of WW2, the book may have helped inspire the utopian idea of the UN government after the war. And when George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four -- also known as "1984", was published soon after WW2, that fictional story about humanity in the future, painted a dystopian world similar to what the GLOBAL ELITE club members want.

Speaking of books about the future of humanity written around the WW2 era, the book "UNION NOW" by Clarence Streit was also influentional in proposing a NEW WORLD ORDER "Atlantic Movement" regarding a Federal Union between the USA and Great Britain.

The NEW WORLD ORDER story also includes the "Kalergi Plan" based on the Jewish EU "founding father" Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in the 1925 book "Praktischer Idealismus" -- wherein he is quoted: "We [Jews] intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews".

In 1976, Nelson Rockefeller was quoted as saying: "As president, I would work toward the international creation of a NEW WORLD ORDER". Apparently, the idea that members of the GLOBAL ELITE club have been conspiring for some time to build their version of a utopia on Earth is still underway -- or at least until the public discovers just how evil their plan is in accomplishing their depopulation goal.

In review, the NEW WORLD ODER is actually the NEW "LIBERAL" WORLD ORDER that will enslave everybody but the GLOBAL ELITE club.

Basically, the NEW WORLD ORDER is the plan of the Zionist GLOBAL ELITE club -- who are using NGOs and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to create an IMMIGRATION PROBLEM to undermine NATIONALISM so that GLOBALISM and BIG BROTHER will replace the USA with OBAMA like puppet Masonic characters and other NEOCONs under SOCIALISM -- which will lead to COMMUNISM under the UN flag.


NGO: A Non-Governmental Organization -- or NGO, is an organization that claims to be independent of government control and also declares their work to be of a non-profit nature.

They are usually funded by donations but some avoid formal funding altogether and are run primarily by volunteers that are engaged in a wide range of activities throughout the world.

Some may operate for charitable reasons, while others may be registered for tax exemption status based on recognition of social purposes. Others may be fronts for political, religious, or other interests.

One example of how a NGO can work for a political cause is that a Marxist group known as the "Open Society Foundation" and funded by a character named George Soros, helps provide the cheap inflatable boats to thousands of African immigrants off the north coast of Libya so that they can "be rescued" by larger boats also paid by NGOs and then taken to Italy where they can "immigrate" to the rest of Europe.

This is a serious IMMIGRATION PROBLEM because many European countries are having some major issues regarding illegal immigration that is overwhelming their social services.

Other examples of NGO's are large organizations such as USAID, NED and the Oslo Freedom Forum -- which provided "helpful services" to countries in apparent need, but are used by the DEEP STATE gang to politically undermine the government of the country -- or a competing country, by way of funding "revolutionary activity" known as "freedom movements" identified with certain "colors" of a political movement. These movements are also known as "color revolutions" -- such as the Ukrainian "Orange Revolution" that took place in 2014.

Marxist LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL NGO's -- like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, are also used by the big on-line social media tech CORPORATIONs to judge what is "hate speech" -- so that unwanted comments from independent or conservative viewpoints can be "judged" and censored.

Many other NGO Foundations across the world, sponsored by CORPORATIONS -- such as the "Tides Foundation", are also known to be involved in nefarious activities that undermind the integrity of democratic countries.

Basically, an NGO can be a group of good people with good intentions or a group of bad Marxist Zionist with subversive intentions.


NORTH KOREA: NORTH KOREA is a country in East Asia constituting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang is the nation's capital and largest city. To the north and northwest the country is bordered by China and by Russia along the Yalu and Tumen rivers. To the south it is bordered by South Korea, with the heavily fortified Korean Demilitarized Zone or "DMZ" that separates the two countries.

In 1910, Korea was annexed by the Empire of Japan. After the Japanese surrender at the end of WW2 in 1945, Korea was divided into two zones along the 38th parallel by the US and USSR forces, with the north occupied by the COMMUNIST PARTY forces and the south by the US and UN forces.

Negotiations on reunification failed, and in 1948, separate governments were formed with COMMUNISM controlling NORTH KOREA, and CAPITALISM controlling in the south. An invasion initiated by NORTH KOREA led to the Korean War that lasted from 1950 to 1953, when the Korean Armistice Agreement brought about a cease-fire, but no peace treaty was signed.

NORTH KOREA officially describes itself as a socialist state while critics regard it as a totalitarian Marxist dictatorship. Various media outlets have compared the country to the old USSR and its leader to Stalin -- the once ruthless leader of USSR -- particularly noting the elaborate cult of personality around Kim Il-sung and his family.

International organizations have assessed that human rights violations in North Korea have no parallel in the contemporary world.

It is believed that NORTH KOREA has the highest number of military and paramilitary personnel when compared to civilian numbers of any other country in the world.

During a State of the Union speech in 2002, George Bush 2 labeled NORTH KOREA as one of the "Axis of Evil" countries that possessed "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and needed to be challenged someday -- apparently by military forces associated with his father's NEW WORLD ORDER story.

By the way, the other "Axis of Evil" country mentioned by George Bush in his speech was IRAN -- which like NORTH KOREA, does not have any working central bank ties to the global ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel.

Recent relations with nearby Communist CHINA -- who has supported the country since the early 1950s, have deteriorated because the government keeps setting off nuclear explosions underground -- which threatens the safety of the region.

Communist CHINA has refused to buy coal from NORTH KOREA and has restricted construction of new bridges between the two countries.

Lately, NORTH KOREA has threaten the USA with a nuclear attack if provoked, and it seems that the country is headed for a confrontation with the USA.

Donald Trump -- the new president of the USA, has called the leader of NORTH KOREA Kim II-sung "Rocket Man" because of the recent rocket launches the country has fired toward and over Japan.

Is the USA going to wait until NORTH KOREA perfects an intercontinental ballistic missile system that it keeps testing -- which could deliver a nuclear warhead and harm it or its allies in the region?

Or will the USA try to use the UN to "police the area" like it once did during the Korean War?

Or could something else happen which may help diffuse the confrontation between NORTH KOREA and the USA?

The only seemingly peaceful resolution to this current crisis is that NORTH KOREA will have to undergo a political "velvet revolution" like the USSR did in 1991. If the government of NORTH KOREA could change from a monolithic political party system that idolizes its past and present human leaders as god-like beings, perhaps the place could be spared from destruction and the citizens could enjoy true freedom instead of the fortress it currently is.

In late 2017, a new political conspiracy theory into the government of NORTH KOREA, has revealed a strange story in which the CIA may have a "special clandestine relationship" with the country which suggest the seemingly impossible concept that the DEEP STATE gang has a secret base located in the country -- and that the more the country seems like a military threat to the USA or its allies, it was designed over the years to appear that way -- because more military threat gives the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX of the USA and other countries of the area more "military hardware business" that involves profit for national security corporations.

This new political theory regarding the concept that the CIA and the DEEP STATE gang has access to a secret base in NORTH KOREA is partly based on information in which the large "rocket-shaped" Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang is also shaped like the pyramid hotel in Hyangsan near the International Friendship Exhibition site.

What seems like a coincidence in architecture design between the building shapes may in fact be based on other factors not fully understood at this time -- but the idea that the Hyangsan Hotel and nearby area may be a facade for a secret base which could have underground bunkers for some GLOBAL ELITE club members of the DEEP STATE gang is an interesting story for sure.

Moreover, recent documentaries about what exist inside NORTH KOREA reveal that there are no pets to be seen anywhere -- so apparently, food was and still is in short supply. Imagine a place where most all animals -- including pets, do not exist because SOCIALISM has destroyed the animals of a country for food.

Imagine a country that worships human leaders as gods and iconic statues as living beings...

And as of early 2018, NORTH KOREA -- with help from the Trump Administration, has agreed to dismantle its nuclear missile program and try to unite with South Korea as a "nuclear-free zone" on the Korean Peninsula. Only time will tell if the people of NORTH KOREA really want freedom from SOCIALISM and to live peacefully with their families throughout Korea.

Basically, the government of NORTH KOREA needs a peaceful cultural revolution to change it from a totalitarian dictatorship into a true FEDERAL REPUBLIC with a constitution -- if it truly wants to live peacefully as a member of the world community.


NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM: A Latin term "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" suggest the idea of a statement that means "New Order Selected" and is found on the back of the US Dollar bill under the "Eye of God" symbol.

Basically, the "New Order" that has been "Selected" could simply be refering to the ancient political concept of DEMOCRACY -- where the majority vote has been "selected" and will give "new order" to the united public -- as in "E Pluribus Unum" or "The Public United".


NSA: The National Security Agency or NSA, is an intelligence agency of the US Department of Defense. Founded in 1952, NSA is responsible for global monitoring, collection, and processing of information and data from foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes.

Some believe that the NSA and the CIA are political rivals in understanding the data they collect -- for example, the NSA gathers data for the US government -- while the CIA acts on the data they collect worldwide -- and both may have different political views on the same data.

According to Adam Green at the YouTube channel "Know More News", as of late July 2019, NSA has a new Cybersecurity Chief that is now headed by an Orthodox Jewish woman named Anne Neuberger.

So now, does all the data collected by the NSA have a secret pathway to a country loyal to ZIONISM?

Or is it just a coincidence that a person that was raised under the political concepts related to ZIONISM is now in command of the NSA?

Basically, the NAS is watching you -- so, be careful of what you say online using the INTERNET or over the phone.


OBAMA: Barack OBAMA -- also known as Barry Soetoro, is an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017.

He was the first black American to have served as US president. Reported to have been born in Hawaii, OBAMA's father was -- depending on who is telling the story, a goat farmer from Kenya, a Communist activist that lived in Hawaii -- or a cult Islamic Marxist leader from Indonesia.

Raised and groomed by people who still believe in COMMUNISM by way of SOCIALISM, OBAMA created many social government programs during his two-term presidency -- and perhaps the most famous social government program was the "Affordable Care Act"-- also known as "Obama Care".

As the US Commander-in-Chief, OBAMA ordered military involvement in Libya in opposition to Muammar Gaddafi, and the military operation that resulted in the apparent death of the mastermind boogeyman behind the 9/11 event -- Osama Bin Laden.

Many readers familiar with a thriller novel first published 1959 named "The Manchurian Candidate" by Richard Condon, see OBAMA as some kind of similar character in the book who is brainwashed into being an useful agent for a Communist conspiracy to take down the US government.

Perhaps -- in this case, truth really is stranger than fiction -- because Zionistic COMMUNISM is currently in the process of taking down the US government -- and OBAMA, as of early 2020, is still a "renegade player" in this true life thriller story of GEOPOLITICS.

Basically, OBAMA is a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist-Zionist who was helped into power because the GREAT RECESSION OF 2008 scared the bejeezus out of the US public into voting for SOCIALISM over CAPITALISM during the 2008 US Presidential Election -- and he was kept in power for eight years by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and the DEEP STATE gang who favor SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM -- so that they can continue to control the US government.


OLIGARCHY: An OLIGARCHY is small group of unelected persons that have financial and political control over a country, organization, or institution.

Some believe that most all nations claiming to be a REPUBLIC or a DEMOCRACY are really ruled by the powers of an OLIGARCHY -- and that they use the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and other means to try to stay in power.

In the last few decades, the OLIGARCHY within "Silicon Valley" of the USA have gained control of much of the INTERNET using "social media application programs" -- such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter service products, because of the apparent need for people to quickly communicate on mobile devices like phones or tablets.

However, if the public would come to realize that a simple personal website or email text -- with pictures and website links, are all that is truly needed to communicate over the INTERNET between people, perhaps many popular social media programs -- and the influence of their corporate owners that politically control much of the INTERNET, would loose their power of "pushing social programs" onto the general public.

Basically, an OLIGARCHY is a type of Zionistic DEEP STATE enterprise that exist within many -- if not all, countries that manipulates the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob as a fancy set of blog concessions for the GLOBAL ELITE club who want to control the world.


PALESTINE: PALESTINE is a disputed region along the southeast coastal area of the Mediterranean Sea, comprising parts of modern Israel and the Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip and the "West Bank".

Identified on certain maps prior to WW2, PALESTINE was a regional area south of Lebanon, west of Jordan, and northeast of Egypt.

The origin of the word PALESTINE can be divided into certain concepts -- and will be explored in a moment, but for now, the story of how the area became a divided region in recent times will be explained.

Much of the place became the country of Israel because the British -- who had the mandate to politically control the region after WW1, allowed a Zionist political group -- affiliated with Jewish history, to occupy the area -- and also because the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY made some kind of "political deal" with the British government.

Based on tribal cult of Judaism, these believers in ZIONISM claimed the area -- once known to them as "the land of Canaan", because stories in the Old Testament suggest to some religious scholars that the area was "promised to them by God" as their homeland and they are just returning to it.

However, at least two other family groups of non-Jewish people who identify as Palestinians also claim family roots of living in the area prior to WW2.

Many were raised on Islamic stories about the conquest campaign of the area by Muhammad -- and are identified as Muslims, while other natives living in the area identify as CHRISTIANs who's historical roots go back to the birth of Jesus Christ -- long before the invasion of ISLAM.

On some very early maps of the region there were other names that identified the area as Phoenicia -- where the seafaring Phoenicians once lived in places like Tyre, Byblos and Sidon -- that is now the country of Lebanon.

The area was known for the many Cedar trees that were once used to build the sea-going ships of the Phoenicians who sailed to and traded with other kingdoms beyond the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, the Lebanon national flag of today has a green Cedar tree image as a main icon that represents the unique history of Cedar trees which were once plentiful and important in the area.

By the way, Lebanon -- perhaps based on the term of "The Band of ON" -- or "The Tribe of ON", is also where the ancient and remarkable megalithic temple city of Baalbek exist.

Some historians now believe that Baalbek may have been the site where Heliopolis and the "Tower of Babel" could have been built -- based on the idea that a temple site known as "ON" was once built near there.

Not to be confused with the ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis -- which is today found as a scattered and buried site on the northeastern outskirts of Cairo, the Biblical temple city of ON in the Lebanon area was also identified as "Pillar City".

An interesting coincidence exist between the ancient Sun city of "ON" and the fantasy emerald city of "OZ" -- where both words look similar and were shining examples of a glorious utopian city in our imaginations.

It is also an interesting coincidence that the word "ON" is found twice within the name of the capital city of the United Kingdom called LONDON.

Because the orb shape of our powerful Sun is the circle symbol -- and because the symbol to "end" a word statement was once the "N" letter in early graphic communication rules, the two letter symbol word of "ON" means the "Sun" -- or the source of a powerful energy entity.

And if one does an INTERNET search of the word "ON" -- and click the image option, the symbol of a simi-circle with a small vertical line at the top coming out of the circle can be found -- and apparently means a "sun-beam" image -- or some kind of powerful energy source "button" -- which can now be seen on most every modern electrical device as the "ON" power switch button. Perhaps the reason why the "ON" power switch image represents the "energy icon" is based on the following concepts.

Because there is an ancient regional story within the PALESTINE area about the existence of some sort of great "pole marker" or "standing oar" that was supported by a "pail" or "metal-bucket vessel" at its base -- which could have been seen from a great distance, perhaps this ancient regional story about a powerful "vessel of light" or "light pillar", was based on a now lost historical holy site in the area.

This lost historical holy site -- where a visionary "shining pole" -- or "column of pale light" -- much like some kind of fixed search beam pointing upwards, was the inspirational story behind the name and word of PALESTINE.

In fact, the word "Zion" is also based on the idea of a once glorious utopian citadel or temple fort on a hill believed by many to be located in Jerusalem that was apparently capable of inspiring the people by beaming a great light into the sky.

Imagine if some kind of ancient technology once existed in the area where a metallic or ceramic parabolic crucible bowl could have once beamed a powerful bright light of burning metallic material like magnesium -- also known as "Greek Fire", into the sky and appear as a shining "Sun Pillar Statue" to people in Biblical times.

By the way, many believe that "Greek Fire" is based on a type of burning magnesium material that Greek sailors once used during naval battles -- where they would launch the material onto enemy ships, and when the enemy would try to put out the fire with seawater -- they could not, because the burning magnesium gets stronger with more water placed on it.

The Old Testament is full of stories about how the PALESTINE area was once full of "sun pillar altars" -- or "high places", that needed to be "cut down" because they belonged to "the Baalim" -- for example, in 2 Chronicles 34:4, "And they broke down the altars of the Baalim in his presence, and the sun-pillars (molten images) which were above them he cut down".

To see what artist have illustrated over the years regarding this powerful and incredible "pillar of fire" phenomenon from Biblical times -- just do an INTERNET image search of the term in quotations and study the scale of this remarkable apparition.

Furthermore, imagine this ancient "light tower" -- or "molten image" pillar, was also a powerful "vibrating particle beam" edifice -- made of gyro-magnetic material, that could work like a "static-field generator" lamp device -- and was used for transmitting coded wireless AM radio signals great distances.

Perhaps the "Tower of Babel" was not some man-made spiral mud and brick Ziggurat-like temple mountain monument as portrayed in many conventional illustrations after all.

Perhaps Nimrod's tower at the "Temple City of ON" in or near Baalbek was destroyed because the powerful "flaming fountain" somehow exploded -- and all trace of the large abstract stucture was scattered beyond recognition.

Speaking of ancient Babylonian temples and towers in PALESTINE, if one studies the general layout or design of these "Baalim temples" -- they appear to be modeled after some sort of "slaughter house site" to process sacrificial animals for their meat and blood.

Similar to the layout of the famous tabernacle temple used by Moses, the outside of the main temple building included a "fire-box pit" -- that looks like some kind of "barbecue grill" station next to a large water-bowl for washing the meat first -- and an "incense burning" table to keep the flies away.

What they did with all the blood from the "sacrificed animals" is never explained -- but perhaps the iron-based blood plasma may have been used inside the temple as lamp fuel for the "light beam pillar" lamp device.

The layout inside the temple -- as described in the Old Testament, suggest the temple housed a lamp device on an altar that projected a "molten image" or a "fire pillar statue" high into the sky for communications reasons.

Was the "burning bush" -- used by Moses to communicate with God, actually some kind of plasma activity event caused by a "static-field generator" lamp device?

Could the original Ark of the Covenant once have been a portable radio chest that was capable of wireless communication in Biblical times?

Apparently the Baalim worshipped the act of sacrificing animals for food and blood energy -- not to mention idols of fire lamps.

So, is the iconic "ON" power symbol -- which is found on most modern electronic equipment, based on the image of a lost technology that once used a circle dish-pan design with a powerful energy beam rising out of it? Is the ancient word of PALESTINE based on a lost technology -- where a parabolic "shining pail" lens device was once used to create a powerful energy beam high in the sky? And is the "ON" power symbol image design related to the ancient "sun-pillars" of the lost "Temple City of ON"?

Thus, if the lost "Temple City of ON" is based on some kind of place where a large fascinating "power pole" or tall "pike apperatus" once existed -- and that this tall pointed signaling tower device that pierced the sky in ancient times is also associated with other signaling devices based on wireless energy technology, could the coded binary signals from said device interfere with other similar wireless broadcast stations?

In other words, given the novel idea that wireless AM radio communication technology could have once existed in antediluvian times, did Nimrod's Tower of Babel device "confuse the wireless binary language code signals" of other early earthly kindoms before the Biblical Flood?

Was Nimrod's Tower of Babel a powerful device that pushed rebellious babeling propganda information against other earthly kingdoms of the era?

And was the tower destroyed by God in heaven for that very reason?

Some believe that Nimrod's Tower of Babel was built as an attempt to bridge Earth to Heaven -- and when it fell down, it somehow caused or is related to the Biblical Flood event.

Apparently, what seems historically certain is that, in the aftermath of Nimrod's tower falling down, a major flood event took place on Earth. This major flood event washed away the evidence that such a remarkable wireless technology ever existed.

Another interesting coincidence exist when researching the Biblical subject known as the "Temple of the Sun in Nineveh", and the origin of the "ON" symbol image design. Images on the INTERNET reveal a curcular temple building site surrounded by water canals and bridges -- which looks similar to Plato's utopian city of Atlantis.

In fact, looking strait down at such a place on a map, the "ON" symbol image design can be seen in an abstract way. Was the "Temple of the Sun in Nineveh" actually located in the headwaters of upper Mesapotomia like many believe -- or was the circular temple site located in the western Atlantic realm -- where some believe the city of Atlantis may have once existed?

Speaking of researching Biblical subjects -- such as the "Biblical Flood" event, there exist an interesting book that did not make it into the King James version of the Holy Bible for some reason. The Book of Enoch tells how Enoch was the grandfather of Noah -- and father of the oldest living Biblical Patriarch named Methusalem, was given a ride in "God's charriot" to a place somewhere in Heaven where God "took him" to help build "a city".

Enoch -- which has the reverse word of "ON" within his name, is also associated with the Nephilim giants -- who, like Goliath and the mythical Titans, were huge human-like beings in antediluvian times. The Book of Enoch has many stories about the origins of WESTERN CIVILIZATION -- and amoung them is the origin story of the 365-day solar calendar -- and also why it is more important than a lunar calendar in keeping accurate annual time.

What is interesting is that both Jewish and Islamic "religions" within the PALESTINE area follow a lunar calendar adapted to solar timekeeping -- whereas the Christians have always been based on a 365-day plus solar time count.

So, perhaps the ancient peoples of PALESTINE -- after the Caanites, are the real followers of Moses -- who kept an annual genealogical timeline based on solar timekeeping. Thus, the "Son" followers -- or the CHRISTIANs, are as much at home in PALESTINE than any other group of peoples that currently live there.

In any case, over the last half century or so, Muslim followers of ISLAM in PALESTINE have unfortunately used militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to fight the military of the Zionist with hate and suicide human bombers -- which has resulted in a slow destruction of many Palestinians over the years.

Meanwhile, many CHRISTIAN followers in PALESTINE have fled to Lebanon to escape the power of SOCIALISM brought on by the Zionist who control Israel.

UPDATE 5/21/2021: According to the TruNews website, the Zionist in Israel created the Hamas political gang long ago to control the Palestinians away from the Palestine Liberation Organization -- or PLO, run by Yasser Arafat. Moreover, there is currently a budget of some 30 million USD a month going to Hamas from Qatar that is "allowed" by the Zionist in Israel, but is now in question because of the recent "defensive attacks" in the area by both players.

UPDATE 4/7/2022: According to the TruNews website and other INTERNET websites, ZIONISM can be traced to the 1880's -- but that the Jewish origins of the "utopian cult" began in the ancient war-like Khazarian Kingdom of what is now the areas of Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Moreover, because the war-like Khazarian Kingdom converted to Judaism and became "Jewish" long after Jesus Christ or Muhammad, the Khazarian kings were not Semitic in origin -- but rather Caucasian -- from the Caucasus area.

In other words, when the Caucasian Jewish leaders behind ZIONISM chose the area of PALESTINE some hundred and twenty years ago as a site for their "new utopian homeland", they were also considering places like the Khazarian area of what is now Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Other places such as the island of Madagascar -- and even Argentina were also optional homeland sites for ZIONISM at one time.

However, because they chose the PALESTINE area to build their growing "kibbutz state of Israel" -- and have been forcefully moving the "original natives" out of the area for over 70 years, some Jewish Zionist elite leaders of the cult are now trying to change their minds and relocate to the Ukraine area -- where there are more resources to build "a bigger Israel".

These Jewish Zionist elite leaders -- and their minons, have been trying to take over eastern Ukraine ever since they took over the capital in 2014 -- with help from one of George Soros' "color revolution coups", but have been hit with the wrath of Christian Russians in early 2022. To date, it appears that the Zionist have lost in Ukraine because the Russian military have nutralized the Ukraine military.

By the way, the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob will never ever mention the words Ukraine and ZIONISM in the same sentence because -- you know, they would not want to publically connect the two political concepts together -- it might redirect the public's attention away from their ongoing propaganda story of "Russia man bad" narrative.

And because ZIONISM will fail in the Ukraine theater area -- perhaps it will fail globally as well -- which means the country of PALESTINE may find peace someday.

As mentioned earlier, the word PALESTINE can be divided into certain abstract concepts -- for example, because the word "pale" can be described as a "fenced or enclosure area" that is marked off by "fence post or poles" within a governed region, the area beyond "the pale" lies beyond the law or judgement -- so, the "pale", in this case, represents a region of authority.

There exist an old English term which states the words "Beyond the Pale" that became a colloquial phrase meaning "outside the limits of acceptable behavior or judgment."

Perhaps the place called PALESTINE is based on a jurisdiction concept -- where a large "stine" or "very large stone cup" once existed -- and that this now lost "parabolic crucible vessel" once held or projected a "particle light beam" high into the sky long ago in antediluvian times.

And speaking of lost cup designs with bright magical powers, some believe that the treasure story of the Holy Grail was originally based on a misunderstood tale of a magic cauldron -- or a large metal kettle-like boiler device, which was capable of "beaming a rainbow" out of it. How the Holy Grail treasure story became a heroic quest in seeking a magical chalice or cup that inspired many who saw it, is perhaps based on a lost technology of beaming plasma energy by using a parabolic dish or lens to focus a light energy source into a beam.

UPDATE 10/8/2023: According to news reports from the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, some Palestinians have launched "a new war event" against the state of Israel by kidnapping and killing many Israeli citizens.

However, although many lives are being lost in this "new war event", it seems that the event is part of a greater plan that the progressive utopian Zionist want in their quest to create "a Bigger Israel" across the Middle East. By staging a major FALSE FLAG event -- engineered by Mossad, that suggest the Hamas & Hezbola Palestinians have attacked Israel from the Gaza Strip and Lebanon areas, Israel can now fully attack and occupy these areas and build the Greater Israel Project -- while using a war of reprisal as an excuse to conquer said areas.

Are the Zionist in occupied PALESTINE loosing their old homeland in the Middle East -- and is their plan to set up a new homesite in Ukraine failing? Are the crimes of the Zionist finally being exposed to the greater public by way of the INTERNET? Will PALESTINE -- and the world, soon be free of the hex of ZIONISM?

UPDATE 11/13/2023: According to the henrymakow website, the "reprisal event" by Israel into PALESTINE territory is part of the "Greater Israel Plan". Based on the "Hannibal Directive" -- which is a protocol used by the Israeli military, innocent people can be killed during a military operation as long as the enemy target is completely destroyed.

It should be known by historians who study the history of the State of Israel that the Zionist government has used many "covert aggression events" in the past to accomplish their goal of expanding their borders. For example, in May 1955 Israeli military leader and politician -- Moshe Dayan, said the following words:

"The state.... must see the sword as the main if not the only instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may -- no it MUST -- invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation and revenge.... And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space."

Again, when the world learns who is really behind the latest "Bomb Back Better attack event" in the Middle East, will PALESTINE -- and the world, soon be free of the hex of ZIONISM?

Basically, PALESTINE is an ancient name given to a region along the southeast coastal area of the Mediterranean Sea that has been divided in recent times by fighting groups of people claiming religious ownership of the land and holy sites based on conflicting stories from long ago.


PETRODOLLAR: The USA and Saudi Arabia agreed on a scheme to standardize oil prices in dollar terms after the collapse of the BRETTON WOODS GOLD STANDARD AGREEMENT in the early 1970s.

Because of this scheme, the PETRODOLLAR was born -- which resulted in a shift away from pegged global exchanged rates and gold-backed currencies to non-backed floating rate regimes known as FIAT MONEY.

UPDATE 4/20/2020: The price of crude oil has dropped below $1 US Dollar a barrel -- which has caused the value of the US PETRODOLLAR to collapse like never before.

The significance of this event is unclear -- but because of the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 -- which has effectlvely shut down global commerce that runs on fossil fuels like crude oil, it is hoped that the price will recover somewhat when the "lockdown" of the public is lifted by the "governmental authorities" -- who really had no legal authority to lockdown anyone in the first place.

UPDATE 5/2020: Apparently the price of crude oil has stablized back up to around $30 US a barrel. Why it when down below $1 US Dollar is still a mystery to some in the buisness.

UPDATE 5/2021: It has been said that some 20 percent of the printed value of the US Dollar -- as measured in national debt to the central banking institutions, was digitally created in 2020 by politicians -- who used the FALSE FLAG Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 to cover the medical and "public safety" cost of the event. Apparently, somebody or some secret cabalistic global entity -- with lots financial and political power across the world, wants to ruin the value of the US PETRODOLLAR -- so that they can reset their control of the world with a new type of crypto-currency.

Basically, since the early 1970's, most all national currencies around the globe was based on the trade value between crude oil and the US Dollar -- which is based on FIAT MONEY, but because the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club latest political scam to destroy the trade value of the US PETRODOLLAR by overspending on the FALSE FLAG Covid-19 PLANdemic event -- and the economic cost of supporting the Zionist activity in the Ukraine war, the scam seems like a success -- and many countries are now trading in other national currencies -- thus, the economic power of the USA is much less than it once was.


PEPE MEME: The PEPE MEME is a green cartoon frog-face meme character that appeared on the INTERNET during the 2016 US Presidential Election as a political RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE force to attack LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist concepts.

Memes -- by the way, are usually simple photo-art images with large words placed on the image that tell a political story.

Some LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist groups -- like the Anti Defamation League, including Hillary Clinton herself, has called the PEPE MEME image "hate speech" because it makes them hate what the meme image stands for.

What is "hate speech" anyway? Is it any speech or viewpoint by somebody or some people that tells a political story which other people don't like?

Or is it a weaponized newspeak term -- made up by the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist DEMOCRATIC PARTY, to call those people with political views they don't like or hate -- so that the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA -- which they currently control, can restrict the publicity of such said political views.

The PEPE MEME is also associated with the slang term "REEEEE" -- because someone online once created a PEPE MEME frog screaming at the stupid activities presented by some LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist .

Basically, the PEPE MEME is a "mascot" image of the RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE movement that first appeared on the 4chan blog website and is used in social media channels such as YOUTUBE to poke fun at LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist views.


PIZZAGATE: PIZZAGATE is a ugly story that emerged during the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, which claimed that the infamous leaked emails of the Campaign Chairman of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- John Podesta, contained coded messages referring to a pizza restaurant in Washington D.C. and the nasty subject of child-sex trafficking tied to blackmailing events.

According to the pedophilia word codes compilled by the FBI, the following examples within John Podesta's first collection of 2,060 email recordings reveal evidence that certain members of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY are guilty of major sex crimes.

Pizza = girl -- mentioned 149 times;
Hot dog = boy -- mentioned 73 times;
Cheese = very young girl -- mentioned 85 times;
Pasta = very young boy -- mentioned 78 times;
Sauce = orgy -- mentioned 41 times;
Ice cream = male prostitute -- 84 times;
Walnut = colored childeren -- 47 times;
Map = semen sample on cloth -- many times -- that can be used as blackmail evidence.
And the cost of a "Hot dog party" at OBAMA's place was $65,000.

The Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and other LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL sources have aggressively attempted to debunk the PIZZAGATE story as FAKE NEWS because the story significantly implicates the DEMOCRATIC PARTY has engaged in serious criminal behavoir. Plus the PIZZAGATE story distracts public attention away from their favorate subjects such as the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE story and how bad Donald Trump is for the USA.

By the way -- anytime the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob uses the term "debunked" when describing any story that makes LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people and their actions look bad in the eyes of the public, odds are that the story is real -- and they are actively surpressing the truth by deflecting attention away from their progressive agenda activities.

Apparently, one LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL group with lots of money has made fun of the PIZZAGATE story in a YOUTUBE video where Katy Peery suggest the subject of pedophile behavior is "no big deal".

UPDATE 9/8/2020: According to HighImpactTV YOUTUBE channel, a recent video conference reported on the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL website called "The Hill", Democratic Vice President candidate Kamala Harris held a discussion with OBAMA and mentioned several "pedophilia word codes" when asked about why does Joe Biden like "Ice cream" so much -- wherein, OBAMA replied "Ice cream is big. Pasta with red sauce, he can go deep on that".

Why do the bad people within the DEMOCRATIC PARTY rub their bad behavior in our faces -- and disguise it as simple "food talk"? This behavior is sick -- it just goes to shows how sick they are. May God have mercy on their souls on Judgement Day...

Basically, PIZZAGATE has roots that will not go away because the story invovles pedophilia, blackmail, Luciferianism and child-sex trafficking that will eventually be known by the public -- and it ain't pretty -- in fact, it's downright nasty and evil. It's not a subject most people like to talk about.


PLUTOCRACY: Government ruled by the wealthy is a PLUTOCRACY. A REPUBLIC may be a PLUTOCRACY, but a FEDERAL REPUBLIC is more likely not to be a PLUTOCRACY -- because of constitutional laws that allow for the less than wealthy -- who may have more wisdom than wealth, to govern a country.

Basically, wealthy rulers are not always wise rulers -- so, a PLUTOCRACY is not the best form of government.


POLITICAL PHOBIAS: Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent fear of an object or situation -- however lately, POLITICAL PHOBIAS are increasingly being used by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist groups as a newspeak term or label of political correctness in their phobia rhetoric to apparently transform people they don't like into bigots and paint them as bad aggressive people.

For example, the newspeak term of "hate speech" can be used as a weapon or verbal tool to label people who challenge the views of the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Many groups in society now claim to be the casualties of other people’s phobias, and argue that they have been victimized by a ‘phobic’ accusation. Homophobia and Islamophobia are also examples of POLITICAL PHOBIAS.

It seems a long time ago when our phobias were confined to the fear of snakes, spiders or heights.

Based on the online libertarian website "Spiked" are the following views: The word phobia emerged in the late eighteenth century and was originally used to describe the fear of an imaginary evil or an overreaction to a real threat. In short, it defined a response of irrational fear or aversion to a particular object or situation. The term was absorbed into the emerging psychiatry profession around the turn of the twentieth century, and in the process it became medicalised. In more recent decades, ‘phobia’ has been used as a suffix to denote negative attitudes towards certain kinds of people.

The word xenophobia -- defined as "a deep antipathy to foreigners', served as a model for the expansion of phobia.

Over the past two decades, the use of the word phobia to denote fear or angst about other people has become part of everyday speech.

So -- basically, POLITICAL PHOBIAS are used by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist groups as psychological weapon phrase attachments to attack any group they don't like.


POLITICS: POLITICS -- also known as "Poly-tricks" -- or as many blood-sucking "Poly-ticks", is the game of using or influencing people with favors to achieve power over other people.

Usually portrayed as a left-liberal to a conservative-right spectrum of political beliefs, perhaps as Ronald Reagan once suggested in a famous 1964 speech entitled "A Time for Choosing", POLITICS is not really a left or right perspective of choices -- it is a choice up to a heavenly place of freedom or down to the hellish pits of totalitarianism. Ronald Reagan was also quoted as saying “SOCIALISM only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it and hell where they already have it”.

POLITICS is about trust -- or the lack thereof. When people appoint other people to carry out their wishes because they can't be where they need to be to make their wishes come true -- they instill or appoint a trust to a person to represent their wishes.

The art of POLITICS is suppose to be the process of trusting people to do good things for the well-being of everybody and everything -- but when the trust is lost or misdirected because of human greed, negative activity between members involved result in miscommunication that leads to bad things or events -- such as when some people use POLITICS to achieve controlling power over other people for nefarious reasons.

POLITICS is also about hypocracy -- where powerful people who say or preach one thing and do the opposite. Politicians are people on a public stage who -- for the most part, are hypocrites that pretend to act in a way to make their beliefs known on one hand -- and yet, on the other hand, act like they believe in something altogether different -- which makes voters loose trust in politicians over time when they find out how their assigned trust has been misdirected.

Although it is sometimes natural to personally change one's beliefs about a subject as a public servant because of new information is learned while in office, explaining why politicians change their mind while in office still projects the bad habit that many politicians are hypocritical by nature.

When public servants stay in office too long -- and have learned to "game the system" to only benefit themselves and a few of their friends, that is the time when they need to be removed from directly serving the public and influencing government policies.

So -- yes, the idea of "term limits" does have merit -- and politicians should not serve much longer than the time for what they were elected. Being re-elected over and over invites too much political power to government leaders -- and should be discouraged for reason just stated.

To quote Mark Twain: "Politicians and diapers must be changed often -- and for the same reason".

POLITICS is not always about people who work in government or CORPORATIONs -- remember, its about influencing people with favors to achieve power over other people -- and can be found within the social activities associated with RELIGION.

Religious leaders also play POLITICS in their quest to control the narrative of the religion -- and the larger the RELIGION, the more political activity can be found within the social structure of whatever the RELIGION. One does not need to socialize with other people to communicate to God -- but sometimes it helps to get opinions from other people to better understand human nature and our personal role in the universe.

Basically, POLITICS is a scheme of controlling power over people -- and because SOCIALISM, like COMMUNISM, is always attempting to control the people through more government programs until the state gets total control, people should avoid SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM if they value their freedoms and private property rights.

See most all entries above and below this entry.

PREPPER: A person who expects some sort of catastrophic disaster or emergency event will take place in the near future and makes active preparations for the event by stockpiling supplies such as food, water and weapons of security.

This perceived catastrophic event is referred to as to when the "Shi7-Hits-The-Fan" event -- or "SHTF", and, whatever the cause, either natural or human, a good PREPPER should be prepared to try to live beyond the event.

The "SHTF" event is also refered to by some PREPPERs as "Z-day" -- which may mean the day when the "Zombe-Apocalypse" begins. For those unfamiliar with the term "Zombie-Apocalypse" -- many PREPPERs believe that when -- or if, government ever collapses, for whatever reason, the people who live in the cities will turn into "zombies" because they were not perpared to live without food and electricity -- and wander around the landscape like the walking dead in some dystopian video game, for a period of time.

"Z-day" may also mean "the end-days" -- as in the last days for humans on Earth because the letter "Z" is the last letter of the Latin alphabet used by WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

Some PREPPER persons also believe the items of trade after modern society collapses could be "Beans, Band-aids, Batteries and Bullets", and that such items would be a kind of money in the future. And while we are mentioning important PREPPER items in the future -- the Holy Bible would be helpful because what good is keeping the flesh alive without the feeding the soul.

Apparently, there is nothing wrong with a PREPPER preparing for a negative political scenario where government as we know it will not exist -- however, too much activity spent prepping can and does interfere with any positive situation activity like enjoying today -- and not worrying about what might happen tomorrow.

Basically, for whatever reason, a PREPPER is always planing to survive a major negative event in the near future that will collapse modern society.


Q-ANON: Late in October of 2017 -- and just before President Donald Trump left for his trip to Asia, he made a curious statement regarding "the calm before the storm" to the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob during an event at the White House.

Shortly after that event, an anonymous person identified as "Q" started posting on the Internet blog site of 4chan, a series of political viewpoints presented as coded questions that revealed important historical data regarding the nefarious activities of certain influential characters involved in current governmental polices.

Within a month or so, this person became known in social media sources like YOUTUBE as "Q" -- and the "QANON" or "Q-ANON" -- as in "Q-anonymous", movement of "posting political theories" from people following "Q" regarding who are and how the DEEP STATE gang operates, began to take shape.

These political viewpoints suggest that the new administration of President Donald Trump will be taking "covert activity" to "DRAIN THE SWAMP" and kill the DEEP STATE gang soon.

The wide range of political viewpoints posted by "Q" and the Q-ANON movement challenges the concepts and policies of LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL supporters and the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob's narrative regarding current and past political events.

By revealing certain historical facts that support conservative political concepts and policies of the Trump Administration, "Q" of the Q-ANON movement was suggesting the coming "covert activity" to "DRAIN THE SWAMP" is "the storm" that President Donald Trump was refering to when he made the statement to the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob in October 2017.

And because this comming activity is not meant to be "overt" or "very public", which could cause unnecessary violence in arresting notable "seditious traitors" or "bad actors" that -- like in some old western movie script, wear "black hats" and have committed crimes against the USA, "the storm" to "DRAIN THE SWAMP" by the "good actors" who wear "white hats", will take some time to carefully accomplish.

It has been assumed by many on the Internet which follow the postings of "Q" of the Q-ANON movement on the 4chan and later on the 8chan blog sites, that he or she is a "Military Intelligence Officer" member of the "Trump Team" because of certain timely statements and images which suggest a close relationship with President Donald Trump -- however, because of the concept of "plausible deniability", President Trump does not have to acknowledge the existance of "Q" of the Q-ANON movement -- and that allows for certain activity by "Q" to accomplish the mission of "the storm" -- which is to "DRAIN THE SWAMP".

Moreover, many of these followers also believe that "Q" of the Q-ANON movement could be the consensus of a group of "Military Intelligence Officers" with direct access to President Trump. In any case, "Q" was and still is apparently trying to reveal important political information to the public without the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob interfering with the truth. "Q" has become something like a patriotic news reporter who is revealing the true news as opposed to what the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob spews out every day.

To some, the letter "Q" in the Q-ANON movement is thought to represent "Q clearance" in military security jargon -- or perhaps like the "Quartermaster" on the deck of a military ship that represents the USA in a global political war.

In any case, there seems to be two Q's that work together -- "Q" and "Q+" -- while, again, the term "Q-ANON" is a movement that includes many followers of "Q" and "Q+".

Followers of "Q" of the Q-ANON movement on YOUTUBE -- known as "Q-tubers" have also created a large Internet community that have tried to decipher the code within the online postings of "Q" -- and have educated many persons about important political stories not found in the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob.

Many believe the Q-ANON movement represents a new era in understanding political history -- and like a great awakening from the "Dark Ages" of the past, inspires hope for the future.

The way "Q" presents information online -- which can be easily read at sites like qanon.pub or qmap.pub, is setup so that other anonymous "participants" can ask questions to "Q". This setup allows for political theories that may or may not be true -- but presents viewpoints related to how the nefarious activities behind GLOBALISM and SOCIALISM is being challenged by NATIONALISM.

Of the many views and coded concepts posted by "Q" of the Q-ANON movement, perhaps the keystone clue which could reveal something truely important was when "Q" mentioned several times the coded term "find the Keystone" -- which suggest the idea that the "Keystone holds the whole nefarious cabal together".

And because the Keystone image is the logo of the SES -- or the Senior Executive Service, this clue reveals just who and how the DEEP STATE gang has taken over the US government.

The suggestion by "Q" of the Q-ANON movement and other important persons researching the truth in US POLITICS that the SES has infested most all the intelligent services of the US goverment should wake the public up to what is really going on in modern POLITICS.

Much of what "Q" questions revolves around -- but is not limited to, the political subjects of how the history of global finance, military power events and radical religious activity by the greedy DEEP STATE gang has corrupted WESTERN CIVILIZATION over the years.

The ideas that the city-states of London, the District of Columbia and the Vatican are key players within the DEEP STATE gang's movement are political concepts mentioned by "Q" of the Q-ANON movement.

For example, stories about how the District of Columbia -- located in Washington D.C., is not a state within the USA, and represents the military part of "the cabal". Other views -- like the City of London -- located within London, is not part of the UK, and represents the financial part of "the cabal".

While the third view that makes up the triad of "the cabal", is the independent state of the Vatican -- which is not part of Italy, and represents the religious part of the DEEP STATE gang.

All three of these parts of the DEEP STATE gang have their own governments -- complete with court systems and non-elective officials -- and apparently have unlimited financial access to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY fortune by way of the central banks in most every country in the world.

If these political views are true, it would be very interesting to see how President Donald Trump is going to DRAIN THE SWAMP on a global scale.

Many other controversial subjects such as how some of the GLOBAL ELITE club are involved in selling US military technology to the Chinese Communist -- and are also involved in the nasty subject of child-sex trafficking.

"Q" of the Q-ANON movement has also stated that -- as of late 2018, over sixty-thousand "sealed indictments" are ready to be used to either arrest DEEP STATE gang players -- or "convince" some DEEP STATE gang players to help in the DRAIN THE SWAMP project, when the time is right.

"Q" has also used a slogan from the movie "White Squall" -- wherein a crew aboard a training sailing ship survive hardships because they "stick together as a group" as in "Where We Go One -- We Go All" -- or "WWG1WGA". The "WWG1WGA" slogan has become popular with many "Q" followers.

However, because the political story of "Q" of the Q-ANON movement has become such a large and important Internet phenomenon of "waking people up to the real truth by questioning things", some "Q" followers and other conservative news channels at YOUTUBE -- as of late March 2018, now believe that the very phenomenon itself should be questioned.

And this new movement to question the "Q phenomenon" has led to the idea that there exist several versions of "Q" who have been posting on the blog sites since they began in October 2017.

Apparently -- as the theory goes, later versions of "Q" postings are believed to have been compromised at some point by people who either were just guessing about what may or may not be politically true -- or by people who were related to the DEEP STATE gang.

It is interesting to note that "Q" never mentioned the term "DEEP STATE" or "DS" until 2018 -- and has never once mentioned "Senior Executive Service" -- or "SES" by name -- so, for somebody to be all informed about the political workings and activities of the current US president, one would think "Q" would have said something about who are the DEEP STATE gang actors -- unless, of course, the people behind the later Q-ANON movement are agents of the DEEP STATE gang.

Because it is known by many that a serious political information war is ongoing between huge intelligence groups on the Internet, there is now a theory that if the original "Q" has been taken over by the DEEP STATE gang and their psychological warfare agents -- which would be pushing a different narrative of what is really happening behind the scenes in global politics, perhaps followers of the "Q phenomenon" need to start looking elsewhere for political news and information regarding the truth.

In other words, whoever was "Q" of the Q-ANON movement may have been possibly hijacked by "the black hats" of the DEEP STATE gang for "distraction reasons".

The following explanations are perhaps why many now believe that the Q-ANON movement postings have become a psyops event -- or psychological operation by the DEEP STATE gang. Because the "cadence" of the original Q code postings were presented differently than later Q postings -- and is related to the "cadence" of a unique psychological computer puzzle program known as "Cicada 3301" -- and because the "cadence" of the cicada insect appears every 17 years -- and because the 17th letter of the English alphabet is the letter "Q" -- and even perhaps because the infamous 9/11 event took place 17 years ago, these facts suggest the idea that the latest "Q" is not the original "Q" of the Q-ANON movement.

Another reason why some may now believe the latest Q-ANON postings are not the same as the original "Q" postings is because perhaps they have confused a "Q2" -- or "Q-square" character which has posted on another political website that has "anti-ZIONISM" views -- therefore, the political idea that ZIONISM is somehow involved in changing the narrative of "Q" postings is interesting.

However, "Q" did post on 3/10/18 a statement about "saving Israel for last" regarding a question about foreign intelligent agencies manipulating US political policies -- which suggest perhaps that the "Q-team" will be addressing the politics of ZIONISM and the state of Israel with respect to their role inside US intelligent agencies at some point near the last phase of the "DRAIN THE SWAMP" project.

For many original Q-followers, when "Q" posted in December of 2017 the words "Trust Sessions" -- as in "trust the US Attorney General -- Jeff Sessions" to serve justice and arrest major members of the DEEP STATE gang, is when they began to question the Q-ANON movement and lose hope in ever seeing real justice being served.

But as of early November 2018 -- the day after the Mid-term Elections, Jeff Sessions was removed from office by President Donald Trump -- which suggests the Q-ANON phenomenon has some creditability issues regarding another concept mentioned by "Q" in "Trust The Plan" -- as in there exist some kind of plan by the US government to "kill the DEEP STATE gang".

Now, it is important to understand that patriotic people the world over who want to believe in a spiritual hero like Q-ANON who represents a person who can see a positive future where freedom exist and evil tyranny is made to go away, perhaps the real "Q" exist inside us -- and it is up to each one of us to seek the truth by not always following somebody else, but to ask real questions about where our news comes from.

In any event, whatever the Q-ANON movement is, it has become an alternate source of political news that, so far, the legacy Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob has not -- or will not, report about.

UPDATE 11/11/2019: The 8chan website -- where "Q" has been posting, was shut down in August 2019 for about 3 months by "unknown forces". However, new post can be found again at the qanon.pub or qmap.pub websites.

UPDATE 12/2/2019: "Q" reposted a post from 12/9/2017 that said just the word "Justice" -- which is ironic because on 12/9/2019 -- exactly three years to date, the IG Report will be released that is supposed to reveal how, when and who are the guilty DEEP STATE gang players of the "SpyGate" program that attempted a coup on President Donald Trump before and after the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

It is hoped that real justice will prevail on that date and the political power behind the DEEP STATE gang in the USA -- and other countries involved, be arrested and be removed from POLITICS.

However -- as of 2/2020, nobody politically involved in known DEEP STATE gang activity has been arrested by the DOJ or the FBI -- which makes many Q-followers and patriots unhappy -- yet others still hope for justice any day now.

UPDATE 3/22/2020: According to "Q" followers, the Cronavirus "PLANdemic event" may also be a cover story for the global take down of major GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang players. As the theory goes, if the public is "cleared of the battlefield" by staying home and out of harms way for several weeks, a "massive storm of arrest by the military" that has been expected for over three years, should succeed in removing most of the nefarious political activity in global government.

This theory also suggest that, because the DOJ and the FBI have been compromised by DEEP STATE gang players -- the military forces, with executive orders, will do the arrest instead.

Much like in the fictional 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind -- in which the government uses the fear of Anthrax to clear a region of public access to a staging area where aliens were expected, perhaps the goverment is allowing the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to scare the public about a contagion into "lock-down" situations so that the military can "do its job" without innocent people being harmed or interfering with the operation.

So again, as the theory goes, while the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob is pushing fear porn about what may only be a "complex flu epidemic" called Covid-19, the military is involved in a great arrest event of the DEEP STATE gang.

And, as one Q-ANON follower posted at the 8kun research board suggested, perhaps the two navy hospital ships recently placed on the west and east coast of the US are there not to help treat the sick -- but there to take the arrested sick seditious players of the DEEP STATE gang to Guantanamo Cuba for "processing". After all, we are at war with an insidious enemy that is trying to destroy WESTERN CIVILIZATION -- and all civil means are being used to take them out.

The problem with these theories from the Q-ANON followers are that they are just theories -- and many are not true facts. Even many statements by "Q" himself do not add up -- but like he once said or suggested, "disinformation is sometimes necessary for certain reasons".

UPDATE 5/2020: Because there exist a serious world war event taking place between insurgent and patriotic solders these days, one would have to believe that the US Military is fighting this battle online with a military team like "Q" of the Q-ANON movement -- so, whether one believes in the spirit of "Q" or not, the US Military is very likely involved in a "live exercise" online in preserving the United States of America -- and the Republic that it stands for.

And as "Q" of the Q-ANON movement has suggested recently -- the public can't just be told how sick the "bad actors" of the DEEP STATE gang are -- they must be shown how sick they are -- which is perhaps why the evil people in government have been allowed to get away with their crimes for so long.

The "bad actors" of the DEEP STATE gang are showing themselves these days more than ever -- and the public needs to see who they truely are, so that they -- and their LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist followers, will be removed from political activity at the right time -- like when the expected "sealed indictments" get released by the DOJ any day now.

UPDATE 5/14/2020: President Donald Trump and the DOD has just placed an order for some 500 million pre-filled vaccine devices that will be deployed by the US Military this Fall as a solution to ending the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020.

This order makes Trump look like a fool -- or something worse, in the eyes of the "truth community" who already know that any vaccine project by the DEEP STATE gang is a horrible idea. One wonders how the Q-tubers are going to spin this latest announcement by the US President.

Moreover, the US White House -- run by the US President, is also working with states to implement an 11 Billion Dollar project designed to "test" US citizens for "Covid-19" -- so that the government can find and follow those who tested positive -- and if needed, remove them from their homes for "quarantine" and "public safety" reasons.

This project -- together with other new government programs, such as "Contact Tracing" protocols, are designed to follow US citizens and use an army of people to make it work. These surveillance programs in the name of "public safety" smack of BIG BROTHER activities and need to be stopped asap.

If the Q-ANON movement is anything -- it is the act of questioning important things being done -- or have been done, by our leaders -- and not only discovering the truth behind the political activity that they engage in -- but sharing that discovery with as many other citizens as possible for the sake of the United States of America and the human freedoms around the world.

UPDATE: 11/9/2020: A new theory about "the storm" that "Q" mentioned at the begining of the Q-ANON movement, is based on the idea that "the storm" is the 2020 Presidential Election -- wherein, by "Trusting The Plan" -- or "4-year plan", the Trump Adminstration let the election event unfold the way it happened because they knew the DEEP STATE gang would cheat and try to steal the election using weaponized computer programs that "rob votes" -- and other nefarious means of voter fraud events, so that the "good guys" could document the evidence of the "bad guys" cheating -- and then, present the evidence to the Supreme Court to win the "mother of all court cases".

In other words, the Q-ANON movement, was -- and is, a 4-year plan to keep the plublic informed about how the Trump Administration is "Draining the Swamp" of DEEP STATE gang creatures -- without letting the enemy know how the plan was designed to end. Think about it -- let your enemy believe they can get away with voter fraud and celebrate winning the election -- with help from the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, but loose it all in a court battle at the Supreme Court.

If this theory is true -- what a great plan! Again -- think about it, this 4-year plan was needed to arrest a gang of swamp creatures that have been crawling around Washington D.C. for many decades. For those impatient persons who gave up on the Q-ANON movement long ago, perhaps they may now see why it takes time to properly fight those who have stolen our time -- and money, over the years.

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE gang -- which is sympathetic to the COMMUNIST PARTY and other evil entities who want to control the world, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

UPDATE 6/18/2021: According to the Corbett Report by James Corbett on the Odysee video platform, the whole Q-ANON movement was a "Hopium psy-ops show" -- designed to entertain the patriots who want a hero to bring justice to the USA and the world. Whoever was behind the Q-ANON movement -- and for whatever the reason the movement did not achieve their goal in not "draining the swamp" with President Donald Trump at the helm, the fact that many patriots around the world have been significantly educated in how global politics works in this day and age, is part of the "Great Awakening" process the world needs.

Basically, the original "Q" of the Q-ANON movement is telling an important story to the public -- via alternative social media, while using the Socratic Method of asking questions about important current and past political events -- so that people around the world will wake up to the real truth of things which have been stolen by the DEEP STATE gang.


RAPTURE DOCTRINE: Created in the early eighteenth century by several "puritan preachers" -- primarily a person who dealt with occult visionary events named John Nelson Darby, the RAPTURE DOCTRINE is a Jesuit theory that refers to the controversial and predictable "end time event" when all CHRISTIAN believers -- both living and the resurrected dead, will "rise into the sky and join Christ for eternity".

The RAPTURE DOCTRINE is also tied to a future "tribulation story" about how "trouble times" will come just before the final "rapture event" -- or "apocalypse", and if the people involved repent and "prepare their soul" by confessing their sins in time, they will make it through the event to live forever in heaven. However, as we will learn, any concept about a "premonition event" written long ago by "prophets", have political motives hidden in the story event.

Many believe that the RAPTURE DOCTRINE was inspired by the Biblical New Testament passage of 1st Thessalonians 4.16-5.28 -- where it suggest an event that takes place by which good CHRISTIANs, both dead and alive, "shall be caught up together...in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air".

However, this inspirational passage is a very abstract event and can be misinterpreted in many ways. One particular way the RAPTURE DOCTRINE can be misinterpreted by people is when some evangelical preachers use the power of POLITICS in their storytelling for personal gain.

It is believed that the British MASON -- Lord Balfour, was influenced by the RAPTURE DOCTRINE when he wrote the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917 -- which announced that "His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in PALESTINE of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object".

By the way, Lord Balfour was among those who, like the CHRISTIAN-Zionist in the USA, believe that Israel would need to be restored in order for other end-times events to occur.

Perhaps the Puritan preachers got "carried away" in their prediction of what will happen to CHRISTIAN believers in the future because to see the real future is not humanly possible. And if no mortal human can ever actually see the real future -- why do some people follow religious prophecy stories written by imperfect humans long ago about a predicted event regarding a particular time and place in the future?

Again, it is important to realize the concept that because no mortal human in the past, present or future can actually see the real future, believing in prophecy stories like the RAPTURE DOCTRINE, opens the mind to political manipulation by people who may have nefarious intentions. Although some people can make very accurate guesses about what might happen in the future based on historical data, humans, by nature, are fallible -- and because of this fact, any prophecy story should be valued as a story based on hopeful thinking and not as a fact.

According to the apocalyptic rules of the "second coming of Christ" prophecy story -- before Christ appears during the "end times event", the evil "anti-Christ" has to appear first so that Christ can conquer the evil during a final battle known as "Armageddon". Like some kind of HOLLYWOOD script that invents an evil protagonist to be overthrown -- the RAPTURE DOCTRINE is a fictional story that has been taught by religious zealots for almost two centuries for political reasons.

This view begs the real questions: Did POLITICS ever influence the writers of the RAPTURE DOCTRINE? Was the last book of the New Testament -- known as "Revelations", actually an abstract record of past events that took place in the Middle East during Biblical times -- and not an actual prediction or prophecy of a future event?

In other words, is the story of the RAPTURE DOCTRINE and Apocalypse actually based on a past event when the "second temple" was destroyed some seventy years or so after Christ?

If so -- then trying to interpret the Apocalypse as a future event is nothing but pure POLITICS. And scaring people into believing in a dangerious theory that can lead to global war is cruel.

Those who use the lives of other people for personal gain and to achieve political power are crazy political zealots -- particularly certain evangelical leaders with neoconic values who would cause a world war event just to fulfill a false theoretcal prophecy story dreamt up by other political zealots long ago.

And the people who follow these political zealots need to wake up from their spell before its too late.

One wonders if these "puritan preachers" that created the RAPTURE DOCTRINE are related to the people who follow ZIONISM. Because both concepts were apparently created about the same time in history -- and believe in a glorious "end-time event" -- where a "heroic messiah" will save the world from evil, they must be related.

And speaking of waiting for a prophetic event story like a "heroic messiah" that will appear one day and save the world from evil, what if that prophetic event story happened already? Was Jesus Christ the messiah that the Jews where expecting -- but because he did not fit the warror type person -- like King David, they had him crucified.

In other words, religious followers of Moses have been taught to believe in a prophectic event story that a heroic messiah will appear one day and remove evil from our world. However, the tribe of Judah did not believe Jesus Christ was the warror that fit their prophectic story -- so, they had him killed because he challenged their concept of a heroic warror.

Years later, when another religious hero -- also related to Abraham -- named Muhammad, came along and acted like a heroic warror -- willing to fight the corrupted rulers of his era, that is when the RELIGION of ISLAM came into being.

Although history sometimes repeats itself -- and historians repeat each other, the truth of the matter is that the RAPTURE DOCTRINE is actually based on the "visionary guesswork" by evangelical preachers long ago.

Over the years, religious historians -- who try to interpret the many stories within the Holy Bible, have created in print numerious false misunderstandings of what really happened in ancient history -- and the popular story of the RAPTURE DOCTRINE is just one of many.

For example, the Biblical story of how Moses "parted the Red Sea" -- which has been immortalized in HOLLYWOOD movies as "seawater flowing apart" to allow Moses a "hallway path" accross the seafloor of the Red Sea to the Sinai Desert and escape the Egyptian army.

Well, imagine a real vision where group of people trying to escape another group of people across a desert area and loosing the group chasing them -- not in the distant dust, but behind a "wall of water" that was actually a mirage. In other words, the Biblical "parting of the Red Sea" event has been misinterpreted by religious historians over the years as Moses and his Israelite followers loosing the Egyptain army behind -- not within a real "wall of water", but within a mirage -- which looks like a "wall of water" in any desert.

Another example of a false misunderstandings of what really happened in Biblical times is the story of the "fiery sepent story" as recored by Moses in Numbers 21:4-9. The conventional view is that when Moses "lifted up" a snake-like object to save the lives of those who were injured during the journey and who saw the object, they overcame their illness by being inspired by the wonderous object. The symbolism of this Biblical event is tied to the medical Caduceus staff object in that the object was associated with healing sick people.

Well now, imagine if Moses was instructed by God to "go fly a kite" -- whereby a flying snake-like object -- with a fiery-like metallic ribbon-tail, was used as a kite to inspire and entertain his followers with "injured minds" -- so that they would see it and heal themselves from too much worrying. In other words, for people who never saw a snake-like kite before, they would see the phenomenon as a sign from heaven -- and be reassured of success in their weary journey to "the promise land".

There are many other examples of Biblical stories that could be scientifically explained without resorting to bizarre stories like the RAPTURE DOCTRINE -- but these examples should be enough for now.

UPDATE 7/29/2023: For a good review of the RAPTURE DOCTRINE story -- check out the "The Origins of the Rapture" video at ReligionForBreakfast channel on YOUTUBE.

Basically, the best CHRISTIAN is one who lives each day by honoring God and good behavior -- and does not worry about some scarry future fantasy event story -- made up by some political preachers that promises to save their soul if they follow their preaching stories.


RED PILL POLITICS: RED PILL POLITICS is a term based on the popular 1999 science fiction film "The Matrix", where the main character is given a choice between taking the "Red Pill" -- which will wake him up from the Matrix and represents knowledge, freedom and the sometimes painful truth of reality -- or its opposite, the "Blue Pill" -- which will keep him asleep in the Matrix and represents falsehood, security and the blissful ignorance of illusion.

In recent years these concepts have become popular cultural ideas regarding political choices about "waking up to reality and the facts of life" -- or to "keep sleeping in one's own safe space".

To reference the term RED PILL POLITICS in a political discussion is to argue what is true and what is not true.

Because many SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR and LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist persons seem to live within a type of "eco-chamber" -- much like in the Matrix movie, where they only listen to one side of an argument and keep repeating it over and over, RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE persons would like to see them "take the Red Pill" and wake up to the true aspects about a particular political argument.

However, in order to experience "The Great Awakening", one has to be at least a little awake to take the "red pill" of truth -- and many LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist persons are still sleeping in their utopian dreams and don't want to wake up.

Many SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR and LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist persons also believe falsely that only they are "woke" to the view of a new utopian world of "political correctness" and "true justice" -- but, in reality, if they were truly "awake" in the real world, they would see how the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- and other "legacy information institutions", have shaped their warped understanding of reality with propaganda over their lifetime.

So -- therefore, it is better to be "awake" in the real world than to be "woke" within some Matrix-like utopian world of falsehoods.

The concept of RED PILL POLITICS is very similar to Plato's Allegory of the Cave story -- where the ignorant "cave dwellers" -- i.e., LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist members and their utopian belief in a one world government system of SOCIALISM that follow false shadow activity from a man-made fire on the cave wall, need to see "the true activity of real objects" from outside their "prison cave", and "escape to reality" in order to understand the true world of humans and nature.

A recent INTERNET meme illustrated the following definitions of "5 stages of Pilling" -- they are:

BLUE PILL -- Covid is real. Man-made CLIMATE CHANGE is real. Trust the science. The West is exceptional. Russian man bad. Digital ID is a conspiracy theory. Rainbows and unicorns.

RED PILL -- Wait, What? I was lied to? What else is not true? Do your own research. Stop outsourcing your health. Question everything. POLITICS is theater. Who's in control?

PURPLE PILL -- I am awake. But I'm returning to the BLUE PILL.

BLACK PILL -- What's the point? Evil people are too powerful. Just give up. We can't win. I'm out.

WHITE PILL -- Sovereignty. Self reliance. Cash. Off the grid. Purpose. Being human. Love. Wellbeing. WINNING!

Basically, we all should at least be taking the political RED PILL to help us wake up before "the zombie sleepers" and their utopian Marxist dream of SOCIALISM take over the world and enslave us in a matrix of total government control -- and if you can, take the WHITE PILL -- so that the world could be a better place.


RELIGION: A belief system of worshiping the Spiritual Being that controls time and the universe is called a RELIGION.

The name of the Spiritual Being may vary between RELIGIONs, but the word God works fine for most.

It should be remembered that God is a good spirit -- not a RELIGION, and that people who choose to publically worship the good spirit of God, are members of a RELIGION -- which try to control other people trying to find the good spirit.

God is the personification of nature. And since the word "God" first appeared many generations ago in the Holy Bible -- which was written by males as a male-like spiritual being, it is natural to refer to God as a male and not a female -- or any other type of personified gender being. The idea that God is a father-like male -- and not a mother-like female, merely simplifies the personification of the true spirit when discribing the Spiritual Being.

When people refer to "Mother Nature" as a female-like spiritual being -- much like God is a male-like spiritual being, they are merely simplifying the personification of the true spirit as a female because females are known to physically give birth to living things like "Mother Nature" does.

According to the Redeemed Zoomer channel at YOUTUBE, the following graphic is a good map in understanding how RELIGION is arranged.

A RELIGION that worships more than one God usually has many idols -- which can get confusing remembering their names and what they do.

Non-believers in God -- such as atheistic believers in COMMUNISM, like to identify God as an "invisible man in the sky" who does not really exist -- but also can't prove he doesn't exist.

Apparently, praying to God works for some -- and if for no other reason, allows time for personal concentration in counting the blessings of the past and present, with hopeful thoughts about the future.

A RELIGION is associated with a form of being or getting "clean" from "unclean" activity -- such as wearing clean clothes or water bathing away bad things in life.

Some religions encourage their followers to visit certain holy sites as pilgrims and socially interact with other followers during the journey for learning reasons.

A RELIGION is also about the social activities of people giving trust to -- and having faith in, a belief system that tries to help other people understand their personal relationship with the universe and the creator. This belief system usually includes how a hero or heros play a role in overcoming bad things that happen in life.

People who are religious also deal with the subject of the afterlife -- as in what kind of life comes after life on Earth. Many religions believe the status of a person in the afterlife is either a reward or punishment for their conduct during life.

A CHRISTIAN, for example, will usually believe in some kind of afterlife place where, depending on whether their life's behavior while on Earth was good or bad, it would be Heaven or Hell -- such as, if they behaved good, they would go to a heavenly place where there are lots of clouds around and everybody, including God, can look down on the mortal Earthlings and watch events from a safe place.

However, if the person behaved badly while living on Earth, they would spend eternity in some kind of painful hot flaming hellish cave with the devil.

A Baptist CHRISTIAN may also believe that Heaven and Hell can exist here on Earth and wherever the soul goes after life on Earth is truely unknowable as a mortal -- so, in the meantime, behave nicely and perhaps you will be rewarded with a heavenly place on Earth while living a good life.

Other CHRISTIAN denomination followers seem to believe that one has to die before entering Heaven. Why that is the case is perhaps because some in the church want to keep the reward of Heaven idea at the end of life as a prize to always work toward while living.

Believers in Hinduism believe in the rebirth and reincarnation of souls -- such as if you have bad karma and a life full of sins you have to take rebirth again and again, until you and your soul "get it right" -- whereupon you can live happily ever after somewhere nice.

Believers in Buddhism do not believe that at the core of all human beings and living creatures, there is any "soul" to live after one dies -- rather, they believe in a cycle of death and rebirth called samsara -- through which karma and eventual enlightenment or nirvana is achieved -- which is an end to suffering.

One interesting aspect behind Buddhism is that the RELIGION tries to teach the approximately 520 million human followers the everlasting humble idea of humility by not worring about all the details of life -- because everthing we build will eventually be destroyed one day. Their colorful and detailed sand mandalas are an exercise in showing their belief in the transitory nature of material life -- where a great deal of time can be spent building something -- and overcoming the grief of watching it all get ruined by man-made or natural events.

Muslim believers in ISLAM have a vision rule that the afterlife will show a narrow bridge to Paradise passing over Hell and, whether the believer falls off the bridge or not depends on their bad deeds in life. However, according to the Quran, one exception to this "falling off the bridge" rule is that "Warriors who die fighting in the cause of God" are ushered immediately to God's presence, whereupon they are rewarded an afterlife in Paradise.

Because ISLAM is such a nonsensical way of worshipping God -- and the scheme involves more political activity than religious activity, it is not truly a RELIGION. Although ISLAM does share some good aspects of religious ways -- such as getting "clean" from "unclean" activity -- and educational pilgrimaging events, it still worships nonliving objects like the "black cube" in Mecca and the "lunar-star" icon image that are used for political reasons, followers of Muhammad should look elsewhere for the truth regarding the love of God and how to share that love.

But how does one convince millions of Muslim worshippers of ISLAM throughout the world that they need to abandon their ridiculous religious rules for their own good -- and for the good of the world?

Perhaps a new understanding is needed by followers of why and how the religious rules of ISLAM were established by rulers long ago who used -- and still use, the power of POLITICS to control people into submissive behavior.

The ancient monotheistic RELIGION of Zoroastrianism should also be mentioned because, like other followers of the monotheistic faiths that include Abrahamic family ties, it also contains rules about how to participate in the "cosmic war" between the forces of good and evil within the universe.

Originally based in Persia, Zoroastrianism worships the image and power of fire -- which was a source of light in the darkness long ago and represents a type of energy people can create and use for many reasons.

Apparently, nobody long ago worshipped the power of water or air enough to make a RELIGION out of these forces of nature.

Anyway, followers of Zoroastrianism -- which are very few these days relative to other major RELIGIONs because the RELIGION has a rule that does not allow for interfaith marriages -- therefore, it looks like it will have problems aquiring new membership in the foreseeable future.

It is interesting to note that Zoroastrianism undoubtedly influenced the social political movement of Judaism long before ISLAM conquered the Middle East in ancient times because, according to the sequence of recorded human history, the Israel tribe of Judah -- and their religious worshipping habits, were changed during their captivity in Babylon -- which was part of the Persian and Assryian Empires.

Zoroastrianism is also associated with the mystic Jewish books refered to as the Zohar or Kabbalah collection. Much like the Talmud, the Zohar set of books were written long after Moses first five books -- and can be used for political purposes.

And speaking of the social political cult movement of Judaism -- apparently because many assume that the people behind Judaism are simply Jewish worshipers that follow the Hebraic stories from within the Old Testament, the social political cult movement represents to most conventional scholars the historical view that all "Jews" are "Hebrews".

However, the idea that "the Jews" and "the Hebrews" are synonymous is incorrect because of one specific reason -- in that is because when the Israel tribe of Judah entered Babylonian capitivity, they changed their worshipping habits during capitivity and became "Jewish" after they merged with the RELIGION of Zoroastrianism.

In other words, the RELIGION of "the Hebrews" -- which were the Israelite followers of "the written law as recorded in the Torah", was compromised into the social political cult movement of Judaism when the Israel tribe of Judah was taken into Babylonian captivity -- therefore, the social political cult movement of Judaism includes stories of "the oral law of the Talmud" -- which was influenced by the RELIGION of Zoroastrianism.

Because the Old Testament part the Holy Bible is ripe with stories of how the tribes of Israel succumbed to the ways of idolary and human sacrifice to "fire altars" associated with Zoroastrianism, it should become clear to religious historians of today that the "Crypto-Jews" -- or "fake Jews" -- who pretty much ignore the CHRISTIAN stories from within the New Testament, are part of the social political cult movement of Judaism -- which is related to ZIONISM.

Moreover, because many "Crypto-Jews" apparently do not believe in a afterlife for the human soul -- and also follow the Talmud -- which is based more on POLITICS than a RELIGION, perhaps the cults of Judaism and ZIONISM are the progressive political forces behind SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM in today's world.

So, although the cult of Judaism is called a RELIGION by many modern scholars who write our textbooks because it shares many religious habits of the early Hebrews, the new revelation that Judaism is more of a social political cult movement than a true RELIGION, should change the official records of human history in our near future.

Furthermore, regarding true human history and the cult of Judaism, it is interesting to note that an ancient war-like kingdom -- known as the Khazarian Kingdom -- which once existed in what is now the areas of Ukraine and Kazakhstan, converted to Judaism long after the lives of Jesus Christ or Muhammad.

More to the point, because the Jewish Khazarian kings existed long after Jesus Christ or Muhammad, are they the "Crypto-Jews" that created the political "Oral Laws" of the Talmud?

If so, then Biblical historians who follow Hebraic history should study only the books of the Old and New Testament -- and ignore the misleading political Judaic stories of the Talmud.

As best said within the comment section by someone in a recent YOUTUBE video about Judaism: "Judaism is a set of arbitrary laws and restrictions, and the methods of getting around them."

Some people believe that the occult of Luciferianism -- aka "Satanism", is a RELIGION because it includes religious-like rituals -- such as animal or even human sacrifice.

However, because it does not worship the "cleaning activity" associated with good things, it is not a true RELIGION.

Lucifer -- also known as Satan or "the Devil", was apparently a powerful evil character in Biblical times with some nasty habits -- enough to make some people living today to become crazy with hateful feelings -- but again, because the scheme is associated with "unclean activity", it is not a true RELIGION.

Luciferianism -- which is the Satanic cult movement associated with the Iluminati and the Sabbatean cult of Frankism, is perhaps the oldest evil political movement in human history to control people with symbolic witchcraft spells and other nefarious activity.

By the way, Frankism was a Sabbatean Jewish religious movement of the 18th & 19th century that, under the Jewish messia claimant -- Jacob Frank, who died in 1791, rejected all religious norms -- except their own. Jacob Frank said that "followers were obligated to transgress as many moral boundaries as possible". In other words, this gang of lying thieves from back then -- and even now, are still in control of important positions of global authority, want chaos and anarchy to destroy the known world -- so it can rebuild a new one under their Satanic movement.

There seems to be a political relationship between Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Luciferianism -- and the secret cult of Masonry -- because Masonic symbolism includes images related to the Illuminati cult that includes demonic symbols used by these Satanic political movements. In other words, the secret cult of the MASONS seems to have a religious symbolic aspect to these ancient Satanic political movements.

Members of the secret cult of Masonry -- who use symbols related to the Iluminati in their activities -- and give oaths to political masters like worshippers in a RELIGION, are the "useful idiots" in a evil political movement. Many worship not the God of the ancient Hebrews -- but the evil satanic character in the Holy Bible known as Lucifer -- whose name is associated with a person that seemed to "glow" or somehow had the power of light over mortal humans.

According to Biblical writings, Lucifer was a "fallen angel" that fell out of favor with the God of the Hebrews -- and apparently gathered quite a following -- which even today, seems active in the secret political cult movements around the world who control people with "the love of money".

It is interesting to note that in Revelations 2:9 the statement "..and I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan", suggest the followers of Judaism -- who worship in "synagogues", are somehow related to Luciferianism.

People either apparently believe in God -- or a God-like being that runs the universe -- and are known as "believers", or they do not believe in God -- and are known as "unbelievers" or "atheist". The unbelievers in God apparently believe that the universe is just a great event of random accidents with no "super being" running the show.

The atheist believe humans live and die with nobody but ourselves to blame or thank for whatever happens in life. To them, there is no "invisible man in the sky" that can or should tell people what to do. Atheist apparently believe our path in life is broad and we can wander across the world without worring too much about moral restrictions because nature will let what happens happen.

And then there are the non-religious agnostic people who just don't care if there is a god or not. Much like the atheist -- they claim no knowledge of god or who is personally responsible for the origin of the universe, but unlike the atheist -- who may believe in government as a god-like entity that should control our fate on earth, agnostic people just don't care if somebody or some entity is controlling the world because it's not their buisness to care. They are not even curious about things beyond their understanding of society.

However, both atheistic and the agnostic people are missing the most important message of life in the universe -- and that is the belief in a great real almighty force of goodness within the universe -- which can be personified in our minds as "God" -- from which we can recieve help and guidance when we need it.

So, if one actually believes in the almighty force of a good benevolent God in the universe, there is a good chance that God can help make our lives in the universe a great experience.

Religious leaders that teach or preach the rules have a rule to wear respective clothing or costumes which apparently gives them the authority to say truthful things.

It seems that some RELIGIONs do get carried away with these uniform code rules and silly looking hats to earn proper respect from their followers.

It also seems that the more rules a RELIGION has, the more it needs from their followers the time and money to pay for the cost of it all.

Basically, although a RELIGION can be like a greater family for people seeking good things in life -- and it usually provides a place with a sense of community and fellowship -- particularly if the members follow the GOLDEN RULE and the LAW OF ATTRACTION concepts -- make no mistake, because there are imperfect people seeking political power over other people within all RELIGIONs, members of any sect should be very careful in giving their trust to others who are not perfect.


REPUBLIC: A national government that is governed by elected representatives and by an elected leader rather than a country ruled by just a monarch.

Basically, elected leaders of a true REPUBLIC gain their leadership by way of earning it and not by just inheritance.


REPUBLICAN PARTY: Commonly referred to as the Grand Old Party -- or GOP, the REPUBLICAN PARTY is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, the other being its historic rival, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

The party uses the elephant as a mascot to remind members and others that, like an elephant, they have a good memory and "never forget" what's important.

With a few exceptions, the true values of the REPUBLICAN PARTY is less government involvement in our personal lives and conservative concepts regarding national taxes.

However, there are Republican members of Congress that are "Republicans In Name Only" -- known as "RINO's" that seemed to be confused with the true views of the party and act like members of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Basically, the REPUBLICAN PARTY is the channel of choice in electing a conservative government that should always remember liberty over tyranny and freedom over slavery.


RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE: A person who desires to conserve or restrict valuable government resources and not waste efforts on progressive political theories that gamble said resources to "improve" the future is a RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE.

Unlike a LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL who believes in SOCIALISM or even COMMUNISM, a RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE believes that CAPITALISM is the best way to run a REPUBLIC -- and since the USA is a FEDERAL REPUBLIC with a CONSTITUTION, voters should favor the right-of-center candidate during elections.

However, the RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE movement does have some faults in that human mistakes can appear in any political system -- so, vote carefully.

Unlike most Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob news services that promote LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL views -- which leads to SOCIALISM, one particular TV news service -- known as Fox News, is believed to have a few commentators that represent many RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE concepts. But because the network is still supported by advertisers linked to some LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist views, not all the views presented there are "fair and balanced". So, as they say, don't trust the sly fox -- particularly if you let him too near your "hen house" of trust.

UPDATE 11/5/2020: Because Fox News called Arizona much too early in the 2020 Presidential Election for Joe Biden, RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE followers have abandoned the network so much that their ratings have dropped to almost half of what they were once before the election. Many believe Fox News service -- like the once conservative news service "Drudge Report", has been taken over by the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people because the owners of both CORPORATIONs have either been blackmailed in some way -- or "bought off" by the unlimited funds from the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel and GLOBAL ELITE club.

For those who have the time to dig for conservative news with a greater variety of choice in political views, the INTERNET has some great video channels that are full of stories worth investigating. The Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob is contaminated with bias propaganda news stories that will program your brain with false stories which can, over time, turn you into a "useful idiot" working for the DEEP STATE gang.

A RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE would easily say the following: "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything".

Basically, a true RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE values liberty and freedom over SOCIALISM any day.


ROTHSCHILD FAMILY: The ROTHSCHILD FAMILY is a wealthy Zionistic family descending from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court Jew in the city of Frankfurt, who established his banking business in the 1760's. Mayer Rothschild -- who displayed a "red hexagram star" symbol -- also known as the "Star of Remphan", at his house door in Germany, managed to acquire his wealth and established an international banking family through his five sons who established themselves in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Naples.

Much of the business model activities of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY wealth is based on the British Imperial activities of the East Inda Trading Company that centralised political control of governments across the globe. Cecil Rhodes -- who once said "Don't despise money", worked with the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY central banks to help build his CORPORATIONs that he treated as countries.

It is believed that the original name of "Rothschild" is based on the word "Red-sheild" -- which is related to the word and concept behind the "Red Shield" logo of the Salvation Army. Moreover, another major global charitable organization known as the Red Cross is also believed to be related to the Swiss Cross symbol of Switzerland. Some believe that these global charity groups are directly -- or indirectly, related to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY.

During the 19th century, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY possessed the largest private fortune in the world -- and even today, in the modern world, they are believed to be the richest family alive. The family's wealth was divided among various descendants and today their interests cover a diverse range of fields, including financial services, real estate, mining, energy and NGOs.

Because the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY are global bankers -- with many financial and political links to other major private family banks -- like the Warburg and Shiff families of a century ago, these private finacial institutions have had political control over governments across the globe for well over a century.

The ROTHSCHILD FAMILY has frequently been the subject of many conspiracy theories -- many of which contain anti-Zionist views because of their Jewish roots.

Moreover, it has been said that all bankers profit from wars -- and the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY did profit on both sides during the world wars -- so, does that fact suggest the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY conspired to create the wars for profit?

Or where they just the banksters on both side of the battles?

The conspiratorial view that the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY has been involved in the political affairs of countries around the world for over a century is based on the very words by Mayer Amschel Rothschild himself -- in that he was quoted in 1815 as saying: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws".

This statement implies the idea that the ability to make and control money on a global scale is capable of politically controlling nations around the world.

The idea that the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY -- or any family-based entity, with a central banking system located in most every nation in the world -- which is managed and operated by followers of ZIONISM, is perhaps one of the greatest political scams to control the world ever imagined.

Think about it -- possessing a political permit to create money for any country on a global scale will undoubtly lead to fleecing the system where certain persons that manage the system will have unlimited political power to direct money and wealth into nefarious activity which financially benifits the managers of the system.

In any case, much of the financial power of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY -- based in the city of London and known as the Corporation of London, was made even more powerful after WW2 by building satellite banking sites in former colonies of the old British Empire and using these offshore tax haven banks to "launder investment funds" for the GLOBAL ELITE club.

More to the point -- because no political or international police force can legally investage these offshore tax haven banks -- including some links to banks located in Switzerland, certain wealthy oligarchal families -- with links to these "zio-banksters", get away with "monetary murder" all the time with their nefarious activities.

Speaking of ROTHSCHILD FAMILY controlled banks in Switzerland, according to the website solari.com, the Bank of International Settlements -- or BIS, created in the 1930's, is the final word in global banking "arguments" -- which implies that it controlls all the other 63 global central banks. Much like the supreme court of all courts, it decides who gets the created wealth in the world.

In other words, the BIS -- which is ruled by a group of extreamly wealthy crazy people who are not elected -- but rule the world using FIAT MONEY. And less than 1% of the people in the world even know of its existance.

For some GLOBAL ELITE club investors, there exist no limit of their financial worth because nobody or no governmental body is accountable for this system of global banking -- so, it seems that whosoever can pretend to have more zeros in their bank statements -- and convince others of their worth, wins some kind of global risk game in controlling world politics.

And anybody who dares to publically criticise the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel -- and is association with the goals of ZIONISM, will be labeled "antisemitic" by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA publishing gang, because the gang needs to protect their global agenda of controlling the world with their money schemes.

It really is no secret that the interest of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel works with the World Bank and the International Monitary Fund -- aka the IMF. And because of these connections, they control many governments around the globe using certain payment and loan schemes. For example, almost a billion dollars was offered by the World Bank to the country of Belarus if they would accept the Covid-19 lockdown rules as stated by the World Health Organization of the UN. But Belarus refused -- and as a result, is not in debt to the World Bank for almost a billion for the Fake Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020. One wonders how many other countries around the world were paid millions or billions of dollars to follow the socialistic madeup rules of the UN.

One of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY member's -- a lady by the name of Lynn Forester De Rothschild, supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION by using her great wealth and was also expecting something in return -- such as a New World Currency which, according to Lord Jacob Rothschild, was to replace all national currencies in 2018 with the "Phoenix Currency".

Well, that plan has seemingly fell short of the mark -- so, now what?

One wonders about the new popular "cryptocurrencies" -- such as Bitcoin, has anything to do with the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY.

In fact, are any of the new popular "cryptocurrencies" -- which are all based on cryptic "block-chain" electric technologies that can be electronically hacked, somehow related to the Phoenix Currency?

For more information regarding the early history of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY -- check out the YOUTUBE website "Black Pilled" where the site features commentary on the 1930's movie called "The Man Who Saved Europe".

The movie -- created by Jewish interest during the rise of Hitler's Germany in Europe, was ment to show how the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY -- and the "race of the Jews" saved Europe from the greed of other political powers in the late 1700's -- but, in fact, reveals how sneaky and nefarious Mayer Amschel Rothschild was in his time.

Within the 1930's movie, there is a story how Mayer Rothschild -- whose name was based on "Redshield", knew in advance that the Battle of Waterloo was won by the British -- but convinced investors in London that the British lost the battle by reporting false news -- so he bought up the stocks in the market from people who believed the bad news and sold stock.

As it turns out, Mayer Rothschild may have known about the results of the battle at Waterloo before anyone in England because of "carrier pigeon" technology.

Now, isn't it interesting to learn that the Reuters News services of the Netherlands -- which has close ties with the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY, began long ago with "carrier pigeon" technology -- which suggest -- like many Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob news services of today, that they engage in the business of manipulating political FAKE NEWS stories for financial gain.

Basically, some people who make a living dealing with money all their lives apparently must love the stuff -- and, although we know what the Holy Bible says about the love of money, somebody has to deal with it at some point -- so, let's hope that whoever uses money as a weapon for political reasons, to stop it and do good things with it instead.

See any entry where really, really big money is involved.

RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE: Political pundits of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL followers have pushed the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE theory that Donald Trump somehow "colluded with the Russians" before the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and that his election victory was fraudulently acquired by foreign interest.

This abstract and false narrative is a distraction from the necessary investigation into why the DEMOCRATIC PARTY truly lost the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

The whole RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE began as a misdirected story by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY about blaming someone for the "hacked emails" of the Democratic National Committee servers -- and gave them to Wikileaks who, in turned, made them public -- so they, the DNC, concocted a "false Russian hacker story" and "leaked it" to the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to deflect the truth about the nefarious activity of the DNC.

In short, Wikileaks caught the DNC taking a dump in the woods with their pants down -- and all the DNC could do at the time was yell out "look over there -- at the Russian bear" to deflect any negative public attention about being caught in their shameful behavior.

Recent revelations into the subject has revealed that the company known as Fusion-GPS was paid by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY to "smear" Donald Trump with a set of false stories related to the RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE in order to win the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Moreover, the false stories by Fusion-GPS -- such as the infamous "Steele Dossier", were used by the OBAMA Administration in several attempts to undermine President Donald Trump before and after the election.

The false stories resulted in a Federal warrent to spy on President Donald Trump -- and also created a "Special Council" -- run by former FBI director Robert Muller to investigate the president, as a backup "insurance policy" if the Federal warrent attempt failed to find "dirt on the president".

As of late March 2019 -- over two years after the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, it was concluded by the investigation that "no collusion" between President Donald Trump and "the Russians", exist.

So, for over two years the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL pundits have been pushing a "witch hunt" story in attempt to destroy a sitting US president -- which is a treasonous act. If any collusion exist between "the Russians" and certain politicians in the US to undermine the election process, it leads to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and Hillary Clinton who paid for the false stories in the first place.

Will the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob apologize for their misbehavior in misleading the public regarding the truth? Or will they double down in their "hate speech" narrative about President Donald Trump and pile more false stories onto their load of treasonous propaganda?

Basically, if the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob focused on why Hillary Clinton lost instead of gobbling up precious news time pursuing false stories about Donald Trump, the truth about the Clintons and the nefarious activities behind their "charity foundation" -- together with other unsavory stories about the inner workings of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, would have been headline news instead.


SOCIALISM: SOCIALISM is a monopolistic control system of state governments around the world led by followers of Marxism and ZIONISM -- in which the primary social and economic markets of production, distribution, and exchange of things, ideas and services are owned and controlled by the same people that also own and control the state government.

In other words, the Marxist theory of SOCIALISM is based on the economic process of using governmental powers of control to take property and liberty from private citizens -- at gunpoint if necessary, who believe that the free enterprize system of true CAPITALISM -- not state government, should control the primary social and economic markets of production, distribution, and exchange of things, ideas and services.

However, the problem with the Marxist theory of SOCIALISM is that when the government politically owns and economically controls the markets of production, distribution, and exchange of things, ideas and services in a country or nation, there is no personal incentive or reward for people to innovate better ways to build things and serve society.

One key aspect of controlling anything is ownership -- and if the people who own the state governments of this world -- like the oligarical GLOBAL ELITE club members and influential rich families linked to the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel -- who apparently have unlimited access to money that can buy and control certain important key persons in government and sway them toward SOCIALISM, are the same people who own and control everything, then a society based on SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM will always be a monopoly owned and controlled by influential rich people -- which is not fair in a society who believes in true CAPITALISM.

Many political historians believe that Vladimir Lenin once said the statement: "The goal of SOCIALISM is COMMUNISM" -- which means to work toward SOCIALISM is to make for the goal of COMMUNISM.

Also, because Karl Marx is quoted as saying "DEMOCRACY is the road to SOCIALISM", one would likely think that the progressive Marxist term "Democratic Socialism" -- used by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, will surely lead to COMMUNISM one day.

By the way -- the United States of America is not a DEMOCRACY -- it is a FEDERAL REPUBLIC, based on the Rule of Law principal found in the US Constitution -- which were important fundamental laws of human rights decided by a democratic voting contest long ago.

According to the theoretical formula behind COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM is just a "transitional phase of government" -- or "political stepping stone", that eventually evolves into the pure communistic utopian society where everybody lives happily ever after -- therefore, as the theory goes, before COMMUNISM can become a reality, SOCIALISM has to collapse by a "physical and violent revolutionary event" so that the suffering society involved in the revolution demands leadership from powerful politicians who promise justice.

And that is why COMMUNISM is a bad idea -- it relies on the barbaric violent destruction of existing governmental laws that took generations to establish -- it destroys people and property with little or no mercy -- and it is used by powerful politicians to get more power.

Now, some political revolutions in the past have been needed to remove tyrannical leaders -- but all political revolutions involving COMMUNISM install tyrannical leaders because its all about powerful politicians who want central control of government.

A good example of SOCIALISM at work is the country of Venezuela. Financially and militarily propped up by Communist CHINA and other countries seeking valuable oil resources in the area -- Venezuela has had a socialist government for about two decades.

However lately, with the value of oil being much less valuable, the country is in jeopardy of failing because the paper monetary system it uses is based on oil revenues that have collapsed -- and apparently a revolution of some kind is at hand as of early 2019.

Another example of the political values within a major "Western" country moving toward SOCIALISM is that within most of the UK there is a personal property tax -- known as the "council tax", which must be paid every month -- or the government will give jail time to the "offender".

Also, another example of socialistic laws in the UK not realized by many citizens in the US, is that a "TV tax" is charged by the government where if you are caught watching TV in your home without paying the tax, you will be fined -- and if you don't pay the fine, a government gun will show you the way to jail.

Perhaps UK citizens -- and other citizens across the world, who really want to understand the truth on certain subjects, need to stop watching TELEVISON entirely and instead, just use a computer or cell phone to carefully navigate the INTERNET for political information.

Those that push SOCIALISM seem to live in big cities -- where it has been said that "the higher the buildings -- the lower the morals". Because SOCIALISM is based on a type of government system that has serious ethical issues with how proper human activity should be judged and managed by those in control, the overreaching system of government control needs to be abandon for the well being of society.

The political argument between the moral values of SOCIALISM verses CAPITALISM is comparable with the philosophical argument between the moral values of collectivism verses individualism.

A socialist would argue that all the rules of state government are "for the greater good of the public" -- which, in their mind, is the theme behind DEMOCRACY.

However, when progressive socialist politicians learn to "game the government system" in greedy ways that crush personal freedoms of the individual, then true DEMOCRACY is subverted.

Conservative author G. Edward Griffin is known to have said: "Government is a magnet for the preditor class" -- which suggest people who rise to the top in government have made it because they have "preditor instincts" and will prey on the people below them. Thus, the people at the top of a Communist government prey on the people under their control -- which is not a very nice way to govern a country.

Some people who believe in SOCIALISM do not believe their version of socialized government will never become COMMUNISM because -- well, they just feel it.

These people -- or "lackies", are the people that Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin once refered to as "useful idiots" -- because they don't realize that once their purpose in the scheme of COMMUNISM is done, they will be discarded and be replaced by those who believe in full COMMUNISM.

Speaking of Vladimir Lenin -- he is on record for saying the following quote: "The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation" -- which implies the idea that CAPITALISM can be destroyed over time by using corrupt bureaucratic government entities like the IRS and the Federal Reseve.

Because CAPITALISM is based on the freedom of creating individual entities with the power of making things and services "for the greater good of the public" -- it is a much better way to run a nation than SOCIALISM.

And recently, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is progressively pushing the term "Democratic SOCIALISM" as a new and better version of SOCIALISM -- but make no mistake, National SOCIALISM, Soviet SOCIALISM -- or Democratic SOCIALISM, is still SOCIALISM -- where the state government owns the primary markets of production, distribution, and the exchange of things, ideas and services within the country.

A recent political meme said it best regarding the question of what is SOCIALISM -- "SOCIALISM is COMMUNISM for slow learners".

It has been said that some Capitalist players "in bed with the government" use Socialistic concepts for their own benifit -- for example, it is believe that the Rockefeller Dynasty helped push the right to vote for women back in the early 1900's because they wanted the ability to control the other half of the US population by taxing them. In other words, until the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, women -- who earned money, were not "obliged" to pay federal taxes because they did not have the right to vote.

Moreover, these Capitalist players also used the 19th Amendment to lure women out of their homes and away from family duties -- such as homeschooling their childern, and into "the market place" of CAPITALISM -- which also opened the "Education Industry" -- where indoctrination to SOCIALISM and "taking orders from authorities" has been "taught to students" ever since.

UPDATE 5/2020: Since crooked SOCIALISM -- which is really crooked COMMUNISM in disguise, uses "cronyism" in government to push "the collective" concept of property ownership in order to break the will of the individual, the public should be able to see and understand why the DEEP STATE gang is behind the "crony-virus" PLANdemic scam event of 2020.

Socialist politicians are known to always promise free stuff before elections -- such as the UBI -- or Universal Basic Income theory, as a Marxist governmential plan to "evenly distribute wealth" among the citizens. This idea suggest people can stay home and work online based on their needs within society -- or at least until the country collapses because the plan does not work -- due to the lazyness of the freeloader "working class" the plan would create.

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the GLOBAL ELITE gang -- which is sympathetic to the COMMUNIST PARTY and other evil entities who want to control the world, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

Basically, SOCIALISM is theft -- it is COMMUNISM in disguise -- and if not stopped early, the Zionistic aspects of it will destroy a society over time because too much government sucks the life and liberty out of the people.


SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR: A SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR -- or SJW, is a person who believes that a "social and political war exist" between LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL persons and RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE persons, and will take the opportunity to push progressive Marxist-Zionistic political views to match their version of what represents social justice.

SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people are almost always too serious and are easily triggered by "politically incorrect" concepts -- and, because of this, are sometimes teased by RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE persons for entertainment reasons.

They seem fearful about the future and want others to join their war so that they are not alone in their battles to correct the political problems in society.

SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people want a perfect utopian future and see RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE people as obstacles in their quest to make all things in the world politically correct.

SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people can be identified as using the political term known as "woke" in their arguments -- which represents the idea that only they are alert or awake to injustice in society -- especially racism.

They need to "stay angry, and stay woke" as the saying goes -- however, a newer term which states "Get Woke and Go Broke", implies the idea that because many LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob are loosing their funding sources lately, they may find themselves and their companies "out of money" soon. Apparently the public is not buying their propaganda and FAKE NEWS stories anymore.

So, although SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people believe they are "woke" to social justice situations, what they really need to do is to study up on RED PILL POLITICS to learn the real truth of political situations and "get awake" instead.

When confronted with true information that challenges their arguments, sometimes SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR persons "melt like a snowflake" in their demeanor and are refered to as "snowflakes" by RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE persons.

Perhaps because SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people are somehow exposed to artificial toxic chemicals -- known as Endocrine Disrupters, which can influence their hormones -- and therefore the ability to make efficient mental decisions, they need help in making better decisions. For example, a typical SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR will usually decide -- as a "fashion statement", to permanently scribble several "graffiti tattoos" on their bodies -- and sometimes color their hair like a clown, because they think they are making a "neat fashsion statement" -- but in reality, their mind has been so warped by toxic chemical and psychological elements from within "modern society", they need to recongnize where the pollution is coming from and avoid further exposure.

They also like to wear annoying and painful looking metal piercing jewelry on their faces -- apparently because somebody once told them it looks "cool" to have such body decorations.

Didn't the parents of these people ever tell them not to scribble permanent images on their skin? It's fine to look unique and be remembered -- but looking like a circus actor -- who wears strange and unnecessary decorations in public every day, is just acting crazy. Costumes are for special events -- not for every day use.

SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people are a product of the "politically correct" atmosphere found in many modern schools who are run by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist teachers that follow stories of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL.

A new cultural phenomenon and term created by SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people in their quest to "clean up society's mistakes" is called "Cancel Culture" -- which attempts to cancel or erase history by destroying old statues that "offend them". This censoring tactic also extends into editing-out RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE people's views who have posted stories online to social media programs like YOUTUBE, Facebook and Twitter.

UPDATE 6/2020: The INTERNET has been displaying entertaining videos about a female SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR person -- anonymously named "Karen", that represents a typical harpy-like young woman who is always complaning to others about not following the orders of the "medical experts" regarding the "social distancing rules" made up by the people behind the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020.

These videos portray the idea that there are many "Karens" throughout society -- which are always trying to police people with their brainwashed authoritarian values -- and that they themselves have been programmed by years of exposure in LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist schools -- together with watching too much DEEP STATE gang controlled TELEVISION.

SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people have been pushing a twisted version of US history story called "Critical Race Theory" in public LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist schools for some time -- and now the parents of children in public schools are just discovering how it warps students into believing false concepts regarding race and how "privileged white people" should surrender control of society to "under-privileged non-white people.

Why do SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR people always push the subject of race in their arguments? Because as "useful idiots" of the Communist plan to divide and overthrow the USA, they want the USA to fall apart -- so that COMMUNISM will take over the place under the UN flag.

Basically, the term "Social Justice" is a euphemism for economic mugging by political force -- and SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS are always at war with those who do not worry much about the future.


TELEVISION: TELEVISION is a technological medium that uses electromagnetic energy machines to broadcast "wireless" visual and audio information to receiving machinery sets with a viewscreen and speakers. TELEVISION is also a name given to the machine set -- known as a "TV set", that uses the medium of TELEVISION to receive visual and audio information.

TELEVISION and TELEVISION set machines became mainstream in the 1950s. Like the wireless radio medium and radio sets before it, TELEVISION was financially supported by advertisers who shared their products using "commercials" with other popular public stories.

Over time, the medium of TELEVISION has become a major source of news and entertainment for the public -- however, it has also become a propaganda programing tool for Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob CORPORATIONs that want to shape public opinion for nefarious reasons.

Much can be said about how years of watching TELEVISION has shorten our attention span and our ability to concentrate on a subject more than a few minutes because of commercial interruptions during programs.

Moreover, the time spent watching TELEVISION is costing viewers much more than they realize because, like some hypnotic time machine that uses electricity to drug viewers with "mesmerizing entertainment stories", addiction to the medium is unhealthy.

Because TELEVISION is used by the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob to spread FAKE NEWS all the time, some have renamed the medium "Tell-Lie-Vision".

President Richard Nixon once said the following quote: "American people don't believe anything until they see it on TELEVISION". How true is that!

In recent years, the INTERNET -- and its growing ability to compete with traditional broadcast or cable TELEVISION program schemes using the same cable connections, is threatening to replace the medium.

Modern digital TELEVISION sets that have a built in camera have also been known for the capacity to spy on viewers via the INTERNET -- much like the view-screen sets in George Orwell's story about BIG BROTHER -- so, TELEVISION is not the one way experience it used to be.

Some people have good reason to believe that the cure to the Coronavirus PLANdemic event scam of 2020 -- is for the public to stop watching Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob news and streaming entertainment services -- which are loaded with brain-washing propaganda programs, on TELEVISION -- where the real virus currently plaguing the world is coming from.

According to a popular a phrase once used by a Roman writer to help explain why the Roman Rebublic ceased to exist, was that they wasted their energy by eating and watching circuses all the time -- as in: "Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses". Is the government of today -- like the government of the Roman Republic, keeping the public happy by distracting them with fast food commercials and circus-like entertainment on TELEVISION?

In other words, if it were not for the medium of TELEVISION -- and TELEVISION sets, perhaps the public would get out of their safe space more often and make real things happed -- instead of just watching political events unfold from the "circus seats" in their homes.

Basically, traditional broadcast and cable TELEVISION programing is being replaced by the INTERNET because the public wants greater control in choosing their news and entertainment sources without the political programing control of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob.


THORIUM POWER: Made popular recently on YOUTUBE by a space engineer named Kirk Sorensen, THORIUM POWER -- used as Nuclear Fuel, is based on the element of Thorium.

Much like the element of Uranium, the radioactive properties of Thorium allow the element to be used as a fuel source to power a nuclear chain reaction that can run a power plant and make electricity -- however, Thorium itself will not split and release energy -- rather, when it is exposed to fast moving neutrons, it will undergo a series of nuclear reactions until it eventually emerges as an isotope of Uranium called U-233 -- which will readily split and release energy the next time it absorbs a neutron.

Thorium is therefore called fertile, whereas U-233 is called fissile.

Because Thorium is slightly radioactive it can be dangerous if handled improperly. The metal element was discovered in 1828 by the Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius, who named it after Thor, the Norse god of thunder.

Thor -- by the way, was known for his unique "electric hammer" tool and weapon which could "strike a target" from a distance much like some sort of "electromagnetic gun" device.

Anyway, Thorium is found in small amounts in many common rocks and soils, where it is about three times more abundant than Uranium.

When Kirk Sorensen was given the challenge to power a space station on the moon, he believed Thorium was the choice element because Thorium dust powder is apparently quite abundant on the surface of the moon in certain places.

Kirk Sorensen and other nuclear scientist believe that Thorium can be used to power what they call a "Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor" -- or "LFTR" system design, where high temperature operating "salts" of Fluoride containing Thorium can be safely used to create electricity better than conventional water-coolant nuclear reactor designs.

However, a newer theory exist where if Thorium dust powder was placed within a composite torus design apparatus -- or doughnut shaped vacuum chamber device -- together with the right amount of titanium-iron oxide mineral material known as ilmenite sand -- which is also found on the moon's surface in abundance, and magnetically forced together into a moving plasma field using ring-shaped magnets, the device could theoritically create an electric circuit force when wired from the inside to the outside of the device.

The power of this theoritical electric circuit force device is not based on conventional thermaldynamic energy that is used in nuclear power plants -- but on electrodynamic resonant energy without the wasteful cost of heat loss -- and would vary in size depending on the scale of the apparatus.

In effect, the device is both a generator and a battery.

Because Ilmenite sand also has oxygen built in -- and is highly gyromagnetic, pyroelectric and piezoelectric, this would help the Thorium material to cycle within the vacuum chamber generator.

Today, Thorium power can be found in gas lantern mantels that when bombarded with neutrons from gas fuel energy, can release a very bright light -- however, if scaled right using the aforesaid design, could be made portable and may be able to safely power our future electric needs.

Basically, THORIUM POWER could revolutionize DC energy technology and perhaps make mass AC current systems obsolete in the near future.


UK: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom -- or UK, or Britain, is a sovereign country in western Europe.

Lying off the north-western coast of the European mainland, the UK includes the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland and many smaller islands. With an area of about 93,600 sq mi, the UK has an estimated 65 million inhabitants.

A constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy, the monarch of the UK is Queen Elizabeth II who has reigned since 1952.

The capital of the UK and its largest city is London, which is a global financial center with an urban area population of 10.3 million. There are fourteen British Overseas Territories which are the remnants of the British Empire.

At its height in the 1920s, the British Empire encompassed almost a quarter of the world's land mass and was the largest empire in history. British influence can be observed in the language, culture and legal systems of many of its former colonies.

As the world's first industrialized country and the world's foremost power during the 19th and early 20th centuries, the UK remains a great power with considerable economic, cultural, military, scientific and political influence internationally.
It is a recognized nuclear weapons state and has been a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council since its first session in 1946.

The UK was a leading member state of the EU until a national referendum in 2016 -- known as "Brexit", resulted in a decision to leave the EU.

UPDATE 1/20: The UK has formally left the EU and now is again a sovereign nation. The new conservative leadership is now considering actions like removing the "TV tax" -- which supports the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist leaning BBC service, and other programs that involve government taxation schemes associated with SOCIALISM.

Once the largest and most important maritime kingdom nation in the world, the UK is the regional place where the English language was assimilated from many other global languages over many generations.

As a business language, English is spoken by over 400 million people throughout the world and the only human language to be spoken on the moon.

Moreover, since the end of WW2, most all aircraft pilots are required to speak English as a standard language in communicating important messages.

The English speaking UK and USA nations have been the foremost political leaders in policing global military conflicts for well over a century because of their maritime position in GEOPOLITICS.

However, certain corrupt political forces which favor SOCIALISM within the UK took over the government -- much like the DEEP STATE gang has corrupted the political polices of the US.

And many UK citizens now believe a political storm event -- similar to the DRAIN THE SWAMP project that is currently happening in the US, is happening -- and the Brexit event is part of it.

This political storm event is not only happening in the UK, but also in many other national governments around the world -- which could bring about a positive change in society and free citizens from the evils of GLOBALISM.

A recent review of UK history has revealed a political view that -- since WW1, SOCIALISM has taken over the country -- and the banking cartel of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY is related to the political force behind the cause.

Because several INTERNET videos exist that show the PM's of Canada and Austraila giving oaths to the "Queen of England" -- instead of their respective nations, they are actually giving political power and control of their respective citizens over to an imperial monarch globalist system of government based on SOCIALISM. In other words, much like a private CORPORATION that "owns" it's employees, the UK is an imperial globalist entity in the eyes of its leaders that "owns" its citizens.

UPDATE 11/2020: It seems that the current "Crime Minister" of the United Kingdom -- Boris Johnson, is crippling the country by acting like a real tyrant because of his participation in the global medical lockdown rules associated with the FALSE FLAG Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020. Is he -- and his cohorts, on the take from the IMF and the World Bank CORPORATIONs for enforcing their insaine lockdown rules? Is George Soros paying Boris for his actions in the "Global Reset" plan?

By the way, the "Global Reset" plan by the Zionist GLOBAL ELITE club -- particularly the founder of "The World Economic Forum" -- Klaus Schwab, is linked to the UN AGENDA 21 plan that wants to make the NEW WORLD ORDER story a reality.

Also by the way, Boris Johnson's father, Stanley Johnson, wrote a book in 1970 entitled "Life Without Birth" -- which advocates "a task of achieving a reduction in the global birth rate" related to Population Control. Does Boris Johnson believe -- like his father believes, that there are too many people in this world? Are they members of the GLOBAL ELITE club who want to reduce the global population by any means neccessary?

It is known that the IMF and the World Bank CORPORATIONs are paying trillions of dollars or pounds to countries as "loans" if they follow the medical lockdown rules as established by the World Health Organization -- which is operated by a known Communist -- Tedros Adhanom.

And when the public wakes up and realizes that the whole Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 is a FALSE FLAG -- which truly does not require crazy "face diapers" or insane "social distancing" rules because dead viruses are not dangerous or contagious, there will be an uprising of the likes never before seen in the UK -- and across the world.

It will be interesting to see our near future. Will we see a "great awakening" as patriots -- or fall asleep to a "great reset" of our lives as sheeple for the GLOBAL ELITE club.

UPDATE 7/7/2022: Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister of the UK. Many people believe the primary reason is related to his Globalist policies that have become unpopular in recent years -- such as allowing BIG PHARMA CORPORATIONs and government officials tied to the GLOBAL ELITE club, to force UK citizens to "take the jab" aganist their better judgement.

Other reasons for his resignation are related to his support for a proxy war against Russia using NATO equipment and personal in the Ukraine conflict -- which is draining human resources and energy out of the UK, instead of conserving them within the UK during a national crisis.

UPDATE 9/22/2022: It is believed that Queen Elizabeth II has died -- however, the people that control her assets are still alive and still involved in the business of maintaining the goals of the NEW WORLD ORDER without the citizens of the UK having any real input in changing the government.

Basically, the UK is an ancient maritime kingdom -- and much like the mythical Atlantean Maritime Kingdom of long ago, it once controlled the world by using the factors of GEOPOLITICS -- but lost control after WW2 because SOCIALISM drained the wealth from the country.


UN: According to the conventional understanding of global POLITICS, the United Nations -- or UN, is an international organization formed in 1945 after WW2 to provide a venue for political and economic cooperation among member countries.

Many believe that the UN was designed to work on economic programs that try to improve human rights in order to reduce future global conflicts, but others believe that the political institution was -- and is, a vehicle to consolidate political power by the GLOBAL ELITE club -- which will, over time, ultimately usher in a ruthless totalitarian world government.

When the military powers of COMMUNISM invaded South Korea some five years after WW2, it was the UN that sent mostly US troops -- together with help from other Western Nations, to stop the invasion.

Although the UN was created as a replacement for the ineffective League of Nations that formed after WW1, some critics of the organization claim that, like in any growing progressive government system that follows SOCIALISM, it has become overgrown with useless social programs as a result of LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist-Zionist groups creating impractical rules and regulations.

Moreover, because of such programs like the "Earth Charter Initiative" movement -- which is related to governmental and NGO programs linked to the UN, and other UN Marxist-Zionist programs like the AGENDA 21 plan, it sure seems that the UN is part of the NEW WORLD ORDER story.

When Nelson Rockefeller donated the land in New York City for the building of the UN compound, was he also building a site that would bring the NEW WORLD ORDER cause to life?

There exists an interesting coincidence between when the "kibbutz" state of Israel -- which is based on ZIONISM, and the global government organization of the UN came into being at about the same time in history. This coincidence also includes the vocal letter set of "UN" and the letter set of "ON" -- where the word of "ON" is based on the lost utopian temple site of ZION that once existed in Biblical times.

In other words, was the letter sets of "UN" and "ON" meant to represent an "OZ-like" utopian place where people lived peacefully together under some kind of central social system ruled by a wizard king?

Are LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist people involved in the global political forces of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM, the same people behind ZIONISM?

The problem with trying to build or create a utopian place in the real world is that -- no matter how good the intention, human nature -- which includes human greed, seems to eventually take over -- and needs to be identified and be removed from time to time.

As the probverb says: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions", perhaps the idea of a NEW WORLD ORDER will actually make Hell on Earth -- with bad inventions -- like the nuclear bomb, that appeared about the same time in history.

Perhaps the time has come for the UN -- which is a global Marxist governmental institution -- where the baggage of POLITICS has corrupted many members over time, to give up any real control of ruling the world.

No global or national government should have a monopoly on central power to control citizens with over-reaching laws that takes away their essential freedoms.

Perhaps the idea, as quoted by the couple who run the American Intelligence Media channel on their YOUTUBE channel recently stated, the UN should abandon their building in New York City and relocate to the Capital of Kazakhstan in central Asia called Astana -- where the "theory" in the NEW WORLD ORDER story concept is in full bloom.

The city of Astana, by the way, is a futuristic fantasy city of strange impractical building designs dedicated to wild socialistic concepts that looks like it wants to rule the world one day.

And if one really wants to see what kind of universal government system the UN seemingly wants to evolve into -- check out Truthstream Media's video on their YOUTUBE channel regarding the subject of "Asgardia" -- where a "totalitarian space kingdom" wants to rule the universe some day.

UPDATE 4/2020: According to several YOUTUBE "truth channels" that have recently exposed the nefarious profit incentive connections between the UN and DEEP STATE players -- such as Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundations -- who have given billions of dollars to the UN agency known as the World Health Organization -- so that they and the BIG PHARMA people would make trillions of dollars servicing people exposed to "planned" contagion events -- like the recent PLANdemic Coronavirus event of 2020.

In other words, the UN -- together with certain DEEP STATE gang players have planned the recent Coronavirus event of 2020 -- not only for profit reasons, but also to gain political global control of national governments by using fear of a fake contagious virus to create a medical martial law event -- so that the NEW WORLD ORDER story could be become more a fact than a theory.

Speaking of the Rockefeller Foundation, an interesting map image found on the cover of a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document entitled "Scenarios for the Future Technology and International Development" shows artwork where concentric circles emanate from a place in the northwestern African desert -- known as the "Eye of Africa" site -- which is also known as the "Richat Structure", that many believe was once the city of Atlantis.

Are the people who believe in a one world government trying to recreate the one world government that was once Atlantis?

And one more thing about that 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document -- it includes a section entitled "Lockstep" -- which is about bringing on a global police state through a pandemic event almost exactly like the current PLANdemic Coronaviris event of 2020. The GLOBAL ELITE club have apparently been planning to use the socialistic services of the UN and the WHO not only to scare the public -- but also to carry out a "depopulation event program" on an unbelievable scale.

Is the World Health Organization -- or the WHO, a bad player in a planned war to help depopulate the Earth? Perhaps the quote: "WHO is the Anti-Christ?" is not a question -- but a statement.

UPDATE 20/2020: According to the John Birch Society, the following outline of facts should make citizens across the world realize what the UN is up to:

>>> "Top 10 Reasons to Get US Out! of the UN," by John F. McManus (JBS Bulletin Aug 2019)

Are You Aware?

Many of our nation's leaders have been working for decades to deliver the United States to the United Nations as the major step in building an UN-controlled New World Order. Each year since the founding of the UN in 1945, the conspirators for global control have taken steps that threaten to destroy the independence of our nation and the freedoms of the American people.

1. Incompatibility of the U.S. and UN Systems of Government.

U.S. System: Basic rights are given by God and cannot be overruled. Freedom prevails. (See U.S. Declaration of Independence, 1776.)

UN System: Basic rights are granted by the UN government and can be canceled "by law." No recognition of God. The world body lists rights it recognizes and then claims power to abolish them "by law." (See the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, and the UN's International Covenant On Civil and Political Rights, 1966.)

2. UN Seeks to Disarm American Citizens and Cancel the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The UN has always sought to ban private ownership of weapons. For instance, the world body published Our Global Neighborhood in 1995, calling for "the disarming of civilians." The UN Arms Trade Treaty (adopted by the UN in 2013) would ultimately disarm Americans. It was signed by the U.S. in 2013, but has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate.

3. The UN Is a Lawless Body; It Violates Article 2 of Its Own Charter.

Article 2 of the UN Charter states: "Nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state [nation]...."

Examples of UN violation of its own Charter include: (a) forcing U.S. citizens to cancel plans to mine gold in Montana; (b) targeting U.S. law that permits capital punishment; (c) condemning the U.S. Border Patrol for efforts to bar entry of illegal immigrants; and (d) urging independence of Puerto Rico when even the people of that U.S. possession have repeatedly indicated they don't want their relationship to the U.S. changed.

4. Every UN Secretary-General Has Been Either a Communist or a Socialist.

1945-46: Alger Hiss, Communist (United States)
1946-53: Trygve Lie, Socialist (Norway)
1953-61: Dag Hammarskjold, Socialist (Sweden)
1962-71: U Thant, Socialist (Burma, now Myanmar)
1972-81: Kurt Waldheim, Nazi Socialist (Austria)
1982-91: Javier Perez de Cuellar, Socialist (Peru)
1992-96: Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Socialist (Egypt)
1997-06: Kofi Annan, Socialist (Ghana)
2007-16: Ban Ki-moon, Socialist (South Korea)
2017- : Antonio Guterres, Communist (Portugal)

5. UN Charter's Article 25 Overrides U.S. Constitution and American Sovereignty.

The complete text of Article 25 states: "The Members of the United Nations agree to accept and carry out the decisions of the [UN] Security Council in accordance with the present Charter." No President or member of Congress who has sworn a solemn oath to abide by the U.S. Constitution can permit Article 25 to dictate U.S. policy. However, most of America's elected officials believe our nation is obliged to deliver forces and arms when the UN calls for them.

6. Articles 39-51 of the UN Charter authorized the UN to direct U.S. participation in the "undeclared," "no-win" Korean War. Articles 52-54 of the UN Charter authorized creation of NATO and SEATO as UN "regional alliances," which led to U.S. involvement in "undeclared," "no-win" wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Established in 1945, the UN directed the Korean War (34,000 Americans killed and 92,000 wounded). This war has never been settled.

Formed in 1954, SEATO directed the Vietnam War (47,000 Americans killed and 153,000 wounded). The Vietnam War could have been won but for restrictions from on high. This war marked the first defeat in our nation's history.

Congress declared neither the Korean War nor the Vietnam War as required by the U.S. Constitution. United States involvement in these two wars was due to our membership in the UN and SEATO.

Established in 1949, NATO conducted the "undeclared," "no-win" war in Afghanistan from August 2003 to December 2014 as the leader of a UN-mandated coalition of 50 nations, which included the United States, and which at its height had 130,000 troops.

7. UN Leaders Oppose National Sovereignty, Favor a UN-Led World Government.

U Thant (1970): "Lenin's ideals of peace are in line with the aims of the UN Charter."
Boutros-Ghali (1992): "The time of absolute and exclusive sovereignty has passed. It's time to rethink the question of sovereignty."
Kofi Annan (2000): "There must be new forms of global governance and global rules."

8. State Department Officials Bow to United Nations.

Secretary of State Dean Acheson, 1949: "NATO is designed to fit precisely into the framework of the United Nations."

Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, 1957: "I have never seen any proposal made for ... world government or for world federation which could not be carried out either by the United Nations or under the United Nations Charter."

State Department Official Richard N. Gardner, 1974: "In short, the house of world order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down [via] an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece...."

Secretary of State Colin Powell, 2001: "When it comes to our role as a member of the Security Council, we obviously are bound by UN resolutions and we're not trying to modify that."

9. Numerous Divisions of the United Nations Headquartered in Huge Buildings Throughout the World Continue to Build the UN's Power Over All of Mankind.

The UN's Organizational Chart shows the presence and indicates control of the world body in the fields of education, population, children, women, environment, trade, finance, health, agriculture, labor, military, science, culture, atomic power, telecommunications, aviation, industrial development, narcotics, refugees, immigration, property rights, and more.

10. Disarmament for All -- Except the United Nations.

In 1961, the U.S. State Department issued a 19-page booklet entitled "Freedom From War: The U.S. Program For General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World."

This document's plan, never withdrawn, called for "progressive steps" leading to UN-dominated new world order. It summarizes elements of this frightening plan as follows:

(a) "States would retain only those forces and non-nuclear armaments ... required for maintaining internal order."
(b) "The UN Peace Force, equipped with agreed types and quantities of armaments, would be fully functioning."
(c) "The manufacture of armaments would be prohibited except for those of agreed types and quantities to be used by the UN Peace Force.... All other armaments would be destroyed or converted to peaceful purposes."
(d) The peace-keeping capabilities of the UN would be sufficiently strong ... as to assure peace ... in a disarmed world."


The United Nations is not taking over the United States. What is occurring is that the United States is being delivered to the United Nations. This delivery must be stopped. The course is clear. Withdrawal from the United Nations must be accomplished while there is still time to do so. Get US Out! of the United Nations.



UPDATE 1/2024: According the website stopthewho(dot)com and other sources, unelected managers of a "One Health" organization within the WHO of the UN, will soon have the lawful control of most all natural resources within member countries because of a "New Pandemic Treaty". Apparently, because "all human health is related to natural resources", the WHO of the UN will now control the governments of member countries. In other words, much like how the UN forced the COVID-19 control scam onto many countries in 2020, the WHO of the UN will control all natural resources in member countries "in the name of public safety and health".

Basically, the Zionistic UN was not just set up to resolve conflicts between nations before they became major wars -- but was created as a one world global government system that is planning to take complete control of all nations one day by slowly removing their independent sovereignty.


USA: The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or USA -- and sometimes the acronym of just the two letters of US, is a union of states that was created as a FEDERAL REPUBLIC during and after the Revolutionary War with the British of England in 1776.

Before the former 13 British colonies along the East Coast of North America became the USA, the area was occupied by indigenous native peoples commonly refered to as "Indians" -- perhaps because they were once known along the coast and rivers as traders in "indigo" plants used in dye making.

As for the origin of the name "America" -- many believe that it was based on the European map maker who explorered the continental realm of the western Atlantic -- named Amerigo Vespucci. However, according to the book "The True Story of How America Got It's Name", other historians believe in a theory in which the name of America could have been based on the name of the govenor of Bristol England that sponsored the British explorer John Cabot -- whose name was Richard Amerike.

According to the theory, the map making work of John Cabot -- who disappeared about the same time the Spanish ship that carried Amerigo Vespucci was exploring the Caribbean realm, was taken from Mr Cabot during an encounter in the Caribbean realm -- and used by Mr Amerigo in his map work to complete the eastern shores of what is now North America. The theory suggest that European Map makers favored the work of Amerigo Vespuccii over the idea in which influential British sea explorers and sponsors should recieve credit for the name of the American Continents.

The word of "America" may also be based on the ancient maritime realm of Armorica or Aremorica -- which is the name given in ancient times to the western European coast that includes the Brittany Peninsula and the British Isles. The Armorican sailors were defeated by the Romans when, on the day of an important sea battle, the wind died and they could not maneuver fast enough wherein the Romans "rowed" around them to victory.

In any case, the "pictographic origins" of the word "America" translates into the image statement that equals the term "the sea king" as explained in the following statement:

Because the vowel letter "A" -- which is based on the shape of an ancient Phoenician Lateen Rig sailboat design, and has a Latin value of the word "Le" or "the" -- and the word image set of "mar" equals the Latin name of "the sea" -- as in "marine" -- followed by the letter image set of "ca" or "Ka" -- which is short for the word "King", the word "America" equals the phrase "the sea king" -- as in the realm of the Atlantic -- once ruled by the mythical King Atlas from the maritime kingdom of Atlantis.

As of 2018, the USA is composed of 50 states, the Federal District of Columbia -- where the capital state of the union, Washington, D.C., exist, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

Regarding the Federal District of Columbia, the diamond shaped ten-square mile parcel of land of Washington, D.C. was Incorporated in 1871 as a "City State" -- and has been managed as a "Political Corporation" with controlling financial banking links to other "City States" in Europe -- such as the City of London and Vatican City. All three "City States" have been under the Zionistic political control of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY Central Banking cartel with very few people knowing how the system works.

The USA has over 324 million people that primarily speak the language of English. Nearly 40% of the total wealth in the world is found within the USA.

The USA has endured a major civil war, two major foreign world wars and several significant "war events" involving other countries since 1776.

Concerning the American Civil War, it has been recorded in many textbooks since the war between the Northern States and the Southern States was fought over slavery. While this view is true, these textbooks only focus on the racial aspect of the event and makes no mention of the financial slavery of the event.

During the mid 1800's, wars across Europe and the American Continents became very profitable to the people who controlled the European Central Banks. And these "central banksters" -- particularly the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY cartel, seem to have been involved in political scams which aggravated the cultural differences between states and countries, so that the governments would borrow money from them to pay for the cost of said wars.

They say that "all wars are bankers' wars" -- and the American Civil War was definitely a "bankers' war".

In 1871, soon after the American Civil War, European Central Bankers forced the US Congress to create the Corporation of the United States within the District of Columbia, to help facilitate and pay back the cost of the war. And some four decades later, these bankers also scamed the US Congress into creating the FEDERAL RESERVE -- with their IRS tax collecters to enforce payments to the central government located in Washington D.C..

These political actions by the "banksters" have enslaved the American citizen to international banking CORPORATIONs who own our national government -- and we, as sovern US citizens need to end this scam. Slavery is a scam brought to by politicians who want to control people with unnecessary laws that restrict human freedoms -- and the USA is supposed to represent a form of government that represents the spirit of freedom. Let us not forget that spirit of government.

The USA became the world's sole superpower after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and is known for its remarkable aerospace technologies in placing humans on the moon -- to its formidable agricultural achievements in helping to feed the world after WW2 from its many crop and animal farms.

Much of the political energy of the USA is based on CAPITALISM and NATIONALISM -- with some SOCIALISM taking place during WW1 and WW2.

It is believed by many that the USA has been primarily a two-party political system since it began, with the DEMOCRATIC PARTY since WW1 pushing SOCIALISM and more progressive government control of our lives -- while the conservative REPUBLICAN PARTY favoring CAPITALISM and limited government control of our lives.

However, lately it has been learned that the two-party political system is actually the same party -- now known as the "Uniparty", and has been controlled by people who believe in ZIONISM.

Recently, there seems to be an attempt by LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people to rewrite the history of the USA -- for example, the following words can be found online in a PDF document entiteld: "A REPUBLIC, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT" by Scott N. Bradley.

>>> At the close of the Constitutional Convention on September 17, 1787, as Benjamin Franklin left
the hall in Philadelphia, he was asked, “What kind of government have you given us, Dr.Franklin?”
He replied: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

It is noteworthy that Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution specifies that every
State in the United States was to have a Republican form of government: “The United States
shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government…

As the Constitutional Convention convened in 1787, the perspective and intention of a limited,
non-democratic government was held from the very beginning of their discussions. On 31 May
1787, Edmund Randolph told his fellow delegates that the purpose of the Convention was “…to
provide a cure for the evils under which the United States labored; that in tracing these evils to
their origin, every man had found it in the turbulence and follies of democracy….

In his defense of the outcome of the Convention of 1787, James Madison, the “Father of the
Constitution,” eloquently expressed the fundamental concerns about democracy and the
protections of a republic:

“Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have
ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general
been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths…"

“A Republic, by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place,
opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking.”

Many other powerful statements regarding the dangers of democracy and the virtues of Republics
are noted throughout the Federalist Papers. Wise philosophers and statesmen from early history
recognized the dangers inherent in democracy, and warned society. American founding father,
John Adams, understood well the shortcomings of democracy:

“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There
never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

During the founding era of America, historian Alexander Tytler is said to have explained at least
part of the reason why a democracy tends to destroy itself:

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until [a majority
of] the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse [gifts] from the public treasury.

From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits
from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose
fiscal policy [taxing and spending], always followed by a dictatorship. The average life of the
world’s greatest civilizations has been two hundred years.”

Alexander Hamilton also raised his voice in warning against democracy:

“It has been observed, by an honorable gentleman, that a pure democracy, if it were practicable,
would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position in politics is more
false than this. The ancient democracies, in which the people themselves deliberated, never
possessed one feature of good government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure,

It is interesting to contrast the words of the American founders to those scurrilous leaders of the
communist movement:

Karl Marx sought to foster democracy to promote the philosophies he wrote of in The
Communist Manifesto. Democracy was seen by Marx as progress towards full blown

“We have seen above that the first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the
proletariat to the position of ruling class, to win the battle of democracy.”

Lenin, the communist revolutionary who enslaved Russia, recognized democracy as a tool for his
purposes, writing:

“…just as socialism cannot be victorious unless it introduces complete democracy, so the
proletariat will be unable to prepare for victory over the bourgeoisie unless it wages a manysided,
consistent and revolutionary struggle for democracy.”

In 1938 and 1939, the future communist dictator of Mainland China, Mao Tse-tung, following
the lead of Karl Marx and Lenin, explained:

“Education in democracy must be carried on within the Party so that members can understand
the meaning of democratic life, the meaning of the relationship between democracy and
centralism, and the way in which democratic centralism should be put into practice.”

“Taken as a whole, the Chinese revolutionary movement led by the Communist Party embraces
the two stages, i.e., the democratic and the socialist revolutions, which are two essentially
different revolutionary processes, and the second process can be carried through only after the
first has been completed. The democratic revolution is the necessary preparation for the socialist
revolution, and the socialist revolution is the inevitable sequel to the democratic revolution.”

From the perspective of those who seek to subjugate humanity under their bloody yoke,
implementing democracy is a necessary preliminary step.

Tragically, early in the 20th Century, United States President Woodrow Wilson and his “alter
ego” Edwin Mandell House popularized the concept of democracy as the American political
form of government, and its value for the entire world (“We must make the world safe for

Since that time, there has been an unremitting effort on the part of the socialist/globalist
cabal to universalize the false philosophy that the United States of America was established
originally as a democracy, and that that form of government continues to be the ideal
of this nation, as well as the goal of all nations which would be free.

Today the term “democracy” is used almost exclusively as a term to describe the form of
government which its promoters would say governs the United States. While this is a totally false
concept, it has been made almost universally accepted as true. Presidents, governors, senators,
congressmen, media moguls, teachers, etc. embrace and promote democracy as America’s form
of government. Indeed, based upon the ubiquitous and universal nature of the effort, it would
seem appropriate to term the movement to redefine the Nation as a democracy an organized

Because of this, it is critically important to remind ourselves that the United States is a Republic.
It was created as a Republic by well-thought, purposeful action. It was specifically NOT created
as a democracy.

In a Republic, the elected representatives create legislation within the limited framework
established by the Nation’s charter, The United States Constitution. The founders saw many
dangers inherent in a democracy, and they rejected it as a dangerous form of government, prone
to a kind of “mob rule” mentality. They unequivocally established a Republic, placing limits upon
the power of the legislature by which they could create law, thus seeking to prevent tyranny.


However, many historians have confused the word "democracy" with the word "Republic" in descibing what is the USA. In fact, some websearch results can mistakenly state that Benjamin Franklin said the term: "A democracy, if you can keep it" -- when ask what he said regarding the subject.

So, who changed the word "Republic" into the word "democracy" -- and why?

Are the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Communist publishers -- who have controlled our educational institutions for over a century, trying to brainwash the public about what really was said in 1787 by Benjamin Franklin? Are they trying to change history and make it seem like the USA was created as a democracy -- and not as a Republic?

Students of USA history need to understand how "offical history" has been highjacked by those who want to destroy the USA with Critical Race Theories -- so that the UN will take over with their NEW WORLD ORDER plan.

Who would want to destroy the USA by underminding our educational system -- and why?

Schools used to teach students how to think, but now many seem to teach students what to think. Who changed that -- and why?

Here is a science-history-math lesson not taught in USA schools that teaches how to understand our unique place in time:

The current flag of the USA displays seven red stripes on a white background and fifty white pentagram stars inside the first quadrant of a dark blue field area that represents fifty states within the union of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC.

It is intersting to note the current flag of the USA also represents a graphical model of an ancient forgotten calendar -- wherein a time counting formula within certain elements of the flag -- when added together properly, equals the annual count value of the True Tropical Solar Year. In other words, the current flag of the USA can be used to tell a time-keeping story of how our ancient ancestors once kept annual time -- so that farmers would know when to plant and harvest food crops on time throughout the year -- and when seafaring traders, who once sailed across the oceans, would know when to depart during the seasonal tradewinds.

For example, the numbers of 4, 5, 7 and 50 can be found in the current US flag -- and if added together properly using the right sequence values, can be used as a calendar count formula of annual timekeeping that equals 365.2422 days a year. The following formula of number values explains this concept in greater detail:

#1: Two shapes can be found in the US flag -- a four-sided square or rectangle that represents the number of 4 -- and the five-pointed pentagram star of 5. There also exist seven red stripes of 7 -- and fifty-stars that represents the number of 50.

#2: The number 7 represents 7-days a week -- which if times 52 -- as in 52-weeks a year, equals 364 days -- that, when added to a "year day" event at the end of the year -- every year, equals 365 days per year.

#3: Now, if one "leap day" -- or "pass-over day", were added every alternate fourth and fifth year to a 365 day annual calendar -- together with a "super leap day", every 50-years -- the total time count per year equals the True-Tropical Solar Year of 365.2422 days a year!

The calendar math is relatively easy to understand -- if 365 days a year were multiplied by 100, the total would equal 36,500 days per century. Now, if the alternate fourth and fifth year "leap-day" formula equals a total of 22.22+ "extra days" every 100 years -- and if one "super leap day" every 50 years -- which equals 2 "super leap days" every 100 years, were added together, then the total would be 24.22+ "extra days" every century. So, added all together the total equals 36,524.22+ days every 100 years -- which equals the True Tropical Solar Year count formula of 365.2422 days a year for a balanced Solar Calendar.

What is truely amazing in understanding this ancient numerical formula of annual time-keeping, is that -- according to Plato, the Atlanteans from Atlantis met at their capital seaport every 4th and 5th year -- and that, according to several archeologist, many of the "timekeeping temple mounds" in what is now "Middle America" were "ceremoniously enlarged" every 50 years!

So -- is the USA of today -- which controls much of the world, somehow related to the antediluvian Atlantean Maritime Kingdom that once controlled the world long ago?

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE gang -- which is sympathetic to the COMMUNIST PARTY and other evil entities who want to control the world, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

Apparently, the Zionistic GLOBAL ELITE club -- based in such places as the City of London, Israel, Switzerland, Rome, Washinton D.C. and CHINA, are actively enganged in a final plot to divide the USA into a broken governmental institution by using the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob -- which includes Big Tech social media giants, together with the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL political efforts of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY army in Washington DC.

This plot -- which has been in the works for over a hundred years, is now using "The Great Reset" program of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates to finalize the plot. And the plot can easily be seen by those who are familiar with the evil story behind the political efforts of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL to destroy the USA from within -- so that the Zionistic institution of the UN government and Marxist CHINA -- under COMMUNISM, will politically and militarily control the world without any significant Capitalistic nation to stop them.

It seems that the plot behind a World War 3 senario to take over the world by the Zionist plotters went "hot" when the fake Covid-19 PLANdemic scam event was launched in 2020 -- and the first poisonous "gene-therapy shots" were fired into gullible people who were brainwashed by years of propaganda from the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob.

However, this diabolical plot is being exposed daily on the INTERNET by people who are awake in understanding the POLITICS behind the true reasons behind the fake Covid-19 PLANdemic scam event. When "The Great Reset" gets exposed by "The Great Awakening", the USA will win WW3 -- and the bad people that have caused so much grief for so long will loose control and die away into the past -- never ever to be seen again -- except in history books as evil people.

The evil Technocracy that the GLOBAL ELITE club -- and their "Fifth Column army" DEEP STATE gang want, will not succeed because it is wrong on so many levels. The zealot Zionist politicians have turned the USA into a bad global police force that needs to loose the excess weight of war-making if it is to survive into the future. Their nest in Washington D.C. needs to be cleaned out asap.

UPDATE 1/2024: The Department of Homeland Security -- which is a Zionist product of the Patriot Act, will force a National ID system onto United States citizens -- known as "Real ID", on May 2025. This National ID system will not allow domestic air travel to US citizens unless they have a "small star" on their State Drivers' License. In other words, the central government of the USA -- located in the City-State of Washington D.C. and the District of Columbia, has created a "new rule" where US citizens need a National Identity "number" system to legally travel in the air on domestic flights between places within the country. This National ID system will lead to a digital number system of US citizens that can be controlled by the GLOBAL ELITE club -- and is a bad idea. Like the Patriot Act itself, this "new rule" needs to be removed asap.

Basically the USA is a FEDERAL REPUBLIC for which other nations across the world once looked to as an example of how to run a government based on freedom and not on fear -- but now needs to update itself by removing the bad elements that currently control the country with vast amounts of stolen money.


U.S. CONSTITUTION: The UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION -- or U.S. CONSTITUTION, is a document that has recorded the supreme laws of the United States.

Empowered with the sovereign authority of the people by the framers and the consent of the legislatures of the states, it is the source of all government powers, and also provides important limitations on the government that protect the fundamental rights of United States citizens.

The Preamble to the Constitution states: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

The U.S. CONSTITUTION is what makes the USA a unique nation among all nations. The key word in the constitution is "Liberty" -- for people to be free of oppression -- free of tyranny -- and free of control by others who want to use our minds and bodies for political reasons. As Samual Adams once said: "It does not take a majority to prevail -- but an irrate tireless minority -- keen on setting brush-fires of freedom in the minds on men".

Basically, the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION is a legal contract between the US government and its citizens to do the right things in life.


USSR: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics -- also known as the Soviet Union or USSR, was formed as a godless government in 1922 -- and existed until 1991 when the union collapsed.

The USSR began in the country of Russia when the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 experimented with SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM for almost 70 years.

The Bolsheviks were Marxist-Zionistic members of the Russian Social Democratic Party that advocated the violent overthrow of CAPITALISM throughout WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

There exist several documentaries on the INTERNET that explain how certain major "western" central bankers in New York and London wanted Russia "dissolved" so that they would make money accessing the "royal assets" of the monarch in the aftermath of the breakup of the Russian Empire. Central Bankers like Jacob Schiff help sponsored Lenin and Trosky to go to Russia and a start "a revolution". Using Masonic Lodges as bases to launch their revolution, Lenin and Trosky succeded in destroying the country of Russia and turned it into a Marxist State named USSR -- ruled by Communistic totalitarian leaders like Stalin.

Many believe that the political cult of ZIONISM also played a major role in the Bolshevik Revolution because Russia was their first country to test their utopian political theories of controlling governments on a large scale.

Eventually, the Russian citizens learned the hard way that SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM does not work -- and that these central control systems are very cruel in how their leaders treat their citizens who disagreed with them.

After the USSR collapsed in 1991, the former union broke into several countries of which the country of Russia -- known as the Russian Federation, is the largest.

UPDATE 2/28/2022: The country of Russia has taken the opportunity to police the country of Ukraine because Ukraine's current leaders -- which were installed by the nefarious political activity of George Soros and his NAZI links to the GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang in 2013, were going to invite NATO to install nuclear and biological weapons on their border. Moreover, the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob is currently using propaganda to portray the Russians as the invading aggressor -- while ignoring the fact that the corrupt GLOBAL ELITE club and DEEP STATE gang -- which have ancient links to the Kazarian Mafia of the area, have been "poking the Russian Bear" since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

By the way, there exist an Encyclopeadia Britannica World Atlas -- published in 1945, that does not even mention the term "Ukraine" within the former USSR. If such a country existed after WW2 within the USSR, who created it and why? Some say Nikita Khrushchev -- who was born in the area, created the "country" so that he would have more local political power. In any case, the "nation" of what is called "Ukraine" was -- and is, a political project created by people who love to use other people for political gain.

Speaking of political projects and political gain, it seems that the greedy Zionist that control the Central Banks of "western society" are trying again to break-up Russia -- so that they can transfer the wealth of the country to themselves. The Zionist behind this political project will not succeed this time because too many people can see the scam taking place live on the INTERNET.

Basically, because absolute state government power corrupts absolutely, citizens of a country should be very careful not to surrender all their freedoms and property rights to the state government that follows Marxist-Zionist idealogy.


VEGAN: A person who is a VEGAN does not eat or use animal products because of the belief that all the necessary nutrients for good health can be found in plants and mineral suppliments. VEGANs also believe that the industry of killing animals for human consumption is cruel -- not only for the animals, but also for the global environment.

However, there exist a physiological phenomenon issue whereby people who only eat plant base protien food seem to have a shortage of the tetosterone hormone in their bodies -- which can influence their mental wellbeing -- particularly if the person is a male.

For example, people who eat substantual amounts of soft food plant protien products that contain phytoestrogens -- such as soy, which are plant-derived xenoestrogens not generated within the endocrine system, seem to identify with more female than male characteristics.

Perhaps this physiological phenomenon issue related to the shortage of the tetosterone hormone in male persons is not only why the sperm count in males have dropped significantly in recent decades, but is also related to why the POLITICS of FEMINISM has taken over much of WESTERN CIVILIZATION in recent decades.

Because we are what we eat -- and lately much of our food is processed with added plant-based phytoestrogens -- resulting in less aggresive male characteristics, maybe we need to balance our food intake with more sources of tetosterone. If that can be done without eating animal meat -- great, but we should not fool ourselves with the idea that we can totaly abandon an easy source of a needed hormone we have consumed as humans for thousands of years.

Furthermore, even if a practical source of tetosterone could be included in a new plant-base VAGAN diet, there exist the challenge of providing other kinds of important mineral nutrient chemistry found in a protein-rich meat-base diet that adds "flavor" to the food. Because humans absolutely need a variety of flavors -- based on good tasting protein sources, any new plant-base VAGAN diet would have to address this challenge.

By the way -- the idea of eating insects for protein sources for humans will never work on any real scale because the quality of protein will never match the taste and texture of real meat protein. They say you are what you eat -- and who wants to be like a bug...

Regarding the idea of only eating plant base foods -- there exist a new theory that if plants could package certain noble metals from the soil -- such as gold or Monotomic Gold, then perhaps the electro-chemical health benefits of eating the plant containing gold may result in the longevity of the user.

In other words, VEGANs who eat plants that contain very small amounts of Monotomic Gold particles -- which helps in the electric metabolism of the body and mind, may need very little food to survive on -- and may, in theory, live much longer healthier lives than "meat eaters".

Because scientist have recently grown gold material within alfalfa plants from gold particles embeded within the soil, imagine the future of agriculture and human health if farmers could learn to grow vast amounts of plants with a type of gold that can be absorbed properly in the body.

And because a little gold is all that is needed in this theoretical concept of "growing gold in plants", perhaps anybody with a garden and some pure gold material -- like food grade gold leaf, can experiment with the idea. If one wants to live a long durable and malleable life, perhaps try some Monotomic Gold in the diet via an eatable plant -- but remember, too much of a good thing is too much -- so be careful. It could be like a drug if used too much.

The trick in this new theoretical concept of "growing gold in plants" is to use gold in such a small amount that the plant will absorb it properly. If the gold is visible to the eye when eaten -- it will pass through the body as an element that will not bond to anything. The smaller the gold material -- the easier it can be properly absorbed and assimilated.

Moreover, although plants do package essential minerals from the soil -- perhaps fungi can also be used to capture essential minerals -- such as Monotomic Gold, as well. In fact, because many cook and eat mushrooms like animal meat, maybe the art of growing mushrooms in soil containing Monotomic Gold, could supplant the public's "want of meat" in their diet -- and thus make more people become VEGAN-like over time.

There even exist a theory that some people in the past -- such as certain religious saints with glowing "aureolas", may have used gold in their diet as a positive factor in influencing followers to their cause -- particularly under low light situations. Because the human brain contains substantual amounts of fatty phosphorus compounds -- like ATP, or Adenosine TriPhosphate and PhosphoCreatine -- which are organic substances based on an element capable of glowing in the dark, imagine what a proper diet of Monotomic Gold might do to the visual well being of a person who uses a "golden diet".

The concept that humans are really "energy beings" living a physical experience is a viewpoint not realized by the average person.

VEGANs also claim to be very aware of our environment -- in fact, many are enviromental activist. Some also believe in the CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING arguments -- but need to better understand the truth within these arguments.

On one hand, it is good that VAGANs also promote "renewable free energy technology" -- like wind generator or solar panel stations, but, on the other hand, they need to study the political motives behind any NEW WORLD ORDER plans -- and the real people pushing such nonsense.

Speaking of wind and solar technology, the energy that it takes to build and maintain these technologies actually cost much more than what people realize. Add the overall recyclable cost to these new technologies, and it really makes no sense to those who truely understand what it takes to "save the planet" from human ignorance.

In recent years, much of the "green environmental movement" have embraced "bio-mass energy" recycling causes because they believe the technology uses less carbon fuel energy -- like coal and gas, to generate electric energy. However lately, it has been learned that whole forest are now being identified by CORPORATIONs as "bio-mass energy" sources for fuel and being destroyed -- which is not what many in the "green environmental movement" want.

Could our real future be based on both carbon fuel and renewable energy -- like it is currently today? Should we depend only on renewable energy sources when so many other types of energy sources are available?

I should be known that the element of Carbon -- when bonded to Oxygen in the atmosphere, is actually good for green plants and the environment. The GLOBAL ELITE club -- and their story about how man-made CO2 "gas" is killing the planet is one of the biggest lies being told. The real truth is exactly the opposite of what they claim is true.

So, VEGANs who care about their health -- and the environmental health of the planet, need to be more aware than ever of the political trickery involved in how ignorant human activity is affecting the food and fiberious plants of our environment.

Basically, VEGANs are not only vegatarian plant eaters, they try to teach others why the industry of killing animals for food is questionable and how it is polluting our environment in ways not fully understood by the average person.


WESTERN CIVILIZATION: WESTERN CIVILIZATION, is a term used very broadly to refer to a Greco-Roman heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems based on CAPITALISM, specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or association with Europe -- which lies westward from the Biblical holy sites along the eastern shore areas of the Mediterranean Sea.

The term also applies to countries and cultures beyond Europe -- whose histories are strongly connected to Europe by immigration, colonization, or influence -- for example, Western Culture includes countries in the Americas and Australasia, whose language systems -- based on the Latin Alphabet, and demographic ethnicity majorities are currently linked to European history.

It is interesting to note that all the historical event dates of WESTERN CIVILIZATION are dated to a timeline that matches the same timeline of the Judaic Calendar. Why is that?

How and when did the Judaic Calendar -- which is based on the assumed birth date of the first Patriarch named Adam, get used by historical scholars to measure the timeline of human history and WESTERN CIVILIZATION?

Could a very important history book -- known as the Nuremberg Chronicle that was published about five centuries ago in 1493 -- one year after the voyage of Columbus in 1492, have been the official source of the annual dates of WESTERN CIVILIZATION?

Is the Nuremberg Chronicle -- which was assembled by Judaic scholars who measured the timeline of WESTERN CIVILIZATION to fit the B.C. / A.D. dating system, the reason human history is dated to over five-thousand years ago?

Perhaps the timeline dates of WESTERN CIVILIZATION were "invented" by Judaic scholars some five centuries ago because back then few people had access to real verifiable annual data to match historical stories.

Moreover, if the timeline dates of the Nuremberg Chronicle were "invented" -- then perhaps the timeline dates of conventional human history are not based on facts -- and need a major review to discover the true annual history of humanity.

Does the word "western" -- in the term WESTERN CIVILIZATION, imply the idea that the "civilization" -- or the "civil people" of "the west" came from that direction relative to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea?

Because the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea includes Biblical stories about peoples moving eastwards from the west -- such as how Moses went eastwards out of Egypt -- and historical stories about the "Sea Peoples" colonizing ancient Phoenicia from the west, perhaps the term WESTERN CIVILIZATION implies the historical idea that a civil or peaceful movement of people from "the western regions" were -- and still are, trying to "spread peace toward the east".

Perhaps the very Latin symbol of "W" -- which is based on the "water hieroglyph" that means "water waves", implies a westward direction of origin -- from which an ancient maritime society represents the oceanic heritage of WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

UPDATE 9/2020: Currently, WESTERN CIVILIZATION is under major attack by the DEEP STATE gang -- who have created a psychological FALSE FLAG operation known as the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020, so that they can scare the public into accepting more control from the GLOBAL ELITE club.

However, because this gang of evil people have overextened their control powers in creating a fake pandemic event -- and will be exposed when the greater public wakes up to the truth and sees who is benifiting from the event, they will loose their control. The hard times of today will create better times tomorrow -- or as the old saying goes:

"Hard Times create Strong Men,
Strong Men create create Good Times,
Good Times create Weak Men,
Weak Men create Hard Times".

And so it goes -- the "Weak Men" in this case are the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL people of the DEEP STATE gang who are the programmed puppets of the GLOBAL ELITE club -- who together, have controlled the propaganda machine of the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob network for over a century. These evil people also want to take more control of the today's technologies to create their version of tomorrow -- based on the Godless world of COMMUNISM. They are trying to use the political fear powers of BIG PHARMA and the UN to accomplish the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020.

And when the greater public takes action to stop the insane set of rules behind this global hoax of a pandemic, only then can WESTERN CIVILIZATION recover from the crisis and not only "return to normal" again -- but achieve "better than normal" status because the DEEP STATE gang will have lost politcal control of the world that they have had for over a century.

UPDATE 1/20/2021: Joe Biden was "sworn in" as US president on 1/20/2021 -- and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY controls both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives because the GLOBAL ELITE club and the GLOBAL ELITE gang -- which are sympathetic to the COMMUNIST PARTY and other evil entities who want to control the world, stole the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. May God have mercy on the USA...

UPDATE 1/4/2024: According to several INTERNET channels -- such as The David Knight Show on Bitchute and Joe Scott on YOUTUBE, a book first printed in the early 90's by Strauss and Howe -- named "The Fourth Turning", projected a theoretical formula story about how the societal history of WESTERN CIVILIZATION follows a four cycle period of repetitive time zones similar to that of the four climate seasons found every year in nature.

The four cycle periods are named in sequence as "the high", "the awakening", "the unraveling" and "the crisis". Some time periods of this theoritical formula overlap because people are slow to react to events that change their understanding of history.

Although not exactly the same theoritical formula story presented by Strauss and Howe, the following story basically follows the same theme in their book.

For example, the most recent four cycle period found in WESTERN CIVILZATION begins right after WW2 when the first "Spring season" is "the high" period -- where trust amoung people is prevalent and new things in life are "good and growing". Some would say that the "good old days" of the fifties and sixties represents this period in history.

The second "season" is a period of time when people are eating the fruit of their labor in the garden, but are also slowly waking up to how "the powers that be" are misbehaving and trust in leadership is being questioned. Much like the Summer season where bad weeds among the "good plants" take over the garden if not removed, the greedy people in society take over government if not removed. This period takes place in the late 1960's through the early 2000's.

The third "season" is when the "unraveling" of society really begins. Like Fall, the cold frosty nights of "demonstrations, riots and boycotts" will burn the roots of trust between people and their leaders. Almost a decade after 9/11 and the second Gulf War events, the third "turning" of WESTERN CIVILIZATION really starts to unfold.

And then, the final "season" begins -- where a crisis of destruction appears and society is at war with itself. Because the freezing winter season kills the weak roots in life with icy temperatures, only the lucky and the smart survive this last cycle before it all starts again in the next "Spring season". The first shots of WW3 took place when the COVID-19 poison shots where fired across the world and the greedy tyrants make their move to control our future.

Apparently, some historians -- such as Strauss and Howe, believe these cycles of growth and destruction within society have happened several times in human history -- separated by a few generations and geopolitical locations. Other historians have theorized that if such a event cycle exist in society, then perhaps by "accelerating" the third cycle of "the unraveling" event, the last cycle of "the crisis" event will be quick and "less painful".

This way of thinking has been called "accelerationism" -- and the reason why it is wrong is based on at least two views. The first view is because when people accelerate the causes that lead to a crisis, they are playing God and interfering with a natural cycle of events. The second view is based on the idea that if no such cycle exist -- or if the timing of said cycle is wrong, then the people who participate in the "accelerating" process of destruction are engaging in harmful evil activity -- which leads to making bad things worse and more painful instead of good things in life.

So, people and organizations like "The World Economic Forum" -- or WEF, who apparently follow the concept of "accellerationism" and want to "hurry up" the destruction of WESTERN CIVILIZATION so that they can "build it back better" need to stop believing in such evil nonsense.

Basically, WESTERN CIVILIZATION is a world society that now includes social values from all parts of globe -- and although many believe the ancient peoples of Europe continue to play a major role in WESTERN CIVILIZATION, the maritime heritage of the culture was and still is a global experience.


YOUTUBE: An Internet based online video service own by the Google/Alphabet CORPORATION where independent creators and public corporations can upload stories pertaining to their interest -- providing that they do not glorify or promote illegal behavior.

From entertaining pet videos to political or dangerous activity, the YOUTUBE service is at the forefront of free speech on the Internet and is regarded as a very important information service for the public.

However, since the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, there are LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL technocrats who follow Marxisim and own and operate CORPORATIONs within the tech-sector of "sillycon valley" -- including Google, which have attempted to "control" the political viewpoints of some RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE persons who use the YOUTUBE sevice for their story telling, by "devaluing" their content -- using the excuse that their videos are "not advertising friendly" -- resulting in a form of censorship.

Managers at YOUTUBE should realize that most people who visit the network service are there because they are tired of the biased views found on Cable TV and the legacy Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob networks -- and any attempt to push these older forms of news and entertainment networks onto the network service will not improve the unique value of what YOUTUBE is.

Some now refer to the YOUTUBE service as "Them-Tube" -- because the management have pushed MAINSTREAM MEDIA services over the many independent "uploaders" who truely made YOUTUBE what it has become. "They" -- or the managers of the service, have now become "them", instead of "you" that used to be YOUTUBE.

So, hopefully, this situation may improve soon when Google's YOUTUBE management -- and other online social media services of "silicon valley", are made aware of RED PILL POLITICS and how SOCIALISM within modern society is creeping toward the totalitarian aspects of COMMUNISM.

YOUTUBE is like a virtual utopia for telling and reading stories for online websurfers -- and to keep it that way, users and managers of the online service need to carefully understand their respective positions without the misunderstandings of POLITICS interfering with their activity.

If YOUTUBE does not stop demonetizing or censoring conservative views -- and keeps pushing the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Marxist line in their "news channels", the service will go the way of their logo namesake -- like the cathode ray-tube shape in old television sets, and become obsolete. Remember the BlockBuster video service?

UPDATE 10/2020: YOUTUBE has just eleminated years of video work created by many conservative channels -- particularly channels specializing in the Q-ANON story, about three weeks before the 2020 Presidential Election. Moreover, the US Senate is expected to interrogate the CEO's of YOUTUBE, Twitter and Facebook in late October because of such censorship -- and to better understand how these major tech-companies are influencing the 2020 Presidential Election in favor of the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Basically, if you are a video geek who likes to share your talent for telling stories that make people smile, YOUTUBE is your place to upload your work -- but don't expect the service to be a place for free speech on serious political subjects because the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL technocrats who follow Marxisim -- and own the platform, do not like any real challenges to their global Zionistic UN AGENDA 21 agenda program.

See most any talking point subject you can imagine.

ZIONISM: Associated with the tribal cult of Judaism, the concept of ZIONISM is a utopian social political movement that is credited to the late eighteenth century Jewish theologist named Theodor Herzl. ZIONISM uses SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM to control GLOBALISM from many countries friendly to a place called the State of Israel.

The tribal cult of Judaism -- which is based on the ancient tribal cult of Pharisaism, is also a social political movement that many assume represents the RELIGION related to the ancient Hebrews -- who identify as the Israelites within the Holy Bible. Members of the tribal cult of Judaism are known as "Judahites" or "Jews" -- and base their name on one of the ancient Israeli tribes called Judah. Many -- if not all, members of Judaism believe they are "God's chosen race of humans" -- and are better than other people in the world -- whereas good CHRISTIANs believe all humans are God's children.

So, in reveiw, it should be known that long before Theodor Herzl became associated with the utopian social political movement of ZIONISM, there was the tribal cult of Judaism -- which can be linked to the tribal cult of Pharisaism. It should also be known that Pharisaism is responible for a Rabbinacal book named the "Talmud". There exist more information about the Rabbinacal book named the "Talmud" later in this story.

ZIONISM also includes some CHRISTIAN followers -- who are involved in the religious-like cult of the MASONS. Both Zionistic and some CHRISTIAN followers believe in a prophetic future battle event -- known as Armageddon -- as interpreted by some religious zelot leaders of the Holy Bible, where a powerful messiah will someday arrive on Earth and, after a final victorious apocalyptic battle, will unite the world under one holy religious system and utopian governmental kingdom.

In fact, because there exist worded literary terms known as "Judeo-MASONS" and "Judeo-CHRISTIAN" -- which represents a kind of union between the "Jews" and the MASONS that claim to be "CHRISTIAN", the Rabbinacal writings within the book named the "Talmud" will disprove any real union between the "Jews" and real "CHRISTIANs". Again, more on this subject later in this story.

Although Theodor Herzl is credited with establishing the concept of ZIONISM, British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli help proposed a "Jewish State Blueprint" in 1877. Mr. Disraeli may have been inspiried by the 1861 book by Moses Hess named "Rome and Jerusalem / A study in Jewish Nationism". The idea of using the MASONS to build and recreate Zion in PALESTINE may have been an Illuminati concept long before Theodor Herzl.

Zionistic concepts are supported in the 1909 evengilicalist Scofield CHRISTIAN Bible -- where, according to Scofield, God gave blessing not only to the Abraham's living offspring known as the Israelites -- but to a future nation called Israel. Mr. Scofield's twisted version of the Holy Bible was published and marketed by powerful Jewish politicians -- and was responsible for directing many CHRISTIANs to the utopian cause of ZIONISM.

According to the Columbia-Viking Desk Encyclopedia of 1953, ZIONISM "is a movement for reconstituting a theoretical Jewish nation" -- where, late in the 1800's, a sect of Jewish worshipers of Judaism -- identified as Zionist, had a utopian dream to create a place where they could live and practice their way of thinking.

But in order to build a place they needed to form a political government that eventually became the "Zion Congress" in 1897.

The new century of the 1900's brought many new political opportunities to influence global governments with their utopian dream of creating a place they would call Israel.

But while trying to build a place to practice their utopian dream they got caught up in political arguments within existing nations and lost much of their religious understanding of true Biblical history.

In 1905, a book by the name "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" was first published in Russia -- apparently without authorization from the Zion Congress -- which members of the cabal labeled the book "fraudulent". And for well over a century, the Zionist -- who control much of the publishing industry throughout the world -- have echoed the idea that the book is the work of fiction.

Statements within the book outline "the plans for the conquest of the universe by Judeo-MASONS" -- where a "super government" is to be a Jewish Autocracy with complete political and religious domination of the world.

Without going into the greater details of the Zionistic plan to take over the world as outlined the book, the following statements were printed and published over a century ago -- and whether these statements are fictional or not, they are real "instructions" of how to destroy existing nations from within -- so that a one state government would control the people of the world:

* "National power of non-Jewish states is to be broken down by formenting internal revolution...by introducing liberalism, which will pave the way to anarchy".
* "All wars must be shifted to an economic basis".
* "Jewish international rights are to be raised above all others".
* "Non-Jewish nations are to be weakened by promoting false and conflicting political policies, by obtaining secret control of public officials, by manipulating the press, by the gradual elimination of free speech".
* "Weaken religions other than the Jewish religion".
* "No hesitaion in resorting to violence, cunning, hypocracy, bribery, fraud, treason and seizure of property of others".
* "Destruction of the Christian state by destroying industrial prosperity and financial system by way of increasing loans that lead to bankruptcy".
* "Create a Jewish leader by controlling the press and labor movements".
* "Secret control of government, mass terror events, misdirecting education and sowing discord".

Now -- where have we seen such activity in recent years? In fact, it seems like these activities have been going on for over a century.

A new historical review of the utopian social political movement of ZIONISM around the world has revealed that it was not only involved in the Communist Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, but that the "Zion Congress" actually declared war on Germany in 1933 -- which later led to a much greater war between Germandy and the "Jews".

Even before WW2, in 1917 -- during WW1, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY -- which represented many of the Jewish followers of Judaism, was promised by a representative of the British government -- a Mason named Lord Authur Balfour, in a document -- known as the "Balfour Declaration", the governmental control of an area within a region called PALESTINE -- so that a "national home for the Jewish people" could be established.

On September 11, 1922, Lord Authur Balford declared British control of PALESTINE from the German / Ottoman Alliance and thus Theodor Herzl's plan to take the land in PALESTINE and build a "Jewish State" in what became the future state of Israel.

However, it was not until after WW2 that much of the area the Jewish people claimed as a homeland nation within PALESTINE, was there any significant challenge by Muslim people who occupied much of the area.

The Muslims -- who follow ISLAM and the stories of Muhammad -- who invaded and conquered the indigenous people of the area many years earlier, also claimed governmental control of the area under the Islamic Ottoman Empire.

ISLAM -- by the way, like the tribal cult of Judaism, is also a social political movement that many assume represents a RELIGION because it has many ritual rules similar to other RELIGIONs -- but that's another story.

In any case, it was decided by the Zionist -- who apparently controlled the UN in 1948 after WW2, that if the historical holy sites of the indigenous people that lived in the area long before Muhammad's conquest were once related to people who historically follow Judaism, then the people who claim to be Jewish have some legitimate claim to the area -- and thus the state of Israel was born.

Now, if ZIONISM represents the utopian social political movement associated with the cult of Judaism from a place known as Israel, then what country represents the RELIGION of CHRISTIAN people who also claim historical roots of living in the area?

Can one be a citizen of Israel without being a Zionist? Apparently not. Is ZIONISM basically a political party army based in "Soviet Israel" that uses SOCIALISM -- which leads to COMMUNISM, to politically control and influence the government of Israel -- and other governments around the globe?

Moreover, it seems that ZIONISM -- and the global banking cartel of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY -- who have controlled the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob and the publishing industry around the world for a very long time, have also politically influenced the governments of many countries over the years -- particularly the western governments of the USA and the UK.

Since ZIONISM is -- and has always been, a utopian social political movement associated with the tribal cult of Judaism, it is probable that the political utopian Marxist movements of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM are related to the utopian state movement of ZIONISM.

Speaking of Marxism and the cult of Judaism, the following statement was quoted by Baruch Levy regarding a Letter to Karl Marx as published in the magazine "La Revue de Paris" on page 54 -- dated June 1, 1928:

“The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

So, the concept of the NEW WORLD ORDER is much older than most people realize...

By the way -- many more quotes from important people can be found at the Video Rebel's website under "Quotes About Jews You Will Never Hear In Schools".

During the "Six-Day War" in 1967, a US ship -- the USS Liberty, monitoring the event offshore in International waters, was blatantly attacked by the Israeli Air force, and almost sunk with many lives lost because, by what some say was a mistaken identity event. However, other historians believe it was the Zionist in Israel that ordered the attack -- with complicit help from DEEP STATE gang players within the CIA in covering up the event.

Some believe the attack by the Israelis on the USS Liberty was to stop the US from discovering the massive killings of Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula by the Israeli military -- who needed to move their forces up to fight Syrian forces, and did not manage prisoners humanely.

The US President at the time -- Lyndon Baines Johnson, together with the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob, never told the public the truth about the event. In fact, according to the TruNews website, LBJ helped the Zionist in Israel when they were attacking the British right after WW2 when he sent weapons to them from Texas. As Vice President, LBJ may have also been involved in the Zionist/CIA plot to "take out" President John F. Kennedy -- so that the "Great Society" welfare program of SOCIALISM could change the USA into more of a bureaucratic socialist country -- and help with the military support of the Zionist state of Israel.

Whatever the case, the military powers of the Zionist in Israel -- and their links to US POLITICS -- not to mention the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX around the world, is part of the story of ZIONISM.

It is interesting to note that the tribal cult of Judaism and the Babylonian RELIGION of "fire worshipping" -- known as Zoroastrianism, share some political relationship because when the Judaic tribe of Judah -- known as the Judahites, was exposed to the politically motive stories of the "Oral Law" -- first recorded by Rabbinacal authors in the "Talmud", during captivity in Babylon, only then did they became a Rabbinacal "Jewish" group.

Because the "Written Law" -- or the "Torah", written by Moses of the Old Testament -- who documented the events of his Hebraic family related to Abraham in the Pentateuch, was recorded long before the "Talmud" -- which is a rabbinical book based on complicated interpretative stories of political events after Moses, a new historical understanding suggests the idea that not all Hebrews are "Jews" -- and that not all "Jews" follow the writings of Moses -- but instead follow a political agenda recorded by Rabbinacal people long after Moses.

In other words, perhaps much -- if not all, the Biblical work of the Hebrews have been taken over by a religious sect of "Talmudic people" that identify as Rabbinacal "Jews". This sect -- or tribe, of Judaism is known to follow the "Noahide Laws", wear ceremonial hats or "small caps", and identify with the "hexagram star" logo -- also known as the "Soloman Seal" or the "Star of David" image, to represent their tribe.

Many believe that the "hexagram star" logo that was chosen by the First Zionist Congress in 1897 as a symbol of ZIONISM, is related to the Star of Remphan -- which has historical symbolic links to the cult of Baal and Moloch or Belzabob, and is associated with the "Synagogue of Satan" cult. Mayer ROTHSCHILD once used a red version of the "hexagram star" logo at his house on "Jew Street" in Frankfurt Germany.

In fact, if a real CHRISTIAN ever read the hateful and nasty Rabbinacal writings within the Talmud, they would see why some Jews have a great dislike for the CHRISTIAN religion -- and would not want to be friends with them. Therefore, the term "Judeo-CHRISTIAN" is a self-contradicting set of words -- a true oxymoron, and should be better understood within historical literature before repeating the term.

However, because the Jews and the MASONS do work together as a team in their quest to build a Zionistic Utopian State, the term "Judeo-MASONS" is not an oxymoron.

It is also interesting to note that the phrase "those who say that they are Jews but are not" is found in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 -- which suggest many have been aware of the "who are the real Jews" story for a very long time.

Speaking of quotes about the Jews from the Holy Bible, the statement in John 7:13 that states: "Howbeit no man spake openly of him (Jesus) for fear of the Jews". Did the Jews in Jesus' time threaten people who spoke openly in favor of Jesus Christ's teachings? Did the Jews have the Roman police kill Jesus because he was not the warror Messiah like King David?

Some have speculated that ZIONISM is related to the original Phoenicians -- who were part of -- or related to, the original "12 Tribes of Israel". However, this "family theory" behind today's political relationship to ZIONISM is just a theory that has never really been proven true because no such serious evidence exist which could link the two entities.

According to E. Michael Jones' "GOY GUIDE TO WORLD HISTORY" documentary, ZIONISM is a Jewish supremacist ideology concept based on Rabbinical writings from within the Talmud. His documentary also outlines why Global Jewish bankers are involved in usury because it concentrates wealth into fewer and fewer hands -- which gives them more monetary control if they are "to rule the world" someday.

There seems to be two types of Jewish worshippers -- one type that follows the same God in the Holy Bible that the CHRISTIANs follow, and another type of secular "fake Jew" version that follows human governmental control of the universe. This secular "fake Jew" tribe -- or "crypto Jew" tribe that pretends to be Jewish, is the one that wants to create a Zionistic utopian state on Earth based on SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM.

Related to a group of Eastern European peoples who are well versed in the cult of Judaism -- and view themselves as a "special race" that deserves a "special place" on Earth, this Zionistic Jewish tribe have a name for the non-Jewish "Gentile" people of the world -- they call them "goyim", and think of them as "naive slaves" who work for the "Jewish race".

By the way, because there is no such thing as a race of "Jewish" people in the world -- and because many "semite" people from the "Middle East" are sometimes identified with "aquiline noses" and darker hair & skin color than "Aryan" European natives, the political term "anti-semite" has been mistakenly confused with the term "anti-Jewish" for over a century -- therefore, the term is a misnomer -- and has no real language value -- except as a weaponized racist concept used by Marxist followers who misunderstand the origin of the term.

According to some historians, the "Ashkenazi Jews" -- which claim to be the "original Jews", were like the "roaming gypsies" of Europe for centuries -- and were "not welcomed" in many European countries for some reason. Perhaps because of how the Jews valued money differently than CHRISTIANs did -- who did not allow the scam of usury between fellow CHRISTIANs. For example, this Judaic sect of Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 -- or about the same time the first of the Islamic Moors were driven out by the CHRISTIANs.

Some believe that the "Ashkenazi Jews" originated somewhere in the eastern European area of what is now the country called Ukraine -- where a festering "gang war" between "Russian citizens" and a "NAZI" group related to a WW2 NAZI hero in the area -- named Stepan Bandera, has been going on since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

However, over time, many Jews who followed the tribal cult of Judaism, mostly endend up in PALESTINE after the World Wars when the Zionist political party set up shop in Tel Aviv. In fact, the first of many Judaic Jews arrived in PALESTINE in 1935 aboard a steamer named "Tel-Aviv" that was flying a German NAZI swastika flag.

Apparently, there was some kind of deal between the government of Germany and the Zionist where the government would pay for the transportation of the Jewish people living in Germany to PALESTINE. Hitler could remove his opposition and the Zionist could get a paid trip to their "new homeland" in PALESTINE.

If these views are true, then many of the "Jews" that live in Israel today may be relative "newcomers" to the area -- with no real heritage to the original Hebrews who once followed Moses to the area in Biblical times.

As a matter of fact, anybody -- or any group of people, who claims to have a family name link to the original Hebrews that Moses led to "the promise land" long ago are misinformed or lying because they can not prove the link -- therefore, because the original Hebrews have long since passed away many many centuries ago -- and no real family records of anybody living today can be linked to the original Hebrews, the idea that today's Israelis are related to the original Hebrews is a false concept.

So, why is there such political nonsense regarding what Biblical family owns what in Israel these days? Ask any Israeli citizen which one of the twelve tribes of Israel are they related to -- and see how they would respond to the question. It's all POLITICS -- specifically Talmudic POLITICS.

Evidently, some nefarious group of "Talmudic people" -- or Judaic cult related to the Pharisees and Pharisaism, has hijacked the identity of the original Hebraic followers of Moses long ago and are still today involved in political activities that undermine the true history of WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

By the way, the Pharisees are believed to be members of a Jewish religious group that flourished in PALESTINE during the latter part of the Second Temple period -- which would place their existance in history just before and after the birth of Jesus Christ.

It is interesting to note that people today who claim to be "Jewish" trace their geneological history by way of their mother -- whereas, according to Moses, the geneolgical history of the Hebrews were traced back to Adam by way of their father. So when did the heritage of the Hebrews change from a patriarchal system to a matriarchal system? And why?

According to a website entitled "Biblicism Institute", the word "Jew" did not exist until 1775 when publishers -- sympathetic to Judaism, standardized the word. Moreover, the "Biblicism Institute" also states that Judaism is Pharisaism -- which is a pagan doctrine of the Pharisees -- and is based on an evil creed of Babylonian Talmidic scriptures.

And speaking of the cult of Judaism and the true history of WESTERN CIVILIZATION, is the Judaic Calendar really correct in dating the birth year of Adam in 3761 B.C.?

Did the oldest Biblical Patriarch -- known as Methuselah, actually live 969 years as stated in the Old Testament -- or did he really live only 969 months -- which equals about 78 years in real human time count lifespand values?

Were the annual dates of conventional Biblical history modified many years ago by a powerful religious cult to fit some kind of twisted political agenda?

And who decided that the Greco-Roman Era would last just over a thousand years on some timeline chart? Were the 293 Olympiads that were used to measure the Greco-Roman Era, actually annual celebrations -- and not events held every four years?

In other words, where, when and how was the official history of WESTERN CIVILIZATION created? Who decided that the "Middle Ages" would end about the same time when the New World continents of America were "discovered" in 1492 A.D.?

Were the annual dates of human history actually formulated and created in print just over five centuries ago within a major book project called the "Nuremberg Chronicle"? Did Judaic scholars first published a timeline theory of recorded dates -- starting with the birth of Adam, and ending with the discovery of the New World in 1492 A.D.?

Incidentally, it is interesting to note that the year date of 1492 could have been used as an "anchor date" by Judaic scholars while formulating and compiling the theoretical timeline measurement of human history within the "Nuremberg Chronicle" -- because of the following counting formula:

In the minds of these Judaic scholars, if 77,777 weeks of 7-days per week -- based on 365 days per year, equals almost exactly 1492 years -- and if 30 Jubilees at 49.7 years per celebration -- as mentioned in the Holy Bible, coincidently also equals almost exactly 1492 years, then they could have "assumed" -- or "invented" -- and "published", a baseline "anchor date" of time-keeping where the first "offical timeline of human history" became "factual" in print a little more than five centuries ago.

Moreover, because the "Nuremberg Chronicle" was first publish in 1493 A.D. -- one year after the 1492 "anchore date" used by these Judaic scholars, all "official historical dates" of WESTERN CIVILIZATION -- prior to the publication, were formulated incorrectly based on "guesswork" -- and need to be "recompiled" by modern historians if one wants to know the true dates of ancient human history.

Therefore -- the popular conventional B.C. / A.D. Judaic dating system of human history -- which is used to measure the annual timeline of WESTERN CIVILIZATION, is not actually correct.

And if the Judaic Calendar is not correct -- and is wrong by a very large value as some historians now suspect, then all the dated events recorded within most every conventional history book printed over the last five centuries -- which reference stories beyond about five centuries ago, need to be corrected with an updated understanding of the true annual dates of human history.

By understanding the true annual values of WESTERN CIVILIZATION, can we better understand who and what has caused many of the political problems throughout human history.

Furthermore, if SOCIALSM and COMMUNISM are the same geopolitical Zionist forces behind GLOBALISM, then the citizens of WESTERN CIVILIZATION need to wake up soon and free themselves from the hex of people who want to control the world with tons of governmental rules in their quest to create a "politically correct utopian state" of COMMUNISM.

Perhaps if people would stop dreaming in prophetic events written long ago about a time and place "promised to them" by God -- and wake up to experience the rewards of being nice to your neighbors -- instead of "throwing rocks or bombs at them", then -- and only then, could the Holy Land of the "Middle East" settle down and truely build a peaceful place to live and visit.

Because the Middle East has been a rough neighborhood with a history of warring tribes causing sad events, the people of the area need to learn to avoid the causes of all wars if they want to experience a real lasting peace.

And because the state of Israel -- who has forcibly taken the land of the people who have lived in PALESTINE for generations, the country should abandon their Zionistic cause of creating a communistic utopian state -- and let the people of the area choose a local government free of political oppression tied to Judaism and GLOBALISM.

In other words, because Israel has been waging a century long undeclared war against people who live in the area that are not Zionist, the Zionist tribe that is controlling the Israeli government is the main warring tribe causing sad events in the Middle East -- and they use the global monetary links of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel to politically hire "western" military forces needed to wage war.

More to the point -- because the social and political movement of ZIONISM includes NEOCON players -- who believe in a false prophetic Zionist-CHRISTAIN theory of a "coming new messiah" event -- which includes a plan to "phase-out" the state of PALESTINE with the "Greater Israel Project" -- that includes a plan to build a new temple in Jerusalem for this "new messiah", any peaceful resolution to include PALESTINE as a state living near the state of Israel seems impossible at this time.

Speaking of the Zionist in Israel wanting to build the "Greater Israel Project" -- some political investigators are aware of the GEOPOLITICAL links between the Zionist in Israel, Russia and Marxist CHINA in building a new "Belt and Road Project". This "New Silk Road" project that runs across southern Asia would link up through the country of IRAN. Both of these GEOPOLITICAL projects would be funded by the unlimited banking power of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel and the Communist government of Marxist CHINA.

But in order for these GEOPOLITICAL projects to succeed, somehow the religious business differences between the tribal cults of Judaism and ISLAM -- together with the Godless cult of Marxist COMMUNISM, will have to be "worked out" among such partners. And, according to these Zionist players, what better way to "work out" differences between them than to stage a major war battle of some kind in the area.

So, if a planned "apocalyptic battle" -- just north of Israel, between "the forces of good and evil" were to take place -- as interpreted and prophesied by some religious zealot evengilicalist writers of the Scofield CHRISTIAN Bible suggest, it would help pave the way for both the "Greater Israel Project" and Marxist CHINA's "New Silk Road" project.

In the aftermath of such a planned battle -- chaos would insue -- out of which a "NEW WORLD ORDER" would rebuild the area. Or as the MASONS would say "order out of chaos" would "build back better" a new GEOPOLITICAL utopian state in the "Middle East" -- where 5G surveillance will keep an eye on all citizens in the area and a new messiah will watch over the world.

This apocalyptic plan to reshape the "Middle East" through war activity is old school thinking -- and people are tired of it. The Zionist have overplayed their hand in trying to create their utopia on Earth. They want people to obey their plans -- but the more the public learns of their plans, the less they are going to obey.

UPDATE 8/10/2020: The huge explosion at the seaport in Burit Lebanon on August 5 may have been an accident based on early reports. But it is interesting to note that the rebuilding of the seaport may include Marxist CHINA and the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY banking cartel -- which includes the corrupt Bank for International Settlements group based in Switzerland.

By the way -- regarding the huge explosion in Burit Lebonon, who placed a load of Chinese fireworks next to all the ammonium nitrate stored at the seaport that ignited the explosion? Was human negligence involved -- or did human greed destroy the place? We may never know... but the truth of the matter will eventually find a way to get out somehow.

There is an Israeli-American organization called the "American Israel Public Affairs Committee" or "AIPAC" -- which makes it known that they are Zionist who want strong relations between the two countries. Recently, a photo meme on the INTERNET became available and shows certain US politicians speaking at the AIPAC podium -- and suggest the idea that these politicians have some kind of serious relationship with ZIONISM. The names of these politicians include the following:

* Nancy Pelosi
* Joe Biden -- who once said in a video: "You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist"
* Donald Trump
* Mike Pince
* Hillary Clinton
* Paul Ryan
* George Bush Sr
* George Bush Jr
* John Bolton
* Colin Powell
* Kamala Harris
* Mich McDonaled
* Dick Cheney
* Barack Obama
* Mike Pompeo
* Chuck Schumer
* Tulsi Gabbard
* Al Gore
* Susan Rice

So -- apparently. it seems that no matter what US political party these players play in, US citizens are being played by the Zionist players in Israel.

They are actual members of "The Uniparty" -- which is a "Zionist Occupied Government" system -- or "ZOG", that gives political power to the DEEP STATE of Israel. A simple INTERNET search of the term "ZOG" will say that "ZOG" is a "conspiracy theory" -- but many believe it is not because many hidden stories can prove how and why these political players have conspired to occupy most all important governmental leadership positions across the world for over a hundred years.

These political Uniparty players are con-artist. They will pretend to say one thing and do the opposite of what they preach. And what they preach is linked to ZIONISM -- which is a utopian cult based on Judaism and the Talmud.

UPDATE 9/20/2020: According to David Icke, ZIONISM may be related to the Sabbatean Frank Cult of Frankism. For those who are not aware, Frankism was a Sabbatean Jewish religious movement of the 18th & 19th century that, under the Jewish messia claimant -- Jacob Frank, who died in 1791, rejected all religious norms -- except their own. Moreover, the "Frankenstein religious cult of Frankism" is related to the Sabbateans who came from the Ottoman Empire of what is now Turkey -- and at it's height, the cult reached fifty-thousand followers -- primarily the Jews in Poland and eastern Europe. Unlike traditional Judaism -- which provides a set of detailed guidelines that are scrupulously followed by observant Jews and regulate many aspects of life, Jacob Frank claimed that "all laws and teachings will fall" and asserted "the most important obligation of every member" of the cult was the "transgression of every moral boundary".

Therefore -- much like the higher leaders of the Judeo-MASONS, the higher leaders in control of ZIONISM, keep the lower followers blind to the idea that what they really want is chaos and anarchy to destroy the known world -- so they can rebuild a new one under their global plan based on the NEW WORLD ORDER story project.

It is interesting to note the Joe Biden -- who once said these words in a video: "You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist". Apparently, what he is implying is that anybody can be a Zionist without being Jewish. So, if what he believes is true, then Zionist members are not necessarily followers of Judaism -- but are followers of some kind of new cult RELIGION called ZIONISM. In other words, ZIONISM is not only a utopian social political movement -- but also a new cult RELIGION -- invented by people just over a century ago who want to build a utopian world -- at what ever the cost -- including war.

In the mind of a Zionist -- the ends justify the means. They want to build a utopian world so bad, they are willing to kill the innocent to get to their dream.

Unfortunately, these Zionist zealots have created two major world wars in their quest to build their utopian world -- and are currently working on a third world war -- known as "The Great Reset".

There exist several INTERNET videos that explains where the social political movement of ZIONISM came from -- and what the cult followers are up to. Two of which can be found on Bitchute and YOUTUBE -- they are:
"In the Name of ZION" (Full 6hrs version) and "Marching to ZION" (1.48 hrs). One does not have to agree with all the views presented in these documentaries -- but, they do reveal important information on the subject of ZIONISM.

Since the origin of the word "Zion" is based on a famous prehistoric utopian citadel or fort temple site on a hill idea that many believe was once located in the ancient city of Jerusalem -- and was the site of a remarkable tower beam of light -- which has inspired many followers over many generations to worship the place, the area site is home to the Zionist political movement.

Even today -- within the Tomb of King David, near the Zion gate, there exist a room or vesicile that glows bright like a "NEON light" when the display is turned on -- and is reminiscent of a much larger beam of light that once existed at the site.

However, as we will learn shortly, the ancient site of Jerusalem as a location of a remarkable pillar-like tower beam of bright light was not the only site in Biblical times that was a place for "God's glory" to shine high into the sky.

If ZIONISM is founded on a belief system and political movement in search of a utopian time and place -- either in the past or the future, let's explore the word "Zion" for a few moments -- and study all the symbolism related to the word, to see if we can better understand why so many people are attracted to the political movement.

For those who are not aware, there once existed in Biblical times a place called "ON" -- where a unique ancient temple city site was known for a place of bright energy. Some historians believe that an ancient city site called Heliopolis -- located near Cairo Egypt, was once the place -- while other historians believe the site existed elsewhere along the eastern Mediterranean Sea area in what is now the country of Lebanon.

Some historians believe that the ancient megalithic temple city site of Baalbek in Lebanon -- also refered to as Heliopolis -- or "pillar city", may have been the actual site of the city of "ON" -- afterall, the very word "Lebanon" can be explained as a sentence statement meaning "Le tribe of ON" -- or "the band of ON".

By the way, there exist an interesting coincidence in that the word "ON" -- which is associated with a place or site of "bright energy", and just above most every conventional electric wall light switch exist the word "ON".

Moreover, perhaps the positive power of the word "ON" -- as opposed to the negative word of "NO", is somehow related to the story of "Zion" and a place where bright powerful energy was on display and worshipped as a sign of "God's glory".

Furthermore, are the first two-letters of the three-letter word "ONE" -- which can be found on the back of the US Dollar Bill -- next to the bright "God's Eye" symbol at the top of a pyramid, related to the ancient Biblical temple city site once called "ON"? Is the three-letter word "ONE" somehow related to the pillar symbol image of the number image known as "1"?

Is the number image of "1" related to the bright pillar image edifice -- or large abstract structure device, that beamed neon-like energy skyward from the ancient biblical temple city site once called "ON"?

In spite of these assumptions and theories, new historical research has discovered more than one famous prehistoric utopian temple site area other than Jerusalem that also fits the idea of a place with a remarkable tower beam of light.

As mentioned earlier, the nearby megalithic temple city of Baalbek in Lebanon was a place where a unique beam of light once existed -- and many believe the temple pillar complex was the site of the infamous "Tower of Babel" device that -- according to Moses, was "built too high" -- which somehow caused the "Biblical Flood event".

For more scientific information regarding the infamous "Tower of Babel" device -- check out what is revealed about the ancient mechanism that was lost long ago within the subject of PALESTINE as explained earlier in this essay work.

Another remarkable temple site is located in the New World at Teotihuacan Mexico -- which, according to some historians, also once displayed a "Statue of the Sun" entity that is now lost for some reason.

And speaking of famous prehistoric utopian temple sites lost long ago, there exist new mapping evidence recently discovered in Central America, of a ancient canal system in Guatemala that was part of a sunken city complex -- which may also have had a "light-beam edifice" located at its center.

Could the mythical lost utopian garden temple seaport city of Atlantis -- which was known to be "an island of circles", actually be a real place located in Central America -- near the western shores of Lake Izabal?

Is Atlantis related to a mythical "OZ-like emeral citadel city" once called "ON"? Evidence of a ten-nautical mile line on a flat swampy plain that was once part of a canal network -- which supported the now sunken seaport city under the lake, can be easily seen on Google Earth to verify this theory.

Imagine if the lost utopian garden temple seaport city of Atlantis -- and the lost Biblical temple city of "ON", once used a powerful technology to project a tall bright column of energy -- or sparkling fountain pillar of light, that could be seen even in the day from far away.

Does the "ON" symbol of energy look like the lost utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis?

Is the ancient Sun city of "ON" -- and the fantasy emerald city of "OZ"
the same glorious utopian city that was once Atlantis?

Imagine what the discovery of Atlantis in the New World would do to the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA mob news services of the world -- most all the FAKE NEWS stories from them would just fade away under a storm of new stories based on a new historical understanding of where WESTERN CIVILIZATION came from.

The narrative hex of ZIONISM -- which overshadows WESTERN CIVILIZATION, is falling apart by the realization that the evil political movement in search of creating a utopian place was -- and is wrong in so many ways. The discovery of the original real garden utopian seaport of Atlantis in the New World is the final piece of the political puzzle that explains the Zion story.

The true historical origins of where WESTERN CIVILIZATION began needs a major update. Instead of looking for the lost utopian city of "ON" in the "Cradle of Civilization" of the Middle East, maybe the place actually once exsited in the "Crib of Humanity" -- within the western Caribbean Basin -- home to where the lost garden temple seaport city of Atlantis was.

Was the lost utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis located in the western Hesperian Heavens
of what is now the Caribbean Basin?
Were the mythical Hesperian daughters of King Atlas -- and keepers of the "Golden Apples of importality",
actually real persons that once lived in the garden temple seaport city of Atlantis?

So -- what and where was the real "ZION entity" that has caused so many followers to seek such a lost utopian place?

If the original "ZION entity" was once a remarkable "beam of energy" device located at a lost utopian garden temple seaport city in the New World that was once called Atlantis -- then the history of WESTERN CIVILIZATION needs a major rewrite to reveal this important view.

And any attempt to recreate and build a new Zionistic temple entity -- like some Zionistic followers in Israel are trying to do, will not help the world because the cost will be too great.

These Zionistic followers falsely believe that building a new third Zionistic temple entity will invite God back to Earth from Heaven -- however, that idea did not work in the past -- why try it again?

Besides -- isn't the human body the ultimate "temple entity"?

If people would build their own temple bodies properly -- and take care of them properly, God will visit them from Heaven every day for the rest of their lives.

Basically, the social political movement of ZIONISM is based on a prophetic story that a lost utopian temple city -- in what is now the site of Jerusalem, was destroyed long ago -- and a new one -- at whatever the cost -- including war, needs to be built again.


In summary,
to reference the 16th century poet John Donne -- who first wrote the term "No man is an island", we are all part of the "Island of Mankind" -- and to thrive as a society, each one of us needs our sovereign right to be independent humans -- known as individualism, without some bad group of people pushing over us the POLITICS of SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM -- known as collectivism.

The people who progressively push governmental SOCIALISM as a means to build a utopian state, are not helping society because the power of POLITICS will always corrupt government leaders overtime -- who make too many rules that destroy real human freedoms within society.

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